There are games that have begun their gaming tenure as browser extensions and found success despite the primitive setup. Minecraft is a fine example, and Runescape is another. However, considering that Roblox is one of the highest-grossing games on the planet, and one of the largest online gaming communities out there. We would argue that Roblox has found the largest amount of success through this method. Roblox is a creative sandbox full of wonder, infinite ways to play, and for all these reasons and more. That is why we decided to create The Blox Club.

Our Goal

The Blox Club has one simple goal, to provide the most extensive database of Roblox content on the web. We aim to do this by providing content written by experts who know the community inside out and understand what it means to be both a Roblox player and a Roblox creator. We aim to provide an inclusive space for all types of Roblox players. So if you are a veteran who has been playing the game since the beginning, creating and gathering items for your inventory as you go. Or if you are a new player to the franchise that wants to learn how to navigate this social hub and learn what this game has to offer, don’t worry. As we have content that will suit everyone.

We also aim to stay on-trend and up to date with the Roblox community. So if there are new updates, we will report on them. If there are exclusive deals, events or promotions, we will be there to let you know. Plus, if there is a new trend sweeping the Roblox community (like Squid Games at the time of writing) then we will give you the lowdown on how to get involved.

What We Offer

Our content has to offer a lot of variety to match the sheer volume of content and creativity present within the game. However, we are more than up to the challenge. Our content will primarily consist of guides that explain all the different aspects of the game. We will explain all the most rudimentary controls and concepts, right up to the most intricate creation techniques present within the game. Plus, we will break down all of the different game types present.

However, we admit that a lot of our content will also be opinion-based. Roblox is a community-led project, so we would be foolish to not let our dedicated team of Roblox aficionados lead our approach to content. So you can also expect articles on the best items within the game, the best maps to explore, the best user creations, and much more.

How We Operate

At The Blox Club, we don’t leave anything up to chance. We believe that to succeed, you need to have the right team for the job and thankfully, we do have the best team around. Every single one of our writers is a certified Roblox nerd. They are heavily involved in the community, have a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding Roblox topics and trends for past and present. Plus, they also happen to have years of gaming and writing experience. Making them the ideal candidates for this role.

Then we also have a team of very experienced editors working in the shadows to make sure that all the articles produced not only look and read excellently but also are factual and authentic.

Then lastly, we have you guys to help us. You see, through your support, suggestions and consistent feedback, we are able to assess our methods and come up with new ways to push ourselves and improve as a platform. So if you have something that we would like to see us change, be sure to let us know.

Our Core Values

These are the values that matter to us at The Blox Club:

  • Authenticity
  • Accuracy
  • Community driven
  • Consistency
  • Passion

Our Team

Now, it’s time to introduce our troop of expert Roblox writers. Our team may be divided by cultures, backgrounds and time zones, but through the power of Roblox. Our team feel bonded by the fun social aspects of this game. Plus, they all have professional writing experience so you’ll get expert content from an expert Roblox player. We love our team and we know you will too. So without further ado, here is the team:

Gordon Bicker

Gordon guarantees to create articles for you which are unique, interesting, and memorable. He is currently studying Games Design and Production BA (Hons) at university along with writing here and also writing for Attack of the Fanboy. He started learning about the world of Roblox over the last decade and has taken interest in learning about the culture and platform to a great extent, seeing the new trends arrive over the years. He likes to be kind and help others; he is most well-known by the alias ‘Elvearias’. You can find him on Twitter under this same name, definitely tweeting about something to do with games.

Favorite: Roblox Game: The Floor Is LAVA!

Favorite Roblox Game Genres: Obby’s, Action RPG’s, and FPS’s

Favorite Roblox Developer: Peak Development Studios

Favorite Roblox Accessory: Deluxe Bat Wings

Favorite Roblox Clothing piece: Valkyrie Helm

Greatest Roblox Moment: Watching the game find its crowd and gain immense popularity and of course driving/flying various vehicles in the game that people have built, he finds the mechanics of the vehicles satisfying across the experience.

We hope your time at The Blox Club has been fun and we hope that you will become a permanent member!

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