Murder Mystery 2 Explained: Elite, Gems, Powers, More

When it comes to the most prolific Roblox titles out there, few can outshine Murder Mystery 2. There since almost the very beginning of the Roblox experience, our Murder Mystery 2 explained guide will show how it has been a considerable success that helped to propel the video game forward to its status today.

When it comes to Murder Mystery 2, it is one of the biggest Roblox games of all time and one that continues to grow and expand, despite being quite old at this point. While other games come out with fancier graphics and gameplay mechanics, Murder Mystery 2 remains one of the greatest entry points for newcomers to Roblox.

Bottom Line Up Front

Murder Mystery 2 is one of the best Roblox games for newcomers. The premise is simple: someone is the murderer in the lobby, and it is up to them to kill everyone in the game.

However, there is a sheriff with a gun who is the only one who can kill the murderer and stop them for good. Lastly, there are the innocents who simply need to survive or find the dropped gun to win the match.

Murder Mystery 2 Explained

Murder Mystery 2
Image from Murder Mystery 2 Fandom Wiki

There since almost the very beginning of Roblox, Murder Mystery 2 has been one of the most popular Roblox experiences available. The name gives you a great idea of what you are getting into when you queue up to play this title as it has to do with, well, murders and a mystery to solve.

Those murders, though, are happening because of an actual player in the lobby who is doing the killing. It is up to everyone else in the game to figure out who the killer is and stop them if they are the sheriff before they are also killed or simply run around and hide if they are an innocent player.

It is one of the most simple Roblox games out there, and this is due to how long it has been around. You have only three roles in the title — murderer, sheriff, and innocent — and that is it to it. It takes just a matter of moments to figure out how to play the game, and it is generally easy to master, too, compared to some of the other complex games in Roblox today.

It helps, too, that the matches in Murder Mystery 2 last no more than about five minutes in length each so you can get in, have fun, and get out in a matter of moments. You can spend all day grinding and playing with friends in this experience, or you could just do a match or two and then move on to something else.

It takes the Clue and murder mystery dinners that are so interesting and transforms them into a real gameplay experience. This was long before other games like Among Us would attempt the same on a larger scale. If you’re a fan of that whodunnit sort of movies, games, and books, then this will be a Roblox experience that you need to check out.

At the same time, it is also important to note that this is one of the more violent games in Roblox since it is focused entirely on murdering innocents. Of course, there is no gore, blood, or any effects when someone is killed per the Roblox mantra, but this is still worth noting for parents reading.

If you do not like the idea of your kids murdering others online, then you may want to find a different, violence-free Roblox game to play.

It is worth mentioning that this is the definitive beginner’s Roblox experience that I always recommend to people. It was the first Roblox game mode that I ever played years ago when I first checked out the title in 2016 with my siblings, and it is still the go-to for newcomers to the overwhelming nature of Roblox.

As such, here’s Murder Mystery 2 explained with everything that you need to know about it.

Murder Mystery 2 History: What Happened to Murder Mystery 1?

Murder Mystery 2
Image from Murder Mystery 2 Fandom Wiki

Murder Mystery 2 was released in Roblox in December 2014, soon after the release of Roblox for Android devices. When it came to Roblox, it was known as Murder Mystery 2 as it launched with the 2.0 update of the game. Of course, this might be confusing for those wondering where the 1.0, or Murder Mystery 1 game, is.

Interestingly enough, Murder Mystery 2 has a history that predates its arrival in Roblox. Created by the game developer Nikilis, Murder Mystery began as a mod in Garry’s Mod on PC. The spin-off game of Half-Life 2’s engine on PC was known for its similar nature to Roblox.

Both games allow the user to create their mods and then share them with everyone else, allowing players to queue up for popular game modes like Team Deathmatch, Prop Hunt, and even Murder Mystery. This is where the Roblox experience found its initial success as a mod on that PC title.

When it eventually came to Roblox, it came in a slightly different format, given the user interface, style, and graphics of Roblox compared to Garry’s Mod. This eventually necessitated the Murder Mystery 2 nomenclature since it was, by then, a vastly different experience from what it first started as.

Since its release in 2014, Murder Mystery 2 quickly became one of the most popular experiences in the game, helped by the fact that Roblox was on mobile finally and would be coming to Xbox consoles in the following year.

With its simple user interface and control scheme that works quite well on a controller and with a touchscreen, it did not take long for it to be the most played game in Roblox.

It would eventually lose that claim years down the line once other more complex and popular games would release, but it held onto it for a very long time. As such, it is still one of the most played games on Roblox, and you can log on at any point in the day and find thousands playing it still.

Gameplay Explained

When it comes to the gameplay in Murder Mystery 2, it has one of the simplest gameplay systems in Roblox, despite being an action-based game. You only have three buttons or inputs that you need to worry about: controlling your character’s movement, jumping, and attacking.

Controlling your character and jumping is exactly how they work with other Roblox games. You move your character like you would anywhere else, be it using WASD on keyboard and mouse, using the virtual joystick on a touchscreen, or using an actual joystick with a controller.

Jumping uses the same button input that you always use for that in other games, no matter if you are on a computer, tablet/smartphone, or console. And then attacking will be the same as the general attack button on other games as well. Those are the only controls that you need to worry about.

After all, the bulk of each round is just running around the map, doing your task of either killing, searching for the killer, or surviving. You can collect coins that will randomly pop up as you move around the map that you can spend in the store, but this is optional and potentially dangerous if you are near the killer. Collecting coins will make an audible sound to alert everyone nearby, so be careful with that.

There are some other optional gameplay elements that you do not have to engage in but might be useful for more experienced Murder Mystery 2 players, like throwing the knife as the killer and using your special, unlocked powers. We’ll be sure to cover all of these aspects and more, so let’s take a deeper look at tips on how to play and win in all three roles in the game.

Each lobby for Murder Mystery 2 can hold up to 12 players at once, which is decently high for games of this type about killers and the like. This is because there is only one killer, one sheriff, and up to 10 innocent players in every round. The killers and sheriff are randomly selected from among the 12 players each round.

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How to Win as an Innocent

Murder Mystery 2

While many players will want to immediately jump to being either the murderer or sheriff, most of the time, you will be playing as the innocent in the party. This is just how the RNG works, especially if you have a full group of 12 players. Only two people can be in the specialized roles, so you likely spend a lot of time as an innocent.

As the innocents in Murder Mystery 2, you do not have any goals outside of just surviving. In my opinion, while this is the role that you will play the most in the game, it is also the hardest to win. You are without any means to defend yourself most of the time, and you are at the full will of the murderer and sheriff.

Your only hope is to either keep running around the map the entire time or hide in a specific location and hope that they do not find you. Thankfully, Murder Mystery 2 understands how difficult it is to win as an innocent player, so you are given survival experience every few seconds that you remain alive.

While playing as an innocent, you may want to spend the next few minutes until your death or win collecting coins, but this is something that we recommend for more advanced players. Collecting coins will send off a sound effect to nearby players, which could alert the killer to your location.

Coins are great for allowing you to buy stuff in the shop, but we only recommend this for players who can easily get away from the killer or ones that are near your hiding spot. In general, your choice is to run around constantly to get away from the killer or hide in one spot.

If you are playing with friends, it is likely best to stick together and cover each other’s backs. I do not recommend running around, though, unless you are in a large group, or else you are an easy target for the killer. My basic strategy is to find a good hiding spot in a hidden corridor or room where I can easily see around the corner who’s coming.

I always try to have two exit routes at all times, so if a killer comes through one door, for example, I can leave through the other one. Most killers in the game are not too strategic or thorough, either, so it is possible to sometimes hide in one overlooked location and last the entire round. It does not always work, especially with experienced players, but it might be worth a try at first while you get adjusted to the gameplay.

How to Win as the Sheriff

Playing as the sheriff is, by far, the most complicated and challenging role, in my opinion, in Murder Mystery 2. Sure, it is hard to survive as the innocent, but it is easy to play at least. The same goes for the murderer as they have a pretty simple job and pretty much total control of the round.

However, the sheriff is in an odd place as someone who can change the fate of the match and, therefore, have everything riding on their shoulders. You are given a revolver that fires very slowly but allows you to kill anyone in the match with a single shot.

Your goal is a seemingly simple one: find the killer and eliminate them before they find and eliminate you. The first catch, though, is that your gun fires slowly, so if you miss, you will have to hope that you can outrun the enemy until you have the chance to try again, or else you’re out.

The second catch, though, is the worst one: shooting the wrong person means game over for you. If you happen to hit someone who you think is the killer but is wrong about, you will die on the spot along with the innocent player and end your chances of winning.

So you not only have to aim true but know that your target is the right one. For most players, this means waiting until the killer reveals themselves, which many do by just running around with their knife out and not a care in the world who sees.

Once you know who the killer is, it is simply a matter of killing them first. For this part, our biggest tip is this one: do not pull out your gun at all until you are ready to shoot. Many beginner sheriffs will pull out their guns to show everyone that they are the sheriff.

This could be to just show off or to prove their innocence to the other players, but it is the worst move you could make, especially if you have no idea who the killer is yet. Once you know who the killer is and are ready to shoot, then pull out your gun.

My strategy that works most of the time is to figure out the killer and then let them get close enough to me that they still think I am innocent and then pull out my gun for a quick and easy shot that does not require too much skill since they are close enough. It is risky, but it works most of the time since the killer is not expecting me to be the sheriff.

The final tip for sheriffs is to know how to dodge. The killer can and will throw knives, so knowing how to dodge their knives while being able to line up your shots is crucial but can be a bit challenging. That is why I think the sheriff role is the hardest to play.

How to Win as the Murderer

Murder Mystery 2 Murderer

When it comes to the easiest role to play and win in Murder Mystery 2, it is the killer. The murderer is in full control of the match, given the ability to shape the events that will happen. You have access to a knife that you can slash your opponents within battle, only requiring a single hit to claim their lives.

Your job is a lengthy but easy one: kill everyone in the round before the time is up. You have plenty of time to do so, so long as you do it smartly. Many killers will just whip out their knives and run out, taking out everyone that they come across. This is a beginner’s mistake and one I do not recommend.

Even the greenest newcomer can still win this way, but your chances are much lower than tactfully picking your targets. I recommend keeping your knife sheathed until you are ready for the kill on someone. You should only kill someone alone unless you know you can get the other person right afterward.

This is because if you kill in a group of people, there is a chance that one of them is the sheriff and can then take you out. That said, speaking of the sheriff, they should be your number one target. If you find out who the sheriff is because they foolishly take out their gun too much, finish them at all costs.

Taking out the sheriff will render the innocents powerless unless they can pick up the gun. Fortunately for you, the gun will be visible to everyone, and you can be the murderer who camps the gun if you want. This is a cheap move, for sure, but an easy way to win as you can pick off targets trying to get the gun.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to take out everyone in the round before time is up, or you lose. This is pretty easy to do so long as you keep an eye out for the hiding players. One of the other mistakes that murderers make is not searching in certain corners or hallways for players that are hiding there, and they end up winning because of it.

And lastly, there is the throwing knife that you have at your disposal. You can, alternatively, throw your knife for long-range kills, but this takes a considerable level of skill. We recommend doing short-range melee assassinations at first and then start throwing knives as you get better.

With good practice, you can take out plenty of innocents from far away who are trying to run from you without even needing to be close to them. This is also great since it can confuse players who maybe see the dead body but not the person who threw the knife, keeping your identity hidden.

After all, keeping your identity a secret should be your priority for at least the first half of the round until there are around four or fewer players left standing. By then, they’ll likely be able to determine that you’re the killer anyways at that point.


Murder Mystery 2

One of the features that came later in Murder Mystery 2’s life was the addition of powers, making it more similar to games like Dead by Daylight. These powers can be purchased in the shop but are only accessible by the murderer. Fortunately, you can earn them with coins alone, so there is no need to use real money.

The powers vary depending on which you prefer, but here is the full list of them:

  • Ghost
  • Fake Gun
  • Footsteps
  • Haste
  • Ninja
  • Sleight
  • Sprint
  • Trap
  • X-Ray

Ghost allows the murderer to turn invisible for five seconds, which is great for when the sheriff might be targeting you. Fake Gun makes your knife look like a gun for 10 seconds, which is honestly my favorite of the bunch as you can do some damage by confusing the innocents with this one.

Footsteps will let you see the footsteps of innocent players to more easily find them, which can be decent but not great for hiding players. Haste will make you outrun innocents with your knife out, which is alright for aggressive players. Ninja is one of the best powers, making your kills silent.

Sleight allows you to throw the knife faster and get it back quicker at the same time; great for throwing knife fans. Sprint will give you a quick boost for three seconds, but Haste is honestly better. Trap is an interesting power as it will let you place traps that will freeze players but are not the most useful since they can be avoided most of the time.

And last but not least, X-Ray is one of the most powerful abilities as it will allow you to see through walls for four seconds. This is up there as one of the best since it will let you see even the best hiders.

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Elite Status Explained

Murder Mystery 2 Elite Status
Image from Murder Mystery 2 Fandom Wiki

Elite status is the Gamepass for Murder Mystery 2. It is an optional service that you can purchase at any point that allows you unique perks, including the Elite status next to your name at all times. It costs 499 Robux, which is roughly equivalent to around $6 USD.

With the Elite Gamepass in Murder Mystery 2, you will earn coins much faster than other players, get the aforementioned Elite status, earn the Elite knife skin, and have the Elite radio option. With the Elite radio, you will have the ability to play whatever songs you want in matches, including some of the most popular music around.

Pets and Cosmetics

The shop is a major part of the Murder Mystery 2 experience and how the developer makes most of their money. In the shop, players can buy skins for the knife and much more. Fortunately, you do not have to pay real-world money for all skins in this game, as you can earn some of them by collecting coins in matches.

This includes the ability to collect coins to buy eggs which will unlock pets for you. Pets are a common feature in Roblox games and are simple cosmetic partners that will follow you around in matches for you to show off and not feel too lonely at times. Pets are optional cosmetic items and have no gameplay functionality in Murder Mystery 2.

Crates and Seasons

The crates in the shop are one of the easiest ways to earn skins in the game. They are loot boxes that you can buy with coins, so no real money is required, and opening them up will give you a randomly chosen skin. You can even trade and give skins to other players, like friends, if you want.

Seasons are also in Murder Mystery 2, beginning in 2019. Seasons come with new cosmetics and gameplay options, but they are few and far between. Season 2 has still not arrived at this point, so it is still a feature that is a work-in-progress for now.

Murder Mystery 2 Codes

There are no Murder Mystery 2 codes available at this time. Promotional codes are sometimes released, giving players free skins for knives, guns, and more. For the most up-to-date Murder Mystery 2 codes, be sure to check out Nikilis’ Twitter.

Best Alternatives

Flee the Facility

For games that are similar to Murder Mystery 2 in the whole social deduction/killer aspect of it, here are a few that are in Roblox:

  • Flee the Facility
  • Banana Eats
  • Survive the Killer
  • Granny
  • Piggy
  • Schoolhouse

Here are a few games not in Roblox:

  • Among Us
  • Gnosia
  • Danganronpa


Question: What is the Point of Murder Mystery 2?

Answer: The point of Murder Mystery 2 is to solve the whodunnit that is happening in real-time. There are three roles, as previously mentioned, and the point of the game for you will depend on your current role. If you’re the murderer, you have the simple job of killing everyone and getting away with it while avoiding the sheriff.

For the sheriff, the point is to use your revolver to take out the killer without accidentally taking out an innocent player. And for the innocents, the only point is to survive for the entire time by hiding or running around and collecting coins. If the gun is dropped, you can pick it up and use it to stop the killer.

For everyone in general, the goal is to get as much experience as possible in each match that you do so that you can level up, gain coins, and progress through the game’s progression system. This will give you access to new powers, cosmetic items, and more.

Question: How do You Beat Murder Mystery 2?

Answer: You beat the Murder Mystery 2 rounds, depending on your role. For the murderer, this means slashing everyone before the time limit runs out. For the sheriff, beating the game will mean taking out the killer before they take you out. And for the innocents, this means surviving for the entire time or finding the dropped gun and killing the murderer.

Question: What is a Godly in Murder Mystery 2?

Answer: A godly is a type of cosmetic skin that you can get on your knife or gun in Murder Mystery 2. These are usually very extravagant skins that will make the weapon look drastically different from its usual form. This also means that they will likely cost Robux/gems or real-world money to purchase.


Murder Mystery 2 is the quintessential Roblox experience. It is the best example of what makes this game so fun: having short burst experiences that are exciting to play but do not require a huge time commitment. This makes it one of the most highly recommended Roblox games around.

That said, it is but one example of the best Roblox games that you can play at this time. We have compiled an entire list of the best Roblox games that we have found during our time playing this game. Be sure to check out the full list to see more games like Murder Mystery 2 and others that are different, showing the full range of the Roblox experiences.

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