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Roblox has its fair share of experiences to wonderfully discover, from the iconic Tower of Hell to Project New World, there truly is something for everyone and with the experience of Base Raiders, you will feel like the king or queen of the castle, I know I certainly did! So now’s the time to take a glance at the most important things you should know about the game before you hop in for the first time. Developed by Base Productions, the game has a long history with over 58.1 million visits as of the time of writing, a substantial number of energetic players indeed! Will you be the next player to dive into this exhilarating experience?

The Key Details for Base Raiders — The Bottom Line Up Front

Base Raiders centers on building bases and defending them from other players. Of course, you can also take the fight to your opponents by raiding and destroying their bases. You will create traps for your base and earn cash that can fuel your many building activities. If you are like me, you will probably look to create the greatest base which you can defend and take much pride in having built.

In terms of one of the best methods of earning cash, you can raid the other bases by venturing into any of the other bases. Once you have made it into the base with great precision, you will locate a structure almost appearing to be gleaming in the heat of the sun with a golden color. Simply stand in the center of that structure and then wait a short amount of time, around 5 seconds. After you have been able to do that, you will have raided the opponent and you will earn cash based on the other player’s general flow of earnings.

Base Building — Your Structure To Defend!

When you first boot up the game, they will give you an option whether you want to join the main server or a new player server, which will allow you a ramp for the slight learning curve linked to the experience. Once you have chosen a server, you will opt to choose what base you want to start with. There are a few starter bases to select from. The templates are:

  • None — Start with no base template and begin building the way you want to
  • Castle
  • Rocket
  • Office Building
  • Pyramid
  • Sci-fi Base

With that vast range of unique starter bases, you certainly will spend an amount of time deciding! I know I certainly did! Once you have chosen a base, you can get started with the main experience of the game. On the screen, you will see an ‘edit’ button that you can press to open up the building menu. There are various items that you can select from for building within the base. Within the edit menu, there are a host of items and building materials you can use for your build. This list will allow you to browse through all the items and work out what to attempt achieving or using first. There are nine distinct categories for items and for clarity, this list will discuss some of the more important items in some categories, to start with, there is the ‘New’ category:


  • Bin — 1000 base cash. This item is just a simple garbage bin.
  • Dead Tree — Costs 2000 base cash and is a scenery item simply to place some trees throughout your base with no leaves.
  • PC — Costs 5000 base cash and can be turned on or off via the screen. This is a static item.
  • Security Camera Screens — This is a great piece of equipment if you buy some security cameras for your base, you will be able to watch the enemies if they are showing on your security cameras and determine their movements to defend your base from an even greater extent. It will cost you 5000 cash.
  • Security Camera — 10,000 base cash to purchase and as mentioned before these are linked to the security camera screens.
  • Punchbag — Costing a whopping 25,000 base cash for a punchbag, I was wondering why it was costing so much and then I found out that it is possible to test weapon damage on the punchbag which is excellent for ensuring you have great weapons for battling other players with.
  • Ballista — Up next is the ‘Ballista’ for 45,000 base cash and this will fire arrows automatically toward enemies to defend the base.
  • Pea Shooter — When I first heard the name of this base weapon, I immediately thought of the game franchise Plants Vs Zombies, which I think the developers may have been trying to refer to. Similarly, compared to the ‘Ballista’, this will fire when enemies are in range. It will cost you 60,000 base cash.
  • Jukebox — 250,000 base cash, will allow you to play songs.
  • Laser Turret — This is obtained through ‘Crates’ and has the highest rarity of ‘Godly’. This turret will automatically fire at any enemies who are within range and surely deal an immense amount of damage towards them.


The following items are all got through crates. Any duplicate items from before will only be listed and have no description attached. The crate items are:

  • Sensor Alarm — If you are looking for a defense, that will allow you to be immediately alerted when there are any other players and enemies nearby your base. The sensor alarm may be the item for you! This is an ‘Uncommon’ crate reward.
  • Safe — A rare crate reward, this item will boost your base cash immensely as it will reward you with 100 Battle/Base cash each minute. You can collect it simply by interacting with the safe.
  • Snow Machine — This item was only available during an event.
  • Workbench — Another Rare crate reward. This specific item will ensure that every other item you have in your base will be healed to the max as much as possible because having a workbench in your base will heal every item 6 points every 8 seconds.
  • Vending Machine — An ‘Epic’ crate reward! This will give you random items known as ‘gifts’ every 5 minutes when you interact with the vending machine.
  • Beach Ball Shooter — If you want to have a reminiscent time of throwing beach balls on a sunny day across the beach, then this item will certainly allow you to do that as it will automatically fire beach balls towards enemies for a lot of damage! It is a ‘Legendary’ crate reward.
  • Present Turret — This item was only available during an event.
  • Teleporter — Another ‘Legendary’ crate reward, it will simply allow you to teleport to another teleporter and can be utilized every 30 seconds.
  • Tennis Ball Shooter — Will fire tennis balls toward other players. It is a ‘Legendary’ crate reward.
  • Laser Turret
  • Rocket Turret — A ‘Godly’ crate reward and will fire rockets at enemies automatically.

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Every item in the basic section costs 10 base cash in total and consists of all of the various basic building materials you will need, there are different types of materials however the same part for each material. There are:

  • Blocks
  • Corner Wedges
  • Flats
  • Plates
  • Pyramids
  • Walls
  • Wedges

Then, in terms of the materials, you will locate, you can get:

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Fabric
  • Glass
  • Grass
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Sand
  • Wood

As observed, there are a plentiful amount of materials for you to create your base the way you want to!

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Up next is the building category that will have various, sometimes more complex, building equipment for you to use in the experience.

  • Small Stone Wall Corner — Costs you 150 base cash and simply is a stone wall that can be placed to have a corner in your base.
  • Small Stone Wall Straight — 150 base cash to purchase
  • Small Spiked Wood Wall — If you’re wanting to have a base that is protected like the middle-west era then you can invest in some spiked walls for 200 base cash
  • Small Spiked Wood Wall Corner — 200 base cash
  • Medium Stone Wall Corner — 350 base cash
  • Medium Stone Wall Straight — 350 base cash
  • Wood Fence — 400 base cash
  • Wood Fence Corner — 400 base cash
  • Medium Spiked Wood Wall — 450 base cash
  • Medium Spiked Wood Wall Corner — 450 base cash
  • Large Stone Wall Corner — 500 base cash
  • Large Stone Wall Straight — 500 base cash
  • Small Wood Window — 550 base cash
  • Large Spiked Wood Wall — 600 base cash
  • Large Spiked Wood Wall Corner — 600 base cash
  • Small Wood Steps — 700 base cash
  • Small Wood Ladder — If you’re needing some ladders in your base, this particular ladder will cost you 750 base cash
  • Large Wood Window — 800 base cash can be opened and closed by selecting the glass
  • Large Wood Steps — 850 base cash
  • Large Wood Ladder — 900 base cash
  • Small Iron Ladder — 950 base cash
  • Small Modern Window — 950 base cash
  • Large Iron Ladder — 1100 base cash
  • Large Modern Window — 1150 base cash
  • Small Castle Wall — 1400 base cash
  • Jail Window — 2000 base cash
  • Wood Door — 2000 base cash
  • Large Castle Wall — 2200 base cash
  • Jail Door — 3000 base cash
  • Drawbridge — Have you wanted to lower a drawbridge before? Excellent! Then you will be able to do just that by purchasing a drawbridge for 10,000 base cash
  • Sci-fi Door — 22,500 base cash
  • Small Owner Only Door — Only the player who controls the base can open these doors. This one will cost you 25,000 base cash
  • Large Owner Only Door — 30,000 base cash
  • Spawn Location — If you want to create your custom player spawn location, then you can buy this for 50,000 base cash


You also can be on the defensive with your base and this is where traps will be one of your great allies for defense!

  • Sandbag — Costing only 1750 base cash, you can opt to set up some defenses by placing some sandbags and building a perimeter for your base. No doubt you will be fending away loot-thirsty enemies in no time!
  • Crab — Yes…a literal crab for a trap! This will cost you 2000 base cash and will damage enemies who run into them.
  • Laser Fence — Costing 2000 base cash, this fence is a vital resource for any player who wants to defend their base as it will instantly kill enemies who run into the fence.
  • Cobweb — Following the theme of animal-related traps, these cobwebs will cost 2500 base cash and will slow other enemies walking into it.
  • Barbed Wire Fence — Costing 3000 base cash, you can place these to damage enemies who run into them.
  • Jellyfish — Costing only 3500 base cash, you can set up the jellyfish trap to ‘sting’ enemies who are near them.
  • Trip Wire — If you need a trap that will stop enemies from getting to your base as quickly then these tripwires will be great for that as they will of course cause the enemies to trip over them and they only cost 3500 base cash.
  • Glue — Yes, glue is indeed a trap within Base Raiders and it costs 3750 base cash, this trap will slow enemies down who run into it.
  • Bear Trap — Perhaps you’re looking for a trap that you can place in a hidden area to damage enemies who weren’t expecting it. Then if you were, you can buy some bear traps for 4000 base cash.
  • Toxic Spikes — These will cause poison to enemies who run into them and also damage enemies. They cost 4000 base cash.
  • Cactus — These simply damage enemies and can be placed for 4250 base cash.
  • Acid — 4500 base cash
  • Floor Spikes — 5000 base cash
  • Security Camera Screens — 5000 base cash
  • Fire Pit — Any enemies who run into this will burn with damage, it costs 5500 base cash
  • Sensor Mine — 6000 base cash
  • Stones Basket — 7000 base cash
  • Fall Trap — This will eliminate any enemy who falls into the trap and it costs 8000 base cash
  • Security Camera — 10,000 base cash
  • Cannon — 30,000 base cash
  • Banana Dropper — 40,000 base cash
  • Ballista — 45,000 base cash
  • Avalanche — Was only available during an event
  • Pea Shooter — 60,000 base cash
  • Double Turret — 75,000 base cash
  • Sensor Alarm
  • Beach Ball Shooter
  • Tennis Ball Shooter
  • Laser Turret
  • Rocket Turret

Crates — It’s Loot Time!

To get crates, there are a few ways to get them. Some involve gameplay and another way is to simply buy the crates. First, crates will spawn throughout the world at certain points and if you are nearby, you can attempt to capture them and then be able to open them. However, if you are just wanting to get the crates as quickly as possible, you can buy them through the ‘Crates’ section on the side of the screen. The prices are as follows:

  • Common Crate — 12 Robux or 12 Base Bux
  • Uncommon Crate — 25 Robux or 25 Base Bux
  • Rare Crate — 35 Robux or 35 Base Bux
  • Epic Crate — 45 Robux or 45 Base Bux
  • Legendary Crate — 65 Robux or 65 Base Bux
  • Godly Crate — 90 Robux or 90 Base Bux

Whichever way you want to get the crates, they can be excellent for getting unique items!

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Weapons and Skins — Take the Fight to Your Enemies!

There are many weapons and skins to choose from in Base Raiders! You will be able to buy them through the in-game shop/inventory screen and here are the majority of weapons available:


  • Luger Pistol — Automatically unlocked
  • Water Balloon — Costs 3500 base cash
  • Snowball — Will cost you 3750 base cash
  • Slingshot — 4000 base cash
  • Trench Warfare Shotgun — If you are planning on being at close range with enemies, this will be a splendid weapon for you, costing 15,000 base cash
  • BB Gun — 20,000 base cash
  • Crossbow — 20,000 base cash, excellent for ranged attacks!
  • Starfish Shuriken — Have you ever wanted to wield a starfish as a shuriken in games? Well, now you can! This will cost you 25,000 base cash
  • Uzi — 25,000 base cash
  • Snowflake Shuriken — 27,500 base cash
  • Paintball Shooter — 30,000 base cash
  • Staff of Neverending Frost — 32,500 base cash
  • Assault Rifle — 50,000 base cash
  • Submachine Gun — 50,000 base cash
  • Shark Launcher — 60,000 base cash
  • Pistol — Unlockable at level 2
  • Flintlock — Unlockable at level 3
  • Mauser.96 — Unlockable at level 4
  • Revolver — Unlockable at level 5
  • Pump Shotgun — Unlockable at level 6
  • Space Raygun — Unlockable at level 7
  • Sniper — Unlockable at level 8
  • Burst Rifle — Unlockable at level 10
  • Assault Laser — Unlockable at level 12
  • Boson Blaster — Unlockable at level 15
  • Rocket Launcher — Unlockable at level 20
  • Blunderbuss — Uncommon crate reward
  • Garand — Uncommon crate reward
  • Deluxe Beach Ball — Rare crate reward
  • Snake Sniper — Rare crate reward
  • Sten Gun — Rare crate reward
  • Throwing Knives — Rare crate reward
  • Flamethrower — Epic crate reward
  • Ray Pistol — Epic crate reward
  • Hyperlaser — Legendary crate reward
  • Plasma Assault Laser — Legendary crate reward
  • Teapot Launcher — Legendary crate reward
  • Galactic Glove — Godly crate reward
  • Rainbow Laser Blaster — Godly crate reward


  • Linked Sword — Unlocked automatically
  • Frying Pan — If you are also familiar with PUBG then you will likely notice this weapon and be reminded of the famous frying pan from within that game, now you can utilize this weapon to a similar caliber within Base Raiders for 7500 base cash
  • Sword Cane — Up next is the Sword Cane for 20,000 base cash
  • Beach Battle Sword — Are you thinking of battling on the beaches? Then why not stay with that theme and grab this sword for 35,000 base cash!
  • Golem’s Hammer — This will cost you 35,000 base cash
  • Bat Scythe — Make the image of a bat your main weapon with this scythe for 90,000 base cash
  • Katana — Unlockable at level 3
  • Scythe — Unlockable at level 4
  • Beast Claws — Unlockable at level 5
  • Bowie Knife — Unlockable at level 6
  • Danger Mace — Unlockable at level 7
  • Bladed Ninja Claw — Unlockable at level 8
  • Riptide — Unlockable at level 9
  • Skull Gladius — Unlockable at level 11
  • Devil Fork — Unlockable at level 14
  • Baseball Bat — Common crate reward
  • Battle Axe — Common crate reward
  • Ham Fists — Common crate reward
  • Police Baton — Common crate reward
  • Riot Shield — Common crate reward
  • Firebrand — Uncommon crate reward
  • Kukri — Uncommon crate reward
  • Steel shanks Armament — Uncommon crate reward
  • Sword of the Bright Knight — Uncommon crate reward
  • Dragon’s Blaze Sword — Rare crate reward
  • Energy Sword — Rare crate reward
  • Illumina — Rare crate reward
  • Mythic Sword of the Tides — Rare crate reward
  • Venom shank — Rare crate reward
  • Joint Breaker — Epic crate reward
  • Sword of the Epicredness — Epic crate reward
  • Sword of the Seven Winters — Epic crate reward
  • Overseers Axe — Legendary crate reward


  • Flashlight — If you are needing something to illuminate the dark knights within Base Raiders then the flashlight for 5000 base cash can certainly do this. While you are navigating across the land to other bases, I would recommend that you brought this flashlight with you as a backup as you might need it during the nights for observing bases more
  • Fidget Spinner — Yes! There is even a fidget spinner for 7500 base cash to unlock for Base Raiders
  • Dynamite — Need a little more explosion? Then be sure to buy this dynamite for 50,000 base cash
  • Laser Electrocutor — Uncommon crate reward
  • Bloxy Cola — Epic crate reward
  • Healing Potion — Epic crate reward

Along with the melee and ranged weapons, there are also skins to unlock. In terms of the skins, there are 32 skins that you can equip and/or unlock within the game. Along with skins, there are numerous accessories to unlock for your character.

Save Slots for Bases

If you have spent a lot of time building a base you may be worried that you will lose your progress within the experience whenever you go away from the game, however, this will not happen. Thankfully, there is a save system implemented for Base Raiders and it is a very in-depth one which is excellent to know! I was certainly thankful that I wouldn’t lose the progress I had gathered from the experience.

There are three save slots that you can access for free and throughout these slots, you can make different bases for each one meaning you can create three unique bases! Furthermore, when you are looking at the save slots, you can rotate your base 90 degrees or 180 degrees if you want to. Of course, you may be wanting to create more than three bases and for that, there is another save slot you can purchase for 250 Robux.

Selling Blocks and Items for Base Cash

The process of earning cash in the game can sometimes take a while and so I have found that selling some items in your base can be a great way of getting some extra cash. Whenever you are utilizing the edit menu, you can press the ‘sell’ button and you will now be able to select blocks and/or items that you want to sell for cash.

Before you sell an item or block, you can hover over it and you will find out how much it’s worth and if it will be great to sell for cash. Either way, if you are looking for a quick way to get more cash, selling blocks and items can be one of the best methods!

Painting — Base Colors of Your Choosing

If you are someone who likes customizing everything that they are near then the paint mode will be something that you are using a lot within the experience. When you are within the edit menu, simply press the ‘paint’ button and a lot of colors will appear for you. From here you can press on the color you want and then select what you want to paint and automatically the color will update for you.

The Combat

If you think you will be attempting to raid bases a lot, you will likely want to learn a lot about combat and how to get an advantage over your enemies. The first tip that I’d give you is t always shoot for the head when possible, especially with weapons that aren’t explosives. The Assault Rife can be a great weapon for this as there is a high rate of fire and you can target it with not too much recoil for the weapon.

It should also be noted that many player bases will have a lot of elevation and in turn, there will be enemies firing at you from above. Simply make sure to utilize as much cover as you can while navigating across the land to other bases.

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions for Base Raiders

Question: Are there badges to unlock for the experience?

Answer: There absolutely are! In terms of badges, there are nine to unlock as of the time of writing. The badges are:
SKILLED — You will have to earn 50 kills through the game
PROFESSIONAL — 100 kills gained in the experience
EXPERT — Earn 500 kills to unlock this badge
MASTER — A whopping 1000 kills is needed to earn this badge
LEGEND — 2500 kills for this!
CATASTROPHIC — Earn a total of 5000 kills within the game
NUCLEAR — A total of 10,000 kills for this badge with a 0.0% rarity rating
FEARLESS — 25,000 kills within the game!
UNSTOPPABLE — For this badge, you will need to earn a total of 50,000 kills within the game

Question: Are there any codes for Base Raiders?

Answer: Yes! Be sure to keep up with the development team’s Twitter for new codes from time to time.

Question: Can I create my base without players eliminating me?

Answer: You can, there is a ‘protection’ mode that is activated when you start the game, and until you disable that protection mode, no enemies will be able to eliminate you. This is, of course, excellent for building the base.


Base Raiders has a vast array of mechanics and features that will keep players wanting to experience the game time and time again! Whether you want to collect every weapon or simply are wanting to build an excellently designed base, there are things to enjoy for everyone. The majority of your time within the game will likely be spent building your base and so learning about all of the different traps to protect your base will give you an advantage over the enemies. It’s now your turn to dive into the game and play through everything that it has to offer!

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