Blox Fruits Tushita Guide: How to Unlock This Endgame Katana

Blox Fruits is filled with so much player customization and intense combat capabilities. This is one of the best parts of the Roblox title, and also one of the most unnerving. It can be challenging for players to figure out what’s the best items and fruits for them. Well, a sword that is considered among the best in the entire game is the one featured in this Blox Fruits Tushita guide.

Tushita is one of the many swords you can equip in Blox Fruits. But unlike the weapons you can find easily anywhere in the world of the Roblox game, this one takes a whole lot of effort to acquire.

But it is ultimately worth it since you’ll receive a sword that adequately prepares you for the endgame content in this title. If you are ready to unlock this katana beast, all you need to do is continue reading our Blox Fruits Tushita guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Tushita is one of the many swords available in Blox Fruits for players to equip. This particular katana is considered among the top three swords in the entire game. I would even go so far as to say that Tushita is the second-best Cyou could ever equip in this Roblox experience.

This is why players should aim for unlocking this weapon as it will allow them to dominate in the endgame content in the Roblox title. But to get the Tushita sword, players will need to be near the max level of the game, complete some puzzles, and even defeat an extremely tough boss.

Blox Fruits Tushita Overview

roblox blox fruits tushita guide

Part of what I love about Blox Fruits is the massive, ever-growing world that players can explore. This One Piece-inspired Roblox game features all of the usual trappings, like fruits that give powers and the eternal war between the pirates and the government.

However, among all of the unique powers and abilities that players can use in Blox Fruits, there are the less flashy weapons. Weapons give players the stats and equipment to deal all of that damage. While there are unique weapon types for you to use, the best happens to be the katanas.

Taking after popular One Piece characters like Zoro, the katanas are some of the best weapons in the entire Roblox game. And of the greatest of all time, one sword comes in second place. That weapon is none other than Tushita, the one we are talking about in this guide.

Tushita is a highly difficult weapon to acquire, being near the endgame max level cap of Blox Fruits. Only players who have put enough time into this Roblox title to max out most everything else will be able to get this weapon. But it is essential if you want to be one of the strongest players in the endgame content.

There is so much to the Tushita sword. Not only is it strong, but it holds some secrets, too. These allow it to become even better over time. It also has one of the most unique unlock methods, too. Not even most of the fruits and other equipment in this game require you to go to such great lengths. Thankfully, I have your back.

How the Tushita Sword Works

Blox Fruits Tushita Guide

The Tushita sword is, by and large, like every other weapon in Blox Fruits. It is a single-handed katana sword. This is a melee weapon players can use in their battles. It is also one of the best weapons in the entire Roblox game. Its stats are far superior to almost any other sword in its category.

This is even to the point where there is only one other sword that I would recommend players use over the Tushita. And the craziest part is that you’ll need this katana if you want to even have a chance of obtaining that ultimate weapon in the first place.

The stats alone are impressive, but it doesn’t stop there. The katana also gives players access to a couple of moves that no other weapon has the ability to use. These moves are some of the best for a sword of its caliber, which also explains why it is so highly sought after in Blox Fruits.

How to Unlock the Tushita Sword

If you want to dominate and be the best you can be at Blox Fruits, you’ll need to unlock it first. This isn’t as simple as having enough currency in the game to go to the right vendor and buy it. No, it is honestly harder to unlock this weapon than it is to unlock some of the Blox Fruits in the experience.

I would say that the process of unlocking this weapon comes down to four main factors. First of all, there is a prerequisite you must meet. This has to be done before you can even begin the mission to unlock Tushita. After that, though, there are three parts to the task to complete it.

You need to go to a specific location and activate the quest. You must solve a massive puzzle, which is quite unique and fun for this game. And then there is also a final boss you’ll need to take down. It is quite a lot, and it can undoubtedly be overwhelming for some players. Thankfully, I have your back every step of the way. Let’s get started.


First of all, there is a single required step you must complete before you can even begin the search for the Tushita sword in Blox Fruits. This critical requirement is that you must be at least level 2000 or higher in the Roblox game before you can even start to find this sword.

That is immensely high. I will be the first to admit that I have been playing this game for years now, and I haven’t even reached level 2000 yet. That is near the current level cap in the game of 2450. You essentially have to be in the endgame of this Roblox game and one of the top players before you can even consider getting the Tushita.

Once this requirement is met, you’ll be able to begin the search for the sword. Oddly enough, getting to level 2000 is only half the story. There is an entire mission you must complete to obtain this all-powerful weapon.

Raid Boss

Beginning with the first step in this mission, players must, oddly enough, do a specific random activity to unlock the Tushita sword. It starts by heading to the raid boss known as rip_indra. You probably are quite familiar with this boss if you are already at level 2000.

That is because rip_indra is a boss you have to take on even to access the Third Sea in the game. And I presume you’ve already reached the Third Sea if you have made it this far. In this case, though, it’s a more complicated version of the boss you faced in the original mission to unlock the Third Sea.

To find this raid boss and take him out, you’ll want to go to the Castle on the Sea in the Third Sea. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as going here and defeating the raid boss. Instead, you’ll have to get the God’s Chalice first or find another player who already has one.

These can be obtained through defeating Elite Pirates in the game or sometimes from chests. It is a random drop, so there is some luck involved in this. If you can find a player with the chalice, they can give it to you to start the raid boss fight.

Then it is pretty easy from there. You need to take down this level 5000 raid boss and defeat it. I recommend grabbing an entire party of other players to do this, or else this is going to be a very challenging boss fight. Unfortunately, this is also only part one of the mission. It gets crazier from here.

Secret Temple Location

blox fruits secret temple roblox

After defeating the raid boss version of rip_indra, it is now time to head to Hydra Island in the Third Sea. Once you arrive here, there is a location on the island known as the Secret Temple. If you’ve been to this island, you likely have seen this location before.

The purpose of the Secret Temple is to grant players one of the best weapons in the game. Once you get to the temple, head up to the waterfall and go through the water itself to find a secret door behind the waterfall. This is the entrance to the Secret Temple, where you will find this sword.

Whenever you’re ready to unlock this sword, you can enter the temple, and it will be time to do a puzzle. Be prepared for this part, as it is a bit tricky.

Torch Puzzle Solution

The puzzle works like this in the Secret Temple. Once you enter, you will have a torch. This torch needs to be used to light up five other torches in the temple. It is a puzzle in a way, but the problem is that you don’t know where the other torches are located, and you have a time limit.

There are only five minutes for the player to locate the other five torches and light them. If you mess up, you’ll have to leave the temple and start the puzzle all over again. Thankfully, I have a solution for you regarding the locations of these torches. Note: you can complete them in any order you like so long as you do it in five minutes.

  1. Head to the Beautiful Pirate Domain and find the torch by the destroyed bridge and near a tree.
  2. Head to the Mythological Pirates area, and there is a torch on one of the ships that have wrecked there.
  3. Go to the Forest Pirates location, and there is a house here where the torch is sitting outside the entrance of it.
  4. Look for the Fishman Captains characters near here. A bridge is by them, and you’ll find the torch near there.
  5. Lastly, look for a house that looks quite familiar with its pineapple motif. If you go inside this home, you will find the fifth and final torch on the wall there.

You have unlimited chances of completing this torches puzzle once you have reached this point. It will likely take some practice to perfect this sequence and complete all five of them in one go. So, don’t feel bad if you don’t complete this the first time around. Just try again until you can accomplish it.

Longma Boss Fight Explained

Unfortunately no, the puzzle’s completion still does not mean the end of this extended mission. There is still one more objective you must meet before you can get the Tushita sword. This final part requires the player to take down one final boss in Blox Fruits to get the katana.

That boss is the Longma enemy, which is one of the most challenging bosses you have likely faced up until this point in the Roblox game. To get to the boss, you’ll need to head to Floating Turtle Island. There, you’ll want to look for the mysterious door that has been locked since you arrived here.

It is right near the Previous Hero NPC. This mysterious door only opens once you complete all five torches in the Secret Temple puzzle. From now on, though, you’ll be able to go through here and find the Longma boss. Now, there are a couple of key issues with this boss worth noting.

For one, there is the fact that it is accessible to everyone who has completed this puzzle, even after they have the Tushita sword. This is problematic because you may be competing with others to take on this boss. He is one of the best level grinding bosses in the entire game.

While he carries the immensely powerful Tushita sword, he is rather weak otherwise for being a level 2000 boss. In addition, he gives 1.5 million experience each time you defeat him, which makes Longma great for repeatedly grinding to level up to get to the max in the game.

Worse still, he only appears every 40 minutes on the server. Thankfully, some servers operate on different schedules for Longma. Hence, it is possible to hop around and find the server where he is available, and there aren’t as many players competing for the same boss.

The actual boss fight should be pretty easy for you at this point in the game, hence why everyone grinds him for the experience. If you were able to defeat the raid boss with ease, this should be nothing. His health is relatively low, and his attacks are strong, but you’ll likely take him out before he can get you.

Once you finally defeat Longma in battle the first time, he will drop his signature Tushita sword for you to pick up and now use. Congrats! You finally finished this lengthy mission.

Tushita Sword Moveset

Blox Fruits Tushita Guide

Now that you finally have the Tushita katana in your possession, it is time to learn to master it. As mentioned, this is one of the top three swords in the game right now. This legendary sword comes with two moves of its own that players are able to master and use in combat.

The first of these is the Heavenly Lunges attack. Unfortunately, it requires you to reach level 150 mastery with the sword before you can begin to use it in your battles. Once you have mastered the sword up until now, you can use this move.

The Heavenly Lunges move lets the player keep lunging away at enemies over and over. It lasts for a fair bit of time, allowing the player to deal some severe damage in the process. But the other main detail here is that the Heavenly Lunges move will also stun enemies hit by it for a short time.

The second move, Celestial Ravager, will take you even longer to unlock. Players need to reach level 300 mastery with the Tushita sword before they can use this move. This move is relatively simple, letting the player move forward quickly and then slash at enemies before they can even react. It deals some intense damage that will devastate foes.

Upgrade Explained

The fun with the Tushita doesn’t end with trying to master the sword enough to unlock its two moves. That is only the beginning of what you can do with it. In addition to unlocking those two moves, there is a single upgrade you can do for the katana that will make it even better in fights.

To do this, you’ll need to gather up six leather items and 20 mini tusks. Once you have these in your inventory, head to the Blacksmith in any of the safe zones where he is located and trade them in for an upgrade. He will work on the Tushita sword and make it better.

This upgrade will make the katana have an 8% boost to its overall damage output. This will make it significantly stronger in fights, letting you destroy foes roughly 8% more efficiently than before. However, this is still not the end of what you can do with the Tushita. There is one final piece of the puzzle for this weapon.

How to Turn the Tushita Into the Cursed Dual Katana

Blox Fruits Tushita Guide

If upgrading and learning the two moves are not enough, you can do one final thing with the katana. When you are ready to unlock the ultimate sword in Blox Fruits right now, you can turn the Tushita into its best form yet. It is possible to acquire the Cursed Dual Katana weapon by using the Tushita.

This weapon is significantly better than the Tushita and is the number-one katana in the entire Roblox game. If you want to unlock it and start dominating fights even more, you’ll want also to get the Yama. That is an entirely different story for another time.

But once you have the Yama and the Tushita swords, it is time to convert them into dual katanas. To do this, both blades must be mastered all the way to level 350 each. So that is 50 more than you need to unlock the two moves for Tushita.

Once you have done that, you also need to reach at least level 2200 in the game. At that point, you can complete the puzzle that is necessary for the Cursed Dual Katana weapon and start using it from then on.


Question: How to Get Tushita Easily in Blox Fruits?

Answer: To get the Tushita sword easily in Blox Fruits, you’ll have to follow a few steps. First, reach level 2000 in the game or higher. Then summon and take on the rip_indra boss. From there, head to the Secret Temple and complete the five torches puzzle. Then go to the Longma boss and defeat him for this sword.

Question: Is Tushita Good in Blox Fruits?

Answer: Yes, Tushita is better than good in Blox Fruits. It is one of the best swords in the game, rivaled by a couple of weapons. If you want to be one of the best players around in this Roblox experience, you’ll want to get the excellent Tushita katana.

Question: What is Stronger, Tushita or Enma?

Answer: This is a tough question. In certain situations, the Tushita can be stronger than the Enma and vice versa. But they are close to one another in terms of being the second-best sword in Blox Fruits. In the end, though, simply get the Tushita, and the Yama, and make the Cursed Dual Katana if you want a weapon better than both of them.

Find the Right Blox Fruit to Pair With This Sword

The Tushita katana weapon is one of the best swords you’ll find in all of Blox Fruits. This Roblox game is filled with equipment and items for you to use to better yourself. But if you want the simplified matter, try to get this sword as soon as you have reached level 2000 in the game.

This will allow you to do your best in future fights. At the end of the day, though, the Tushita is a single sword weapon. It’s only part of the way for you to up your stats and allow yourself to make the best moves possible. If you want to expand beyond this, you’ll need some Blox Fruits to go with it.

One of the best Blox Fruits we recommend for mixing with the Tushita sword is the Dragon Fruit Blox Fruit. Not only is this one of the best fruits in the entire Roblox game, but it gives you some impressive skills to use in fights. Couple this with the katana that you received by using this guide, and you will be well on your way to mastering any endgame content in Blox Fruits.

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