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Those Who Remain is a Roblox experience that will offer you thrills in the form of survival and will keep you excitingly enthralled to continue onwards time and time again with the game. It is developed by ‘Peak Development Studios’ and ultimately the experience has been fine-tuned for an excellent masterpiece of Roblox games culture. Zombies! Guns! Stats! It has it all! Now is the time to dive into a game within Roblox that will truly offer you a great survival atmosphere. Bring your partners along for the journey and make your mark in this experience. I know that I have been enjoying all of the time I’ve been spending with it! So I hope that you will too!

The Key Details — Bottom Line Up Front Summary

In terms of what you can expect from your time with the game — let’s discuss it! From the get-go, you will be plunged into a world where you will have to survive waves of ‘infected’ within the game. You will certainly be scrambling across the land and looting for all-important weapons and items that will assist you in surviving for longer. You can team up and survive the waves together with your trusted companions.

There are a vast array of maps on offer along with a diverse set of weapons to utilize. With the medium roster of infected types, you will be encountering new enemies frequently.

Tips for Those Who Remain, Players

While you are indulging in all of the various experiences you’ll be able to have within Those Who Remain, you’ll want to utilize these good-to-know pieces of information to have the best chance of surviving for a while. The first thing you should make sure to utilize from time to time is the ability to zoom in and aim with the weapon you are holding to increase your accuracy. This can be done by holding right-click if you are playing on PC and can be found in the ‘options’ menu with all of the various keybindings.

Speaking of which, knowing your keybindings is just as important haha! You’ll not have too much tutorial information to utilize so doing a bit of a dive into the options and observing the keybindings and controls will allow you to have an advantage upon your joining of the game.

Of course, there are gameplay tips that are good to know, certainly, one thing to always ensure you are doing throughout waves is to always make sure to pick up every item you see on the ground, whether it be ‘Clap Bombs’, ‘Frags’, or simply ammo to collect and other weapons and items. This will give you an upper advantage against the enemies within the game.

Also, be sure to utilize barbed wire in strategic areas whenever you can!

Game Modes

What adds to any great Roblox experience? Game modes! An abundance of them at that! With Those Who Remain players will be able to experience a diverse number of game modes that are on offer for everyone. There are 5 core modes within the game that players can choose from. The first of which is the ‘regular’ mode. This will task you with surviving through ten waves with each wave being consecutively more difficult wave after wave, your key to success will be working great with your team members and planning strategies along the way.

The next game mode is ‘endless’ where you and your team will be defending a generator against the oncoming hordes towards the generator. There is no limit on how many waves you will face so you can continue battling against the hordes and earning exp for however long you stay in the game for if your team are all still standing and fighting of course!

‘Classic’ mode is simply the same as the regular mode except there are tougher enemies to battle and the item spawn rate is lower than in regular mode so it can be seen as a more difficult mode for players to complete. However, ‘Hardcore’ mode is where things get dashed up! There are tougher enemies and the item spawn rates are lower like the ‘Classic’ game mode however there are 20 waves in total to survive and any damage that the player receives, they will get a slower movement speed which amps up the mode even more.

Whatever game mode you choose to start with, you will be sure to have fun with them!

Infected Types

The first infected type that you will likely encounter is the ‘Civilian Infected’, these will be the base infected that you are likely to encounter a lot, aiming for the head will observe you getting kills very quickly against them. These are all of the infected types available within the game:

  • Bloater Infected
  • Bolter Infected
  • Burster Infected
  • Civilian Infected
  • Hazmat Infected
  • Military Infected
  • Riot Infected
  • Sprinter Infected

Weapons in Those Who Remain

It’s weapon time! There are numerous varieties of weapons available within the experience, from assault rifles to snipers, it has it all and each weapon is contained in one of three categories of weapon. Here are all of the available weapons in the experience for you!

Primary Weapons:

  • Sawn-Off Shotgun: Unlocked from the beginning of the game and is the default weapon
  • RUGER 10/22: $5600, can be unlocked at level 5
  • INGRAM MAC-10: $6200, can be unlocked at level 8
  • STEN MK V: $7400, can be unlocked at level 10
  • MOSSBERG 500: $8500, can be unlocked at level 12
  • AERO SURVIVAL RIFLE: $8200, can be unlocked at level 14
  • WINCHESTER MODEL 70: $7800, can be unlocked at level 15
  • KAC PDW: 10800, can be unlocked at level 16
  • PP-91 KEDR: $12400, can be unlocked at level 18
  • SAP-6: $14300, can be unlocked at level 20
  • KRISS VECTOR: $15900, can be unlocked at level 21
  • M1 GARAND: $16200, can be unlocked at level 22
  • MP5A2: $17700, can be unlocked at level 24
  • AR-57: $26500, can be unlocked at level 26
  • P90: $34000, can be unlocked at level 30
  • M4A1: $32500, can be unlocked at level 32
  • SK0 SHORTY: $35500, can be unlocked at level 33
  • M14: $44400, can be unlocked at level 36
  • AK-47: $62800, can be unlocked at level 38
  • MOSIN NAGANT: $74600, can be unlocked at level 40
  • CMMG MK-47 MUTANT: $102500, can be unlocked at level 48
  • RPK: $110250, can be unlocked at level 52
  • LWRC IC-PSD: $120500, can be unlocked at level 56
  • FLAMETHROWER: $455000, can be unlocked at level 65
  • BARRETT M82A1: Unlocked by having the ‘Overwatch’ perk and being level 100 and above
  • WINCHESTER MODEL 1892: $998400, can be unlocked at level 110
  • RPG-7: $1250000, can be unlocked at level 125

Secondary Weapons:

  • GLOCK 17: Unlocked from the beginning of the game and is the default secondary weapon
  • LH9 MKII: $1800, can be unlocked at level 3
  • WALTHER P38:  $2300, can be unlocked at level 6
  • SERBU SUPER SHORTY: $3200, can be unlocked at level 10
  • M1911A1: $4100, can be unlocked at level 12
  • MAKAROV: $6300, can be unlocked at level 14
  • TEC-9: $8200, can be unlocked at level 18
  • MP-443 GRACH: $9950, can be unlocked at level 20
  • PB 6P9: $10300, can be unlocked at level 24
  • UZI: $12000, can be unlocked at level 28
  • TAURUS MODEL 66: $55000, can be unlocked at level 32
  • CBJ-M5: $92000, can be unlocked at level 45
  • CZ SCORPION EVO MICRO K: $112500, can be unlocked at level 48
  • GEPARD PDW: $455000, can be unlocked at level 64
  • COLT PYTHON: $652000, can be unlocked at level 70
  • HK P30L: $727000, can be unlocked at level 80
  • DESERT EAGLE: $865000, can be unlocked at level 90
  • M320: $2000000, can be unlocked at level 150

Melee Weapons:

  • 2X4: Unlocked from the beginning of the game and is the default melee weapon
  • WRENCH: $800, can be unlocked at level 3
  • FRYING PAN: $1200, can be unlocked at level 5
  • UMBRELLA: $1650, can be unlocked at level 6
  • CROWBAR: $2000, can be unlocked at level 10
  • POOL CUE: $2120, can be unlocked at level 12
  • SHOVEL: $3400, can be unlocked at level 14
  • GOLF CLUB: $4800, can be unlocked at level 15
  • BUTCHER KNIFE: $5100, can be unlocked at level 16
  • 2X4 W/BARBED WIRE: $6200, can be unlocked at level 18
  • SLEDGEHAMMER: $7200, can be unlocked at level 19
  • BASEBALL BAT: $8600, can be unlocked at level 20
  • FIRE AXE: $125000, can be unlocked at level 55
  • SPIKED BASEBALL BAT: $226000, can be unlocked at level 65
  • SABRE: $475000, can be unlocked at level 78
  • KATANA: $585000, can be unlocked at level 85


Perks are a massively important part of the Those Who Remain experience, the perks are sorted through three different classes. There is the Survivalist Class which as it indicates will of course let you have perks that increase the survivability rate within the infested with infected maps. The Craftsman Class increases things such as building speeds, fortification damage increases, and much, much more! On the other side, there are the Marksman Class perks which will be ideal for those who want to upgrade their weapon damage to the highest it can be and utilize weapons more than other items in the game.

Survivalist Class Perks:

Hardened Sight is the first survivalist perk that you will be able to unlock when you reach level 10. It will ‘lower the low health effect by 50%’, this means that the visual effect when you are low on health that makes the screen appear a little foggy will be reduced in its effect which will of course allow you to navigate around the world with ease and efficiency! You will be exterminating all of the infected types along the way as it will give you an advantage for being able to observe them more when on low health within any map.

Bruiser is one of the most effective survivalist class perks due to its generous offering for players which will have all damage effects lowered by a whopping 65% in the game! Yes, you will certainly be plowing through the infected like a moth finding its inviting flame of light once again. The perk can be unlocked at level 20.

Medic will give you a 30% boost when healing with bandages and likewise the perk can be unlocked at level 30.

Caffeinated makes energy drink effects last 10 seconds longer for your character when you utilize them. This perk can be unlocked by you at level 45.

Adrenaline Rush can be unlocked at level 60 and will make it so that whenever you are under 35% health, you will automatically start regenerating it again until you reach 35% health again which of course gives you a great tactical advantage over others and should be a perk that you work towards getting quickly within the experience!

Speed Demon will increase your Sprint Speed by 12% if you unlock and equip it at level 85!

Guardian Angel is one of the most powerful perks for the survivalist class perks because it will only be able to be unlocked once you reach level 100. The perk will allow you to revive a teammate per wave, and you can revive all teammates but only once per member each wave.

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Craftsman Class Perks:

Playmaker will allow you to carry one more ‘Clap Bomb’ and can be unlocked at level 10. Similarly, with the aforementioned class perks, each of these perks can be unlocked at the same level increments compared to the other class, e.g Level 20, 30, 45, and so forth.

Efficiency is the key to the game after all! And this perk will certainly allow you to make your name known through the Those Who Remain community with you being able to deploy the 50 cal. with one less hammer swing compared to the others.

Enhanced Electronics pairs nicely with the Playmaker perk as it increases the ‘Clap Bomb’ range by 40% ultimately allowing you to become a little bit of a grenadier as you start throwing bombs through the maps and slaughtering enemies into tiny shards and pieces of flesh along the way. A cracking time for those who enjoy explosions certainly!

Fortifier is where the craftsman class perks arrive in full swing with this perk allowing you to carry two extra ‘Barbed Wire’ which is an essential piece of equipment for enemy control within the experience.

Pyrotechnic make it so that the ‘Explosive Forts’ you utilize do 35% more damage towards the enemies.

Carpenter increases the player’s build speed by 40%, this will ensure that you can plan with your team to take a lead on building within waves that will give you once again an advantage to assist the team with.

Juggernaut will give the player a full set of ‘makeshift armor’ which is two times more powerful than regular armor and you will have this upon entry into any game mode.

Marksman Class Perks:

Dexterous is the perk for someone who wants to be a fast weapon equipper! With the perk, your equip speed will be increased by 30%.

Trigger Finger is an excellent perk for players who utilize certain types of weapons over others. The rate of fire will increase 35% for pump action, bolt action, and semi-automatic weapons within the experience.

Eagle Eyes will increase your aiming speed by 40%.

Heavy Hitter is a great perk for those who are going to be planning on surviving a long time within waves. Any upper body shots on infected will deal 20% more damage to them.

Steady Hand will reduce your recoil by 50% in total.

Brisk increases the player’s reload speeds by 20%.

Overwatch will unlock the aforementioned Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle and it can only be utilized when you have this perk unlocked and equipped for your character.


Time to take your skills within the experience to the next level with the broad range of maps on offer for you to play through! Each one is unique and will offer something different for players while they are working together to defend against the hordes of enemies making their way towards you. Here are all of the maps available in the game at the moment:


Set within the USA, this map offers players a bypass with plenty of opportunities for defending against hordes effectively, there is a gas station in the map that players utilize as a camping spot when in need of more coverage due to its entranceway and exits to defend against the hordes.


As the name suggests, the map has a cabin that players will be able to access and there is also a basement if players decide they would like to utilize it. As with any spooky cabin, a spooky forest is just as important of course! Time to take your team around the forest and keep eliminating all of those running hordes.


Cargo is set in a shipping yard and will offer you plentiful amounts of cover as you make your way through the many hordes making their way to your team.


This particular map features a town that has been overrun by the hordes, there are stores around the place and another gas station that players will frequently make their way towards to defend due to its strategic location for the teams to defend against the hordes that try to swarm them.


Set entirely on a bridge, this map will give you the ability to strategize with your team about what section of the bridge you will be defending. There are plenty of opportunities to be able to utilize a wide range of tactics on this particular map and you will be defending against the hordes with ease as you pick up items along with the map.


This map is set within a lab that has many entrances to various rooms throughout the scientific complex, there is even a parking lot to defend against the hordes with your team!


The map has a great sense of gothic architecture present and many players will pick up on this when they first venture into the location. From libraries to offices, there is something for everyone on this map!


The map has its location within a forest and the store is where you will be spending time defending against the hordes from within due to its great vantage points!


It is, of course, is held within a mill and there is a lake nearby to players that have been frozen by the temperatures where the map is situated which are known to be Canada for the location. There is a sawmill that players will be able to defend from within against the hordes that will run towards them.


This map is set within a prison where teams can utilize cell blocks as camping areas if they so choose or whether they decide to utilize the open spaces of the main halls for defending with the team.


The map has a barn, stables, and more for players to choose from when they pick their defending location while battling the hordes of enemies, and teams will have to work together to secure all areas within this map!


Throughout your time eliminating the hordes, you will no doubt be completing objectives along the way that spawn through waves. These will keep your attention focused on completing a task for a while still ensuring that you have stocked up on all of the necessary items to continue the progress through each map. Four main objectives spawn and these are as follows:

Damage is an objective where players will be simply causing damage to a specific truck and once they have done so and exploded the truck, you will be rewarded with 2000 experience points and 5000 credits along with this!

Escort is as it sounds on the tin! You will be tasked with escorting a certain ‘survivor’ until they reach their location. Making sure that you and your team are following them closely is vital to ensure their safety on the treacherous journey through the map while the hordes are wanting to tear the very flesh from that target’s skeleton!

Fill will see you and your team gathering numerous amounts of items and parts and then taking them to the objective point, simply ensure to bring all of the items that the objective is looking for and you will get 1500 experience points and 3000 credits for your character.

Secure is an objective that you will have to defend a target area from hordes for while the percentage increases for the secure area!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Are there weapon skins to unlock?

Answer: Yes! There are absolutely weapon skins to unlock and these can be unlocked by various tiers of crates that can be purchased from the store.

Question: Can I set up a server with just the people I want to?

Answer: You can! You can either let players join you in a public game or you can create a private server to do this.

Question: How do I earn experience points quickly?

Answer: Among some of the best ways to earn experience points quickly, completing objectives will have you earning experience points quickly for your character.


Those Who Remain is a great experience for those wanting to get a slice of horde rampaging action as you slice through waves of enemies. Knowing tactics will be a great way to succeed in the various maps and you will be working together as a team in no time! It’s now your chance to delve into the game so what are you waiting for? Go and run into the experience!

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