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Roblox has been home to one of the largest communities in gaming since its humble beginnings in 2006 all those years ago. In turn, with a large player base comes exponential growth ushering in diverse maps and modes. That is the case with Roblox which now has its powerful share of player map builders making their mark on the discovery page in the experience. Exciting new maps arrive tenfold with a range of genres and stylisations to be found and stumbled across.

One of these experiences is ‘Project New World‘ which has been gaining popularity since its release in 2020, players have been flocking to the map with extreme speed highlighted by the fact that the map has had over 10.3 million visits to this very day and that number will just keep growing. Unfortunately, the experience has been locked to players while extensive updates are being implemented by the developers. This guide article will take you over everything you need to know about Project New World for those who are planning to delve into the map when it is open to the public.

Bottom Line Up Front Summary of Project New World

If you are looking for a quick and snappy explanation of Project New World and what it offers, here are my summative key points.

  • Project New World will offer you a diverse and enticing world inspired by Anime, especially the One Piece anime.
  • Tutorials are accessible allowing anyone with an interest to learn and get to experience the game
  • There are numerous small quests to undertake, such as defeating enemies to gain money for your character
  • Eleven core islands at the moment to explore and play within
  • Delightful Super bosses and Weapons, customize your character the way you want with a handful of races to play as
  • Fourteen Devil Fruits that unleash powerful abilities with more to arrive in the future
    • Take your experience to the ocean and Swashbuckle your way through the lands with unique ships
  • Developers are always updating the game and bringing exciting codes to players.

It is now your time to dive into the experience!

What Project New World Is

Project New World is an experience that will offer players a unique journey through a highly Anime influenced RPG (role-playing game) that will no doubt keep players on their toes and excited to undertake their next great adventure with a diverse set of powers. Throughout its history after release, there has been an element of discoverability and pride that players have witnessed from this particular experience, I recall excitedly noticing the polish of animations on offer and the worldbuilding in place. It acted as an experience that allowed players to gleefully delve into the fantasy world the developers beheld for us.

On the note of developers, the team behind Project New World are called ‘Project Anime World’ and on their account, it can be observed that they have two other experiences, the first one you will be able to see is a Dev testing map for ‘Project New World’ which will be utilised when crafting updates for players and the second of which is an ‘Asset Storage Place‘ that will again be used for any additional work for updates.

Teaser image of the potential new Island 9 map for Project New World

Oftentimes on Roblox, when a game is finished, it can be rare to see major updates being applied to an already successful experience. With Project New World, that is not the case, the game is always being worked on tirelessly by developers with new features, Weapons, and more worked on being added. As of the time of writing, the experience can not be played by the public for an undisclosed amount of time until a new update is added. This new update is being detailed through an official Discord Server or the public Trello Board. The images seen throughout this article have been obtained from these public developer sources.

I was thrilled to discover that Project New World can be played on PC, Mobile, and Console, meaning that there are no limitations for where you can play the experience. You can play on any Roblox platform that you feel like doing so. Furthermore, there are a vast variety of benefits from starting a journey in this game compared to certain other Roblox Anime RPG games on the market. These benefits are:

  • Varied locations for players to explore, I have found each one to be great for their general diversity
  • An array of unique characters and quests to be found
  • Rewarding Levelling System
  • Powers are exquisitely implemented and feel powerful to utilize
  • It is an ever-evolving experience

These benefits needless to say help to keep the experience fresh and enjoyable for everyone who wants a slice of the adrenaline-inducing action. The game itself draws a great amount of inspiration from Anime (particularly influenced by One Piece) and this essence flows through the experience’s very roots; intertwining together and aiming to create a one-of-a-kind experience for Roblox players. I have been stunned by Project New World in being able to observe the sheer amount of attention to detail that developers have had for being able to combine Roblox and Anime as one singularity.

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Tips for Project New World Players

When you’re starting out in any experience, it can seem a daunting task at first to get used to the gameplay of individual experiences. I have some overall tips for any player of Project New World will be able to take advantage of.

Firstly, completing small quests is a great starting point to earn a lot of exp and money in the base game, be sure to complete any quest you see and even attempt the higher difficulty versions when you are prepared for the same quest. This will net you the money and experience points you need to make your character even stronger.

Furthermore, be prepared and vigilant to ensure that you are able to pick up devil fruit when they spawn, these are highly in demand and should be collected as soon as possible when they spawn. Be sure to visit the ‘Fruit Dealer’ from time to time if you want to spend money or Robux on earning fruits that way instead.

Notably, you should also be on the lookout for Skill Trainers throughout the different islands when you see them and maintain a portion of your money for use with the trainers. They will be able to help grow your character’s power of abilities and such in a great way.

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Player Onboarding and Levelling — An Experience for Everyone

When you are first starting out in Project New World, you will be pleased to find out that there is a significant presence of onboarding for new players. This is a term used in Games Design relating to the use of tutorials and how user-friendly a game is. I have been extremely joyous in being able to observe that the developers have put a lot of thought into the systems and how to assist new players.

The development team’s process in creating Project New World is one that an indie studio would certainly undertake. There is a lot of community correspondence and this is then matched with a testing server where certain players will be able to test the game for the developers and give them feedback. All in all, this ensures that the game is polished upon entry for any player. The tutorials range from movement tutorials to combat tutorials.

If you are a new player and you start the experience, you will be prompted by a window that asks if you would like a tutorial since you’re new. If you’re feeling brave and wanting to just get started, you can opt to decline the tutorial. However, if you would like some assistance with starting, you can be sure to accept it and you will be taught how to perform an Anime dash right away. This is tied to the ‘Q’ key on the keyboard making it very user-friendly. Of course, this echoes the same way on the console version of the experience. The tutorials will then go on to give you advice on how to sprint and double jump (sky-walk) before asking if you would still like to continue with the tutorial.

If you do, then you will be graced with more information on how to start quests and truly begin your journey in the experience. There is a leveling system that has a max cap of 2300 as of the time being. Your level can be increased by gaining Exp through completing quests or defeating enemies in combat. The combat system allows for a great array of combos and is dynamic in its stylization and mechanics. Upon defeating enemies you will gain both exp and cash to utilize at vendors who will sell you items.

It should be noted that on top of the main leveling system there is also a bounty leveling system that players will also likely encounter throughout their playthrough of Project New World.

Project New World Islands, Skill Trainers, and Superbosses

Official image of Clown Island from Project New World Roblox.

Players will find themselves to be tied to the atmosphere of the world in the experience. Set in an open ocean biome, islands are where players will spend their time leveling up and becoming at one with their found powers. As of the time of writing, there are eleven core islands with more to be added in the future. I have found that each island offers something to players that is distinctly special compared to another one. Each island has its individual quest givers and notably their secrets to be discovered.

Furthermore, found throughout the game are characters who sell items, can remove fruits, or are even able to train your character to become more powerful. These particular NPC’s are known as ‘Skill Trainers’ and there are five total Skill Trainers to be found at the moment. Each Skill Trainer will train a certain skill to a higher degree for a cost of cash and/or meeting a level requirement.

Players who enjoy a challenge are also not left out with two super bosses on offer for you to battle. These super bosses can be found on two different islands. The first super boss is known as the ‘Dual Swordsman’ and you will have to be prepared to face a level 500 enemy with extreme speed and strength. The Dual Swordsman can be found on the furthest west island on the map. This may change with future updates however it will be altered in the article if this is changed. The boss has a spawn timer of thirty to fifty minutes.

If you choose to fight the Dual Swordsman, you will have to deal 20% damage to the boss’s health in order to obtain any of the rewards. The rewards are as follows:

  • $30,000 cash/money
  • 2 Million experience points
  • 20% chance to obtain the weapon set ‘2 Sword Style’
  • 15 Gems

As can be seen above, I have found it to be highly worthwhile for your time to fight the Dual Swordsman and aim for gathering the rewards. The experience point gain is immense and will no doubt see you rocketing through the levels.

The second super boss is Fire Fist who can be found on the furthest north island on the map and has a level of a whopping 900. Once again, you will need to deal 20% damage to the bosses overall health to gain the rewards which are shown as follows:

  • $50,000 cash/money
  • 5 Million experience points
  • 20 Gems
  • A 10% chance to obtain a random fruit for utilization

Further, the developers have noted on the Trello board that in the “near future”, he will also drop an accessory item that will give your character certain buffs. I can’t wait to find out what these are! The spawn time of Fire Fist is fifty to seventy minutes.

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New image for Project New World Roblox.

On top of the exploration elements that are omnipresent throughout the experience, there are also a vast array of weapons for players to utilize. Firstly, at the moment there are five unique weapons to be obtained in Project New World. The first of which is the ‘Katana’. The Katana will deal the same damage as your regular fists and can be bought/obtained from the starter island.

The next weapon on offer is the ‘Two Sword Style’ and this as aforementioned can be earned from defeating the Dual Swordsman in combat where you will get a chance to obtain the swords and act out your ninja dual-wielding sword ways. It is a personal favorite weapon style of mine so be sure to pick it up if you’re looking for fast and graceful animations of swords spinning around in combat!

Another weapon you will be able to acquire is the ‘Shark Blade’, with an appearance of a fang-like structure on its blade, this is the weapon for those players looking to make an impact on the world. It can be acquired as a 5% drop chance from the Shark Boss at Shark Park on Fishman Island.

Penultimately, there is also the ‘pipe’ which can be utilized as a weapon. This can be picked up from Marine Island from purchasing it off of the NPC vendor Soba. If you are then wanting to complete your weapon collection, you can decide to obtain ‘Yoru’ the Dark Blade which at the moment is the best weapon in the game in terms of damage. However, in order to get the Dark Blade, you will have to purchase the ‘Dark Blade’ game pass for 800 Robux found here.

Devil Fruits

Following on from the weapons, Devil fruits are what make the game what it is. I find it exhilarating to watch the enemies get decimated by the range of Devil fruits on offer with their jaw-dropping animations.

Fruits will spawn near any tree in the game’s world. They spawn on a timer of sixty minutes on a public server. However, on a VIP server, after five fruits have been spawned, they will then stop spawning until the server is restarted for players. There are 14 devil fruits available in the game at the moment and these are:

  • Electricity fruit
  • Barrier fruit
  • Operation fruit
  • Clear fruit
  • Wind fruit
  • Bomb fruit
  • Light fruit
  • Ice fruit
  • Flame fruit
  • Darkness fruit
  • Tremor fruit
  • Gravity fruit
  • Sand fruit
  • String fruit

All of these fruits have their own unique animations and abilities attached to them allowing you to truly stand out on the battlefield. It should also be noted that when the new update releases there will be a new fruit by the name of a ‘Dragon’ fruit, which is sure to set players into a frenzy of excitement when they observe what it can do.

If you are wanting to obtain fruits at a quicker rate instead of waiting for them to spawn then you can also buy various fruits from the vendor ‘Fruit Dealer’. This merchant will allow you to ‘spin’ for or buy fruits from them. You can either purchase fruits with in-game currency or even spend Robux on them if you have an abundance of Robux sitting around waiting to be utilized.

Project New World Ships

Do you feel like having a swashbuckling adventure in Roblox? Well, look no further than Project New World once again! Since the location of islands is spread across an ocean biome, you will need to have suitable means of being able to reach the various islands. This is where ships are extremely useful. In order to summon and access your boats, you will need to speak to the boat merchant who can be found on the islands. There are five ships available in the game at the moment to choose from.

The first ship is the simple ‘Dinghy’, a basic rowboat with a wooden exterior and everything you would expect from a smaller boat. If you are wanting to sail the open seas with a hint of fearlessness, this boat is the one for you! Nonetheless, it will be your starter boat so it gives you a chance to become acquainted with the seas of the world.

The second ship is the ‘Sailboat’ which is a larger vessel but maintains the practicality of the dinghy. There are larger ships to be acquired in the world but this ship will offer you a better sailing experience over the dinghy. Yet another ship you will be able to acquire is known as the ‘Coffin Boat’ which has a similar structure to the sailboat however it is one of the more unique ships on offer. This ship exhumes a breathtaking light green fire from the torch-like structure situated on the side of the ship and will no doubt make your course known to any other sailors on the water. I know I would certainly know from an instant that the player sailing that ship would mean business! To obtain this you will need to purchase the ‘Coffin Boat’ game pass here for 399 Robux.

Another ship that players can opt to acquire is the ‘Galleon’. This ship is your classic naval ship, equipped with large sails, masts, and everything you need to get across the ocean quickly and efficiently. Finally, there is also the ‘Striker’ ship that is the fastest ship in the game. However, this can only be obtained by purchasing the ‘Striker Boat’ game pass here for 399 Robux.

Character Races

Official Project New World Roblox image.

As with any great RPG, there are usually a host of races that the player can choose from and receive numerous benefits through racial passives from having that particular race. There are four races included in the experience at the moment. The first of course is ‘Human’ which doesn’t have any race passives but may in the future from what the developers have noted.

Another race available for players is the ‘Fishman’ that has shark fins attached to the player’s back. If you have an inclination for the ocean, this race will no doubt be the race you are hoping to play as. The race passives for the Fishman is a 5% health increase and a 5% swimming speed increase.

On the other hand, if you prefer the sky and want to have an appearance that showcases that, then the ‘Skypeian’ race is also on offer for you. This race will have angel wings attached once again to your character’s back. You will receive passives in the form of a 5% Stamina increase and even a 20% jump increase for all your air entering needs!

Finally, there is the ‘D-Clan’ race which is quite simply the human race with passives. The passives are as follows: A 10% Stamina increase and a 10% Health increase. However, this race only has a 1% chance to get so getting a human with passive abilities will be quite the feat and something to be proud of if you receive it.

In turn, race benefits do not only stop at their passive abilities. In a future update, the ‘Fishman’ and ‘Skypeian’ races will evolve over time up to three levels. These evolutions will change the shapes and size of their respective appearance traits. E.G: The Skypeian wings will get larger over the various level evolutions. This will no doubt allow you to have a stand-out appearance from other players around you in Project New World.

Project New World Badges and PVP

For the avid completionists and badge hunters of Roblox, you will be pleased to know that there is a handful of badges for you to be able to collect from the experience. There are four badges in total at the moment for you to be able to collect. The first of which, ‘You Played’ is simply a badge earned for starting and joining Project New World so this is one of the easiest badges to collect for the game.

The next badge you will be able to earn is for reaching level 100, with two other badges being awarded at achieving level 500 and then level 1000. These badges are more time-consuming than difficult, if you are playing the game leisurely, you will be able to earn these badges with ease and showcase them to others in no time!

For the players who do indeed enjoy some competition, I know I certainly do, there is even PVP that can be taken part in within the experience. So getting the best weapons and equipment will see you beat other players in the world of this Roblox experience.

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Codes for Project New World

As with any Roblox experience, it can be common to find a list of codes that the developers include for players to utilize. At the moment, there are no active codes and no codes that can be input until the game opens back up again. However, any new code will be listed next to the ‘Current Codes’ section of the description of Project New World and also be posted by the Project manager on their Twitter linked in the FAQ below and here.

The Future of Project New World

Official Project New World Island image.

With the game undergoing updates, the future of the experience will be sure to see a host of improvements and additions to the already blooming experience. Developer notes have included details of certain things players can expect to see from the latest update when it releases. Firstly, however, it should be noted that Project New World as a whole looks set to receive likely continued developer updates for a long period of time given the fact of how community-oriented the developers have been thus far.

Players can expect to see ‘Accessories’ to make their way into the game soon for that cosmetic haul to be added for utilization by your character. You will truly be able to live out your anime life in this world and it is clear to see that the Roblox community has been hyped up by all of the latest words on this experience.

Another aspect that the future update will bring is set to be ‘fighting styles’ that you will be able to use in combat to get the upper edge on opponents and fit your respective playstyles. When talking about the future of Project New World, its title does indeed have a lot of symbolism attached to it. The developers have made this their project for a long period of time now and the ‘New World’ of Anime Roblox experiences are sure to take a lot of inspiration from this particular game. The developers have ensured that the community is always updated with the latest information and word on the game and this echoes their enthusiasm and community spirit for Roblox.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Are there any Roblox Game passes for Project New World?

Answer: Yes! There are six total game passes for Project New World at the moment. Each one will provide a distinct benefit for your character. All of the game passes and the details on each are as follows:

Dark Blade Game Pass – Unlocks the Dark Blade, costs 800 Robux
Money 2x Game Pass – Gives you 2x money from NPC’s and chests, costs 400 Robux
Fruit Notifier Game Pass – Will inform you of when any fruit is spawned and how far away from it you are, costs 2999 Robux
Conqueror’s Spirit Game Pass – Will make weaker enemies give in to you, costs 2499 Robux
Coffin Boat Game Pass – Unlocks the Coffin Boat ship for players, costs 399 Robux
Striker Boat Game Pass – Unlocks the Striker Boat ship for players, costs 399 Robux

Question: Are there codes for Project New World?

Answer: Yes, codes are added by the developers frequently and can be found posted on the Project Manager’s Twitter account linked here.

Question: When will the new update be released?

Answer: There is no specific timeframe on when the update will be ready, the developer has said to the community that it will be “soon”.

Whether it is your first foray into the world of Roblox, or you have been here a long time, Project New World is certainly an experience to check out.


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