Royale High Explained: Campuses, Sunset Island, Trading, Much More

Royale High is one of the most popular and greatest Roblox experiences ever released and for good reason. There are few other games out there that can claim to have the legacy and sheer amount of content that this game has. That is what makes creating a Royale High explained guide a rather daunting task compared to others.

As you will see, many different realms make up the gameplay of Royale High and so many unique areas to explore. Each one has a different function and possible minigames attached to it, allowing you to spend countless hours on just one aspect of this Roblox experience. That said, here’s what you need to know to get started in the game with our Royale High explained guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Royale High is a game experience in Roblox that has been around for a very long time. As one of the first major experiences to catch fire in the game, it was originally known as a Winx Club high school roleplay game but has since shed that theme and focused on much more. There is an unbelievable number of realms and features that are in the game now, including the ability to go to school, level up, dance at the ball, participate in costume contests, fight against other players, decorate your character, customize your apartment, and still more. Royale High is likely the most jam-packed game in Roblox.

Royale High History


Royale High has one of the longest histories in Roblox as one of the most prolific and important game experiences to ever be released. That said, it was a fascinating story that began one day not as the Royale High that you know it now but as a completely different game entirely.

Originally, Royale High began its life as Fairies & Mermaids Winx High School, which was an on the nose roleplaying experience in Roblox for fans of Winx Club. The popular animated TV series received its own inspired game where players could roleplay as their member of the Winx Club and go to school like them, complete with elements and so on.

However, the issues with IP rights and all that can be seen in the fact that the game became super popular and the possibilities of getting in trouble for being so closely related to Winx Club was high. As such, the developers including legendary Roblox creator call me bob and their team of unmatched talent changed the game to Royale High in 2017.

Many of the features from its time as a Winx High School roleplaying game remain to this day, including the original high school that was known as Enchantrix High. However, these changes are being gradually removed, and someday that high school will also be gone for good.

In the years since its origin as a Winx Club roleplaying game in Roblox and its newfound success as Royale High, it has become one of the biggest games on the user-created platform. It currently sits at almost 7.5 billion visits in its lifetime, beating out other large games out there, and 88% the rate from the community.

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Gameplay Overview

The general gameplay in Royale High can be boiled down to a single feature: roleplaying. When it comes to roleplay experiences in Roblox, Royale High is the queen of them all, and for good reason. Everything in the entire game is built around roleplaying and socializing with others, and I would argue that it undoubtedly does it the best, no contest.

That said, you could say that roleplaying might be the intention behind every gameplay feature in Royale High but there is still more to do beyond just that. You can customize your character and the apartment that you live in, roam around different realms, go to school, and much more.

Each one of these places and features is built for roleplaying but there are gameplay elements that can appeal to even someone like me who does not roleplay in Roblox. There are great minigames to have in school when attending classes like cooking and the excellent ballroom dance at night.

There is the costume contest minigame where you can truly show off your creativity and the battle royale game mode for those who prefer something a little bit more action-packed. There is an overwhelming amount of content to be had but we have your back, even if you have never entered Royale High before.

Diamonds and Leveling Explained


For starters, there is the progression system in Royale High that revolves around two main aspects: diamonds and the leveling system. Diamonds are the primary currency that is used in Royale High. This is the money for the game and it can be earned in a variety of ways.

You can get diamonds by just exploring the realms, opening up the chests, and having fun. However, you are not likely to get much this way. The best way to get diamonds is through the minigames that are offered in Royale High. This includes going to school, doing the costume contest, and more.

Diamonds are then used as money in the game to buy new items in the game. This includes outfits for you to wear around the experience as well as furniture and the like to customize your places of living in the game. Diamonds are the primary currency in Royale High so it can be a grind to get some.

In addition to diamonds, a large part of the progression system is tied to the leveling that exists in Royale High. Just about everything that you do in the game will grant you some experience to level up your character and show off on the leaderboard for the highest account levels. There are even some realms that are locked for only those players who have a high enough level.

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Realms are at the heart of the Royale High experience. How it works is that you spawn in the game in a default area and from there can do whatever you want in the game. You can go to the different areas and explore at your leisure, doing whatever you want in the game.

It is worth noting that the realms are different and exist for a reason. Some realms are meant for just roleplaying and exploration while others have a ton of minigames that you can check out. It depends on the area what you can do so here are all of the realms broken down so you know what to expect.

While in the past you would be moved to a default realm upon entering the game, that is no longer the case. Once you have played Royale High before, the default screen is the lobby one where you can teleport instantly to the realm of your choice. You do not have to manually move to the realm you want, making it easy to access the areas that you want to visit.



There are apartments in Royale High that every player has access to. This is your main living quarters in the game, though there are other ones that you can find in the other realms. The main apartment is a high-rise building that you can customize to your heart’s content.

Before you enter your apartment, there is a lobby where you can meet up with other players, roleplay, chat, and get to know one another. You can visit your apartment in the game as well as other people’s to see what they have done with their place.

You can pick the color scheme for your apartment, play music, entertain guests, play in the kitchen, and even start disasters. Two main disasters can happen in your apartment, beginning with a fire. If you leave the stove on for too long, it will start a fire in your place.

The only way to put it out is to leave the kitchen sink running until the water overflows onto the floor and causes flooding. This will extinguish the fire but also cause a flood in the place. These have no actual effect on the place or the character but just act as a nice roleplaying mechanism.

While in your apartment, you can host parties, order pizza, and entertain guests. Hosting a party will invite everyone in the server to join you at your apartment to hang out.


Earth is one of the primary realms that you can visit in Royale High and it was previously the lobby where you would start the game in the past. It is a main hub world between the other realms and you can use it to travel between locations.

The version of Earth that is currently in the game is supposedly based on Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California. Here at the Earth realm, players can enter shops to buy stuff using the diamonds, run around, roleplay, spin the wheel, and more.

There are lots of different locations where you can hang out with your friends and serve no other function besides being a place to chill like the movie theater, Sapphire store, smartphone store, and more. Various modes of transportation will take you to other realms.

Lizzy Winkle

Lizzy Winkle

One of the most notable parts of the Earth realm is Lizzy’s Tree which is found near the carriage that will take you to the Royale High campus. On this tree, it reads “In Loving Memory 2004-2019 Lizzy Winkle”. This is about the Roblox user Lizzy Winkle who was one of the developers who worked on Royale High.

Lizzy Winkle was a major part of the community and even created her own Roblox game alongside her contributions to the Royale High community. She passed away on November 29, 2019, due to leukemia. The Roblox community has long remembered her since then as a major part of the history of Royale High and Roblox as a whole. Her realm and tree in Royale High memorialize her so that her beautiful contributions are never forgotten.

Moonlight Square

Moonlight Square is a section that is part of the Earth realm but technically separate from it and a different area that requires loading in. In Moonlight Square, players will find a section of the city that is great for that urban shopping life and spending time with friends.

There are several clothing stores in this area that will randomly show players a selection of options that they can purchase. There is also a cafe here for relaxing after spending your time shopping and feeling a bit tired from that. There are food and drink options for you to buy.

What is the main draw of Moonlight Square is when events are happening here. The square is known for its parade that happens at night, usually themed around various events. Outside of seasonal moments in Royale High, though, this area can be a bit lackluster at times.

Divinia Park

Divinia Park is another region of the map that is part of the Earth realm. Here, players can run around this park and make wishes, search for chests, and more. The general draw here is to find and open up the chests for large quantities of diamonds as well as the numerous roleplay possibilities.



At this time, there are three main campuses that players can access in Royale High. These are the core of the game, offering the chance for players to pretend to be high schoolers at a fancy school, go to class, live in the dorms, and more. The three campuses are Enchantix High, Classic Royale High, and New Royale High.

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Enchantix High

Enchantix High School is the original location that was first featured in Royale High. It was the first realm back when the game was known by its Winx Club-inspired name. As such, it remains a place that is somewhat problematic for its Winx Club character portraits and references.

Enchantix High is a place that is going to be leaving the game in the future but it remains for now. It does not have most of the features of the other two campuses, like minigames to play and classes to attend, but it still exists as a great place to roleplay.

When you enter this realm, you can pick the element that you wish to align with and you will be assigned a dorm room based on that selection. Many of these elements are based on the Winx Club show and let you fulfill your roleplay dreams. Outside of roleplaying, though, there is not much reason to visit Enchantix High now.

Classic Royale High Campus

Instead of the previous high school, the real fun is to be had in the two other main campuses, starting with the Classic Royale High campus. The usual gameplay elements are mostly the same between the two campuses but the Classic Royale High campus was the original and more stable of the two.

While not nearly as flashy as its newer counterpart, it has less lag and performance issues involved with it that make it better for players on slower devices. The general idea is the same, though, of having a dorm room that you live in while attending high school.

There is a strict schedule every day that has classes each hour in between lunch, breakfast, and all that. You can choose to attend class and there will be minigames there for you to do. The better you do in the game, the higher your grade, and the more experience that you earn.

You can also bring the right textbook to each class to earn more experience. You are not required to go to class so you can feel free to skip as much as you want but you will always fail and not receive any experience then.

The ballroom is the main event at night and allows players to earn diamonds by voting and entering the contest to become the king or queen of the ball. Winning this main event grants the victors with 500 diamonds, which is a fair amount, and a bouquet of roses to show off.

New Royale High Campus

The newer campus in Royale High has the same general idea as the Classic one but with better environmental graphics and more interesting minigames. The idea is the same, though, of choosing your dorm, going to class, and then ending the day at the dance.

Given how flashy this version can be, there is a bit of lag and loading that is involved with it, even on better devices. That said, it is not too bad and it is mostly the better overall campus experience. One of the main differences is the improvement of the ballroom where the dance takes place.

The entire dance experience is more elegant and has minigames for players to play and enjoy that lead up to the crowning of the two players who will become the Supreme Royalty. Unlike the king and queen of the ball, the difference here is receiving a Supreme Royalty sash to wear.

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Beach House

Beach House

The Beach House realm is another roleplaying area that has little purpose outside of that. There are places to buy drinks and hang out by the water with friends but not much else other than that. There is the chance to get experience and diamonds here for roleplayers but there is little else outside of exploring this large house by the beach.

There are a couple of treasure chests that you can get as well as some realm-specific items that you can use including a sparkler. This is a place to hang out with friends, make new ones, and pretend like you are at the beach in Royale High.

Fantasia Hotel

The Fantasia Hotel is the next realm that you can visit in the game and is one of the legacy realms that have been in the game for some time. This is a special large hotel with the expected amenities like large suites, a pool, a restaurant, and much more.

In the past, you could even work at this hotel and be part of the staff team but this is no longer possible. That said, you can still pretend to be a staff member if you wish. When you arrive at the Fantasia Hotel, you will need to rent one of the rooms and this costs diamonds each time you do so.

Battle a la Royale Archery

For those who prefer something in Royale High that is a bit more action-based, there is Battle a la Royale Archery. This realm is for those who are looking for some fighting in the game. It is a PvP-based realm where you can fight against other players online.

Every few minutes, there is a round of the match that begins with every player divided up into one of two teams. While on the team, the players will fight against one another using bows and arrows. The goal is to take out the other team first and eliminate all of them.

The catch, though, is that downing someone in a match will not eliminate them but simply down them in a dazed state. During this time, a teammate of theirs can revive them and they can keep fighting. If the round goes until the time runs out and both teams are still around, a sudden death section will begin.

Sunset Island

Sunset Island

Sunset Island is one of the most popular destinations in Royale High and for good reason. Like the Battle a la Royale area, there is a minigame that happens all day long every few minutes. However, it is a costume contest that is known as the Royale Universe Pageant.

The pageant has a random theme every round and the players then want to create an outfit in just a few seconds that is based around it. They will then compete against one another in the fashion show with all of the players on the server voting for who they think should win without being able to vote for themselves.

Sunset Island is a great and fun place to earn diamonds and experience for the fashionable players out there. Besides the campuses themselves that are the real stars of Royale High, Sunset Island is one of the most popular areas in the Roblox experience.

Intergalactic Trading Hub

One of the newer locations in Royale High is the Intergalactic Trading Hub. Introduced in 2020, this is a trading location that is set in space for players to come together and trade with one another. The basic theme of this area is trading items with one another online.

That means that it is also one of the most dangerous areas in the game as it has the ability for scammers to take full advantage of innocent players who may not know how scammers work. Players should be careful when trading here and always double-check that they are receiving what they were told they would when they should.

Event Areas

Royale High is known for some of the best events in Roblox with plenty of ones that are based around various holidays and seasons of the year. This includes Halloween, the winter holidays, Valentines, Easter, and many more.

The best part is that a seasonal event in Royale High means more than just a simple change of colors and designs in certain areas. There are entire event realms that are exclusive to this period with their areas to explore and minigames to do.

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Best Alternatives

Robloxian High School

There are few alternatives in Roblox that can live up to the legacy and quality of what Royale High can do that. That said, there are a few that are worth checking out if you want something relatively similar to it. The best alternative would be a game like Crown Academy.

It has the high school cutesy roleplay aesthetic and plenty of minigames to play. That said, it has its unique elements like being able to hatch eggs and acquire adorable pets, which is always a great feature. Here are all of the best alternatives to Royale High:

  • Adopt Me!
  • Crown Academy
  • Robloxian High School
  • Good Girls Sorority
  • MeepCity


Question: What is the point of Royale High?

Answer: The point of Royale High is going to be whatever you want it to be in the end. That sounds like a cheesy, cop-out answer for sure but the reality is that Royale High has such a wide variety of gameplay that is available for it so it ultimately depends on your preferences as a player.

If you want to roleplay with your friends or make new friends, you can certainly do that across the many realms and scenarios that are possible. But if you like minigames like flying around like a magical person, you can do that. If you want to spend your days doing the costume contest over and over until you win, you can do that, too.

If your sole purpose is customization, you can tweak your avatar and apartment to your liking. The possibilities are vast and wonderful, with the sky being the limit. The point of Royale High is ultimately whatever you wish to make of it.

Question: Is Royale High a girl game?

Answer: If by this question someone means that it is a game that is designed to appeal to some girls, then, yes, it is in a way that. However, the developers of Royale High have done a fantastic job of expanding this game over the years to be inclusive and appealing to all genders and people.

It matters not what your gender is as you might find something to enjoy in Royale High. For those who prefer the more flashy social parts, there is that as always. For those who want something more action-packed, that is certainly in the game now. And for those who like a mix of gameplay styles, there is something here for you, too.

Question: How long is a full day in Royale High?

Answer: This is something that has not been officially confirmed but there are helpful players out there who have tried to measure the time that it takes for a full day to go through its cycle at school. From what some have time in the past, it can take close to 17 minutes for an entire day to go through at school.

We presume that it could take anywhere from about 15-20 minutes for an entire day to pass and it ultimately depends on the school that you are attending at the moment and the actions that you do. Minigames and how long players take for certain actions like the ball could affect the length but not by too much.


Royale High is a game in Roblox that everyone should know about, given the sheer success and quality that is experienced here. There is just so much to do that you could spend all of your time in Roblox in this one game experience and never need to check out anything else at all.

It is a roleplaying experience that is quite fun and filled with endless hours of minigames, social interactions, customization, and more. It is also one of the games with a somewhat high barrier to entry, though, due to the dedicated community and their specific terms. For the breakdown of some of the terms that you should know about for playing Royale High, be sure to check out our Roblox slang and terminology guide.

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