Bankai Akuma Shindo Life Guide

Bankai Akuma Shindo Life Guide: How to Unlock This Eye Bloodline

Shindo Life is one of the best Roblox experiences for recreating classic anime fight scenes but in a free-to-play game. This is mainly because of the various bloodlines players can unlock in Roblox. One of the best bloodlines in the game is the Bankai Akuma bloodline, as seen in this Bankai Akuma Shindo Life guide.

This Bankai Akuma Shindo Life guide will teach you everything you need to know about one of the most valuable bloodlines in the game.

It is pretty difficult to acquire in the game, but it is well worth it for the few players who can accomplish this. They will find a decisive moveset with three moves that are extraordinary and a transformation ability that is among the best in Shindo Life.

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Bottom Line Up Front

The Bankai Akuma Shindo Life bloodline is part of the Akuma family. There are several classic bloodlines that are part of this group, but Bankai is among the best. This particular bloodline allows players to use a decisive moveset that includes three compelling moves.

In addition, the Bankai Akuma Shindo Life bloodline gives players a transformation ability, which is something that not every bloodline is able to do.

This transformation can even be upgraded over time to work better and be stronger. Unfortunately, if you want to get this bloodline in the Roblox game, you’ll need to have some patience and luck.

Bankai Akuma Shindo Life Overview

Bankai Akuma Shindo Life Guide

Some of the best bloodlines in Shindo Life come from the Akuma family of equipment. There are classic bloodlines like Shiver and Shindai that are all part of this group. But there is still one more bloodline in this category that is among the best in the entire game.

That is none other than the Bankai Akuma Shindo Life bloodline. This one is a powerful master bloodline that requires an intense amount of grinding and training to perfect. It takes a specific type of player to be able to use this bloodline, but if that’s you, you will find that this is your best ally.

While I’m not sure I would say that the Bankai Akuma bloodline is number one in Shindo Life, it certainly comes close. You can’t go wrong with it since it will be a vast asset no matter what you’re doing. It can work well against raid bosses, in PvP scenarios, and for completing missions.

Unfortunately, acquiring the Bankai Akuma bloodline is much easier said than done. It is one of the more annoying bloodlines to unlock, but it may be worth it. Plus, there is even a companion who is based around this moveset. If you want to learn about all this and more, you’re in the right place.

Bankai Akuma Companion Explained

Bankai Akuma boss fight roblox

To get started, let’s talk about the Bankai Akuma companion you can acquire in Shindo Life. Companions are valuable to your gameplay since they can be like NPC partners.

If you’re like me and don’t like to play alongside others online, outside of key family members and friends, companions can work well for you in this game.

If you want to unlock the Bankai Akuma companion, you’ll have to take on the boss first. This boss uses the moveset from the Bankai Akuma fighting style and is quite tough to beat. You can head to either the Ember Village or the Blaze Village and look for the Bankai Akuma user there.

Once you complete their respective quest, you’ll have the chance to battle them. If you are able to defeat this user in combat, you’ll have a chance of unlocking the Bankai Akuma companion. There is a one in 15 chance of unlocking the partner to fight alongside you in future battles.

The Bankai Akuma bloodline is one of the best in Shindo Life, so it should come as no surprise that the companion is equally among the best in the Roblox game.

How the Bankai Akuma Bloodline Works

Unfortunately, unlocking the Bankai Akuma companion is much easier than acquiring the bloodline version. If you want to add to this inventory and allow you to use some of the best moves in the game, you’re in for a possibly frustrating ride.

The Bankai Akuma moves are some of the best, but they require players to go through the annoying process of dealing with spins and the unbelievably low odds that come with that. Here’s how you can unlock this moveset for your character right now.

How to Unlock Bankai Akuma Eye Bloodline

Bankai Akuma Eye Bloodline roblox

To unlock the Bankai Akuma eye bloodline, you don’t need to take on the boss. That is only there for acquiring the companion version. If you would like to add the bloodline to your avatar, though, you’ll need to simply go through the usual method of dealing with the bloodline spins.

These are the usual spins that let you have a random chance of acquiring a bloodline in the game. To do this, you’ll want to first boot up Shindo Life and then head to your apartment living space area.

Once you are here, it is easy to pull up the bloodline gacha system and start spinning for a chance of earning the Bankai Akuma bloodline.


The worst part about trying to get the Bankai Akuma bloodline is the chances you have. Unfortunately, it is a one in 90 chance of getting this bloodline each time you spin for it. That is horribly low, even compared to some of the other bloodlines that are on its level.

While there are certainly some bloodlines that are even harder to acquire, you have just over a 1% chance of getting this one. This effectively means you could easily spin 100 times and not even see this bloodline show up for you. It would certainly be better if the boss had a chance of dropping it.

But since that isn’t the case, you’ll need to find ways to get codes and spins for Shindo Life in hopes of unlocking this. It is worth it, though, if you are able to in the end.

How to Unlock the Bankai Akuma Moves

The main reason for unlocking the Bankai Akuma is for the moves that it has. Unfortunately, this bloodline will do little for you on its own without the three moves that it contains as well as its transformation stages. Unfortunately, these don’t unlock the moment you get the bloodline.

Instead, players will have to unlock the copy-style moves over time if they want to use them in their battles. It begins with the first move, Copy Style: Hawk Illusion.

Players need to reach at least level 200 with the bloodline to get this one and have 390 Chi or more. They will also need a whopping 500,000 Ryo currency to purchase and unlock this move.

It only goes up from here, too. To get the Illusion Style: Tsukuyomi move, you’ll need to reach at least level 400 this time around.

In addition, you’ll need a whopping 1 million Ryo and 1650 Chi. Lastly, there is the Copy Style: Fire Blaze move. For this one, players have to reach much higher at level 700, have a million Ryo, and 2420 Chi.

As you can see, you’ll be grinding a lot if you want to commit to this bloodline and get all of the moves that it has.

Bankai Akuma Moveset Explained

Bankai Akuma Shindo Life Guide movesets

In the end, this is a situation where you should know without a shadow of a doubt that you want to use the Bankai Akuma bloodline for the foreseeable future.

It will take you so long to unlock everything for it that you should check out its moves before you even try to grind all the way there.

That is where we come in. Below, you’ll find all of the moves that the Bankai Akuma has at its disposal. This breakdown will, hopefully, help you to decide if this is the right endgame bloodline for you. First up, there is the Hawk Illusion move that you’ll be able to get in the game first.

This move costs 15,000 Chi to use each time, and it has a cooldown of around 20 seconds. That is all relatively normal for a bloodline of this caliber. When you use this copy move, it essentially turns the player into hawks. These hawks will fly forward in whatever direction the player chooses.

During this time, the player will be able to avoid any attacks for a small period of about four seconds. After that point is over, the player will then teleport back to where they started with this Hawk Illusion move.

But the catch is that a clone will now appear at the same time. This makes it a great defensive move for avoiding specific powerful attacks in combat.

Then there is the Tsukuyomi move. This one costs 25,000 Chi and also has a cooldown of 20 seconds. This wild move creates the illusion of clones and strange things happening to the enemies. When you use this move, you are able to put the illusion on up to three of your enemies.

These enemies will see your clones appear all around them and attack them over and over. This will damage them a decent amount and stun them at the same time. It is a strange but crazy move that causes your enemies to second-guess themselves and has no idea what’s truly going on.

The final move is the Fire Blaze attack. This skill takes quite a long time to unlock, but it is certainly worth it. It costs 22,000 Chi to use, and it has a longer cooldown of 25 seconds. This attack lets the user shoot out black fire attacks at the enemies that are near them.

These attacks are unique in that they have a homing feature on them. This allows them to target enemies no matter where they are located and instantly head toward them. When the black fire lands on the enemies, it damages them considerably and also burns them for several seconds.

All of this alone is worth the move, but the best part is that the burn also prevents the user from regaining Chi for around two seconds.

That might seem like an insignificant amount of time, but it is just enough. This means that any hopes of using powerful moves in those two seconds could be null if you use the Fire Blaze move at the right time.

Bankai Akuma Transformation Modes Explained: How They Work

Bankai Akuma Shindo Life Guide

Admittedly, the three moves that the Bankai Akuma bloodline has aren’t the best or my favorites, in my opinion. That said, they are unique and quite influential in the right hands. However, what truly helps this particular bloodline stand out even further is its transformation modes.

This bloodline has a transformation mode, which isn’t available to all similar bloodlines. This transforms the user into the Bankai Akuma version of themselves. Believe it or not, there are even four stages to this transformation, making it more powerful the higher the stage that you go.

Beginning with the first stage, this is the one that doesn’t take that long to unlock. You can, sadly, get this before you even unlock the first move in the Bankai Akuma set. All you need to do is reach level 50 with the bloodline and you can start transforming.

When you transform using the first stage of the ability, it will give you some intense stat boosts. How it works is that the initial Bankai Akuma transformation will grant the player boosts to several stats. Players will get 2200 extra Chi, 2000 extra health points, 2400 extra Ninjutsu, and 2200 extra TAI.

However, the boosts you get from this transformation don’t stop there. In addition to the stat boosts, the player receives some extra gameplay changes while transformed, too. For starters, they will have a slightly faster movement speed when running around.

In addition, the typical dodge/dash button will now result in a teleportation technique the player will be able to use to zip around the field. There is even a special ultimate ability that comes along with this particular first stage of the transformation technique.

This ability lets the user transform into some birds. They will then be able to direct these birds to go to one of the enemies and attack them.

This will also effectively teleport the user to this place, where they will be able to continue attacking the person. It is great for damage and pursuit alike.

Using this ability costs a whopping 35,000 Chi, though, and it has a cooldown of 25 seconds, so you won’t be able to use it nonstop.

Worse still, this transformation, in general, will reduce the MD of the player by 25 points per second until it is zero, and they revert back to their standard form. So, the key is to make the best use of it while they can.

How to Unlock More Transformation Stages

The progression system with the Bankai Akuma bloodline doesn’t end with only the moveset that was mentioned above. Even the transformation ability has its own unlockables. Sure, you can get the first stage of the transformation ability relatively early on, but why stop there?

Especially since there are better versions of it if you continue mastering this particular bloodline; unfortunately, what you will find is that you will need to be a master of this specific bloodline indeed if you want to enjoy the other stages of it. For instance, the second stage requires a whopping level 450 mastery of this bloodline to unlock.

That is unbelievably far away, even surpassing the second move in the set, and this is only the second of the four stages.

If you can reach level 450 with this bloodline, though, you will find that you get even further stat boosts than before. You’ll get 2800 Chi, 2400 health points, 2600 Ninjutsu, and 2700 TAI.

In addition, you will get further boosts to the actual transformation itself. You’ll still move fast and all that, but your range will be much longer, even for melee attacks. You gain an extra ability while transformed, which allows you to summon a companion to attack some of your enemies.

This summoned companion won’t deal damage in the usual sense. Instead, it will take away 1000 MD so that your enemies can’t continue transforming and take away their Chi.

It will also stop them from regaining Chi for four seconds. This is one of the best abilities to counter other people’s transformation techniques.

Then if you are able to reach the third stage of this Bankai Akuma transformation technique, you will find that there is even more utility to it. To do this, you’ll have to nearly double your previous mastery level and reach at least level 800 with the Bankai Akuma bloodline.

If you are able to commit and stick it through until the end, you will gain more stat boosts in the form of 2800 extra Chi, 2700 health points, 2700 Ninjutsu, and 3000 TAI. Now, there aren’t too many changes when it comes to the abilities that you have.

However, the original ability to transform into some birds and attack the enemies changes depending on certain circumstances. If the enemy happens to be right in front of you, you will do the original ability that involves transforming into some birds.

However, if the enemy is not right in front of you, this ability will now have your summoned companion deal some severe damage using a sword attack on the enemy. This is situational and not always the best secondary transformation ability but worth it for some quick damage.

And finally, there is a fourth and final stage to the Bankai Akuma transformation. For this one, there are surprisingly a couple of different requirements you must meet before you can get it. First and foremost, there is the level issue. You’ll want to be at the max level of 1000 before you can go any further.

Once you have that down, you’ll need to have the Bankai Spirit item next. This comes from the Bankai Akuma boss. It is a guaranteed drop from the boss, so you only need to take it out once. You can find it in either the Ember Village or Blaze Village and take it out there.

Once you do so and meet the level requirement, you will unlock the final stage of the transformation sequence. The last stat boosts will be as follows: 2900 extra Chi points, 2800 health points, 2800 Ninjutsu, and 2800 TAI. In addition, you’ll get the expected ability changes, too.

Your range will be even further than ever, and the summoned spirit will now be the true version, dealing even more damage. In addition, the secondary ability that is an alternative to the birds one will directly deal severe damage and take MD away from the enemy, making it a viable action now.


Question: Where is Bankai Akuma in Shindo Life?

Answer: Bankai Akuma is a standard bloodline in Shindo Life, and you will need to spin for it in the menus. You can’t find it in the world and acquire it that way. However, there is a Bankai Akuma boss enemy near Ember Village and Blaze Village that you can fight.

Question: How to get Bankai Akuma Shindo Life?

Answer: The only way to get the Bankai Akuma bloodline in Shindo Life is to spin for it in the game. You have a one in 90 chance of acquiring, which is almost 1%. Those chances aren’t great, but it is possible to get it.

Question: Is Bankai Akuma Shindo Life good?

Answer: Yes, the Bankai Akuma Shindo Life bloodline is better than good; it’s fantastic. Its moves are the weakest parts, but the transformation ability is among the best in the entire Roblox game. If you want a bloodline transformation that is perfect for countering others, this is the one to get.

What Akuma Bloodline You Need Next

Without a doubt, the Bankai Akuma bloodline is one of the best in the entire Shindo Life Roblox game. It is one of the bloodlines that will help players to unlock their true potential. With it, they will be able to use some of the most unique abilities and moves in the entire game.

In general, though, I would honestly say that I am not the biggest fan of the moveset for the Bankai Akuma.

They are certainly unique and unexpected for some players, but they pale in comparison to some of the other abilities that exist out there. But this bloodline is certainly worth it for arguably the best transformation out of any in the game.

That said, if you want to find another Akuma-style bloodline that has better moves, I recommend checking out something like the Shindai-Rengoku bloodline. This one falls into the same category as the Bankai Akuma but might have moves that are more appealing to you.

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