Piggy Explained: How to Play, Best Alternatives

Within Roblox, there are countless genres of games that you can play. One such genre that is becoming increasingly more popular over time is horror. Despite Roblox being geared towards all ages, horror is a massively successful genre on the platform. This is seen in our Roblox Piggy explained guide.

In this Piggy explained guide, I will cover everything that you need to know about this trendy game experience. One that showed up seemingly overnight and then immediately shot up through the charts, Piggy is one of the hottest Roblox games today. Here is absolutely everything you need to know about this particular Roblox experience.

Bottom Line Up Front

Piggy is one of the most successful horror experiences. It even regularly triumphs over games in less niche Roblox categories. Though it was only created just a couple of years ago, it has already commanded the leaderboard for most played Roblox games, with nearly 9.5 billion visits.

This success is likely to continue since the game experience is still ongoing development. A horror Roblox game with inspiration from Dead by Daylight, Peppa Pig, and IT takes the idea of one player (or bot) taking the role of the killer against the human players.

The killer, Piggy, is looking to defeat the humans before they can solve all of the puzzles and escape the map. With various chapters, books, and surprisingly profound lore, Piggy is an unforgettable horror experience in Roblox.

What Is Piggy?

Piggy Roblox

Piggy is one of the countless Roblox experiences that you can find. Available on all Roblox platforms, including PC, console, and mobile, Piggy is a horror game. It is seemingly inspired by many different genre greats, which is seen in its gameplay style.

Piggy seems to take some cues from the also famous Dead by Daylight game. That title popularized the asymmetric online multiplayer horror matches style. Like in that game, Piggy is all about one monster serial killer who aims to take out all of the players. At the same time, the human players need to avoid Piggy at all costs.

Matches are roughly 10 minutes in length, and the humans have the job of escaping from Piggy in that time or dying in the end. It is a simple premise built on that classic horror chase sequence, but it becomes exceedingly complicated when you get into the puzzle nature of the game.

Millions of players check out Piggy regularly, making it one of the most extensive Roblox experiences. Piggy has spawned a massive community that follows it quite closely, almost making it like the next Five Nights at Freddy’s phenomenon in a way.

The success of Piggy has spawned a detailed community that dissects the various lore that is surrounding it. There is also plenty of merch that you can find online and celebrate the multiple characters included in the storyline. Even if it is not for you, specifically, there is no doubting that Piggy is one of the go-to Roblox experiences these days.

Piggy History

Piggy Roblox

One of the fascinating parts about Piggy is its trending nature. This is not like the other Roblox games that top the charts for the most visits and players. Unlike the others that have been around for years, Piggy is only a couple of years old.

It was first created in January 2020 and made by a few different Roblox creators. The game’s lead creator is MiniToon, credited as the founder of the game, but they were assisted by a couple of other developers, including IK3As and Optikk.

Together, they created one of the most iconic horror video games of all time in Roblox. Despite the relatively new age of this game, it has triumphed over some of the other experiences, many of which are many years older than it.

As you have seen on our site before, some other games like Royale High and Welcome to Bloxburg are much older. However, this has not stopped Piggy from surpassing them in a fraction of their lifetimes. When writing this post, the game currently has around 9.5 billion visits in total.

That is an insane number of visits to catch in just about two years. Other games are more than double the age of this particular Roblox experience, and they have not even reached half that number. It is among the most played Roblox experiences of all time.

The craziest part is that it is not looking to slow down anytime soon. The game consistently has thousands of players playing it at all day hours. Before writing this post, for instance, I was having my usual bout of insomnia and was up around four in the morning.

Since I knew that I would be writing this guide, I wanted to practice a little bit more, and there were still around 30,000 players around the world playing Piggy at the time. This is also likely due to the title’s constant drip of new content: new seasons, books, maps, and more are released pretty regularly in Piggy.

Piggy Gameplay Explained

Piggy Roblox

The gameplay in Piggy comes down to a couple of different vital factors. The first of these is playing as a human in matches. The human side has a particular goal, while the enemy has a different one. The other side of the gameplay has to do with playing as the Piggy. This involves a more violent scheme than what the humans are up to.

How to Play as a Human

Starting with the humans, the goal of this side of the equation is to escape the map. Around five or six players will be on the human side during a match. They need to work together to run from the chosen location and earn some rewards.

There are two essential parts to playing as a human in the Piggy game. The first of these is all about solving puzzles to escape, while the next has to do with the actual act of escaping. This also includes defending yourself from Piggy when you inevitably run into it.

Finding Items and Solving Puzzles

One of the most confusing and sometimes frustrating parts of playing Piggy as a human is when you are dealing with items and solving puzzles. Various items will be randomly scattered around the map, and there are puzzles that will slightly change from game to game.

While it is undoubtedly possible to memorize a map, the RNG nature of some aspects will ensure that you never honestly know what to expect. For most puzzles, you will need a specific item to complete them. You can only hold one thing at a time, though, so you need to prioritize certain puzzles over others at times.

Most of the items are like keys or other objects that can be used to progress to the next room or location on the map. These are pretty common, but there is another type of item.

Some items can be given to friendly NPCs for a similar purpose of unlocking new destinations. Some examples of these items include green keys that will unlock the door with the green lock on it. Or perhaps some scissors to cut down the yellow caution tape blocking your way and so on.

However, some of the most unique items that exist in the game have to do with actually fighting against the Piggy. It is possible to fight it in matches but only if you find the pistol or the crossbow. Both of these weapons are capable of attacking the Piggy but they have very limited ammo.

You are also unable to kill the Piggy completely but only stun it. Solving puzzles can be tough, so it is recommended that you play with family and friends to communicate more easily with one another.

Escaping the Piggy

At some point in your playtime, you are inevitably going to run into Piggy. This is something that is just going to happen, especially given the cramped size of the maps. When this eventually happens, it is going to come time for you to use your best evasive kills to avoid a swift death.

One melee hit from the Piggy will kill you instantly so there is no escaping with your life unlike other games like Dead by Daylight that are more forgiving. Instead, you are going to need to outrun and outsmart the enemy to survive. It is possible to just use the standard methods of hiding in a corner or crawling under an open space to escape the Piggy.

However, there are tools that the game gives you to also help with this. There is a special sprint ability that you can use to quickly get away from the Piggy.

Unfortunately, it costs six bars of your stamina to use and these bars slowly fill up as the match goes on. Since the max bars you have is 10, this means you have to save this ability for the moments where you are about to be taken out.

Also, be sure to make good use of the pistol and crossbow. While you cannot kill Piggy, stunning is a great way to buy you some time to escape or hide. It is also crucial that you work together as a team as this will give you the best chances of splitting up and surviving when you are discovered.

How to Play as the Piggy

As the Piggy, you certainly have the easiest job in the match. 30 seconds into the 10-minute match, you will be let loose to take out the other players. All it takes is a single hit and they are dead. Eliminate all of them and you win the match. Let the clock run out without the humans escaping the map and you also win.

The gameplay heavily favors Piggy, even more so than other similar horror multiplayer titles, but there are still some tips that you should know about anyway. For one, hiding is a great way to take out unsuspecting players. You can hide behind a door or around a corner that you know players will come through and then swing at them when they do.

You can also use traps to your advantage to place around key areas. This will stun the player for a moment to give you the chance to come in and finish them off. It is also important to take note of locked doors and other areas that have puzzles. Players will have to go to these spots to escape the map so defending it can be a solid tactic.

Various Game Modes Explained

Piggy Roblox Building Mode

One of the best parts about Piggy is that it has so many different game-type options that you can choose from. Other similar games do the same but the sheer amount is nice in Piggy, and it is possible that we could still get more options in the future.

The most traditional game mode that you can find is the bot one. In this mode, the Piggy is a bot AI-controlled enemy. This makes the match slightly easier since it does not contain the level of intelligence that other players have. That said, it is still a challenging boss since it can sometimes target players and seemingly find them without needing to see them.

The second game mode is also a classic with a player being the Piggy. A player in the group is chosen to be the Piggy at random. This is a challenging one since they can hide and use other interesting tactics that a bot can’t. There is also a player and bot mode where there is a player-controlled Piggy and a bot enemy at the same time.

Infection is a mode where being killed by the player Piggy will turn you into a new Piggy to hunt down everyone else, instead of becoming a ghost. Swarm is an insane bot mode where a new AI Piggy joins the map every minute until there are nine in total.

The traitor mode has a bot Piggy while the players remain human. However, one player is picked to be the traitor that teams up with Piggy. They are given a knife to kill their teammates to win the match.

Lastly, there is the tag game mode. In this one, a player is randomly turned into Piggy. Instead, hitting another player will turn them into the Piggy and make the attacker again. To win, you need to avoid becoming the Piggy while also trying to escape from the map per usual. However, this game mode is not always available such as with the others.

Piggy Build Mode

Piggy build mode is a special game mode that you can select outside of the usual experience. You can create your own Piggy map to then play with friends in this one. There are various servers online and you can join one or create your own.

The great thing about build mode is that it allows for more players to hang out and play together than in normal matches. You can work together to build or just kill each other over and over. This game mode is a fun way of allowing you to make your own maps. This can even let you fix some of your issues with the main maps in Books 1 and 2.

Book 1 vs. Book 2

Piggy Book 1 Chapter 1

Speaking of the books, Piggy is divided into two of these. The original game came out with Book 1 and then expanded with Book 2 later. Book 2 is not necessarily a sequel, though it does require matchmaking into its game separately via an option in the main menu.

The general purpose of the books is to divide up the storyline and content. There are about 12 chapters per book and each chapter has its own unique map that you are able to play in the game. If you prefer one book’s maps over the other, you can simply go to that game instead.

Before each match, the players will have the option to vote for the particular map that they would like to play. The options for this include all of the available maps for that certain book as well as any additional maps that are there for seasonal or event purposes.

During this intermission, you will also have the opportunity to vote on which game mode you also want to play. If you want to ensure that you get the Book 1 or 2 map that you want and the right game mode, be sure to play with friends so that you can vote for the same options together.

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Seasonal Content

What players will find is that there is also seasonal content that comes out occasionally as well. If the maps in the two books are not enough for you, there is more to enjoy with special holiday events and seasons. These usually include a variety of options for players.

There are typically new skins that will release for Piggy so that you can look like a totally different animal if you want to. Sometimes, maps are also like the rather unique holiday map in Book 2. These usually have very different formats and puzzle solutions, like giving presents to various characters from the game while being hunted down.

Story Overview


The story in Piggy is one of the most fun and interesting parts of it. The deep lore that the horror genre is known for has been slowly creeping its way into video games, including this Roblox experience. Much of the conversations and moments are short and sweet but it has been enough to garner a dedicated fan base.

In the case of Piggy, it begins with the player investigating a certain case as a police officer. They are looking into a case that involves the disappearance of a child known as Georgie Piggy. This is a clear reference to Peppa Pig as the game is known to be poking fun at and IT with the little Georgie (get IT?).

In the process of trying to find Georgie, they head to his house to try and find clues. After beating hit in the head by an unknown person, they wake up and need to escape the house. Thus begins a fight against a mysterious monster that is there.

Eventually, the story expands into much more than this. It turns out that people are becoming infected and turning into these killer monsters. While trying to find Georgie, you as an investigator must also find the source of the infection virus and bring about an end to it for good.

The story is ongoing with two books so far. It seems that a third and final book is in the works that will finish off the storyline. It is also worth noting that there are some choices and different endings that you can get in Piggy. These will depend on your decisions and if you are able to successfully save enough people in certain maps in the game.

Best Alternatives

Flee the Facility

In the end, I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of playing Piggy myself. Despite not being a general horror fan, I do really like the whole asymmetric horror gameplay style, but Piggy does not quite hit the right way for me.

I have compiled a few different alternatives that I think anyone interested in this game should check out. Above all else, the game I recommend the most in Roblox is Banana Eats.

Similarly newish, Banana Eats just feels more simple and fun to play. It is also a bit fairer when it comes to winning matches as a human since the exits open no matter what if you wait long enough.

But there are other alternatives that I highly recommend to Piggy fans. Here they are along with brief descriptions of why I like them:

  • Flee the Facility: The quintessential Dead by Daylight knock-off in Roblox.
  • Murder Mystery 2: Murder mystery-solving with one player being secretly the killer.
  • Dead by Daylight: Outside of Roblox, there is Dead by Daylight. It started the genre with one killer and four survivors. There are many different abilities and maps to shake up the otherwise simplistic gameplay.
  • Friday the 13th: Similar to DBD but a bit whackier and with more personality. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost slightly worse gameplay.
  • Predator Hunting Grounds: This is the same developer as Friday the 13th. It is more action-focused with an emphasis on guns and stealth. This is a great game for shooter and horror fans out there.


Question: Is Piggy Safe for Children to Play?

Answer: Ultimately, it will come down to each parent or guardian to decide for themselves whether their kids should play Piggy. It is a horror game but it is not as gory or scary as other games, even on Roblox. Even if you are not a gamer, I recommend sitting down and trying it for yourself.

For me, personally, there are family members I play with under 10 years old and I do not let them play this. On the other hand, there are others who are preteen to teenage years and I think it is more appropriate for them.

Question: Is There a Piggy 2?

Answer: There both is and isn’t a Piggy 2. There is Piggy Book 2, but it is part of the same game as the original. As such, there is no actual, official sequel to Piggy just yet. Perhaps once the final book comes out, we will get a full-on sequel from the developers.

Question: What Happened to Zizzy in Piggy?

Answer: Zizzy is a supporting character in both Books 1 and 2. Near the beginning of Book 2, she is taken and ends up at the Refinery. While you try to rescue her, she is infected and stays behind to sacrifice herself for everyone else. She is presumed dead at this time.


Piggy is one of the most successful Roblox experiences, and it is likely only to gain more popularity as time goes on. As one of the youngest experiences on the top charts, Piggy can topple over the greats. This horror experience may not be for everyone, but its success is undeniable.

If you are a bit of a scaredy-cat like myself, then Piggy may not be the suitable game for you. In that case, we highly recommend checking out our overall best Roblox games list. This list includes various other genres besides just horror to find a game that works best for you and your friends and/or family.

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