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    Whether you’re a beginner Roblox player who doesn’t know how to get out of a chair (hit jump) or a pro, Roblox can be as fun and goofy or as challenging as you want it to be. There are endless games that can keep you busy, and I wanted to give you a list in this best Roblox games guide, so you can find some new games to play.

    Sure, we all have our favorites, but finding a new favorite can be a lot of fun. The developers usually do a good job of keeping games fresh, but if you get a week off work or school, you could run out of games that you know are good. I’m here to help, so keep reading and let’s have some fun looking into these games.

    My Criteria for Choosing These Games

    These are games I have personal experience with and like and games my kids and husband give a major thumbs up. I chose them based on enjoyability and popularity.

    Best Hide & Seek Roblox Games

    What is Roblox hide and seek games?

    Roblox hide and seek games are games where you split into two teams. The two teams are seekers and hiders. The hiders have a set amount of time to change into objects on the map so they can hide. The seekers go into the map and search for the hiders. The seekers have a certain amount of time to find all of the hiders, and if they don’t find them before the time runs out, the hiders win.

    Some games make it where the hiders then become the seekers when they’re found, but others don’t.

    Blox Hunt

    In Blox Hunt, you’re in two teams. There are the hiders and the seekers. The hiders find an object to transform into. They can still move when they’re that object because they may need to find a better place to hide. They can taunt the seekers by making a noise when they’re nearby. There is a set amount of time to find the item and hide that object before the seekers are released into the map. The seekers come and have to find them. Once they’re captured, they become a seeker.

    Other Roblox Hide and Seek Games to Consider

    • Hide and Seek Extreme

    Best Role-Playing Roblox Games

    What are Roblox role-playing games?

    Roblox role-playing games are semi-free roam games. You get a map that you can move around and do pretty much whatever you want, according to the developer’s design. Players can interact with other players, and they can role-play as families, enemies, cops, and robbers, and some even have you role-play as anime characters. You can pretend however you want. In most role-playing games, you can change the appearance of your character.

    Adopt Me

    When you play Adopt Me, you can decide whether to be an adult or a child. You get the living area that you can fix-up no matter which you choose to be. The difference your choice makes is simply the size of your character and whether or not someone can pick you up.

    In the game, you can get pets, collect food, hats, and things that your pet can wear.

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    Bloxtropica is a role-playing game where you can choose to be an adult, teen, or a baby. You can role-play any kind of scenario you want to. You can use in-game currency to buy vehicles, houses, and other things in the game. You can be a cop, doctor, club owner, really anything you want to be.


    Brookhaven is a role-playing game that is similar to Bloxtropica because you can do all the same things but you don’t have to save up in-game currency to buy your house or vehicles. Certain ones are already available to you.

    Other Roblox Role-Playing Games to Consider

    • Work at a Pizza Place
    • Meep City

    Best Shooter Roblox Games

    What are Roblox shooter games?

    Roblox shooter games are games where you split into teams. The objective is to use guns to get more points than the other team by either conquering more areas or getting more kills than the other team.

    Phantom Force

    With Roblox Phantom Force, you can’t cross-platform with this game, but it is a lot of fun if you have Xbox or PC or another supported platform. The game splits you have into teams, and it has different styles of games where you either have to occupy different areas for a set amount of time, or it wants you to have the most kills at the end of the timer. You can pick your own loadout in this game.


    When you play Roblox Arsenal, it splits you up into two teams, but they have different styles of games. Some games are just about scoring more points than the others. Some are where every time you kill, your gun ranks up until you have to make your final kill with a knife to win.

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    Other Shooter Roblox Games to Consider

    • Shoot Out!
    • BIG! Paintball

    Best Obby Roblox Games

    What are Roblox obby games?

    Roblox obby games are games where you have to defeat various obstacles to make it to the finish line.

    Roblox Wipeout Obby

    Based on the popular television show Wipeout, you have to do the same thing as on the show. There are different levels of difficulty for players that are experienced and noobs. Each obstacle has different challenges that will kill you and send you back to the start.

    Other Obby Roblox Games to Consider

    • Tower of Hell
    • Escape the Waterpark

    Best Survival Roblox Games

    What are Roblox survival games?

    Roblox survival games are games where maps will change, and you have to survive the changes or waves of monsters, zombies, etc., coming at you. You have to survive either of these things to win the game.

    Horrific Housing

    Horrific Housing is a luck-based game in Roblox. Players try to survive on the plate that also has a house on it. When you play the game you can level up your house as you win.

    Build a Boat for Treasure

    In Roblox’s Build a Boat for Treasure, you’re assigned a certain location on the game’s map. You only start with a certain number of blocks with which you have to build a floatation device. You have to launch your boat, so the area fills up with water, and then your boat floats to the main river in the game. The water in the river will kill you if you touch it, so you have to stay in your boat. For every section of the river you pass, new obstacles will try to kill you and destroy your boat. The more you make it down the river, the more gold you get, and you’ll be able to buy chests with that gold. You can get other special items as well so you can make your floatation device stronger and better to make it to the end of the river with the big treasure chest.

    Other Survival Roblox Games to Consider

    • Zombie Outbreak Survival
    • Natural Disaster Survival
    • Survive a Plane Crash

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    Best Roblox Simulators

    What are Roblox simulators?

    Roblox simulators are games where it has a simulated scenario where you have to achieve various levels to progress in the game.

    Pet Simulator X

    In Pet Simulator X, you collect pets and use those pets to collect items that fall on the ground. If you get enough pets, you can convert your pets into other versions of the pet. When you do this, it gives you better bonuses from the pet.

    You collect coins and gems to help level your pets up. Your goal is to get to the next areas and get better pets.

    Unboxing Simulator

    With Unboxing Simulator you go and get pets, swords and hats. All of these give you certain multipliers that help you in the game. The objective of this game is to open boxes and collect enough in-game currency to get to the next stage in the map and to buy more pets.

    YouTube Simulator

    When you play YouTube simulator, you get to live out your dream of becoming a famous YouTuber. Or at least, that’s the goal. You get to upgrade your equipment, purchase things to help you do better on YouTube, and you can get different codes to help you advance as well.

    Destruction Simulator

    In Destruction simulator, you get to blow things up. You destroy buildings and other creations. When you do this, you fill your bag with the blocks, and when your bag is full, you sell the blocks. When you get a certain amount of money, you can upgrade your bag, blaster, and your bombs. When you level up, it unlocks a different area to destroy which gives you more stuff to blow up. When you get to a certain level, you get to rebirth. When you do this, you get to unlock special areas that you have to have rebirth for.

    Tower Defense Simulator

    Within the Tower Dense simulator, you get split up into four teams. Each team has its own tower with a certain number of spawn pads. The towers are all connected by a bridge. The goal is to destroy the other towers. When you destroy the other towers, you get rid of the spawn points. Once the tower and the spawn points are gone, the team is out. The last tower standing is the team that wins. You can also kill other players with your rockets or your sword.

    Wacky Wizards

    On Wacky Wizard, you can brew all types of magic-using different ingredients. Depending on the ingredients you use, you have different things that happen to you when you drink the potions. The potion book is a big part of this game as well as the cauldron.

    Gaint Simulator

    When you play Giant simulator, your goal is to become stronger, faster and to gather more money. The stronger and the higher of the level you are, the bigger your character gets. You complete quests for money, and you can grind for money by swinging your sword around or killing a bunch of gnomes. You use the money to buy pets, skins, and better weapons. All of these things help you get multipliers so you can level up faster. Then you can rebirth and do it all over again so you can unlock more multipliers. You can also go to the arena and fight other players.

    Strongman Simulator

    When you play the Strongman simulator, your goal is to make your character stronger. You do that by dragging different objects across the finish line. You get energy from doing that, and then you use that energy to lift weights. You also have to use that energy to get pets. You have to decide how to budget your energy. You need to get to a certain strength level so you can move a certain object that blocks your path as you try to get to the next level. You have to move slightly heavier objects at the end of the next stage. Each place has slightly better pets as well.

    3-2-1 Blast Off Simulator

    In the 3-2-1 Blast Off simulator, you gather fuel for your rocket. Your goal is to blast your rocket up as high as you can to reach the planet or different stage above you. Each one has a special chest that gives you something that benefits you in the game. You have to upgrade your equipment and your rocket until you reach the rebirth platform, which is the highest you can go. Then you rebirth and do it all over again, but faster.

    Best Roblox Tycoons

    What are Roblox Tycoon games?

    In Roblox Tycoon games you have to recreate different types of massive wealth or properties. You start off with one free dropper of something and it starts to earn you money or magic depending on the game currency. As you collect the game currency you can reinvest in other droppers and buy more parts to do building upgrades or to upgrade other parts of your area on the map.

    Super Hero Tycoon

    When you play Roblox’s Super Hero tycoon you get a plot that represents a certain superhero. You start off with a free dropper to make money. You build up throughout the game so you can unlock different weapons, special abilities, and morphs of that superhero. During this, you have to build up your building so you can make more money. You can go out and attack other people while you do this.

    Other Tycoon Roblox Games to Consider

    • Wizard Tycoon – 2 Player
    • Up Ninja Tycoon

    Best Roblox Mystery Games

    What are Roblox mystery games?

    Roblox mystery games are games where you usually have one player that is a murderer or villain of some sort, one player that is a hero and the rest of the players will be innocents. The objective is for the villain to murder everyone, the hero to stop the villain, and the innocents to survive. Whoever accomplishes their task wins but if the hero kills the villain then everyone wins minus the villain. If the villain kills everyone, then the villain wins.

    Murder Mystery 2

    In the Roblox game Murder Mystery 2, you have a sheriff, a murderer, and innocents. When the game starts, you have to try to survive if you’re innocent. If you’re a sheriff, you have to find the murderer. If you’re the murderer, you have to kill everyone. The better you do in the game, the more XP you get. You can upgrade your knife and your gun and your special abilities to get cooler effects, making it better when you’re a murderer.

    Other Mystery Roblox Games to Consider

    • Among Us – Crewmates vs. Imposter
    • Amongst Us

    Best Roblox Games Guide – FAQ

    Question: How old do you have to be to play Roblox?

    Answer: Children of any age can join Roblox and play.

    Question: Is Roblox educational?

    Answer: No. Most games aren’t educational but the games can help kids with problem-solving, depending on the game.

    Question: Why is Roblox so good?

    Answer: If you can get kids interested in making the games instead of just playing them, they can learn how to code and learn game design.

    Best Roblox Games Guide – Conclusion

    Now that you’ve been through my best Roblox games guide, you’ve got a lot to explore. You might have your favorites, though, so be sure to let me know which games you think are the best in the comments.

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