MeepCity Explained: School, Meeps, Best Alternatives & More

MeepCity is among the greats when it comes to Roblox experiences. In this MeepCity guide, I will let you know all about why this is. There are so many different elements to this experience, each of which allows it to offer countless hours of fun.

The MeepCity explained guide would go over what Meeps are, how to play this game, and why it is so loved. In addition, I will make sure to cover some of the major controversies surrounding this game. Some issues with it cropped up recently and marred its goodwill. With all of that said, here’s what you need to know about MeepCity.

Bottom Line Up Front

MeepCity is one of the many Roblox experiences that are out there. It is one of the most popular and successful, having more than 13 billion plays to date. Few games can even come close to claiming a similar amount of players. MeepCity was inspired by games like Club Penguin and the like. However, it transitioned the roleplaying nature of that game into a 3D format. With it, players can earn coins, raise their own Meep companion, and customize to their liking. Of course, there is plenty of room for roleplaying with friends across several different areas.

What Is MeepCity?


MeepCity is a Roblox experience that typically tops the charts. It is one of the many featured games that you can find. At any point in the day, there is the likelihood that thousands of players are checking out MeepCity. It has one of the most thriving communities with very active players online. It is one of the most successful Roblox games of all time.

MeepCity has a rich history in the series, being around for years. At MeepCity’s core, it is a somewhat simple game with a few hooks. It takes inspiration from other roleplaying games in the past and amps it up with some unique mechanics.

In the end, it is a game that is all about player choice. Whatever the player wants to do in the game, they can do it. If someone wants to earn coins to buy stuff, you can do that. Should someone wish to fish all day and chat, they can do that, too. If someone wants to spend their days in MeepCity customizing their house and Meep, they can most definitely do that.

MeepCity is an older game, so it does have its quirks and dated look at times, but it is still a beloved Roblox experience. Because of it, we have so many other great games in Roblox. While it took inspiration from past games, it now rose to the point where different games are copying its success.

MeepCity Inspiration and History

MeepCity first began in Roblox at the heyday of new experiences in 2016. While the game existed before this moment, it was in 2016 that many renowned games started. One such game was MeepCity, beginning as a replacement for games that the developer loved as a child.

The developer behind the immense success of MeepCity is none other than alexnewtron. Like most Roblox creators, it is both unlikely and uncertain that this is their real name. Along with a few different contributors who joined the team in the years since its creation, the small group has crafted MeepCity into this enormous success.

The inspiration behind MeepCity’s creation was a few different games. Alexnewtron noted in the past that there were some games that he loved growing up. Games like Club Penguin and others were popular browser PC games that kids would play for hours.

Many of the elements from Club Penguin were taken and brought into MeepCity. This was timely, too, since that game met its controversial end in recent years. Things like customization, roleplaying, and the fishing minigame were all inspired by Club Penguin.

It appears that alexnewtron has essentially created his own generation of MeepCity lovers. While the Roblox creator grew up loving Club Penguin, there are now millions of kids growing up in love with MeepCity. That is an accomplishment that is one-of-a-kind and something to be proud of.

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MeepCity Popularity and Success


The immense success of MeepCity did not take long to happen. While other Roblox experiences came out around the same time, many took years to build up a community. On the other hand, MeepCity was almost an instant success.

It quickly shot off through the ranks of the most popular games to ever be released in Roblox. It had the largest servers at one point in the game, with up to 80 players in a single game. These large servers contributed to the game’s growth in which it had immediate popularity in its first year.

In its first year alone in Roblox, it reached more than 200 million visits by players. This was a record at the time as the fastest growth period for a Roblox experience to date. It did not stop there, though, as it would later become the first game in the history of Roblox to reach one billion visits. That happened in early 2018, and, again, the success just grew exponentially from there.

It continued to break records as the years went on, becoming the first game to reach two billion visits later in 2018. And then the record broke once more with more than five billion visits in 2020. It was the first game ever to reach that number, and it would not stop there, either.

At this point, it is approaching 14 billion visits in total, which is one of the highest in the history of Roblox. In fact, up until the second half of 2020, MeepCity continuously held the record for the biggest Roblox game. That would change, though, with similar game Adopt Me taking over as the reigning champ.

Even then, this does not stop MeepCity from being one of the most successful Roblox experiences of all time. The community is one of the most active around. Join a server at any time in the day, and you will have dozens of new friends to make. The chat is even hard to keep up with at times because of the sheer number of players and their frequent chatting.

Meeps Explained

Meeps are right in the name of MeepCity, so they must be important. And they are, sort of, an exciting layer to the game. Meeps are cute little floating balls that are your companion in the game. Every player can have up to one Meep in your possession.

Unlike other pet-centric games, there is only one Meep that you can have in this game. To get your first Meep, the game does not give it to you automatically. You will want to head to the pet shop at the start of the game and purchase your Meep pet there.

It costs 100 coins for a Meep, but the game gives you 100 coins as soon as you start. This ensures that you have just enough to buy the companion if you want, or you can save the money for something else. From there, you can name your new Meep and pick the color. Keep in mind, though, that some colors are exclusive to the Plus Gamepass.

The companion will then start to follow you around everywhere that you go. You can further customize your companion by buying accessories or changing its name/color at any point in your MeepCity journey. You will spend a lot of time with this pal, so make sure they are perfect to your liking.


While Meeps are a small part of MeepCity, they are not the primary purpose of the gameplay; just a sliver of it. There are many different elements to the gameplay of MeepCity, and we boil them down to three. Those three elements are roleplaying in the game, earning coins, and customizing various features.



Roleplaying is a significant part of the MeepCity experience and, arguably, the most crucial gameplay area. Countless players log into the game and roleplay all day long. That is the sole reason that they play MeepCity, and the game certainly promotes this element.

Roleplaying, for those who don’t know, is the act of pretending to be something else. For example, there are a lot of players who like to act like they are family members of one another. They will pretend to be siblings and share a house, go to work together, and so on.

MeepCity is billed as a social game that is meant for roleplaying and has plenty of areas where you can do just that. If you want to chat with friends and make new ones, this is a great game to do that in. Just about everything in the game lends itself to this roleplaying experience.

Even when you are doing other activities like going to school or fishing, the game makes sure to make it easy to roleplay. Some players will multitask, like making a pizza while pretending to be the manager of everyone. It is a great way to enjoy the game and earn some coins in the process.

Making Money

Speaking of earning coins, making money is another significant aspect of MeepCity. This is where I find the most fun in the game as I am not much of a roleplayer or, honestly, social type myself. I see a lot of joy in collecting more and more money, and there are plenty of ways to do just that.

If you are like me and prefer just to make money, there are plenty of options to choose from. The first of these is just playing the game, and that is it. Like other Roblox games, MeepCity will grant you 50 coins or so every few minutes that you play.

Even just standing around in the cafeteria chatting with friends, you will get some coins this way. That said, these coins are not a lot but can add up if you spend hours within it. Some players use auto-clickers (which I do not condone) to stay in the game and earn money 24/7 this way.

Besides just getting coins from playing, there are more interactive ways of making money. For Club Penguin fans, there is fishing. There are different types of rods in the game and the ability to fish for other underwater creatures.

You can then take that fish you collect to the shop to sell them for coins. This is a more peaceful and relaxing way of making money. When it comes to more stressful situations, those exist, too. They are in the form of the several minigames that exist. I will go over those in greater detail below, but they include making pizzas, racing, and more.


Customization is another central gameplay element of MeepCity. Since you will be possibly roleplaying a lot, you will want to look the part. You can customize your avatar quite a bit from head to toe in terms of outfit. There are so many different clothing items and accessories to choose from.

You can buy them from the shop and then use them in your avatar editor. Some items are the default for all players, but the selection is limited. If you want the best items like the wings and other back accessories, you will need to shell out Robux for them.

However, your avatar is not the only area that you can customize. As mentioned previously, you can make your Meep look how you want it to. Also, there is a house that you can own in MeepCity that you can customize. There are a lot of parts to the house, like changing the flooring, adding wallpaper, and buying furniture to make it your own.

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MeepCity Areas Explained

There are several different significant areas to MeepCity. From the playground to the school to the stores you can visit, there are many places to hang out. Some are involved with various minigames, while others are just there for roleplaying purposes. Here are the locations that you should know about in MeepCity and what all of them are there for.



The first of these is the playground. When logging into the Roblox game for the first time, this is where you appear. This is also a central location that acts as the gateway to the other areas in MeepCity. There are some stores here like the pet shop and furniture store. There are also some fishing areas for those who wish to engage in that.


The school is one of the largest roleplaying areas in the game. It is an entire school complete with lockers, classrooms, and a cafeteria. It is not as interactive here as in other games like Royale High. That said, it is one of the hottest spots for roleplaying in MeepCity.

Pet Shop

The pet shop is where many players will go upon first entering the game. This is because this is where you can buy your Meep partner. Here, you can also customize the Meep and do other features. For one, this is one of the main places to sell the fish that you collect.

Furniture Store


The furniture store is where you want to go if you wish to buy new items for your house. There are many different furniture options available here, from kitchen items to decoration for your bedroom and so much more. Some of the items are exclusive to Plus owners only.

Home Improvement Store

The home improvement store is also for customizing your house. Here, you can find items to design the overall location, though. It includes different flooring, wallpapers, and the like to help you make the home your own.

Toys Stand

The toys stand is in the playground area that you spawn into. It is here that you can find the various vehicles that are in the game. There are rollerskates, bicycles, and the like that are available here to help you move around the map. There are also wings and other back accessories for sale here.


The plaza is the main location for a variety of places. You can find the pizza parlor there for that minigame and other significant locations. If you like to roleplay and earn money simultaneously, the plaza is the place to visit.

Minigames Explained

Another major part of the MeepCity experience is playing the minigames. They are not only amusing to play, but they earn you coins in the process. This is a great way to shake up the monotony of roleplaying and just chatting with your friends. There is fishing, star ball, making pizzas, and racing. Here is what you should know about each one of them.



Of the four main minigame options, fishing is one of the main ones. You will want to head to the fisherman shop in the playground area for starting players. There, you will be able to pick up a fishing rod. With a rod, you can head to fishing locations and gather fish. These fish can be sold at the pet store for coins.

Star Ball

Star ball is not a game that has much to do with balls at all. Instead, it is an obby (Roblox for obstacle course). In this minigame, you can complete platforming challenges and earn some coins in the process. It is one of the most interactive and fun ways of earning coins for many players.

Pizza Baking

At the pizza parlor in the plaza, players can find a great place to earn coins. It is one of the most popular destinations since you can bake pizzas here, chat with friends, take orders, and earn coins simultaneously.



Racing is my favorite minigame. Similar to the Mario Kart games, you have different tracks, karts, and items. You can even customize your kart to your liking. Doing well in the races in this minigame will let you earn some coins.

Parties Controversy and Removal

Parties used to be one of the main features of MeepCity. In fact, for some players, this is the whole reason they played this game over other roleplaying Roblox experiences. Parties allowed you to create a group of up to 50 players to invite and hang out with.

The problem with parties is that they became the leading site for online dating in this Roblox experience. It became out of hand and worse than in even other games. This is because you could have a more private experience, which is a problem for all ages like this one.

Sure, there is already private chatting in Roblox, but that is only text-based. With parties, you have more interactive elements and the already controversial chat. As such, many of these parties would have features that are not at all appropriate for a kids game.

Alexnewtron eventually responded to the feedback from the community about parties and took the game down in February 2022 for a time. This was only brief, and the game came back but with a significant change. Parties were finally removed from the game in 2022. While it does not solve all of the issues, it does at least return roleplaying to a more public experience where there can be some accountability involved.

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Best Alternatives

MeepCity is one of the most immense Roblox experiences around, but it is far from the only one of its kind. There are plenty of other experiences that do a similar style of gameplay. There are several alternatives for fans of this game, but there is one that I want to highlight.

That game is Adopt Me, which is a fan favorite on the platform. It surpassed MeepCity and is the better game, in my opinion. While MeepCity feels outdated, Adopt Me is constantly adapting and growing. Its UI, graphics, and everything just looks and feels much better.

It also does the whole pets system much better, though it could do with some changes to minigames and the like. That said, I still vastly prefer the customization and housing options in Adopt Me over MeepCity. Overall, it is the better and more modern-feeling game in Roblox.

That said, it is not the only other alternative out there. Here is the full list that we think you should know about:

  • Adopt Me!
  • Brookhaven
  • Royale High
  • Welcome to Bloxburg
  • Greenville
  • Good Girls Sorority
  • Robloxian High School


Question: What does Plus mean in MeepCity?

Answer: Many different Roblox games have a Gamepass membership in them. In the case of MeepCity, there is a single Gamepass that you should know about: Plus. This is the main Gamepass in MeepCity, and it gives a lot of bonus features because of it. With Plus, you will be able to earn the optimal number of coins, for instance.
The Plus pass gives you 1.5x more coins than other players in the game. This means that everything that you are doing, from minigames to even fishing, will grant you more money. If you want to maximize your earnings in the game, this is the main way to do it.
In addition to that, Plus players have a tag next to their name that announces to everyone who they are. This will allow you to join the exclusive club of Plus members and show it off to the entire lobby. If that is not enough, it also changes how you chat in the game.
Plus, players have a unique text color that appears with every message that they send. This will let everyone know in the chat that you own the Gamepass and are a serious player. This can be a double-edged sword, though, as it can also cause some trouble with harassing players in the game, too.
The Plus membership also includes a bunch of additional items that you can get. You will be able to switch the color of your Meep to the exclusive ones. You can also buy furniture and other items that are only for Plus members. This includes wings and other accessories to show off in the game.
Last but not least, the final main bonus of the Plus MeepCity Gamepass was the ability to create parties. However, as mentioned in the main guide, parties no longer exist in the game. Unfortunately, this is a feature that is now gone. But, thankfully, the Plus membership goes on sale pretty regularly up to 50% off, so, if you’re patient, you can save money on this valuable asset.

Question: What is the best way to get money in MeepCity?

Answer: There are a few different ways to get coins in MeepCity, and they each differ. Besides purchasing them via Robux, there are a few good ways to get coins. In the end, though, it will ultimately come down to your playstyle preferences.
I recommend finding the minigame or method you think is the most fun and just grinding that out. If you’re a fisher through and through, stick to that. But if you want something more interactive like racing, you can master the racetrack and earn some coins that way.
You can also get the Plus membership and earn more coins as you just play the game. Selling plants is another popular method since it can give some great coins. For me, personally, I like to stick to racing in the game. Racing is one of the most fun parts, and I can earn some coins in the process. Also, the more I practice, the better I get and the more successful I am in races.

Question: How do you sell or delete your Meep?

Answer: This is the tricky part in MeepCity. One of the game’s goals, as mentioned in this guide, is customizing your Meep. Everyone in the game can get a Meep partner to follow them around. It only costs 100 coins, as mentioned, to pick yours.
Unfortunately, this is not the typical pet game in Roblox. While you might be able to have multiple pets in other games, you can only have one Meep in MeepCity. Once you select your Meep, that is your companion. That said, you can customize them to your liking.
Basically, you cannot delete or sell your Meep at any point. You can put them away so that you do not see them, but that is it. Thankfully, this is where customization comes into play. If, for instance, you do not like the color of your Meep, you can change that at any point.
Some of the colors, as mentioned, are exclusive to the Plus membership. You can always unlock those special colors in the future and change your Meep to it down the road. You can also customize other companion parts like accessories and the like.


MeepCity is a Roblox game that I would be shocked if existing players did not already know about before reading this. That is just how successful the game has been up until now. As such, it is likely a game that you already know a bit about before this and perhaps have played before.

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