Shindo Life Explained: Roblox’s Naruto Game

For many anime and manga fans out there like myself, there is one series that has been prominent since the beginning: Naruto. Throughout my childhood and even adulthood, Naruto was a series that everyone around me loved. It was even the first manga I attempted to read, though unsuccessfully due to the length of it. And it just so happens that Naruto has inspired one of the largest Roblox games of all time. I aim to reveal how and why this is in this Shindo Life explained guide.

Shindo Life is through and through a game that is inspired by Naruto. I adore the world and exploration of the game, as it does a fairly fantastic job of making you feel like a shinobi from the Naruto series. It even nails the idea of a fully explorable Hidden Leaf Village from the series. With the Bloodlines and other inspired aspects of the game, it is no wonder that there are millions of players who have spent countless hours enjoying this game. This Shindo Life explained guide will show you why so you can join them.

Bottom Line Up Front

Shindo Life is a game that is beloved among kids and adults alike in Roblox. Ever since it came out and I first tried it, I knew that this was going to be a hit, and it is. This is due to the close similarities (without, hopefully, infringing on some copyrights) between it and the beloved Naruto and Boruto series. Everything is straight out of Konohagakure, from the locales you visit to the Bloodlines you inherit. This action-packed game is among the most popular in Roblox.

Shindo Life Overview

Shin Life

Shindo Life is the Naruto game everyone asked for but without completely stealing the names and ideas of that series. I will say that Shindo Life is not nearly as removed from its inspiration as something like Blox Fruits is. Still, the developers do a decent enough job keeping some distance.

The general idea is that Shindo Life is the Naruto game that I would have always wanted to see growing up as a kid. It is an online game where you explore a world, roleplay, level up, and create your own very own ninja. It is a fantastic premise and one that turns out quite well in terms of execution.

There is so much content and fun ideas that are packed into this one Roblox game. Shindo Life is undoubtedly one of the best examples of the breadth of content that developers can make here. Shindo Life could arguably be its own full-on mobile game or the like anywhere else.

But, no, Shindo Life is simply a single Roblox experience you can enjoy within the confines of another game. It’s absolutely insane considering the countless hours you can put into Shindo Life alone, and, trust me, I know quite a few people who have done just that.

At the start of the game, you customize and create your own ninja and are then let out into the world to explore. There is little guidance you initially in the journey, but from the few starting quests you can receive from NPCs. Admittedly, this open nature at the start is what makes it fun for some players.

You are free to engage in the many gameplay systems that exist, from the action-packed gameplay to the freeform movement system to the various abilities and Bloodlines you can acquire. It is seriously overwhelming for a new player, as I remember having to figure it all out with my family when we first tried it years ago. Thankfully, that’s where I come in with a little help for you all, my fellow Team 7 members.


For starters, it is worth noting that Shindo Life has some of the fastest action combat gameplay that I have ever seen in Roblox. It is seriously impressive what the developers were able to do in the game, as it made melee combat actually fun in Roblox.

That was not easy to do, either, since the game was not built for super fast gameplay like that, at least outside of a shooting game. Part of this is due to the fact that there is so much going on with the gameplay. It was seriously overwhelming the first time I looked at the screen on mobile.

There are more than a dozen possible inputs in combat just on mobile alone. You have stuff like the standard attack button, the jump button, your dodge, guard, and so on. These are all pretty standard, but then you have like a dozen ability buttons that you can choose at any point.

Plus, there is also the menu system that you can open up to check out your inventory, skills, and all of that. It is an insanely jam-packed game with so much going on. That is why it is best to start out easy in the lower level areas of the map, taking on the easier foes and getting used to the gameplay.

There is honestly no need to use anything other than the standard attack, dodges, running, and all of that at first. The lower-level enemies are easy to strike down and get your feel for everything. Then, over time as you get better, start to incorporate other abilities and the like.

What I also love about the gameplay is how fast the movement can be. Shindo Life really tries hard to make you feel like an actual ninja. You have the classic Naruto run that you can do, the double jump to reach higher areas, and the ability to rush forward at enemies.

What I love about the game is just exploring familiar locales that are inspired by the Naruto series, taking on some quests, and defeating bosses at my leisure. But just jumping around the buildings and running around like a ninja is the most fun part of the gameplay for me.



Digging a little deeper in terms of gameplay, there are an insane number of abilities that you can use in Shindo Life. There are a few different types of powers, including some intriguing newer ones like Kenjutsu abilities. These are actually inspired by something other than the Naruto series.

The Kenjutsu abilities are inspired by the breathing styles that are featured in the Demon Slayer manga and anime series. These are tied to a specific weapon you are using and change up the elemental nature of it, similar to the katanas that the Demon Slayers use.

You can change your element from wind to sound to the sun and so on by unlocking Kenjutsus in the game. This is done by spinning for them through an RNG system that will determine what you get. Besides these types of abilities, there are also the normal elemental abilities that you have.

These elements are based on the various ninjutsu that is featured in the Naruto series. You see people like Mitsuki, who can use lightning ninjutsu or Shikamaru with his shadow jutsu and so on. Elements are in Shindo Life, too, and you have access to two of them at a time.

There are five basic elements that you can use at the start of your ninja journey: air, electric, flame, stone, and water. But, over time, you can start to unlock and buy other skills that are far more specific and intriguing. There are rarer elemental abilities like acid or chaos that also exist.

Lastly, there are companions. These are partners that you can use in battle to help you fight. They are controlled by AI and are basically summons that you use in battle. There are only a few of them at this time in Shindo Life, but this is a great way to build out a party of characters.

This is especially useful for solo players like myself who do not always want to hang out and play with others. The few companions are unlocked through completing special missions to defeat these boss characters. From there, you can summon them in battle, and they will even level up over time.


Lastly, there are the mentors. What good is a budding young ninja without a teacher to show them the way? There are four mentors in the game, and they are there to help you raise specific stats in the game. Sure, your stats go up when you level, but you can get better at certain stats and abilities by learning from a mentor.

Unfortunately, you have to reach rank S1 in Shindo Life before you can start choosing your mentor. They will train with you twice a day through various minigames that will level your stats. In addition, they offer various passive abilities that further enhance your combat.

Keep in mind that the choice of your mentor is complex, and it is not easily changed. It costs a lot of in-game currency or Robux to change mentors, so choose wisely. Not to mention, you have to start over with your extra stat points when you switch to a new mentor.

Bloodlines Explained

Shindo Bloodline

Above all else, the single biggest part of the entire Shindo Life progression and abilities system is the Bloodlines. These are essentially the ninjutsu and other abilities that have been passed down through the heritage of the ninja who came before you. This is similar to how the various ninja in the Naruto series passes on their special skills.

Bloodlines are where you will get the bulk of your abilities that have their own insanely large level caps that you can spend hours upon hours grinding for in the game. Like the Kenjutsu, you have to spin and hope you get the Bloodlines you would like to unlock.

This is a randomized system, so there is room for annoying rolls that are not what you wanted, especially with the sheer number of Bloodlines that exist. Thankfully, you can earn more spins relatively easily through various methods, including playing Arena, checking out the RellGames YouTube (creators of Shindo Life), and more.

In total, there are three different types of Bloodlines that you can unlock in the game: clan, elemental, and eye. They each have their own different types under them, with rare ones as well. The level caps for Bloodlines are insane, usually reaching all the way up to a whopping 1000 for each one.

Clan Bloodlines

Clan Bloodlines is one of the most varied types that you can deal with. These are based on the various families that exist in the ninja world. And, oddly enough, some superhero families, too, for some odd reason. The idea is that you can take the special powers of those families and use them.

Think examples like taking the abilities that Boruto uses and making them your own. Of course, this group has many options, with more than 50 Clan Bloodlines available to date. And likely, even more, are going to be on the way over time.

Elemental Bloodlines

Elemental Bloodlines are where you get the bulk of your elemental ninjutsu abilities from. These are based on different elements as mentioned above, like air, electricity, and so on. There are some more specific and nuanced elements like Order that you can equip here.

Overall, Elemental Bloodlines are probably the least exciting of the bunch since they are just basic powers that you can use in battle. But they are still cool enough and worth mentioning for their variation.

Eye Bloodlines

The Eye Bloodlines are likely what you immediately thought of if you are a Naruto fan. What good is a Naruto-based game if your shinobi can’t change their eyes to note their special abilities? That is exactly what the Eye Bloodlines do, with various ones available.

They have different names from their Naruto counterparts. Still, you have all the basics represented here, like the Sharingan, Byakugan, and so on. If you have a favorite character that you would like to look like in Shindo Life, you can certainly do that. Don’t mind me; I will be copying my boy Sasuke.

Game Modes

The numerous game modes that exist are part of the breadth of Shindo Life. There is the basic RPG game mode that is where you should start and spend most of your time, but it is far from the only one that exists. Players also have access to various PVP-based modes like Arena and Shindo Storm.

There is even the chance to take on classic anime-style tournaments and compete against other players one on one to see who the most powerful ninja around is. I’ll be honest, though, that I do not spend a whole lot of time in those game modes since I am not exactly a pro at the game yet.

Instead, I stick to the regular RPG mode and even the My Home area. Here, you have your own home that you can hang out in as your base. There aren’t too many activities that you can do here, but this is the place to go AFK.

Just spending time here, and you will earn some in-game currency and even spins that you can use to get new Bloodlines and the like. I know a lot of players who will just leave their game running (usually using a rubber band or the like) to earn some spins while they are busy doing other things.

Lastly, the game mode that you should know about is Story Mode. This is a weird one. Story Mode is this exclusive thing, likely due to its deep connection to Naruto and the like. You can’t immediately access this mode and have to essentially be invited to or apply to it. However, there is no way to apply right now, so you’re stuck without this mode right now like me.

Roblox Shindo Life Codes

Roblox Shindo Life Explained Codes
“Photo by Cody Perez”

Codes are a massive part of Roblox experiences and Roblox Shindo Life is no different. The Shindo Life codes let you earn Rell coins currency, cosmetics, and other items without doing anything at all. All you have to do is hit the redeem code button in the main menu’s avatar edit section and type in the right keyword to unlock these items.

Here are the Shindo Life codes that you can redeem at the time of writing this. Note that they may have an expiration date at some point:

  • Ragnat! – Grants 100,000 Rell coins and 500 spins for cosmetics
  • Ragnarr! – Gives 100,000 Rell coins and 500 spins
  • Ragnaarr! – Gives 10,000 Rell coins and 200 spins

Keep in mind that codes can and will change. To stay updated with the latest codes, I recommend checking out the Shindo Life Trello page, official YouTube channel, and Discord community. They are updated regularly with the latest codes and other news for the Roblox game.

Game Passes: Worth It?

What good is a Roblox game if you can’t monetize it? The Shindo Life developers do just that with the several game passes that exist. There are a whopping 15 in total that you can purchase using Robux, which, of course, usually takes real-world money to acquire.

That is an insane number of game passes that rival just about every other game out there in Roblox. But there are a few that I think are the most notable and interesting of the bunch. There is a game pass that will allow you to earn double the spins from various activities that you do.

This means that spending 10 minutes in your home in the game will net you two spins each time, instead of the usual one. If you’re looking to grind for Bloodlines and the like until you get the rarest one you want, this is definitely the way to do it.

Some game passes unlock your true gameplay potential. They will grant you the ability to use two more elemental skills or have two more Bloodlines equipped. Speaking of Bloodlines, one of the annoying things about Shindo Life is that you can only have so many of them at once.

Once you unlock a new one, you can’t access your old ones unless you purchase a special Bloodlines game pass that lets you switch between all the ones you’ve ever owned.

Best Alternative Roblox Games

Shindo Life is a fantastic Roblox game, but it is such a time investment and daunting task that some players may be put off by this element of it. Or, perhaps, you adore this and would love to find other games in Roblox that are similar in that nature. Well, I have three of the best alternative Roblox games that I think you should play:

  • Blox Fruits: If Shindo Life is Naruto, Blox Fruits is One Piece. It is similar in that it is heavily action-focused with a massive world to explore, thousands of levels, and plenty of skills. Plus, you can choose between playing as a lawless pirate or the oppressive marines.
  • Swordburst 2: This excellent Sword Art Online knock-off is my favorite of the games mentioned here. It takes some significant aspects from the popular anime series. It makes a reasonably similar game without copying too much. The swordplay is the best out of any Roblox game I’ve played, and it is simple enough at first to appeal to anyone. This is where I’ll be if you want to find me in an anime-style Roblox game.
  • Demonfall: Lastly, I want to recommend Demonfall, based on Demon Slayer. This is mainly for the anime fans, as I’m not a fan of this game. It lacks the depth of the other games mentioned in this guide, but I will admit that swordplay is at least fun, so there is hope.


Question: What is the purpose of Shindo Life?

Answer: To have fun! That is like asking what the purpose of real life is like. Ultimately, many people will have many different answers to that question. It is up to you to find the solution for yourself. For me, it has to be to have fun, explore, and enjoy the fast-paced gameplay systems.

Question: Is there a Shindo Life 2?

Answer: No, there is no official Shindo Life 2 from the same developers at this time in Roblox. There are plenty of copycat games claiming to be so but ignore them as they are all fakes.

Question: Is Shindo Life based on Naruto?

Answer: Yes, Shindo Life is based on the Naruto franchise. However, there are some other elements of the game that are inspired by other manga and anime like Demon Slayer. But it is mainly based on Naruto.


Shindo Life is one of those games that I come back to in Roblox every so often. It may not be my go-to game the majority of the time that I am playing Roblox, but I just adore the gameplay so much. I think that it requires a massive time commitment that I am, personally, not here for, but there is such joy just roaming around the Naruto-like world.

If you are like me and love the idea of a Naruto-inspired game in Roblox, Shindo Life might be for you. If you want to dig deeper into the game, I suggest learning about the Bloodlines. I did my best to cover their basics here, but I can only do so much in a general guide like this. If you want more dedicated info about Bloodlines, check out the dedicated guide here.

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