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A Universal Time certainly has a lot of content for Anime Roblox fans to sink their playtime into. The game contains a vast amount of abilities for the player to enjoy. It branches across multiple franchises and focuses on bringing in many themed abilities from the diverse entertainment ecosystem.

Anime takes a main foothold for the game, and there is always something new for players to discover and enjoy in the world. Whether you are just getting back from your trip to the Tower of Hell or simply wanting a unique experience to play through, this game will certainly allow you some fantastic gaming time!

A Universal Time — The Bottom Line Up Front

A Universal Time

If you are looking for an experience that truly takes inspiration from a variety of Anime series, then you will be at home with this game. There are many learning abilities, exciting locations to explore, and a world to immerse yourself in. You will likely spend a lot of your time gathering specs and stands to use various abilities in the game, along with experiencing the different game modes like the 1v1 or primary mode. There is plenty to discover in this game!

The Starting Experience of A Universal Time and Tips to Succeed!

You will find yourself spawned beside a railway track, with petals falling from above you when you first enter the game. There is, of course, an inclination to proceed forwards. You find that the world opens up into the city when you do. A stunning sight to see within your first few seconds of launching the game for the first time. If you are like me and enjoy games with tons of amazing sights to see, then it’s time to give A Universal Time a try!

However, if you opt to turn back when you spawn instead and go behind the first pillar, you will find a tutorial NPC Character. Unfortunately, this character was glitched in my playthrough, and there was no way to talk to him. But if you exit the first area and make your way through the streets, you will find another one close by next to another set of tracks. He will give you the basic information that you need to know about the experience.

During the game, you will probably spend most of your time collecting stands and specs (abilities) and completing quests. Many things cost either in-game currency or real money in the experience, so being sure to collect as many coins as possible is a great way to start!

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Currency — Time to Collect Those Coins!


The main in-game currency of the game is called ‘Universal Coins’, and you will be able to collect them from chests in the world, defeating thugs, or playing the 1v1 game mode. These coins can buy a vast variety of items or even for customizing your profile. It should be noted that the coins collected in the main game differ from the ones contained in the 1V1 mode.

When you collect coins from the 1v1 modes, they will be ‘1v1 Universal Coins’ instead.

Specs — Movesets, and Abilities to Make a Statement!

Specs will be one of your significant focuses while playing the game. Knowing about them will give you a vital advantage throughout the game’s journey. They separated the specs into various rarity tiers, and the list of specs are as follows:


This is the first spec/moveset you will have access to when playing. All players will begin with this spec, based explicitly on Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza franchise. It is a C rarity spec, and there are many moves linked to the utilization of the spec. For starters, the ‘Stylish Sweeps’ can be activated by pressing E and will inflict 11.5 base damage upon every hit. A dropkick can also be activated with ‘R’ unleashing a massive 28.25 base damage onto enemies.

Along with this, pressing ‘T’ will even utilize two guns and fire one each at a time. There are 15 base damage caused by the guns, which is surprisingly more minor than the dropkick. That is undoubtedly one powerful dropkick! Pressing ‘F’ will allow you to grab the enemy and throw them to the ground with ‘G,’ allowing you to slam your first together. When you have had a lot of damage towards you and your HP is 155 or lower, you will be able to utilize the ‘Way of The Yakuza’ move with ‘H.’ Your damage will increase over time, and you will be healed a certain amount of HP. You will also be able to talk with the spec by pressing ‘N,’ and you can say some quotes.


The following spec is a reference to Genshin Impact and specifically a reference to the ‘Wolf’s Gravestone’ sword. With this A Tier spec, you will, of course, get to utilize a sword in your battles, and you will have a new passive, which is a ‘mana bar’ to be able to keep track of when you can activate certain abilities from the moveset. The ‘Whirling Inferno’ move can be activated with Q. You will spin around viciously, creating an almost portal-like appearance around your sword swing. This will cause 8.5 damage, and it costs 5 Mana to use.

‘Grand Descension’ is another move/ability that will cause 80 damage, costing 40 Mana to use. You will levitate into the air with the sword and slash down to the ground anywhere that you indicate with your cursor.

Another ability you will be able to use is ‘Enchant,’ which will create a significant radius VFX effect and cause 30 AOE damage to enemies. This costs 50 Mana to utilize.

Overall, the spec will give you a chance to enjoy utilizing a sword as your main spec!



It won’t be surprised to find out that this spec is based on Sans from Undertale, and it will be an exciting prospect for many of the series’ fans! You will have access to many great and unique abilities for the A tier spec. There is ‘Bone Guard,’ which will have Sans summon a ton of bones from the floor, and the enemies will be thrown into the air, which causes 35 damage to them.

There is even an ability named ‘”heh”‘ that is, of course, hilarious. It will cause your character to shrug. If you are damaged by an enemy when shrugging, you will suddenly teleport behind the enemy after the screen turns black and shows the famous quote. You will damage the enemy after the teleport for 35 damage.

There are many more abilities linked to the Sans spec, but these are the ones that will be great to know about for the summary of the spec for the article!


This spec is based on Ben 10 and is a B Tier spec. This spec has a great mechanic that ultimately allows you to have a passive that can switch between three ‘alien’ forms and use different parts of the overall spec moveset for each one. You will start with the ‘Human’ form, which allows you to use the ‘Oni Combo,’ which punches and kicks towards the enemies for 8 damage each. Then, you have the ‘Transform’ move by pressing the Q key. You will be able to choose from either ‘Heat Blast’ ‘XLR8’, or ‘Diamond Head’ for the aliens and their moves.

One of the fan-favorite specs is the S+ Tier Spec, of course, based on Son Goku from the Dragon Ball Series. Goku has many forms for the player to navigate between, specifically 9 basic forms. The forms that Goku has access to are and the key to press for each as follows:

  • SSJ Goku – 1
  • SSJ2 Goku – 2
  • SSJ3 Goku – 3
  • SSJ4 Goku -4
  • SSJG – 5
  • SSJB – 6
  • SSJBK – 7
  • Ultra Instinct – 8
  • Mastered Ultra Instinct – 9

To get Goku in the game, you will have to find 7 ‘Dragon Balls’ to Goku once you collect them within the experience. You will have access to many abilities with this spec.

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An A Tier spec that packs quite the punch! This spec ties once again to Undertale; there is a diverse move set for players to utilize. By pressing Q, you will switch to one of the various soul hands located around your character. Each soul type has different moves for players to take advantage of and impact the field.


This spec is an S-tier spec based on Satoru Gojo. The spec can be obtained by finding Gojo within the world near one of the mountains and will be found against a tree. Ensure that you have 100,000 Universal Coins in your inventory, as you will need them to start the quest. Simply complete the quest to kill 2 DIO bosses, incur 12,500 damage, and inflict 50,000 damage to anything.

When you have completed the quest and have access to Gojo, you will be happy to know that you will get access to a whopping 11 moves, each with its great styles against enemies. For example, one of the abilities can be activated by pressing ‘R,’ a ‘Teleportation Kick.’ You will throw an enemy up into the air, teleport around them, and kick them back into the ground! It is very dramatic indeed!

Another move is the ‘Instant Teleport’. This will allow you to teleport to any nearby place with the cursor, which is an interesting mechanic.

Ultimately, you can, of course, quote with Gojo by pressing ‘N,’ to which there are three quotes for them to say within the world.


Yet another S Tier spec (specifically S+), this spec is, of course, tied to the general idea of the ‘Grim Reaper’ and will allow you to use a scythe for moves. There are various moves based on slashes and souls; if you enjoy putting fear into your foes, this spec will undoubtedly be the spec for you!



A character from League of Legends makes their way into A Universal Time, and players will be able to utilize their various dual-wielding sword-based moves.

Yasuo: Similarly, this is another character from League of Legends, and with this spec, you will be acting like a samurai while slashing your way through anyone who opposes you in-game.

Mero-Mero no Mi

This is a spec based on ‘One Piece,’ which players will likely be familiar with, and there is a move set to represent this.

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A-spec from ‘Dragon Ball’ is up next with a moveset that will allow you to make use of all of those excellent powers! This spec has a great damage rate and can be significantly combined. This is undoubtedly a spec to remember when looking for specs that can give you excellent advantages through the game.



This spec can be gathered by using an ‘X-Soul’ on Sans, after which you will unlock the spec. There are various moves associated with Chara.


Finally, the spec based on Izayoi Sakuya, who is from ‘Touhou,’ is personally one of the most memorable specs based on her overall mechanics and design for game flow. She can be obtained from ‘Yukari’s Gap,’ and you can talk to her. She will give you a quest; after you complete the quest, you will get a ‘Watch,’ now, you have to ‘equip’ it on your ‘Standless’ spec, and you will obtain Sakuya!

One of her abilities is called ‘Timestop,’ The entire world will be grasped in a flare of red and grey as the world stops for all players, and time will stop in the experience.


Stands can also be collected in the experience. These are highly sought after, similarly as is the case with specs. They are usually seen floating above your character. You can utilize them once again for abilities to combine with your spec’s moves for combos of sorts! Here is a list of all of the stands in the experience, including the evolved stand forms:

  • C-Moon
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • Gold Experience
  • Gold Experience Requiem
  • Killer Queen
  • King Crimson
  • Made in Heaven
  • Nocturnus
  • Shadow Dio
  • Shadow The World Requiem
  • Sol
  • Star Platinum
  • Star Platinum Requiem
  • Star Platinum: The World
  • The World
  • The World High Voltage
  • The World Over Heaven
  • Tusk ACT1
  • Tusk ACT2
  • Tusk ACT3
  • Tusk ACT4
  • Whitesnake

As can be observed, there are many exciting Stands for you to collect, which will extend your playthrough time even more with the game!



Trading has played a fundamental role in the experience culture, with many players consistently seen offering to trade with others. Even through online forums, there is a vast presence of people wanting to trade specs and more. Be sure to take advantage of this fact when looking for specific specs that may be more difficult to obtain.

However, I’d personally advise you to ensure that you are not trading for something that can be obtained quickly. Instead, you throw away an excellent spec for a spec that could’ve been swiftly earned. Don’t let all of your hard work waste within the experience!

Gamemodes — What Shall You Choose?

Before collecting all the specs, you will have to choose what game mode you want to spend your time within the most. There is the primary mode where you will collect your specs, and then there are the other modes, such as the 1v1 PVP modes, which also has a ‘ranked’ mode. If you want to test your abilities against other players and prove your mettle to them, these modes will undoubtedly be for you!

There are also ‘One for all’ and ‘2v2’ modes to experience along with the trading area.

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The Community — Find Others Who Enjoy Playing The Game


If you are looking for somewhere, you can share your joy of the game with others and meet new people through your time playing. You can certainly make use of the various social channels for the experience. I was happy to notice that the game had two different places that you will officially be able to find others who play the game that I can share with you all reading this. After all, you may look for people to talk to about something that you share in common with other people. What better way to discuss those things than through an experience you can both grow together within? Leveling, battling, trading, and much more. It’s time to leap into the community.

First, you can join the game’s official Roblox Group, which will highlight a list of players who play the game. Along with this, you can join this group that has over 562 thousand members! To put that in perspective, that number is the population size of The Maldives. Yes! The Maldives!? That’s amazing. So be sure to join that enormous group of people, but be safe when doing so. Remember to keep yourself safe online and reveal no personal information to others.

Second, you can choose to join the official Discord server linked on the main game page that has many players who will always be actively chatting about the experience. You will find yet another community of people who enjoy the game.

Suppose you want to find other places you can find some people to talk to about the game. There is even an unofficial Reddit group that will have yet more conversation revolving around the experience. Along with this, other social media sites will likely have A Universal Time posts, so simply searching for them will find you even more people who are talking about the game. You can continue the conversations that arise from the posts.

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions For A Universal Time

Question: Are there badges for A Universal Time to unlock?

Answer: Absolutely! There is the ‘New Universe’ badge and the AUT Winter/X-Mas badge to obtain. However, the Winter badge can only be gained during the winter update so the only badge that can be unlocked is the ‘New Universe’ badge.

Question: How long does it take to complete the experience?

Answer: Given the number of specs and stands to unlock and their requirements to obtain them, you will likely spend at least 10-20 hours with the game. However, this time can be extended greatly with all the possibilities for playing with other players.

Question: How many people have played A Universal Time so far?

Answer: Over 400 million people have visited the experience! This number, of course, will likely grow over time.

Question: Is the community friendly to new players of the game?

Answer: Yes! Many players will want to help you on your journey and assist you with getting around the world. Some players may even trade your items that may have eaten up a lot of time to unlock. Due to the long-time community, there will always be players there for you. If at any point you run across some unfriendly people in the game, you can hop to another server, and you will be away from them. Or you can choose to block them if they are harassing you.


Are you planning to collect all of the specs that you can? Or want to enjoy yourself venturing through the world while looting chests with others? There is plenty to discover in the world and a lot of action throughout your experience with this game. From the range of modes on offer and the numerous ties to various other franchises, it’s excellent to see an amalgamation of everything that players want to visit from their favorite experiences!

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