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Do you enjoy obstacle courses? Excellent! Because you’re in luck with the Roblox experience Tower of Hell. An adrenaline-inducing experience awaits. Players are tasked with reaching the top of a tower in a mere 8 minutes with interchanging sections per run. Created by ‘YXCeptional Studios’, the game has had over 16.8 billion visits as of the time of writing which is amazing to think about. To put that in perspective, that is over double the number of people on earth at the moment. With those impressive player numbers, it is clear to understand that the game has a lot of great gameplay to experience. If you need some time away from some of the survival games in Roblox, then this experience will be a great one to play through indeed!

The Key Details For Tower of Hell — Bottom Line Up Front

A Tower, numerous sections, and vast potential for exciting obstacle course (an obby in Roblox terms) fun! All of these parts make the experience enjoyable for every player, I have personally found that each run feels fresh and always makes me want to continue pursuing completing those Towers. There is an excellent vision for design throughout, as someone who is studying Games Design and Production at university, I like to analyze various elements of games through that lens and it is clear to see that the designers have thought a great deal about the user experience of playing through the Towers.

With rewards aplenty, you will feel as though you are truly gaining something every time you join the servers of the experience. So jump in and get started with it!

Tips for Tower of Hell Players

Your first journey into the game will likely see your character getting dismembered over and over again by the tricky obstacles even upon the first level of Tower. There is a lot to learn in the experience and in turn it is this learning experience that makes it all that more rewarding when you are able to reach the top of the tower. The first tip is to be patient, stay calm, and enjoy the learning process that you will go through with the game.

Another great tip is to make sure to play in the perspective of the camera that personally helps you to coordinate your jumps more. You don’t have to stay in 3rd person view, if you are on PC, you can scroll up with your mouse wheel among other ways to change perspective, and opt for a first-person view to observe obstacles better and jump onto them. I personally know the great advantage of that first-person mode in Obby’s!

Utilizing Gears and also ‘Mutators’ available in the shop will assist your journey up the tower anytime that you need some help, especially with the ‘invincibility’ mutator that will allow you to get past any pesky laser beams with ease during the adventure forth through the towers.

If you need additional practice for the main normal tower, you could always go into the ‘Pro Towers’ for a great challenge but great learning opportunities at the same time!

Tower Sections — The Fun of Randomness!

There are 312 main sections for the Towers which is of course a large number of different sections with unique gameplay linking through all of them. There are 6 sections in the base towers and 12 sections in the Pro Towers respectively. Due to the total number of sections, what follows this paragraph will detail some of the more difficult and memorable sections to assist with your climb through the Tower.


This particular section will put your skills to the test with numerous circular platforms that you will have to make the daunting leap onto. It does indeed usually take a few tries at first in order to get the timing right. Keeping with the theming, one of the most difficult parts of this section is what players know as the ‘fish’ platforms. Ultimately there will be lasers that are going onto the fish and you will have to leap over the lasers. At first glance, that likely doesn’t sound too tricky, and rightly so! That is until you find out of course that actually the fish platforms are spiraling and rotating around the lasers. You better get those timed jumps ready!

It should also be noted that along with all of the other great sections on offer for players, there are 25 rarer secret sections for players to discover along their journey.

Rubiks Cubes:

With this section, you will be traversing practically literal Rubik’s cubes. You will have to jump on the cubes in a way that won’t get you landing onto a ‘kill part’. This is of course more difficult than it sounds as sometimes these can be very close on the cube. You will have to time jumps precisely and think one step ahead with every jump.

The Agents Deja Vu:

Image from Fandom

With this section, you will be placed into a dark purple area with a lot of laser beams observable throughout the section. From conveyors to spinning walls, to the lasers. This section certainly has a lot of obstacles that the player has to learn how to successfully get through it. Firstly, when the section starts you will have to climb a ladder then go towards the conveyor. Make sure to avoid the spinning walls that will eliminate you if you walk or jump into them.

When you have got through the spinning walls, you can then go through the flow of conveyors that continue to move, keeping avoiding the kill part walls and beams. At this point, you will have to then jump across to the half-circle floating in the air. Simply continue across the conveyors and then avoid the lasters that will be varied in their angles at this specific section. After you have made it to the long upwards conveyor, you will be reaching the completion of that section.

Close Shave:

Image from Fandom

This section will have you jumping between numerous platforms while two kill part spinners are rotating around the level. It can be a difficult section to learn at first until you have gained some timing knowledge for the rotating spinners.

When you are traversing between the platforms, you will notice that the platforms vary in size throughout so you’ll have to be ready for more precise jumps at a moment’s notice. Utilizing some gears here such as an hourglass will assist with navigating between the spinners if you need to utilize that!


Image from Fandom

Glacier contains many platforms and conveyors similar to the ‘Agents Deja Vue’ section. However, with Glacier, you will be starting with a platform that has a kill part wall to the right after you get to the first platform. You will have to keep jumping across the platforms and avoiding the kill part walls as you do so. There are various conveyors which lead to kill part walls or have a kill part wall on them. Simply ensure you take your time with jumps and you will complete this section of the tower!


Image from Fandom

Known as one of the most difficult sections in the experience, Vortex will ensure that you have built up a vast amount of knowledge on how to successfully conquer towers. Drenched in an ocean blue, you will be navigating between platforms and avoiding lasers and ‘killparts’ as they are known in the experience. You will have to jump to various platforms and ladder trusses that allow you to keep continuing up through the tower. As a fun fact for you, the Vortex section was once utilized for the game’s main cover image. It has certainly grown to a lot of infamy for its difficulty that players know about.

Triangle Terror:

Image from Fandom

What’s scarier than a vortex? Why it has to be triangles of course! With this section, you will likely be visualizing triangles for the rest of the day after playing it! The section is extremely difficult and you will probably need a good number of tries in order to conquer this specific section of the tower.

Firstly, there are two main elements to this section. You have both inner and outer sides for the player to navigate their way through. When you arrive at the section, you will be placed on a smaller platform and you will observe a spinning 3D Prism in front of you. The outer sides of the triangle have three medium platforms and then one longer platform. These platforms will have ‘kill parts’ that you will have to precariously avoid with jumping. After those four parts on the outer side, you will then have six extra platforms to jump across, and afterward, you will finally reach the inner side of the triangular prism.

For this part, simply navigate the longer platform visible and then keep jumping over any ‘kill parts’ you can, keep navigating through the platforms and then you will be able to reach the highest point of the prism. Now you have to jump across two triangles that are spinning. These triangles have three kill parts on them so you will have to be precise with your timing. All of the triangular platforming in this section reminds me of Super Mario Sunshine’s secret levels! When you have jumped across the triangles and reached the vertical spinning triangle that is spinning upwards, jump onto it, and then you will have completed the section after that triangle.

Congratulations! You have proved your platforming prowess with that section!

Coins — Your Currency to Tower Success

Image from Fandom

While you are busy climbing towers, you will be earning a vast number of coins in the process, allowing you to gain advantages to climbing towers easier and also accessories. Firstly, you will have to understand how to acquire those all-important coins of course. As there are a few ways that you can earn coins and indeed numerous ways you can earn more coins!

By completing base towers, you will be able to earn anywhere up to 100 coins. However, if you are wanting to earn a higher number of coins at a quicker rate, there is a way to do just that! If you start working through completing the ‘Pro Towers’, you will be able to earn up to 250 coins instead.

There are also a few loopholes associated with both methods as there is a particular way you can earn even more. If you have the ‘Double Coins Gamepass’ for the experience, you will earn up to 200 coins in the base towers and up to 500 coins in the ‘Pro Towers’. A massive difference for the Pro Towers rewards. Be sure to reap the benefits of that game pass!

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Gears will likely be your greatest ally in this experience. There are 10 gears to earn in the game, however, you will likely be utilizing only 6 of these at first until you learn the game more. At their essence, these items can be equipped to alter the gameplay of your character that will assist with the tower climbing.

The gears will only keep equipped for one round, at which point you will have to buy another one to continue using them.

You can buy gears from the shop and then equip them to reap the benefits of the gears. Here is a list of all of the gears and what they will do for you including their cost.

Fusion Coil:

Image from Fandom

This coil will make you the highest jumper in the land. You will be able to jump higher with this than any other gear. You also will move faster with this coil ultimately allowing you to move through the towers with speed.

The cost of the Fusion Coil is 90 coins in base towers and then 150 coins in the Pro Towers.

Gravity Coil:

Image from Fandom

The Gravity Coil will allow you to quite literally alter the gravity of your character! I have found this gear extremely fun and beneficial to utilize. Whenever you jump with this gear equipped, you will jump much higher and then almost float back to the ground which gives you more time to make more difficult jumps such as avoiding quick lasers that are spinning around.

In terms of the cost, for the base cost, it will be 80 coins to purchase from the shop, however, for the ‘pro’ tower cost it will be 152 coins instead.


Image from Fandom

The Hook Gear will essentially allow you to become Batman for some time! It is a grappling hook in the purest sense and will allow you to grapple onto anything you can reach, whether it be a platform or another player. You will be able to swing with the hook to assist you will your climb once again.

As for the cost, the hook gear will cost you 80 coins for the base towers and then 152 coins for the Pro Towers.


Image from Fandom

Following the hook gear, we have the hourglass! Gather round folks and immerse yourself with a timer which sand flows through. It’s time to control time! With the hourglass gear, you will be able to freeze every moving part in the section at any point. You can both freeze and unfreeze the parts and this will make navigating through the tower extremely easier if it is something you would like that way.

The cost for the hourglass in the normal/base towers is 90 coins and then 180 coins for the pro towers.

Speed Coil:

Image from Fandom

Up next there is the Speed Coil! With this you will become the very essence of speed itself as you will be running much faster through the tower with it equipped. This gear can be great for any tower sections that you know require some speed and also for sections that you have already conquered numerous times and that you know your way around. With this coil, you will be able to complete them much quicker to reach the next section.

The price of the speed coil is 60 coins for the base towers and then 120 coins for the Pro Towers.


Image from Fandom

At first glance, you may be wondering what on earth you would need a Trowel for…and you would be right! However, within the experience, this gear will allow you to place platforms that you will be able to jump onto. They will be there for 5 sections and then between each platform/path, you will have to wait 8 seconds to place another one.

This gear is extremely beneficial for difficult sections which you could utilize them for navigating around any obstacles you were finding tricky.

The Trowel costs 40 coins in base towers and then 70 coins in Pro Towers.

Now that each main gear has been discussed, here are some of the rarer and more secret gears that won’t be utilized as much as these gears as they can’t be bought with coins and have to be found and unlocked through other methods.


Image from Fandom

The ‘bomb’ gear will simply explode after reaching a specific timer set. It can only be spawned in a private server with particular commands.

Jump Coil:

Image from Fandom

This gear can be unlocked by opening both doors of a secret section named ‘The Vault’ with the correct codes. It will allow you to infinitely jump which essentially means flying up through the towers making most towers a breeze to get through.


Image from Fandom

This gear will kill any player who runs into you while you are holding the gear, if it is dropped on the floor however, it will simply act as another killpart. It can only be spawned into the server by an admin or developer.


Image from Fandom

This gear is a sniper which will be able to kill other players. Again, it can be spawned into the server by admins or developers.

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The Skill Tree — Let the Power of The Gears Flow Through You!

You will be pleased to know that all of the 6 main gears can be upgraded in the game’s skill tree except the hourglass gear. Upgrading the gears in the skill tree will allow you to gain even further benefits from the gears. There are three branches for skills and you will be able to unlock the skills with skill points for which you will earn one skill point every time you level up.

Skill prices vary based on what skill you are going to be purchasing for the gears.

Effects — Accessorise Your Character!

Of course with any Roblox game you are going to be spending a lot of time within. You will likely find that the game will have a lot of customization options and this is indeed the result of this particular experience. You will be able to earn coins and utilize them to buy a wide range of accessories and effects for your character.

These effects can be earned from buying ‘boxes’ which are in the shop ‘effects’ section. It costs 500 coins for a base ‘coin box’ or 25 Robux for a ‘Robux box’ which will include different effects compared to the coin box.

There are different rarities available for effects. There are Average, Interesting, Purple, and Legendary rarity levels for the effects. Within each type of box, there is a 64% chance for an ‘Average’ rarity effect(s), a 24% chance for ‘Interesting’ rarity effects, a 10% chance for a ‘purple’ rarity, and a 2% chance for a ‘Legendary’ rarity effects.

It should also be noted that there is a further rarity effect along with these which is known as ‘YXclusive’, however, these type of effects can’t be obtained from any boxes for your character.

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Mutators — Abilities To Keep You On The Journey Through The Tower

There are various mutators as aforementioned that you will be able to utilize for your many runs through the towers. These are similar to the gears however the important aspect about mutators is that they will work for everyone in the server and be applied to them, not just yourself. This makes it a prime element to work on activating as you will be helping others which is excellent!

An example of a type of Mutator that you will be able to buy is the ‘Invincibility’ mutator which will make it so that you can’t get eliminated by any kill parts in the game while it is active for players. It will cost 500 coins however this mutator is extremely powerful and can be utilized in a pinch when you are progressing through a difficult section if you want to help other players succeed at the tower. Since it is applied to both you and the server, you all will be going through the more difficult sections at extreme speeds!

Another example of a mutator is the ‘Extra Time’ mutator. This only costs 50 coins however it will add an additional two minutes to the timer for going through the tower.

Along with other mutators, there are also particular mutators that can also be bought with Robux which will allow you to also buy them with coins. One of these is the ‘Bunny Hop’ mutator which can either be a benefit or a hindrance depending on what section you are on of the tower. This is due to the fact that it will make everyone on the server jump continuously. It can be bought with 10 Robux. Notably, there is also the ‘Double Coins’ mutator which will of course double everyone’s rewards of coins from the experience.

All of the mutators are as follows:

  • Low Gravity – The gravity for everyone will be reduced by 25%
  • High Speed – The speed of everyone will be increased by 25%
  • Lengthen – This will add another section to the tower for players to venture through
  • Foggy – The game world will become foggy and likely increase the difficulty for players who are trying to observe where to jump next for the platforms of that section.
  • Negative – Inverts the game’s colors.
  • Invincibility – Makes you invincible.
  • Extra Time – Adds two minutes to the timer.
  • Bunny Hop – Makes everyone jump continuously.
  • Checkpoints – This mutator will add a checkpoint to sections throughout the tower. This of course will allow you to progress through towers with an extra safety net which will be excellent for training and practicing specific sections.
  • Double Coins – Doubles coin rewards for players.
  • Invisibility – Everyone will become invisible with this mutator which will of course assist in viewing the section without observing tons of players around you in their normal form.
  • Double Jump – This mutator will allow you and everyone else to double jump twice, it can also be utilized at the same time as gear so you can utilize them at the same time to make your journey through the tower even easier for you.

The Soundtrack — Music for all of your platforming needs!

There are various compositions for music that can be heard throughout the experience, and these add to the platforming immersiveness. Whether you are jumping through the Pro Towers or practicing with the Base Towers. The soundtrack has something for everyone and the developers actually created the main soundtrack for the game. There are two unique sections for the music soundtrack. The first of which is ‘Evanbear1’s soundtrack for which the song names and their order are listed here:

  • Recon’s Train
  • Evan’s Adventure
  • Festival de Globos
  • Diamond Skies
  • Cloud Mountain
  • Obren’s Breakfast
  • Sapphire Cave
  • Crimson Woods
  • Interstellar Sky
  • Pyxl’s Tower

If you are wanting to listen to this soundtrack, you can listen to it on various streaming platforms. Here is the link to the tracklist on YouTube. Another set of the soundtrack for the game was created by ‘BriefSerendipity’ and once again, here is the specific names and order of the tracklisting:

  • Worm
  • Rhythms
  • Boss Battle
  • Echo
  • Bitty
  • Major
  • Move Over
  • Tension

This section of the soundtrack similar to the other section can be listened to on various streaming platforms and here is the YouTube playlist for the soundtrack.

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions For Tower Of Hell

Question: Are there badges for Tower of Hell to unlock?

Answer: Yes! There are certainly badges for you to unlock and there are seven unique badges that you can unlock. They are named as follows:
Newbie – This can be earned for beating your first tower in the experience and will likely be the first badge you earn.

Question: Are there Private Servers for the experience?

Answer: Absolutely! However, they will cost you 250 Robux to unlock and set up for the game. They can be great to have though if you are simply wanting to play the game and learn the ropes without having a ton of players in your view or if you want to invite some people to challenge in the Tower on your own server.

Question: How long will it take to complete Tower of Hell?

Answer: It will likely take you above 20 hours of playtime to beat Tower of Hell and all of its sections fully if you had one section after the other and all of the training required. It will likely be double or triple that amount of time.

Question: Is there any Tower of Hell Merch?

Answer: Yes! There is official Tower of Hell Merch that can be bought through Amazon. The merch varies from hoodies/jumpers, to vests and t-shirts. All associated with the Tower of Hell branding for players to showcase their enjoyment of the experience to others who notice what they are wearing.

Question: Does Tower of Hell allow you to bring custom gear into the server?

Answer: No, the game does not allow you to have your own gear with you. This is likely to keep things fair for players and allow you to progress through the towers at the intended rates. Ultimately, you will be earning gear in-game with the coins you earn.


With it all summed up, Tower of Hell is an experience within Roblox that you want to be sure to try! The number of sections goes to show the development team’s passion for creating unique Roblox experiences. There is vast platforming enjoyment to be had and it’s time that you showcase those platforming skills of yours to the world. So go and start with Tower of Hell if you have enjoyed what you’ve read today!

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