Roblox Terminology and Slang

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Roblox has a diverse number of terms that players will utilise on a day to day basis and if you’re not familiar with the terms, things can get quite complicated at a significant speed.

I certainly know that I had to learn a lot of the terms when I was getting involved with the community more frequently so this handy list of terms and slang will have you becoming a moving Roblox dictionary in no time at all!

Roblox Terminology and Slang

Firstly, it should be noted how this article will be structured for your browsing needs, whether it’s your first time here or your one-hundredth time.

The list will be structured in alphabetical order and the terms will range from technical terms for Roblox, to more general game terms, then player input terms such as general texting etiquette and abbreviations.

Without further ado, here is the list of terminology that is great to know about when playing Roblox.


Starting right off the bat with a common phrase that is used throughout gaming which is known as ‘AFK’. This term simply means ‘Away from Keyboard’. It implies that the user who said it is away for a short period of time and the term can also mean ‘Away from Controller’ which is also useful to know.



Whenever you are playing Roblox, you will commonly be playing in worlds with your ‘Avatar’ visible to other players. Your Avatar is your player character and can be customised to look the way you want them to look for others and yourself.


This term relates to a form of achievement that can be earned playing Roblox games. Most games will have a section in the description labelled ‘Badges’ and these can be unlocked by completing tasks in-game that they require players to complete to be awarded them.


Builders are Roblox’s heart and soul, these are the people who make experiences (a term I will discuss later on) come to life within the game.

They can be known as the creators of maps that thrive for years and truly have the passion for creating experiences that others will enjoy such as any good level designer is able to do.


If you ever see a game mentioning ‘codes’ in the description, it indicates that there will be a certain place for you in that game to redeem codes.

Codes are simply a string of letters and/or numbers that can be redeemed in-game for a vast range of rewards chosen at the creator’s/builders own discretion.


One particular activity players can choose to take part in if they want to develop their own worlds is the ‘Create’ mode which can be found at the top of the Roblox website where players can opt to download software in order to begin creating their own maps and modes.

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Within recent years, players may have seen the phrase ‘Discord’ appearing omnipresently throughout the servers of Roblox.

This particular phrase simply relates to what can be seen as a social media platform that allows people to create servers to chat within and it works a little bit like Messenger or any other messaging software if you are using it for direct messages.

If people are wanting to chat with you outside Roblox, they may ask to speak with you on Discord and invite you to a server. But be safe when leaving the game to chat outside it, only do this with people you know in real life or, if you are over the age of 18 to be extra safe, trust the people you have met online.



Throughout Roblox, experiences are what make up all of the games on the platform. This is the particular term used to describe the maps. For example, Project New World can be said to be an experience for players to join.

As shown in the image above, whenever you search for a game, an ‘experiences’ prompt will be able to be searched for first which will allow you to find what you are looking for.


This particular term stands for “I Swear to God” and is commonly used throughout the internet by people of all ages. It may be seen to express frustration, anger, or even humility among many other colloquial meanings of the abbreviation.


Lua is another term seen throughout Roblox due to the fact that it is the coding language the Roblox is coded in. If you want to find out more about Lua, then be sure to visit their official website here for all your learning needs!


This phrase relates to certain experiences and a game mode at its core that can be found throughout Roblox. ‘Obby’s’ are obstacle courses that players can complete in the game and they are scattered throughout the entirety of Roblox due to their popularity and thus creators have been creating them for years.


This phrase is seen used throughout Roblox on a likely daily basis, this is because it is the general sound of Roblox characters ‘dying’ in the game world. In turn, players have been using it to express remarks to other players on the basis of a sound.

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A form of currency in Roblox, ‘Robux’ is a premium currency that can be used to buy a host of items among other things. The developers of Roblox earn a part of their income through this monetization strategy.


This is a simpler term to understand as it is commonly used widely across messaging once again. If you see someone type this in chat, it expresses that they are laughing and finding something funny.

This term is not to be mistaken for ‘Adobe XD’ which is an actual piece of software for UI (User Interaction) and UX (User Experience) design.


In conclusion, as can be seen above, there is a diverse number of terms that many players of Roblox utilise when playing the game and these terms just scratch the surface of how many terms there actually is used throughout the game. However, these terms are the ones that you will likely see most frequently throughout your time playing Roblox.

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