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In Shindo Life, players are given bloodlines used to defeat opponents.

I treat bloodlines as a collection, acquiring every bloodline in the game to find the strengths and weaknesses of each bloodline.

My Short Summary

Shindo Life Bloodlines are abilities based on the Naruto franchise that allows players to create combinations and deal damage to opponents.

What are Bloodlines?

RELL Games, the lead developers of Shindo Life, create bloodlines. Bloodlines, known as Kekkei Genkai to Naruto fans, are derived from original characters, clans, and elements from the anime Naruto.

There are three different bloodline types:

  1. Eye Bloodlines
  2. Clan Bloodlines
  3. Elemental Bloodlines

Each type brings its own unique style of gameplay, and I will do my best to describe each.

Eye Bloodlines

Shindo Life Bloodlines

Starting with the Eye Bloodlines, the unique characteristic of these bloodlines is the visible change in your avatar’s eyes.

I have found three bloodlines that each Shindo Life player will know if they hear their name, and I will go through each of those eye bloodlines.

The Akuma

In my opinion, the most known eye bloodline is the Akuma. This bloodline is based on the Uchiha’s well-known dojutsu, the Sharingan. There are eight different Akuma, each based on a different Uchiha’s Mangekyō Sharingan, except the first one, the Akuma, which is the basic Sharingan.

Each of the Akuma, when equipped, will change the user’s eyes to the formation that looks similar to the Sharingan’s Tomoe. Showcased is the normal Akuma.

One of my personal favorites is the Shiver Akuma is one of my favorite Akuma in Shindo Life. Shiver stands out to me because you can use its ability to run across the map in a matter of seconds.

The Rengoku

Another well-known bloodline is the Rengoku. This bloodline is based on the dojutsu, the Rinnegan.

Much like the Akuma, there are eight different Rengoku, each being based on a character from Naruto or even, in one case, based on the popular Star Wars character, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The original Rengoku is based on Nagato’s Rinnegan, my favorite character in Naruto, and is widely considered the first Rinnegan in the franchise.

When equipped, each Rengoku will change your avatar’s eyes to the respective Rengoku. I will show you the first Rengoku along with another mode so that I will highlight the eyes.

The Jokei

The Jokei

The Jokei has a special place in my collection of bloodlines. When RELL Games created the Jokei, it was initially called the Byakugan, to no one’s surprise.

Even though this bloodline is probably the best-looking one out of the three most popular, it got the least amount of love in variations with only four different Jokei.

Each Jokei use very similar abilities and are only differentiated by color.

When you equip the Jokei, your avatar’s eyes will swap to the Byakugan eyes, the creepy eye veins included. I will show the original Jokei as an example.

There are plenty of other eye bloodlines in Shindo Life, and for the most part, they are all based on different characters from Naruto. Including the bloodlines I have already discussed, there are 42 unique eye bloodlines.

One of my first and favorite bloodlines was Tengoku, another eye bloodline. Since playing Shindo Life about a year ago, I have set aside Tengoku as a prized possession. I have seen it evolve from the original build. I highly recommend you try and get Tengoku.

Clan Bloodlines

The second type of bloodline is the clan bloodline. These bloodlines are derived from the major clans in Naruto and other franchises, one example being the Marvel franchise. In total, there are 60 Clan Bloodlines.

First, I want to talk about the crossover bloodlines. Unfortunately, I have not been graced with the opportunity to be given the new bloodlines from the Marvel Universe, Strange, and Vengeance, but I can certainly vouch for them. These bloodlines are highly overpowered, but for the right reasons.

Strange, the first crossover, is obviously based on Doctor Strange, from the apparent reference in the name. Each ability, including the mode, make you look and act like Doctor Strange.

The second crossover, Vengeance, is based on Moon Knight. Using this bloodline, you don the cape of the Moon Knight, beating the life out of enemies.

Not only has RELL Games done work with Marvel, but they also stepped into the DC world with variations of Vengeance and Strange.

The first DC bloodline crossover was Vengeance. This bloodline was created when Robert Pattinson’s The Batman was released, which is why the bloodline was named Vengeance as a reference to the movie.

Second, Fate is based on Doctor Fate from the DC Comics. Being a reskin of Strange, all of the abilities are just like Strange, but in a different color.

One of the most well-known clans in Naruto is the Senju clan or Shizen in Shindo Life. With five different variations, Shizen uses wood to deal damage.

However, in RELL fashion, they put their own twist on the clan. In the variations Giovanni and Jotaro, RELL based these two on the anime, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Each bloodline uses a companion that resembles the same Stands used in JoJo’s, and all the abilities are also based on the anime.

Now for my favorite clan bloodline; Borumaki. This is my favorite clan bloodline for one reason only. When I returned to Shindo Life after my six-month break, I saw Borumaki and immediately wanted it.

With three modes and abilities based on Boruto from the anime series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, I had just started watching Boruto, so I had to have it.

Above all else, Borumaki is very strong, definitely a keeper.

Last but certainly not least, one of the best clan bloodlines in the game is Minakaze. Minakaze is very powerful and will either be your existence’s bane or your best friend. Unfortunately, I have yet to get Minakaze, but I have enough combat experience to guarantee its effectiveness.

Being a limited bloodline that is no longer attainable, and almost every player I run into has it, I still have yet to find a bloodline that counters Minakaze efficiently.

Elemental Bloodlines

Bloodline Tier List Shindo Life

The final type of bloodline is the Elemental Bloodline. These bloodlines are relatively basic and, as the name suggests, are different elements transformed into abilities. There are a total of 42 Elemental Bloodlines.

That said, there is, as of right now, one crossover bloodline. There are also a couple of bloodlines based on specific characters from Naruto.

I’ll be honest, I don’t use elemental bloodlines that much, only because eye and clan bloodlines are so much better, but there are a few that I would like to have but have yet to get.

My first honorable mention is Web. This bloodline is, as the name suggests, based off of spiders. What better way to pull abilities based on spiders than from Spider-Man himself.

With this bloodline, you can swing and shoot webs just like the neighborhood hero. Unfortunately, this bloodline does not come with a mode, most likely due to copyright infringement. Still, the abilities make up for this flaw, making Web a solid elemental bloodline.

The following excellent elemental bloodline is Ashen-Storm. This bloodline is a combination of other bloodlines, and it has a great mode along with it. The most significant thing about Ashen-Storm is how fast it is.

My favorite elemental bloodline has to be Apollo-Sand, solely because it has helped me in boss fights. Along with Shado, this is the best bloodline combination for farming bosses, so I highly recommend Apollo-Sand for bosses.

What are the Best Bloodlines in Shindo Life?

So, I’ve talked a lot about the different bloodlines in Shindo Life, but it is time for me to give you my tier list for the best bloodlines in the game.

This comes from years of playing the game and seeing the evolution of old bloodlines and the creation of new bloodlines.

Most Powerful Bloodline

Most Powerful Bloodline

My first tier list is dedicated to the most powerful bloodline that can be used as a solo bloodline.

  1. Strange
  2. Minakaze
  3. Renshiki
  4. Bruce-Kenichi
  5. Vengeance
  6. Rengoku
  7. Dio-Senko
  8. Vanhelsing
  9. Borumaki
  10. Shindai-Rengoku

It is no secret that Strange and Minakaze are the strongest bloodlines in the game if you were only allowed one bloodline. They can combo you effortlessly with their time-stopping abilities, making them hard to counter and combo.

I put Renshiki in third place because of the most recent rework. Now, Renshiki can hold its own. When the new update came out, I could combo people just by using Renshiki’s first mode, and even more so when I got the second stage.

Another new bloodline, Bruce-Kenichi, is the best taijutsu bloodline in the game. It has incredible combo ability but can be countered if not done right. I placed it lower than Renshiki with its brute force attacks.

Vengeance is an incredible bloodline. Its grapple attack is fantastic at starting a combo, and its other abilities will continue to rack up damage. The only issue again is that it is easily countered if not used correctly.

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Best Combination Bloodline

The following tier list will be in combination ability, highlighting the best bloodline to combo with.

  1. Bruce-Kenichi
  2. Rune-Koncho
  3. Vengeance
  4. Strange
  5. Minakaze
  6. Raion-Rengoku
  7. Raion-Gaiden
  8. Six-Paths-Narumaki
  9. Renshiki
  10. Doku-Tengoku

Bruce-Kenichi easily takes the spot of number one. Go for a taijutsu build with this bloodline and use another bloodline like Ryuji-Kenichi. You are going to absolutely destroy your opponents.

That being said, this might take you some time to master, so be prepared.

A new bloodline that I discovered does an unhealthy amount of damage when combined with another bloodline is Rune-Koncho. This bloodline can drain chi, life steal, and stun, which are great attributes for a combo bloodline. I recommend using a mid-ranged bloodline like Vengeance, Strange, or Minakaze.

Of course, I had to include Vengeance on this tier list. Every ability acts as a combo starter or extender, so you cannot go wrong with using it as one of your bloodlines. For maximum damage, I recommend you stick to other close-ranged, taijutsu-based bloodlines, such as Bruce-Kenichi or Ryuji-Kenichi.

I could place Strange in any situation, and this bloodline would thrive. Still, it lacks in combo ability, at least when compared to the higher bloodlines on this list. Strange’s time-stopping ability is an incredible combo extender, so you could pair this with any bloodline and be set.

Of course, Minakaze would make it on this list, as it is almost identical to Strange. The only difference between the two is that while all of Strange’s moves stun, Minakaze’s abilities are mostly ragdoll moves, so it is comparable in combination ability.

Best Looking Bloodline

Bruce-Kenichi Bloodline

I think a lot of people use bloodlines because the abilities and modes make them feel powerful only because of their appearance. I am guilty of this as well, so I would like to create a list of the most aesthetically pleasing bloodlines.

  1. Bruce-Kenichi
  2. Fate
  3. Raion-Gaiden
  4. Vengeance
  5. Obi-Ren-Kengoku
  6. Vanhelsing
  7. Six-Paths-Narumaki
  8. Tengoku
  9. Borumaki
  10. Web

Bruce-Kenichi easily takes the number one spot. Not only is taijutsu the most satisfying way to combo your enemies, but RELL gave Bruce-Kenichi a move that changes the victim’s vision to red, which is very similar to other fighting games.

While Fate is just a reskin of Strange, Fate’s mode covers your character completely in Doctor Fate’s suit. Unfortunately, that is all that is different, and all of the abilities are the same, only gold rather than green.

Raion-Gaiden is another good-looking bloodline, especially if you’re a Naruto fan like me. Every move uses Sasuke’s samurai spirit, and his Mangekyō Sharingan and Rinnegan replace your eyes.

Dawning Batman’s cape is a childhood dream that I reckon many of us have had at one point. All of the abilities are visibly satisfying, using fists and Shurikens, nothing more. If you are more interested in the Marvel Universe, the Moon Knight variation is just as satisfying.

Finally, Obi-Ren-Kengoku. The name in itself is one of the greatest plays on words I’ve ever seen in a game. As a reskin of Rengoku, you turn into Obi-Wan Kenobi, surrounded by different Star Wars characters from the franchise. Not only that, but you use the Force as a replacement for the power of Rengoku.

Alternate Game Modes

Now, there are plenty of other modes in Shindo Life, and a bloodline is best suited to each of those modes. I would like to address each game mode, highlighting the most effective bloodlines for all of them.


For War, just use an Akuma. In fact, take the most common Akuma. For the last stage, you must get a scroll to use the true samurai spirit, which comes on Wave 10. To acquire this spirit, follow these steps:

  1. Get to Wave 10 in War,
  2. Kill the samurai spirit
  3. Pick up the drop,
  4. Farm Akuma to level 1,300

This is the easiest way to defend yourself during War. When farming War, I activate the Akuma true samurai spirit and stand in front of one of the Zetsu spawns. I then just click away with my mouse; it is just that easy.

This works for any of the Akuma, but the other Akuma are rarer to get. It is challenging and complicated to get the right samurai spirit, which comes on Wave 15. This is due to the randomizer in place that will spawn a different Akuma spirit each time.

Boss Fights

Apollo-Sand Bloodline

For Boss Fights, use Shado and Apollo-Sand. Specifically, use Shado’s mode ability and Apollo-Sand’s third ability. These wave attacks will deal at least 400,000 damage each time to the boss, making it the fastest and most efficient way to farm bosses.


Conquest is an exciting mode that most people do not know about. It is an okay way to farm RELL Coins, so if you find yourself playing this mode, these are the bloodlines you should use.

Vengeance is the best bloodline to use in conquest. Similarly, Bruce-Kenichi is just as good as well; just pair either of these bloodlines with some taijutsu and sub-abilities.

How do I Level Up My Bloodlines Quickly?

Now that you have your bloodlines, or you’re like me, trying to max every bloodline in the game, there are several ways to farm levels, depending on your situation.


War is a great way to farm levels for bloodlines. Still, again, I do recommend that you have a true samurai spirit for one of your Akuma, or things will get a little tricky when going through the waves.

That said, if you are trying to farm levels, and you just so happen to need a true samurai spirit, War is even better. In this scenario, you’ll be farming levels while trying to get your samurai spirit.

Green Scroll Quests

Unfortunately, these quests no longer give as much exp as they used to, so they are a little less effective these days.

However, nothing is useless, so if you find that you need Ryo, or you’re trying to multitask again, equip a companion, any companion will do, and have a low-level friend of yours, or a random low-level, accept missions, and use your companion to complete the missions. You will gain levels on your companion, bloodline, and character.

Boss Missions

This is the most effective method for farming EXP and Ryo. I recommend you do this with other players; it is easier. When I farm bosses, I usually just stick to Ember Village. The bosses are placed close enough that you can make a complete cycle through them all and be back in time for the reset timer to end.


Let me preface by saying that using a third-party application that auto-clicks for you is not allowed.

That said, RELL has added a way to auto-click. While you are in-game, go up to a training log and type in the chat bar, “!autoclick on”

Once you turn this on, your character should start punching the log.

Initially, this was added for the mobile community of Shindo Life. Still, it is just as relaxing for PC players like myself.

That said, this does not mean you are clear to leave your computer or phone overnight farming on this system.

Because Roblox has the rule that you cannot stand still without any outside input for 20 minutes, you will need to either click your screen on your phone or your mouse every 15 minutes.

The Bloodline Bag

Vanhelsing Bloodline

Finally, I want to talk about the best gamepass that Shindo Life has: The Bloodline Bag.

With this gamepass, you can spin any bloodline and keep it for the rest of your Roblox life. The real perk of this is if a new bloodline comes out, you can spin bloodlines without worrying about losing your precious Minakaze or Strange.

While I am not allowed to give you any financial advice whatsoever, this purchase was the best purchase I ever made, so if you are going to spend any Robux or money on this game, get the bloodline bag.


Question: What is the Best Way to Get Spins to Spin for Bloodlines?

Answer: Spin codes. RELL Games give out a ton of spin codes on their Twitter and YouTube, so always check those platforms for codes. From time to time, they will have codes that give over 200 spins.

Question: What are the Other Ways to Get Bloodlines?

Answer: So, there are two ways to get bloodlines other than spinning them.
The easiest, but the more expensive method, is through the RELL Coin Shop. The shop has plenty of great bloodlines, and it refreshes every three hours. That being said, it can get expensive, especially if you spend Robux buying RELL Coins.
The other way is through Dungeons. As I am writing this, the new dungeon system has not been released, but with the next update, you will be able to attempt every single dungeon and go for the bloodline you want. This takes a while, but it will be a breeze if you are determined.

Question: How do I Get RELL Coins?

Answer: Like acquiring bloodlines, there are two ways to get RELL Coins.
The first way is through codes. I’ll say it again, RELL Games hand out codes like they are candy. Check their Twitter and YouTube. They will almost certainly have a code you have not redeemed yet. If you are reading this soon enough, they have a challenge that for every like their tweet gets, they will drop a code that equals two RELL Coins. They do these challenges from time to time, so be sure to check Twitter regularly.
The second, more expensive way is through Robux. I cannot recommend this method, as I am a big fan of F2P (Free to Play), but if you want to, just head to the shop and purchase RELL Coins with Robux. Do remember that they are expensive and not generally worth it.


Shindo Life has hundreds of different bloodlines, each of which brings its own strengths and weaknesses to the table. My best piece of advice is to experiment with all of them, and they are all that make Shindo Life the great game it is.

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