Best Roblox Squid Game

Best Roblox Squid Game

Roblox is full of countless genres, games, and copycats for you to check out. If there is a property you love, like a TV show, movie, or another video game, chances are that there’s a way to enjoy it in Roblox. Such is even the case for Squid Game, the unbelievably popular Netflix Korean show that stole headlines worldwide. There are plenty of Roblox games based around the hit series, and this best Roblox Squid Game list has the ones you certainly need to play.

The most robust Roblox Squid Games are the ones that emphasize the battle royale or last-person standing nature of the Netflix series. Some of them are direct copycats, right down to the red light, green light game. But others are more in the vein of Squid Game, emphasizing survival and outliving your opponents. All of these and more are included in this best Roblox Squid Game list.

Bottom Line Up Front

The best Roblox Squid Game-inspired experiences are the ones that take the idea of the hit Netflix show and convert it into a fun game. They could just be simple copycats with a similar setting and minigames to play, but they don’t have to. Others take the idea of survival and maximize the last person standing idea to its max. If you can only play one, though, the very best has to be the Squid Game experience from Trendsetter Games. They mastered the idea better than anyone else.

Selection Criteria

Coming up with the best Roblox Squid Game wasn’t the easiest for me. If I’m being transparent with you, this is my favorite genre in all of Roblox. If you ever see me on Roblox these days, chances are I’m playing one of the ten games below.

There is just so much fun in this genre in trying to be the last person standing. Creating your own stories, competing with and against friends, and doing these minigames provide a thrill unlike anything else in all of the video games. So, you best believe that I judged these games harder than any other category. Here are the selection criteria I used to come up with this list:

  • Squid Game Relation: Above all else, a Roblox experience has to be close to the Squid Game TV show in some form or another. Sure, it can directly steal ideas and minigames from it, but it could just be inspired by the last person standing/battle royale idea.
  • Quality: The quality of the game has to be apparent. There are countless Squid Game copycats out there, but not all of them have the presentation, graphics, games, and maps that help them stand out.
  • Fun Factor: This is the most straightforward element that I used. If I’m not having fun playing these games, it won’t show up here.
  • Hook and Replayability: Since there are so many Roblox games out there, the best ones have to have a hook of some kind to keep you coming back for more. It has to have that binge-worthy nature that the Squid Game TV show, or else it isn’t on this list.
  • Minigames/Maps: Lastly, the minigames, maps, and gameplay have to be stellar. These experiences don’t just have to be fun but have gameplay mechanics and ideas that are better than almost anything that most Roblox games have to offer.

Best Roblox Squid Game List

Without further ado, I came up with the ten best Roblox Squid Games that you can now play on mobile, PC, and console. These are my personal picks and games that you will often find me checking out. Feel free to jump into these games on any given night, and you may just find yourself competing against me. Good luck, though, because you’ll probably lose. Just saying!

1. Light Game – Game 7

Light Game Roblox
  • Developer: Light Game Community
  • Release Date: October 2021
  • Visits: 207 million visits

Kicking off this list, we have Light Game – Game 7. When it comes to this particular Roblox experience, it focuses more on the individual minigame format, as you can see from the name that references the Red Light, Green Light part of Squid Game, specifically.

Unlike some of the other Squid Game clones on this list, Light Game doesn’t lock you into a single gauntlet run of minigames. You almost entirely have just the Red Light, Green Light game, and that’s it. Better yet, it’s more like Disaster Island, where you can jump in and play at any point without having to queue up for the next lobby.

In terms of Red Light, Green Light, this is the best experience of that particular game mode. If you adore the first Squid Game minigame, this is the one for you. But if you prefer checking out the other game modes from the TV show, like Marbles and the Glass Bridge, this won’t help you out much due to its strange rotation.


  • Red Light, Green Light fans will adore this game
  • Best iteration of Red Light, Green Light
  • Easy pickup and play nature
  • Tons of progression and game passes that let you expand your gameplay experience.


  • Not many other game modes to enjoy, and they just aren’t as good
  • It doesn’t have the stressful feel of the TV show

2. Flee the Facility

Flee the Facility ROBLOX
  • Developer: A.W. Apps
  • Release Date: July 2017
  • Visits: 3.4 billion visits

Taking a step away from the clear copycats of Squid Game for a moment, here is an experience that offers a similar tense survival atmosphere. Flee the Facility is, by and large, a copycat of Dead by Daylight. You have a single killer chosen from the group of five players every round.

The other four have to run around the map, avoiding the killer and completing the computers to open up the exit to escape. What I appreciate about this game regarding Squid Game is the secondary plot in the TV show that followed the officer infiltrating the Squid Game facility.

If you liked that subplot from the TV show and his nerve-wracking attempt to stay alive long enough to find out the truth about what was happening there, this is the game for you. Just make sure to communicate and work together because at least you have friends to help you, unlike him.


  • One of the best survival games on Roblox
  • Thrilling and intense in every single round
  • Fun to play with friends
  • It gives off vibes of the police officer storyline in Squid Game


  • Extremely difficult for survivors to win
  • It is in dire need of new maps

3. Squid Game X

Squid Game X Roblox
  • Developer: redifi
  • Release Date: September 2021
  • Visits: 166 million visits

Squid Game X was the first knockoff of the Netflix series that I played soon after binging the entire season of the show. It’s not the best Squid Game clone on Roblox, but I would say it’s the second-best. What I appreciate about this game is its adherence to the showiness of the TV show.

You are greeted, there’s a bit of dialogue, and you even are assigned a number like the contestants in the Netflix series. The minigames are pretty fun, with no real issues with them. I even appreciate the fact that you have to go up the classic, colorful stairs to make it to the next game.

By far, the most alluring part about this game is the fact that it nails Tug of War, which almost no other game does well. However, why I don’t often play it is the fact that its presentation leaves something to be desired. The graphics and performance are a little bit rough around the edges and far too cartoony. But, in all honesty, this is the game I’d much rather play if they fixed things up.


  • The best representation of the game show nature of Squid Game
  • Includes some minigames that other Roblox experiences fail to include
  • The second-best Squid Game clone on Roblox


  • The presentation needs some work in the graphics department
  • It’s a little bit too cartoony or Fall Guys for Squid Game

4. The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games roblox
  • Developer: Untethered
  • Release Date: November 2010
  • Visits: 5.9 million visits

This is what I consider a hidden gem in the Roblox community. I only discovered it recently, but it’s quickly become one of my favorite games. The Hunger Games is one of the movies and book series that made the battle royale genre so famous when it came out.

Though I wouldn’t necessarily classify Squid Game as a battle royale experience, it has similarities. It’s almost like a mix of an obstacle course with a battle royale edge, so they give me similar vibes. The Hunger Games, on the other hand, drops all of the cutesy obby games for a brutal slugfest to the end.

Over the past 12 years and counting that The Hunger Games has been in Roblox, it has been refined to a T. The gameplay immediately evokes the movies from start to finish with massive maps, harsh survival conditions, and a race to see who comes out on top among the districts. There are alliances, hide-and-seek moments, and weather conditions, and each match has its own storyline that I appreciate.


  • It fully captures The Hunger Games in the best way possible
  • For those who want something even more brutal than Squid Game
  • No match feels the same as the last one


  • It’s been around for a long time, and it somewhat shows in its gameplay

5. Red Light, Green Light

Red Light, Green Light roblox
  • Developer: slugfo
  • Release Date: September 2021
  • Visits: 453 million visits

Like the previous Light Game, this is all about the Red Light, Green Light game mode here. My friends reading this who just want the classic mode of running when the girl is turned around and stopping when she looks at you are in the right place.

Where Red Light, Green Light stands out is in the fact that it has up to 100 players in any given lobby. That is absolutely massive and more than even some of the other games on this list. Better yet, it is similar to Squid Game X in following the storyline of the show and emphasizing that.

This even includes the prize money that the winning player gets at the end. This is what this game offers the most out of any on this list. What I don’t appreciate, though, is the fact that the actual Red Light, Green Light minigame is one of the most lackluster versions. Thankfully, the other games that follow more than makeup for that.


  • One of the closest versions to the actual Squid Game show
  • It includes the prize pool money for the winner
  • Most of the games are fun


  • Ironically, the Red Light, Green Light game mode is fairly disappointing

6. Island Royale

Island Royale roblox
  • Developer: LordJurrd
  • Release Date: January 2018
  • Visits: 426 million visits

Like The Hunger Games, one of the progenitors of battle royale in video games today was Fortnite. Though it was far from the first, it was undoubtedly the game that ballooned it into the genre that we have now. Island Royale is pretty much the best game you’ll find in Roblox that represents Fortnite here.

It isn’t a one-to-one copy of Fortnite, but there are a lot of similarities taken from it. For starters, it has the building like Fortnite and a colorful island where you can play various modes with your friends or solo. You run around the island, collecting weapons and materials to then try and be the last person (or team) standing at the end.

There is that classic Squid Game scene in which the lights go out, and the remaining players are allowed to do whatever they want. This, of course, devolves into straight-up chaos and plenty of murders around the room as the contestants eliminate others to reduce the number of opponents. Island Royale is basically like that entire scene but as many times as you want.

7. All of Us Are Dead (Ranimated)

all of Us Are Dead roblox
  • Developer: Ranimated
  • Release Date: May 2022
  • Visits: 29.9 million visits

For this particular entry, I wanted to diverge some from the Squid Game and battle royale talk we’ve had. Another hit Netflix Korean show that came out that I especially enjoyed was All of Us Are Dead. There are some similarities between this and Squid Game, such as the fact that the main cast is surviving together, and there are some heartbreaking moments throughout.

All of Us Are Dead’s difference is that they don’t just have to worry about other humans but the undead, too. This Roblox game recreates the iconic high school setting from the show and has you infinitely survive against the zombie hordes using various weapons and teamwork.

Perhaps the best part, though, is the fact that you can turn into one of the zombies and then turn against the living. This adds that extra layer of excitement and the true horror of facing off against a highly intelligent member of the zombie horde.


  • Based on another hit Netflix show, just like Squid Game
  • Has the thrill of survival and fighting against others
  • It also contains the threat of zombies, which is always a great time


  • The map could be a bit larger
  • I would appreciate more progression from this game in the future

8. Squid Game Royale

Squid Game Royale roblox
  • Developer: Retro Shrimp
  • Release Date: September 2021
  • Visits: 23.9 million visits

Squid Game Royale is one of the most underplayed and underrated clones of the Netflix series on Roblox. It is a shame, too, because there is a high level of presentation that it exudes that almost none of the other games have to offer.

Everything from the fact you can observe the other players to the myriad items you can purchase with the cash you earn. Stats and the leaderboard are all fantastic in this experience. The weirdest part, though, is the fact that you vote for which of the Squid Games you’ll play next.

I do think it would be better off with the standard gauntlet run of the games in order, but, at the very least, this means that you can jump into a game at any point and start playing almost instantly. Perhaps this particular route is why it isn’t as popular as it could be, despite having arguably the best gameplay.


  • Some of the best gameplay when it comes to the Squid Game clones
  • A freeform nature that some players may appreciate
  • Some of the best presentations, performances, and graphics on this list


  • One of the smallest players counts out of most Squid Games (undeservedly so)
  • The voting format for the next game isn’t the best

9. Outlaster

Outlaster roblox
  • Developer: Peak Precision Studios
  • Release Date: July 2020
  • Visits: 175 million visits

Do you know a particular other game show that is similar to Squid Game but less violent called Survivor? The contestants participate in various minigames to, hopefully, not get voted off the island. Well, Outlaster is exactly that but in Roblox form.

And before the Squid Game craze, Outlaster was my most-played Roblox game by a long shot. I would come on here, make alliances, check out some excellent minigames, and try to outlive the others on the island. I won enough times to be a regular all-star player in the winners-only servers, so trust me when I say this game is one of the best on Roblox.

It used just to be called Survivor, but it smartly changed its name to avoid copyright issues. Regardless, this is one of the best games you’ll ever find on Roblox, especially for those that involve surviving to be the last one standing. And, hey, it doesn’t have the gore of Squid Game, so it might be preferable to parents of younger audiences.


  • Copycat of the TV show Survivor in impressive fashion
  • The minigames are excellent
  • The ability to make alliances to vote for other contestants gives a unique gameplay feel
  • Perfect for parents who don’t want their kids playing the violent Squid Game


  • It lacks the player-versus-player action of Squid Game
  • Not as intense or thrilling due to its chill nature

10. Squid Game (Trendsetter Games)

Squid Game (Trendsetter Games)
  • Developer: Trendsetter Games
  • Release Date: September 2021
  • Visits: 997 million visits (should hit 1 billion any day now)

I truly saved the best for last on this list with Squid Game. One of the first on Roblox and easily the best, no game is all-around as impressive as this Squid Game experience. If you want the purest Squid Game clone that goes through the gauntlet of games, this is the one to play.

It may not have the storylines or dialogue of other games, but it has most of the minigames, and they are all immensely fun to play. Red Light, Green Light, the glass bridge, the fight night, and more are all at their peaks here in this Squid Game experience.

The progression is fantastic, too, letting players become guards and have roles that let them not have to be a player if they don’t want to. You can be the one who wears the signature pink suit and takes out the players who break the rules if you’d like, without having to spend Robux, too.

There is no other Squid Game experience that is as well put together as this one, so there is almost no reason to check out any clone but this one. This is the game that I spend most of my time playing these days, mainly because it works so well with friends and family.


  • Some of the best iterations of the Squid Game minigames
  • A truly thrilling nonstop gauntlet of minigames like the show
  • Some of the best progression and roles in the bunch
  • Also, one of the best to play with friends and family


  • It’s still missing some of the minigames from the show, which are hopefully added soon


Question: Is There a Squid Game on Roblox?

Answer: Will the sun rise tomorrow and set in the evening? (Hopefully) And it just so happens that the answer is the same for this question. Yes, there are many, many Squid Game-inspired experiences on Roblox. Too many to count, sadly.

Question: What is the Most Liked Game in Squid Game?

Answer: The most liked minigame and map in Squid Game is likely to be the red light, green light game. You really can’t go wrong with the original that started it all and is so fun and easy to enjoy. The honeycomb or glass bridge games could be right after it, though.

Question: What is the Squid Game Called on Roblox?

Answer: The best Squid Game on Roblox is called Squid Game. I know it’s not the most imaginative name to go with, but that is the case for now. Look for Squid Game, made by Trendsetter Games, and you’re in the right place.

The Roblox Games You Need to Play Next

When it comes to the Roblox Squid Games out there, you can’t go wrong with the original. The basic Squid game experience from Trendsetter Games is the way to go. Many share the same title, but none are able to have the sort of progression, roles for players, and faithful nature of adapting the iconic Netflix series to an unbelievably good time.

If you want to see me on Roblox and try to beat me in a game, that Squid Game is the place to head to because I am there several times a week. But it isn’t the only Roblox game that I love to play so often. There are many other games that I enjoy playing, like Adopt Me, Bloxburg, and more. You can find out more about those games and some of the other best Roblox games in our overall list for 2022.

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