Deva-Rengoku Boss Fight Guide

Deva-Rengoku Boss Fight Shindo Life Guide

Shindo Life has many tough bosses and enemies to fight. Players challenge most of them, not just for the rewarding battle experience but for the various drops you can get from the enemies. In the case of the star of this Deva-Rengoku boss fight, Shindo Life guide, we have one of the most challenging bosses around the entire Roblox game.

You might already be familiar with Rengoku, one of the most popular and powerful Eye Bloodlines in all of Shindo Life. But if you want to know about one of the more elusive and sinister versions of the Bloodline, you should know about the Deva-Rengoku variant.

This derives from the boss you’ll find in this Deva-Rengoku boss fight Shindo Life guide. Here’s everything you need to know about how to find and win against this boss and the fantastic rewards you’ll get when you do.

Bottom Line Up Front

Deva-Rengoku is one of the several variants of the Rengoku Eye Bloodline. To get it, you must take down the Deva boss enemy through the Destruction of Ember limited-time event in Tempest Village.

The boss fight is quite challenging, involving two main phases against one of the highest-level NPC enemies you’ll fight in the entire Roblox game. But it is ultimately worth doing for the chance at earning the two drops it has. Players can make Deva as a companion or his Deva-Rengoku Eye Bloodline for themselves.

Deva-Rengoku Boss Explained

The wielder of the Deva-Rengoku Eye Bloodline is none other than Deva, one of the numerous bosses you can fight in Shindo Life. Deva-Rengoku itself is one of the variant Bloodlines that exist out there. It takes the core Rengoku Bloodline and twists it with slightly different skills.

I would even argue that Deva-Rengoku is a better version of Rengoku with skills that I vastly prefer over the original. But it still retains the identity of that one, being focused on darker elements and gravity. But before you even consider getting the Deva-Rengoku Bloodline for yourself, you’ll need to go through its holder and take it from him.

The Deva boss is one of the most challenging NPC enemies in all of Shindo Life. The requirements to even face him in the first place are decently tough on their own, but that doesn’t even take into consideration the level of him and the actual fight.

These require far greater strength from the player to even have a chance of taking Deva down in battle. I would even say this is quite fitting for the character Deva is based on. Here’s everything you need to know about how to take down the Deva boss, from how to find him to how the various phases work in the fight itself.

Destruction of Ember Event

Roblox - destruction of ember event

First and foremost, if you want to take on the Deva boss in battle, you’ll need first to access the Destruction of Ember limited-time event. This event was added to Shindo Life in 2021 and is the basis for the Deva boss fight. Without this event, you won’t be able actually to access the fight and quest you need for it.

I should note here that it is a rather strange situation with this here limited-time event. Despite being noted as a limited-time one, it has stuck around far longer than most events would in any Roblox game. It’s been more than a year since its release, yet, it is still available in the game.

This is even the case for brand new players who start Shindo Life right now, so it is not one of those things where only the legacy players can enjoy the event these days. With this in mind, there is a warning that I must issue when it comes to this boss fight.

There is always the chance that the Shindo Life developers could remove this event for whatever reason in the future. It could be a strange story, reason or what have you, but the possibility is always there. In that case, I recommend taking on the Deva boss as soon as you can so you can at least earn the Deva-Rengoku Bloodline before it is possibly removed.

Do I honestly think it will be removed? No, it has been here for so long that it would be pointless to take this event down now, but there is always the chance so take care of it now.

How to Start the Boss Fight Quest

To start the Destruction of Ember event, thankfully, it’s relatively easy to take on its related quest that leads you to the Deva boss fight. All you need to do is log into the game and then spawn in the Tempest Village area. There is a notable requirement even to enter this area of the game that you should know about.

Only players who are level 200 or higher can visit Tempest Village, so if you aren’t that level, don’t even bother trying to do this particular boss fight right now. However, I should also note that Deva is far above the 200-level requirement, so, while you can technically take on his quest at that level, you are in for a doozy if you try to take him down at this point.

You’re going to need a far higher overall level than 200 if you want to win this boss fight successfully. But whenever you are ready to start the quest, head into the Tempest Village and find the nearby Destruction of Ember quest you can take on.

Once you do so, the straightforward quest will lead to the Deva boss that you can take on with the other players that are online, and you are good to go to challenge him.

Deva Boss Identity

Roblox - deva boss identity

Before we go any further, if you are wondering who Deva is, he is none other than Pain, the popular and infamous villain from Naruto Shippuden. Being a member of the fantastic Akatsuki organization is the basis for the Deva character you can battle in Shindo Life.

Most notably, you might already know that Pain has already been the basis for another character in Shindo Life. He is the basis for the entire Rengoku Eye Bloodline that, includes the base form of it. In addition, he is the representation of the Deva-Rengoku version you can get from his boss fight.

As for why Pain represents both of these characters, it’s because you don’t get the regular Rengoku Eye Bloodline from fighting him. Since this is the case, it seems that the Shindo Life developers decided to give players a chance to take him on in the Deva fight here.

What is also interesting about this is that the other version of the Rengoku Bloodline isn’t based on Pain but on some of the other related members of the Akatsuki. This includes even Madara Uchiha and other characters. But if you’re like me, you know that Pain was a better villain anyways.

How to Defeat the Deva-Rengoku Boss

The trouble with taking down Pain, Deva, or whatever you wish to call him is that it is one of the more challenging boss fights you can take on in Shindo Life.

There are several phases to it that you need to worry about, plus the fact that there are some intense requirements that you need if you want even to succeed. Half the fight is making sure you’re prepared for the battle ahead, or else you might fail.

Level Requirements and Recommendations

As mentioned before, you need to be at least level 200 in the first place if you would like even to start the Destruction of Ember event in Tempest Village. However, the fact of the matter is that this is only a base-level requirement to enter the village when the boss fight is much more complicated than that.

The boss itself is level 2000 in the fight, which is insanely high and ten times stronger than that of the base level you need just to enter the village in the first place. That is why I only recommend that endgame Shindo Life players tackle this boss fight, even with friends helping you out.

As such, you need to be, at the very least, the max level of 1000 for your character in order even to take on this boss fight and possibly have a chance of winning. Even that, though, is the bare minimum, and I generally recommend you be much higher than that at the same time.

It is honestly best if you have reached level 1000 a long time ago and have raised your stats continuously from there many times over. This is a tough boss with some endgame-level stats, so it is best that you have as high of stats as you possibly can.

In addition, whatever Bloodline and equipment you have should be at the highest you can possibly get it to, or else this is going to be more challenging than it needs to be. The other major tip I have is not to take on this boss battle alone but do it with your friends or at least some strangers online.

This will make the battle a lot easier as you can switch back and forth on who has the aggro for the enemy during the fight. This lets everyone take a break when necessary and also takes down the enemy much faster with the added damage output that everyone will have going on.

Even with an entire team of endgame-level players who are working in coordination with one another, it is still relatively difficult. That said, here’s what you need to know to succeed in this challenging boss fight.

Phase 1 Explained

Roblox - deva boss phase 1

As mentioned earlier in this guide, there are two main phases to the Deva boss fight. The first phase features a variety of skills that he uses that are somewhat different from the second phase. For the first phase, here are the abilities that he will use in battle against you and your team:

  • Combo Breaker
  • Ember Entry
  • Ember Rising
  • Rengoku Style: Dark Matter Tensei
  • Rengoku Style: Gravity Push
  • Almighty Engage

These are only the abilities he uses during the first phase of the fight. Of these, the notable ones are his Rengoku skills which you might already be familiar with if you have the Rengoku Eye Bloodline. Which I presume you already have if you are trying to nab the Deva-Rengoku version of it.

In addition, he is quite the versatile attacker as he also has the ember elemental attacks that he can use in the fight, too, which will shake up the issues you’re having with him. Almighty Engage is another issue, too, as a unique skill that only he has that brings together some of the Rengoku abilities into a single attack.

But the biggest concern during this first half has to be the Combo Breaker technique that he has. This is a quick melee technique that will deal some serious damage to you if he uses it against you.


Here are some of the tips that I have for players during the first phase of the Deva boss fight:

  • Use a team of players in coordination with one another, as mentioned previously; don’t do this alone
  • Divide the aggro of the boss between you and your teammates. This will ensure that not everyone is taking too much damage.
  • Watch out for AOE attacks that affect a wide range of areas, and don’t let more than one player be hit by them.
  • Work together to use your best attacks at the same time and when cooldowns are up to maximize damage.
  • However, don’t transform all at the same time so that you are able to dodge properly instead of having too much chaos going on at once

Phase 2 Explained

Roblox - deva boss phase 2

Once you get through the boss fight enough where you knock out half of the health of Deva, this is the point at which the somewhat lengthy boss fight will move into the second phase. At this moment, his skills will change up considerably, so everything you’ve known until now will change.

There are two new abilities that Deva starts using at this point, in addition to the ones that he was already using. They are as follows:

  • Naraka Spirit: King of Hell
  • Meteor

Lastly, there is also an upgraded Rengoku Style: Gravity Push ability that he uses. This one affects a much larger area, so players should watch out for this and try to spread out during the fight as best as they can, especially if they are capable of longer-range attacks.

Naraka Spirit: King of Hell is notably surprising for an attack and one of the most powerful that the boss uses in battle. This is another one where you want to cycle aggro if possible so that the same person isn’t always getting hit by this particular attack.

And last but not least is the meteor attack, which seems to be one unique to Deva. This is another ability that is not possible to learn in this exact form in Shindo Life as of yet. This will drop a massive AOE attack that affects the majority of the boss fight area.

This will require all of the players to stop whatever they are doing and try to dodge this attack the best that they possibly can. This is another reason why I recommend that you only transform and use your ultimate abilities one at a time, as some ultimates will make it harder to dodge this attack.

Other than these new abilities, the idea is to stick to what you did during the first phase and continue using your best abilities as soon as they are off cooldown, and you should be able to take down Deva in about the same amount of time it took for the first phase. Maybe only a little bit longer due to the significantly more frequent dodging you’ll need to do.

Deva-Rengoku Boss Fight Drops

The whole point of fighting Deva in the first place isn’t just to have fun and take on a difficult challenge. The idea is to earn some of the valuable drops that the boss has. In total, there are only two possible drops that you can get from Deva and sadly, neither one is guaranteed every single time you face off against him in battle and win.

Deva-Rengoku Eye Bloodline

The first of these is possibly the one that most players are aiming for when they take on the Deva boss, and that is the Deva-Rengoku Eye Bloodline drop. There is an unfortunate 1 in 13 chance of getting this drop every single time that you win against Deva.

Those are honestly not the worst odds I’ve seen in Shindo Life by a long shot, but it is still rather annoying for this particular boss fight. This means you might have to fight him 13 times (or even more) before you ever see this drop appear for you and your team.

Considering how long and challenging this fight can be, that can be rather annoying. But it is worth it for me since Deva-Rengoku is arguably the best Bloodline in this particular group of Rengoku ones.

I find that it has slightly better skills than the base Rengoku one, feeling like a somewhat better version of it. Not to mention, it has better odds, too.

But you’ll basically already need to be a Rengoku expert before you can ever use the Deva-Rengoku version, so be prepared for that, at least.

Deva Boss Companion

Roblox - deva boss companion

The other significant drop that you can get from defeating Deva is his joining your team as a companion character. This is much easier to get than the Deva-Rengoku Bloodline, as there is a much better 1 in 8 chance of getting Deva as your companion partner in battle.

This is quite useful, too, especially for the Pain fans out there. Deva has some of the best abilities in combat, so having him as a companion will make battles, especially solo ones, a whole lot easier in the long run.

Plus, there is nothing like gaining him as a partner and then turning around to challenge him again while using Deva on your team.

For the true Akatsuki fans out there, the best thing you can possibly do is put Deva on your team while equipping the Deva-Rengoku Eye Bloodline for the maximum representation of the infamous Naruto villains. Both drop items come in the form of scrolls you can use to acquire the respective item or character.


Question: What Boss Drops Forged Rengoku in Shindo Life?

Answer: You can only get Forged Rengoku in Shindo Life from the Forged boss enemy. That boss is only found through the Forged Rengoku event, which is still available at this time.

Question: Where is Deva Boss Shindo Life?

Answer: You can find the Deva boss fight in Tempest Village. Head there, grab the nearby Destruction of Ember event quest and then follow it until you reach the point where you can take on Deva.

Question: What Boss Gives You Deva Rengoku Shindo Life?

Answer: The only boss who gives you the Deva-Rengoku Bloodline in Shindo Life is the Deva boss enemy. You can find him through the Destruction of Ember event in Tempest Village.

How to Better Prepare for the Deva Boss Fight

Challenging Deva to a fight is easier said than done. Given the level 2000 nature of the enemy, he is one of the most complex characters to fight in all of Shindo Life.

I understand that there are a lot of players who want to take him on and earn him as a companion or take his Bloodline for your own, but it will take a considerable amount of grinding to get there.

You’ll need the best experience farming techniques for Shindo Life if you want to excel and level up the fastest. It doesn’t stop when you get to level 1000 either, as you then have the prestige system and everything else to deal with at that point.

Thankfully, we have all of the tips and tricks you need to know about leveling up the fastest and easiest in Roblox’s Shindo Life game.

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