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Have you ever looked at Peppa Pig the cartoon and wondered what it would be like if the game was all about poor little piggies being captured and held captive by horrific serial killers? Well, it just so happens that a Roblox developer thought of this idea and went for it, creating the game Piggy. In this George Piggy guide, I hope to offer some insights into the fan-favorite character.

Piggy is a game that is a little bit disturbing but, ultimately, not too different from the other horror multiplayer experiences in Roblox. I’ve played the game many times in the last couple of years since it was first released in early 2020, enough to beat most of the maps. I have seen the changes that I will note in this George Piggy guide, like the fact that he is known as Georgie now, instead, and a whole lot more to welcome everyone from newcomers to veteran survivors.

Bottom Line Up Front

Georgie Piggy is one of the main characters of the hit horror Roblox title, Piggy. Named George initially before copyright problems ensued, he takes after the younger brother of the titular cartoon star, Peppa Pig. Georgie is at the crux of the Piggy storyline, with his kidnapping at the very beginning of the story kicking off a chain of events.

The player initially aims to save Georgie from the clutches of his psychotic serial killer kidnappers. He plays a significant role in the story, with him and his family being at the center of the horrific events that play out in Piggy.

Georgie Piggy Overview

George Piggy

I would certainly like to speak with whoever created Piggy because their obsession with horror, Peppa Pig, and mixing the two together is quite the fascinating combination. At its core, Piggy is nothing more than a similar experience to games like Dead by Daylight, Flee the Facility, Banana Eats, and the like.

However, it does so much more than those games in terms of being an asymmetric horror multiplayer game. While you can enjoy Piggy on its own as solely a multiplayer experience, the real crux of the title comes from the immense story and character-driven moments that happen in the title.

Piggy is all about the story and characters, which is why there is an entire fan base that has popped up around people like Georgie. Formerly known as George Piggy, he was changed to become Georgie later on months after the release of the game.

Georgie is perhaps the single most important character in all of Piggy. His status at the beginning of the game is exactly what prompts the start of the adventure to save him from the clutches of the mysterious people that have taken him captive.

He plays a central role throughout Piggy, though it takes quite a while before you actually see him in the game itself. Over time, though, he has had many significant moments that have changed the story and led to many fans of his in the community.

There are some controversies surrounding his character, though, like his origins and the like, that have caused issues for the developers of Roblox. At the end of the day, though, he is a crucial part of the Piggy experience. If you want to know more about his story and make sense of what happens to him and his family, you are in the right place.

Appearance Explained

George Piggy 1

The appearance of Georgie is a tale of two different stories. The first is what I remember him looking like when I first started playing Piggy. The second? Well, that is after the legal problems came about. I still think the initial look of Georgie is the iconic one I enjoyed about the game.

In the original version, Georgie is by and large a humanoid pig person that walks around on two legs. The young piglet wears a blue shirt on top and darker blue pants on the bottom. The outfit is relatively simple, but his facial design is what I liked.

He has a substantial pink snout on his face that is so adorable and cute. This matches well with the rosy pink cheeks that he has. His eyes are small, too, looking a lot like those arts and crafts dollar store eyes that I used as a kid for school projects. Lastly, he has little cute piggy ears.

While it may not be apparent from looking at it at first, it becomes clear once you put side-by-side with a certain other character that you realize what Georgie was going for. The problem was that he looked too close to a specific cartoon pig character who was the inspiration for Georgie.

Because of this, he received a dramatic appearance overall that gave him a new look that he has now when you play the game. Notably, to me, he looks much older in this appearance. His rosy cheeks are gone, and he now has a matching dark blue long-sleeved shirt that goes over his undershirt.

He also wears a little blue beret that gives off a nice mature touch. Though this new appearance for Georgie gives him a unique feel that is not too tied to other properties, I think it lacks some of his adorable and childish nature. It sort of removes the whole point of the game, being that he is a little piggy that is missing.

Beyond those looks, Georgie also has other appearances beyond the initial looks. In the holiday book that you can still play even now and the sequel Piggy game, he has slightly different outfits that shake up the color scheme and style he is going for. I like how the holiday Georgie looks, but, again, it makes him look too old.

Georgie Piggy Origin and Inspiration

George Piggy Roblox

I’ve beat around the bush too much: the elephant (or should I say pig?) in the room is the inspiration behind Piggy and Georgie. The Roblox developer behind the game clearly took the entire idea for all of this from the Peppa Pig cartoon show.

Yeah, they turned the kid’s show about a young pig and her family navigating and learning about life and turned it into a horror-filled Roblox experience. That is, supposedly, for kids, but some parents would likely disagree with that notion.

Piggy is, by and large, the horror version of Peppa Pig. In fact, the developers didn’t even try to hide this inspiration. They literally named the main piggy boy George, which is the same name as Peppa’s younger brother, George, in the Peppa Pig cartoon.

But, I mean, sure, George has to be a pretty common name for pigs, right? Well, the Roblox developer didn’t leave it at the same name, either. They also took the time to replicate the design of George, including the signature blue shirt that he wears around all day.

That is why the initial design and name for Georgie were so problematic. Piggy didn’t try to hide what it was copying, so this led to an inevitable change for the game. That is why the name changed to Georgie, and his appearance had to be adjusted, too.

I will admit that it was a hilarious effort since the developer didn’t try all that hard to change things. They kept his name almost precisely the same, and the clothing is barely any different. You can tell that it is the same base model but with some minor changes to help.

But it is possible that these changes happened to avoid actual legal issues that other Roblox games have faced that led to them shutting down.

Key Moments

While this may seem weird for a Roblox game, beware of some spoilers that are incoming for Piggy. It is a story-driven game with lots of fans, so go ahead and play the game yourself before reading this next section. Roblox and Piggy are entirely free-to-play, so there is no need to worry about paying money or anything like that.

At the beginning of Piggy, you play as a police officer who is called to the home of Georgie Piggy to investigate the fact that he is missing and possibly kidnapped. Later on, you find out the truth of the matter, which is that Georgie is not actually kidnapped but chose to run away from home.

This was due to the fact that his family was infected with the strange virus that is at the center of the Piggy game. Over time, we start to learn what Georgie was up to in the time that he was missing. He wasn’t kidnapped as it initially seemed but is hiding from the infected people in the city and in his family.

He tries at first to go to his grandmother but finds her infected and decides to hide at the mall instead, which is one of the main maps in Piggy. In the end, the player, who is the police officer, finds Georgie and rescues him. Still, it isn’t too long before Georgie escapes there, too.

Eventually, Georgie meets the man who is behind all of the hurt and pain that he deals with: Mr. P. The virus’s creator is the root cause of why Georgie’s family is infected, and he is the only one not. He spares the mastermind and chooses a path of finding a cure for the infected citizens.

This eventually leads the player, Georgie, and the other main characters to a military encampment to find a cure there. Tragedy strikes, enemies attack, and the player can pick diverging paths for what happens to everyone at this point.

Regardless of what happens, though, Georgie lives and continues searching for a cure. This is the extent of his story at this point in time in Piggy, with likely more to come in the future. We know that there is going to be at least one more book, which will probably finish the Piggy storyline and conclude Georgie’s search for a way to help his family.

Featured Maps


If you’re looking for the maps to play in Piggy directly related to Georgie, I’ve got you covered. You can skip right to these maps whenever you want and experience the story beat elements that revolve around the primary character in the Piggy storyline.

The first of these is the very first map in the entire Piggy game. Now, I will admit that Georgie himself isn’t featured in this map. However, it is still noteworthy for the fact that you get to experience the opening parts of the game that all have to do with his supposed disappearance.

Though you won’t get to see Georgie in action here, this is a crucial element of his storyline that you shouldn’t miss out on. From there, you’d have to jump all the way to Chapter 10 Mall in the first book of Piggy.

Yes, it takes a whopping 10 maps before we finally see him appear, despite him being the main character we’re trying to rescue from kidnappers, infected people, or whatever is going on with him. It is like that classic TV show where it is all about saving a certain kid, but it takes forever to get to that point.

After that, Georgie becomes one of the main parts of the Piggy storyline and one of the central figures. From this point forward, you can pretty much see Georgie in every single map that follows since he is part of the leading group with the player now.

However, there are some exceptions to the rule where he isn’t present or doesn’t play a significant role in certain maps. If you want a full list of the maps that I recommend you check out, specifically for Georgie moments, be sure to check below but beware of slight spoilers:

  • Book 1 – Chapter 10: Mall
  • Chapter 11: Outpost
  • Chapter 12: Plant
  • Book 2 – Chapter 1: Alleys
  • Book 2 – Chapter 4: Safe Place
  • Book 2 – Chapter 6: Factory
  • Chapter 8: Ship
  • Chapter 9: Docks
  • Chapter 10: Temple
  • Chapter 11: Camp
  • Chapter 12: Lab
  • Distorted Memory
  • Winter Holiday Map

How to Save Georgie in Piggy

The crux of the entire Piggy game, at least at first, is to survive the infected people and rescue the young George Piggy. It isn’t known at first if he was kidnapped by the crazy infected people, ran away from home on his own, or what is happening with him.

It is simply your job as the police officer in Piggy to locate Georgie and rescue him. If this is something that you want to do, then you will have to go through the various maps of Piggy first. Before I go any further, here is another obligatory spoiler warning you should keep in mind.

To fulfill the task of rescuing Georgie Piggy, you will have to go through many maps of the first book for the horror Roblox game. It is a bit of a trudge, but you need to complete the first 10 maps of the game in total to rescue the poor little guy.

Once you complete the 10th map, Mall, you will find that Georgie is watching you in the final cutscene of that area. After that, you then need to complete the 11th map, Alleys. Once you do this, you will fully rescue Georgie from the infected serial killers he is hiding from.

At this point, you will have successfully completed your initial mission in the game of rescuing the missing Georgie. Congrats! Your reward is not the end of the game but literally the beginning as you now move on to the crux of what is really going on in this story-driven Roblox horror experience.

Key Relationships

Piggy Roblox

The entire Piggy family that Georgie is part of is at the center of everything that happens in this Roblox game. His critical relationships with his family, the player, and some of the other main characters are crucial to the plot. You could honestly say that he is the center of the story, besides the player.

First off, there is his family. The Piggy family includes Georgie, his mother, father, grandmother, and older sister. The entire family was chosen as test subjects for the possible cure to Mrs. P’s disease. Thankfully for Georgie, he was spared from the initial testing.

As such, the family he was once so close to had turned into monsters. His sister, father, and mother all became infected with the mysterious virus and turned on Georgie. At this time in the story, his relationship with them is pretty strained due to this issue.

The same could be said with the story’s central villain, Mr. P. His search for a cure led to the destruction of Georgie’s family, and the young boy hates him. For much of the Piggy storyline, he is searching for Mr. P to get revenge for what happened to his family.

Georgie’s grandmother is someone he ran to when everything went bad. Still, she turned out to be infected, too, leaving him as the only normal person in his family now. Then there is his relationship with you, the player. It starts out on edge with Georgie not trusting you, but he grows to understand and work with the player over time.

Some of the other main characters allied with the player that befriend Georgie include the ever-popular Zizzy, Pony, Zee, Zuzy, and many more.

Current Status: Is He Alive?

George Piggy Robloxx

If you are the masochist who doesn’t mind a couple of spoilers, well, here I am, ready to spoil everything for you. Some players who might be newer to Piggy or just afraid to play the horror Roblox game might want to know the status of Georgie Piggy these days.

I am happy to let you know that Georgie is safe and well at the time of writing this post. Or, well, as safe as one can be in the midst of an infection crisis that is destroying everything and everyone that he knows and loves. This is notable since Georgie’s friends aren’t fairing as well as he is these days.

Piggy isn’t afraid to kill off some of the main characters in the game, and at alarming rates, too. But Georgie is the only titular Piggy left in the main story that isn’t infected, so I don’t see him dying or even getting infected anytime soon. I could see literally everyone else in the story dying before he does (besides the player, of course), which is what may very well happen in Book 3 when it eventually releases.

FAQs – George Piggy Guide

Question: How old is Georgie Piggy?

Answer: We don’t know how old Georgie is in Piggy. We just know that he is a young boy younger than his older sister. Based on his personality and actions, I presume that he is probably around 12 years old. For reference, his Peppa Pig counterpart, George, is only two years old.

Question: What is George’s name in Piggy?

Answer: George was the original name for the missing boy in Piggy. However, his name was changed to Georgie to avoid legal problems. His full name is Georgie Piggy. Yes, his last name literally is Piggy.

Question: Who got infected first in Piggy?

Answer: There are a couple of possible answers to who got infected first in Piggy. I think the main answer would be that Mrs. Piggy was likely the first one to be infected due to the attempts to find a cure for her disease. However, it is uncertain if there was someone else that was infected before Mrs. P.


Georgie is an example of the hilarious nature of what Roblox can offer. I love that developers just take the cartoons or properties they love (or perhaps hate) and then twist them into something entirely different. I mean, who thought that Peppa Pig would make for an excellent horror game? It is absolutely ridiculous in the very best way possible.

Though Georgie had to be changed to avoid some copyright and legal issues, he is by and large the same Peppa Pig-inspired character. He continues to be a prominent part of the Piggy storyline, so you are free to play the game now and prepare for his story’s conclusion in the future. If you’re new to Piggy, why not take a look at my intro guide to Piggy, so you know what it’s all about?

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