Newfissy History and Guide: Adopt Me Creator Explained

Try as you might, but there is no dethroning the King of Roblox himself. When it comes to the legendary developers out there, there are none as impressive as Newfissy. The greatest Roblox developer of all time, he is touted with the single greatest success in the massive game of all time: Adopt Me. He was instrumental in my early days of Roblox, as Adopt Me was the second experience I ever played. You can find out about this game and his other creations here in this Newfissy history and guide.

Newfissy is one of the most prolific developers, joining Roblox roughly a decade ago. At the time, he experimented with various experiences for players to check out. This led to several major releases, some of which would be hits in their own rights. But there is nothing as successful as Adopt Me, the crowning jewel of Roblox. Newfissy and his development teams are the reason for the most important Roblox game to date, as you will see in this Newfissy history and guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Newfissy undoubtedly changed the lives of many Roblox players, including myself. Without him, chances are that Roblox would not be as successful as it is today and on the level it is. He is one of the oldest developers in Roblox history, creating several experimental games before arriving at Adopt Me. With this single title, he created the most successful Roblox game of all time and continues to be the King of Roblox with a massive following, several awards, and an unmatched legacy.

Newfissy Overview

I still remember the first day that I played Roblox like it was yesterday. Thanks, p*ndemic, for wiping my sense of time. It was 2016, more than six years ago, and my then fiancé’s younger siblings showed me the game. I had heard of it but was unfamiliar with how it worked and everything.

I honestly had no interest in the game, either, thinking it was like a lesser form of Garry’s Mod or Minecraft. Oh, but how wrong I was. After a bout of Murder Mystery, I was introduced to Adopt Me and the world of roleplaying as a family only a few months later.

At the time, it was only the summer of 2017, and Adopt Me had just been released. I remember being among the first players in that title, not understanding the hype and love that everyone had for it. I especially didn’t get the whole playing a baby idea.

But little did I know how it would take off with masterful monetization, varied events, and a progression system that was unlike any other in Roblox to date. It was all courtesy of the one and only Newfissy, the legendary Roblox developer who is credited as the creator of Adopt Me.

Without him, there are chances that a huge chunk of the Roblox community wouldn’t even exist right now. Or, at the very least, wouldn’t have been interested in the game so soon. The most important achievement for Newfissy is creating Adopt, the most successful Roblox game of all time.

But that is far from his only accomplishment as a video game developer. Long before he came out with his magnum opus, there were other Roblox games that he created and experimental maps that he invented. He even founded development teams focused on Roblox and amassed an entire following of millions of players. Newfissy is the most successful Roblox game developer to date.

Avatar Explained


For many of the fans of Newfissy, part of the intrigue has to be in his avatar. You see, Roblox developers aren’t like your Epic Games and Nintendos of the world. They don’t have the faces and notable names that we all know for making these amazing games, at least not in the human form.

The real name of Newfissy is currently unknown. To this point, the looks and appearance of his real-life identity are also a mystery. But what we do know, at least, is what he looks like in Roblox itself. His Roblox avatar is pretty much the identity that we associate with the creator of Adopt Me.

And it just so happens that Newfissy has a pretty iconic avatar look that matches his unforgettable success as a developer. The general idea of his appearance has remained mostly the same over the years. But he makes little tweaks here and there to his overall appearance, accessories, and clothing items.

At this point in time, Newfissy’s avatar is known for his signature smile. The guy has brought smiles to everyone’s faces with Adopt Me, so it is only fitting that he is represented by a happy-go-lucky avatar. The cheesy open smile and cute narrow eyes are all simple enough facial expressions.

But what is notable about his avatar is the outfit that he wears most of the time. I would liken the appearance to that of a Hawaiian magician in a way. This is due to the casual outfit that he wears. Right now, he has an orange beach shirt that has flowers all over it that is unbuttoned.

Underneath the swim shirt, we can see a simple gray undershirt. His pants are nothing too crazy, either, looking like standard black jeans with a couple of red stripes on them. His shoes are also fairly standard, so what really stands out for his avatar are the accessories that he has.

Though his clothing changes often, his top hat remains the same. It is a white and red banded top hat clothing item that you, too, can favorite or acquire. He only ever so often changes his hat, but he seems to always come back to this one.

In addition to the hat, his current avatar accessories include the Adopt Me White Kitty accessory. This adorable little guy sits on his shoulder and accompanies him in every Roblox game, not just Adopt Me. Lastly, his final accessory is the Winged Headphones of Beautiful Music.

Yes, that is literally the name of this Roblox clothing item. They are headphones that rest on your shoulders, but the catch is they are golden with wings. They are some of the most extravagant items I’ve ever seen in the game, which shows in their price point.

Newfissy reveals just how rare and valuable his avatar is with this one. If you were to want to buy these angelic headphones of the Robloxian gods, you would have to shell out nearly $150 alone for that item. But the crazy part is that Newfissy doesn’t even use that item all the time.

Part of the fun about his avatar is that he often changes his clothing and accessory items. The smiling facial expression and sometimes even the top hat remain the same. Still, his clothing, cat companion, and even the golden headphones are all subject to change.

This is why he has nearly a million followers on Roblox who wish to see what his avatar looks at all the time.


Newfissy Game

Newfissy has a history tied almost entirely to the fate and path of Roblox. His success became Roblox’s success, and the craziest part is that he has nothing to do with the overall corporation. Well, other than handing them a couple of hefty money bags as per their contractual agreements.

His history within the massive user-created game began quite a long time ago at this point. While Roblox has been out since around the mid to late 2000s, Newfissy started his journey as a developer about a decade ago in 2012 before some of his most staunch fans were even alive yet. Here’s everything you need to know about his (digital) life.

Founding Roblox Companies

Newfissy began his time in Roblox largely as an independent developer. Much of the work that he did was on his own without a lot of help from the other users around. Before long, though, he began to gain traction as a developer for his expertise and success.

To this point, he formed various groups designed to bring together some of the finest Roblox developers to help one another out. One of Roblox’s harshest points is that it is not exactly like other video game development.

There are no formal teams of developers that you have. They probably don’t have legal guidance, at least at first, and the entire structure is loosely held together. That is a topic for another time, but groups of people like Newfissy joining together is the best lemonade they can make using the few lemons that Roblox gives them.

There are many groups and companies that Newfissy has founded, some of which are legitimate developers today. Fissy Games is mainly a less dynamic group that allows people to gather together and learn as a team.

They would actually involve themselves in creating a Roblox game. Another group he created was DreamCraft, one of the most well-known Roblox developer groups out there (more on them in a bit). There are many other groups that he founded or joined to help out in Roblox.

Some of them included games that were in production but were ultimately scrapped for one reason or another. After his time creating these Roblox groups, he finally co-founded an actual development studio. He is currently the co-founder of Uplift Games.

This is a legitimate development studio that was formed much like your Epic Games and other corporations out there. Uplift Games is quite unique in the Roblox universe, being an actual developer working on secret Roblox projects and supporting Newfissy’s already existing games.

Creating The Roblox Plague

Creating The Roblox Plague

Speaking of Newfissy’s games, the very first one that he created was The Roblox Plague. This was the initial title he released on Roblox, and it quickly became a decent hit. Released in the summer of 2014, The Roblox Plague was the progenitor of many popular games today in Roblox, such as Piggy or even Banana Eats.

The idea is that there is a plague, and one player in the group is selected as the infected. The players have a few seconds to hide or run away from the infected person. The goal is to avoid the infected person or else become infected if you are touched.

It’s like tag, but on an extreme level. The crazy part is that it is pretty low-key, not having the fame of some of the other similar titles out there. In fact, I will be quite upfront with you that I have never played The Roblox Plague until writing this article.

I am a huge fan of similar games like Murder Mystery 2, but this is a new one for me. It reflects in the fact that it only has around 15 million visits and maybe 20-50 players at any given time. Those numbers sound good, but they are paltry in comparison to some of the other Roblox titles these days.

That said, if you want to play The Roblox Plague, you will have to settle for the sequel these days. The original doesn’t exist anymore in its base form, with The Roblox Plague 2 taking its place. I should mention that this sequel game wasn’t created by Newfissy but by some of his development partners.

The game itself is a little buggy, and the UI isn’t great (at least on mobile), but it is still fun. I won my first match as a survivor and was able to successfully not get infected alongside one other person. It isn’t too hard to play. I liked the balance where it was possible to win as a survivor, unlike other infection games where it is nigh impossible (looking at you, Banana Eats).

The Roblox Plague 2 will likely stick around for some time, so anyone interested in the earliest successful creation of Newfissy should check it out.

Treelands Explained

The second major game that Newfissy released as part of Fissy Games, his own independent venture, was Treelands. This is one of the stranger creations for the Roblox developer since it is not at all like his other games that are focused on online multiplayer, be it competitive or cooperative.

Treelands is quite literally a treehouse-building game. It is a rather simplistic game where you have some fruits that you gather together. You sell them for money that you can then use to upgrade your harvesters and overall treehouse to make it your own.

There are various other items that you can use to decorate your treehouse, including entirely new buildings and vehicles that allow you to traverse the map. It reminds me of a primitive Bloxburg or other game like that where the goal is to make money so you can customize your surroundings.

Treelands is one game that I have only a little experience with, and that is due to its low-key nature. Like The Roblox Plague and its sequel, Treelands has only about 16 million visits to date. That seems like a lot, but not really, considering it has been out for more than six years.

Part of the reason behind the limited success of Treelands comes from a couple of different problems that happened with the Roblox game. For one, it is similar to Bloxburg in that it is one of the few games out there that requires you to pay to play it.

Like Bloxburg, you need to spend 25 Robux to own the game. This is because it is still considered a beta title. That price point would likely go away if it were ever to be fully released. However, the other issue with Treelands is that it is unlikely to ever release out of its beta format.

This is because one of the main developers that were helping Newfissy out on the game passed away. When this happened, Newfissy essentially abandoned the game in its current form but didn’t take it down. You can still play it but know it is not available on all platforms and what you see is all you get.

Adopt Me! Explained: Roblox’s Greatest Success

Adopt me

At the end of the day, there is nothing that Newfissy has done that compares to his greatest creation of all time: Adopt Me. This is the single most successful game that the prolific Roblox developer has made. Still, even that alone is doing Adopt Me is an injustice.

There is nothing like Adopt Me in all of Roblox and the entire game history. It is single-handedly the biggest game of all time in Roblox. On its own, it is larger than most video games out there that are standalone titles not tied to something else.

You would be hard-pressed to find an experience that is more successful or bigger than Adopt Me. None of the likes of Bloxburg, Royale High, Murder Mystery 2, Blox Fruits, or even Brookhaven could touch Adopt Me and the number of players who have enjoyed it.

I wish I was joking, but there is no game like Adopt Me. At the time of writing, it is currently sitting at roughly 29 billion total visits, nearly to the 30 billion mark. The next most popular game after Adopt Me is Brookhaven, and it is still almost 10 billion visits behind.

This is unbelievable for a game that came out in July 2017. It is younger than some of the other successful games out there, and it is the reigning champ, despite all of that. Hilariously enough, it isn’t like Adopt Me does anything too wildly different from some of the other Roblox games.

The general idea is that you choose to be an adult or a baby. Characters have needs that they need to take care of, such as bathing, eating, and so on. In addition, you can adopt other players who are babies and add them to your family or hatch eggs to have a pet to take care of.

The more that you go about your days, taking care of your needs and that of your family, the more money that you will earn in the game. This is used to buy houses, decorate them, and trick your character out with new clothing and other items. Of course, you can get new pets, too.

It is a colorful and gorgeous world that is designed so well. The systems interlock nicely, creating a cycle that is nearly endless even for the most hardcore fans. That is why it doesn’t matter if it is in the middle of the night; there will likely be more than 100,000 players online at once. Newfissy truly outdid himself and everyone else with Adopt Me.

Test Server Explained

Finally, at the same time as Adopt Me’s release, Newfissy and his fellow developers released the Test Server. Depending on the variation of it, it is called Test Server or Device Test. This is a private Roblox game that you probably have never played before.

I will admit that I haven’t even played this Roblox experience before, and that is because it is only for select players out there. Released at the same time as Adopt Me, this is the experimental test server for the game. Though you can publicly find the game, you can’t join it.

Trying to join Test Server will result in an error message. It will let you know that you don’t have permission to join the game and can’t do so. You’d have to contact the developer to gain access to the server. The reason that some fans want access to this server is because of what happens there.

It is where the developers, DreamCraft and Uplift Games, test out all of the new features and everything else that is coming to Adopt Me in the future. It operates on an experimental, beta version of the normal Adopt Me servers. Because of this, it has new features and items not seen in the main game yet.

If you’ve always wanted to know what’s coming up next in Adopt Me, this is the way to do it. But to gain access, you must be a tester of the game. To do this, you need to be hired as such.

I think there are likely some beta testers out there that are selected from the community, but they are likely few in number. To date, there are only 125,000 visits to the Adopt Me Test Server, so this tells me that it is limited to a small number of players.


Newfissy Roblox

Newfissy is so much more than just a Roblox developer. With the impressive stats and success that he has had over the years, there is no doubting the mark that he’s left on the community.

Even in the next decade, when perhaps Adopt Me starts to lower in popularity, Newfissy will be a major name in the Roblox community. This is due to the immense and unmatched legacy that he has left for everyone. Even the players who won’t know his name will feel the effects of his efforts over the years.

This is because of the various achievements that will always remain forever in the Roblox pantheon. These include a few different things, like the various awards that he has received throughout the years.

In addition, he has amassed a huge following that is unlikely to die down anytime soon. This also ensures his continued reign as the King of Roblox for a long time to come.


First off, there are the awards that will remain in Newfissy’s legacy forever. You might not know this, but there is actually an official awards ceremony hosted every year for Roblox. I haven’t watched each year’s events, but they are absolutely worth watching, and I try to check them out if I have the chance when they are live.

They are called The Bloxy Awards and are officially hosted by the Roblox company itself. These awards are focused on the community, shedding light on some of the most successful games, creators, and experiences each year. It started in 2013 with the Hall of Fame for creators before expanding from then on.

The Bloxy Awards have not stopped for anything at all, including the pandemic that happened in the world. They are streamed online, and creators, influencers, and many other personalities are awarded honors. This typically happens in February, and the fifth awards happened in 2018.

During this year, Adopt Me was less than a year old at the time, but Newfissy was already making waves for what he had done with the game and his previous titles. As such, he was finally granted the honors of an award for his efforts.

Little did any of us know that his success wouldn’t stop from there, and he continued to rake in the money and trophies. Because of Adopt Me, Newfissy would win follow-up trophies in The Bloxy Awards for both 2019 and 2020, honoring what he was doing with the most successful Roblox game of all time.

Social Media and Beyond

Newfissy Roblox 1

It did not take long at all for Newfissy to become a so-called household name in the Roblox community. At the time of writing this, his legacy continues outside the boundaries of Roblox itself. His personal Twitter account is currently sitting at just under half a million followers in total.

This is impressive considering that his own development studio and the official account for Adopt Me are a couple hundred thousand or so more than that. It shows that fans out there are not just there for the game itself but to see what its founder is up to.

The same is even the case inside of Roblox with his personal avatar, as I mentioned before. Nearly a million players follow him and keep an eye on everything that he changes in-game when he does it. Some fans have even paid homage to Newfissy in their own works inside of Roblox.

The Pokemon ROM hack-inspired Roblox game, Pokemon Brick Bronze, features Newfissy as one of the gym leaders in that game. He is the grass-type gym leader that you can take on in battle in that Roblox game that is based on the popular turn-based creature-collecting franchise.

I’ve played a lot of Pokemon ROM hacks in my time, and it was far more impressive than those due to its 3D format. Sadly, you can’t play it anymore and challenge Newfissy to a battle there. The Roblox game was shut down in 2018 due to some unfortunate legal reasons.

FAQs – Newfissy History

Question: Why did Newfissy create Adopt Me?

Answer: The exact answer to why he created Adopt Me is unknown. However, it is presumed that Adopt Me was made after abandoning Treelands. The inspiration for Adopt Me were the already existing adopting Roblox games where players roleplay as parent and child.

Question: Who is the owner of Adopt Me?

Answer: The owner of Adopt Me is Newfissy and his development studio, Uplift Games.

Question: Is Adopt Me closing?

Answer: No, Adopt Me is alive and well. I have not heard anything about the game shutting down for any reason at all. If you have heard that somewhere, it is very likely that it is nothing but a rumor.


Newfissy is the most successful Roblox developer of all time. There is no doubting that he is basically the King of Roblox. I mean, there is no comparing the success that he has had to what everyone else has done. I am far from the only person to be impressed with what Newfissy and the others have done with Adopt Me, turning it into a game that is worthy of being its own standalone experience.

If you love Adopt Me and want something new to check out, I have a couple of recommendations for you. First off, there is MeepCity which is all about having pets. The pet lovers from Adopt Me will surely appreciate that. Meanwhile, if you like the customization and flashy nature of Adopt Me, you most definitely need to check out Royale High.

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