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Roblox has an incredible catalog of exciting cosmetics everyone can opt to try and obtain or purchase. There are, of course, a lot of items that are not for sale anymore. One such set of cosmetics is the Workclock Roblox set. I have always had questions about the set, so I went out and researched at the time!

An incredible backstory behind the cosmetics awaited me after my research. Even further, my search for many alternatives to the items was not in vain, as I could find several cosmetics that would represent this now discontinued set of cosmetics.

Key Details of the Workclock Set Upfront

Image from Roblox Fandom

The Workclock set consists of two main items. The ‘Workclock Headphones’ are specifically a hat but, of course, have the appearance of headphones. They have an L on the left side of the headphones and an R on the right side. The L can also enjoyably look like an actual clock’s hands which is excellent and a fun double meaning behind the face on the headphones.

As for the second main item, there are the Workclock Shades which take on the appearance of sunglasses. They have the phrase “workclock” on the left lens at the bottom of the shade. They have a white to greyish appearance, and the color flows through the entire item.

I always wanted to buy the items from the set whenever I saw them, though unfortunately, I never got the chance to before they went off sale in the main store.

Both Workclock items are part of a specific series. The Workclock Headphones belong to the Clockwork Headphones Series, whereas the Workclock Shades belong to the Clockwork Shades Series.

The Workclock set/items can sadly not be purchased anymore as of the time of writing. It is a shame for players of the game, especially those interested in trying to get them and add them to their vast wardrobes!

Overview of the Workclock Roblox Set

The Workclock items have been around since 2014. The set was added to the avatar shop, with the headphones added first and the shades second. Both items were available to purchase on the avatar shop until 2019. During the year, both were eventually removed from the store. There are also ‘Ultimate’ versions of the Workclock set.

You could purchase the Workclock headphones for a price of 3000 Robux. As for the Workclock Shades, they were for purchase for a whopping 10,000 Robux! That’s a lot of cash indeed! 

You may be wondering what makes the Workclock Set so special, and that is because they are named after a former Roblox administrator. This is one of the reasons why the set is highly sought after by many players in the community. I know there is a lot of chat about the Workclock set within the game! 

Information about Clockwork

Image from Roblox Fandom

Clockwork, as mentioned before, was a Roblox administrator. Their name is Alex Quach. During 2007 they were an intern through the summer and then returned the following year for another internship. Afterwards they happened to go on to work for Blizzard. 

Unfortunately Clockwork’s account was accessed by some people who shouldn’t have had any access. Some were able to guess the password of the account and therefore essentialy hacked into the account. Because of this, Roblox dealt with the account quickly and stopped it. The account was then back in the future but had to be sorted again after someone password guessed the account again.

The staff of Roblox are known to have utilized the account in order to test some store items for testing purposes. The Clockwork account has certainly been through a lot! I find it really interesting finding out about the backstory of everything relating to accounts no longer used within the experience.

How to Obtain the Workclock Set

The Workclock items are unfortunately not able to be bought as of the time of writing. This means that you likely won’t be able to try them for a while. It is unknown if the items will ever return to the avatar shop, but if they did, then you would be able to probably buy them with Robux again.

All Workclock Series Items

Image from Roblox Fandom

The Workclock items, of course belong to specific series. There is a lot on offer, and the Ultimates versions are of particular interest to many! The following section will list every item’s name from each of these.

Clockwork Headphone Series items:

  • Clockwork’s Headphones
  • Workclock Headphones
  • Clockwork Heartphones 
  • Blue Clockwork Headphones
  • Red Clockwork Headphones
  • Timework Clockphones
  • WC Ultimates: Citrine Celebration
  • WC Ultimates: Aquamarine Attitude
  • WC Ultimates: Pink Diamond Distraction
  • WC Ultimates: Garnet Gratitude
  • WC Ultimates: Sugilite Satisfaction
  • WC Ultimates: Peridot Panic
  • CW Ultimate: Rose Quartz Rebellion
  • CW Ultimate: Wulfinite Will
  • CW Ultimate: Sapphire Serenity
  • CW Ultimate: Emerald Entropy
  • CW Ultimate: Ruby Rapture
  • CW Ultimate: Amethyst Addiction
  • Adurite Headphones
  • Viridian Headphones
  • Headphones

Clockwork Shades Series items:

  • Clockwork Shades
  • Workclock Shades
  • Bombastic Shades
  • 8-Bit Shades
  • Meta Shades
  • Wanwood Shades
  • Adurite Shades
  • Sparkle Time Shades

Alternatives to the Workclock Roblox Set

Image from Roblox Fandom

There are many alternatives to the Workclock Set; these alternatives will be from the series for the main Clockwork sets, and there will also be general items on the Avatar shop.

Timework Clockphones

The Timework Clockphones are still available to this day for 500 Robux. They are incredible! They have a gold appearance with actual clockfaces detailed on the side faces of the headphones. They share a lot of similarities to the original Workclock headphones, so if you are looking for an item that has excellent resemblance to the original headphones. This is the set for you! Want to look like a million dollars with a hat avatar item? Then the Timework Clockphones are the cosmetic that you want!

8-Bit Shades

If you are looking for an alternative to the shades, then the 8-Bit Shades could be an excellent choice for you. They aren’t exactly like the original shades but they have their own personality, and that’s what makes them such a good choice for your character. 

Spike Punk Headphones

Even though they are not a part of the main series, these player-created headphones are of a brilliant style. They maintain the general appearance and appeal of the Workclock headphones. Although they have metal spikes extruding out of the sides of the headphones. It makes them a brilliant choice for when you are trying to create a specific style of outfit.

Golden Headphones 

The Golden Headphones are one of the best alternatives to get at this very moment due to the fact that they are free. You can go to the store this second and grab them to add them to your collection. The general appearance of these headphones are like a regular set of headphones though they are black and gold.

Rhinestone Shades

There, of course is another alternative to the Workclock shades, and these Rhinestone Shades are great for making a statement with style but, at the same time, having a great link to the Workclock shades. The Rhinestone Shades are black and have silver lining and other sections of silver on them. There is also a darker orange gradient on the shade lens that go to black. It is a brilliant look for any outfit style.


A perfect set dedicated to ClockWork, these gear pieces are remembered by many within the community. I know that people still speak about them to this very day. Thankfully, the range of alternatives offered in the store has its own; unique and enjoyable flare!

FAQ about the Workclock Roblox Set

Question: Will the Workclock Set ever be available again?

Answer: It is currently unknown if the set will ever make an appearance again. The Roblox developers may decide to let the cosmetics sell again to players in the future. I know that if they ever did decide to put them back up, I’d be rushing to buy them! So everyone else likely will be thinking about doing that also.

Question: Is the Workclock set available in different colors other than white?

Answer: The Workclock Headphones and Workclock Shades are only available in their base color. However, you may find an alternative listed beneficial for getting the style you want. Further, the other items in the series may also have the color you want with cosmetics. 

Question: Why were the Workclock set made unavailable on the avatar shop?

Answer: Sometimes the Roblox developers simply decide to take items off the store, and the Workclock set was likely removed for this reason though many wonder if they will be able to get the set again at some point.

Question: Will any other Workclock Items be created?

Answer: This is another question that has no definite answer. There is a possibility that other Workclock items could indeed be created in the future for the experience. Although, it is also important to note that alternatives will always be created and be available that could be based on the Workclock items. The lineage will continue ever onwards for the set.

Question: What is the best alternative to the Workclock Headphones?

Answer: The best alternative for the Workclock Headphones, I would personally say is the Timework Clockphones. The style, the price, the similarities, there is so much to enjoy about these headphones for your character!

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