Roblox Trolls Explained: Toxic Communities, Griefers, Scammers, More

Roblox is one of the most popular video games today with a massive community of players who play thousands upon thousands of games within this single title. With such a large group of players, this Roblox trolls explained guide is important since these are bad actors that players will inevitably come across.

Roblox trolls make up the worst part of the entire game. From the simply annoying players to the terrible offenders with absolutely horrible ulterior motives, we are going to talk about each of these and more. Please keep in mind that we are not going to avoid some of the darker parts of this kid-friendly game as it is crucial for everyone, especially parents, to know.

Bottom Line Up Front

Roblox trolls are defined as someone who intentionally wishes to cause trouble for other players for a variety of reasons. Some trolls will target certain types of avatars or genders, while others might roam in particular games, while others still want to scam Robux and items out of a player. And then there are the darker parts of the toxic communities in Roblox with vile people who use this as a place for harassment and inappropriate communication with players.

What Is a Troll?

At the very core of the definition of a troll, think of the literal troll figure from folktales and media. They are typically ugly creatures who might trick a person in a story or wish to get something out of them. Take that same idea and apply it to a person in an online video game, and you can see the connection.

Trolls in games are just that: disturbing, sometimes even evil people with ugly intentions who wish to cause harm to other players. Some do it for laughs while others will use it as a means to gain something like currency in the game or special items that someone else has.

While trolls are mostly related to people who are falling under those definitions, they are adjacent to evil people who wish to cause mental and emotional harm to players in various ways. This includes those who will contact players and harass them for several reasons.

Trolls exist in basically any game that has an online component to it. If there is any multiplayer, there is going to be a troll in some way, shape, or form. You could even have a game without any form of communication, like a text or voice chat, and trolls will still find a way to cause issues for the community.

Roblox Trolls Explained

Moving more specifically to just Roblox, the Roblox trolls are quite common in this game. I would be impressed if there is any player out there who has spent even a few hours in the game and not come across a troll of some kind or otherwise been affected by the toxic communities out there.

The problem with Roblox is that so much of the game attracts trolls in swarms, even more so than most other online games. For one, there is the immense popularity of the game. The more popular a game is, the more likely and more common that there will be trolls in it.

At the same time, to make matters worse, Roblox is the most versatile and flexible game of all time. Users create their own experiences and share them online. This allows for some games that are action-based or maybe a shooter game while others have intricate economies while still more are based solely around roleplaying.

Unfortunately, this variety allows for trolls to have a field day in Roblox since they can take their picks for where to target and always have something new to do. Being that the game is free-to-play, this makes matters worse since anyone can download and play the game right now.

And, lastly, Roblox trolls exist for another major reason and that is that, sadly, kids play the game. It would not be surprising if the vast majority of players in Roblox are under the age of 18. This makes trolls and criminal people common since they know that kids might be more naive and easily tricked, especially if there is no proper supervision while they play.

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Different Types of Trolls

With the fluctuating state of Roblox, there are many equally different types of trolls and other offenders that you can encounter in the game. Much of who you will encounter will depend on the situation, what game you are playing, the time of day, what your avatar looks like, and much more.

That said, there are some general types of trolls that you will likely come across in your time in the game. For this part of the Roblox trolls explained guide, we will be sure to go into the basic trolls that you will possibly see in the game and leave the more serious issues for later on.

Game-Specific Trolls

One of the more common issues that some players might deal with in Roblox is trolls who target a specific game or experience. They may not be as flexible as other trolls but they are specialized ones who know a particular game inside and out, able to easily annoy or even scam other players.

This might be someone who even looks like an elite player who has the best items around and tons of money. In a building game like Bloxburg, they may even have an insanely large house that they show off to everyone who encounters them or they could be a prominent player.

There are, of course, some who will pretend to be the opposite, acting like a newcomer to that game to get attention and items from other established players. These game-specific trolls will usually only stick to that experience and there are certain games that you have to be careful in because of this.

In general, the more laidback games that are focused on roleplaying, creating a house, and intricate economies and microtransactions are the ones that you will see trolls that specialize in that particular experience.

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Toxic Communities

In general, the Roblox community is pretty toxic, especially in certain games. If you pay attention to the chat, you will find people fighting one another and harassing each other fairly often. This is not always as true in action games where you have to constantly move but it is the case in slower-paced games.

That said, action games have their elements of toxic players. Like in competitive multiplayer games, you are likely to find someone calling players names or trying to swear at them using workarounds for the censorship in the chat. And then there is the voice chat that now exists in the game.

Other times, some players will give racist, misogynistic, hateful, discriminatory, and other types of remarks in the chat. They might comment on the way that someone looks, talks, or acts, and makes presumptions about them in the process.

There are many different toxic players in the community, including both adults and kids alike. The toxic part of Roblox is something that you can find even with the oldest and youngest players around and is perhaps the most common sort of trolling that you will see in the game.

Sometimes, the toxic players and trolls will even show their hate with actions rather than using the chat like killing the same person over and over to make them quit or stopping someone from getting to a certain safe location in survival games.

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Griefers is an issue that is not as common in Roblox as in other games like Minecraft but can still be an issue nonetheless. Griefing is seen as an act that will usually destroy the hard work that someone else has done so far. This is typically in the case of someone who has built something.

As such, griefers will commonly happen in games that involve building a fort, house, or something else that someone can destroy. They will come in and intentionally destroy your efforts to cause distress to you or even make you quit the game.

This is also seen in some tycoon games where the goal is to build up your base and earn cash. Griefers will attack players by trying to either destroy their building if they can or prevent the player from progressing with their building.


Another major trolling problem in Roblox has to do with scammers. Roblox is a free game but it is riddled with microtransactions from head to toe. You cannot go anywhere in the game without something trying to get Robux out of you since this is how everyone involved with the game makes money.

They will not make money off of you just playing a round of Disaster Island or playing a match of Island Royale but they will make money when you purchase that helpful survival item or special skin with Robux. As such, the game is always in the player’s face with the option to spend real money through Robux.

Since this is the case, scammers are also just as common. They will do anything that they can to trick players into giving them an item or something quite valuable. Fortunately, they cannot scam someone out of Robux but they can get something that is worth lots of Robux.

For instance, there are plenty of games like Adopt Me and Murder Mystery 2 where you can trade with players. These include items that you have purchased with Robux, and scammers will try to get those expensive items out of you through nefarious means.

They may lie and use an excuse that they are going to give you the item that they offered to you later on when their friend logs in or when they visit their house. They could simply hope that you accidentally accept a trade without checking to make sure that they are giving you the correct item they offered or anything at all.

They could even say that they want to just see it for a moment and then give it back; the possible scams are endless. And this includes donations as well like someone requesting money in a game like Bloxburg to get started when, in reality, they are just trying to get freebies that they do not deserve or need.


In the more actiony games in Roblox, there is always the chance that a hacker could appear. Since this game is a large PC experience, there is the potential for hackers even with the anti-cheat measures in place. This is something to worry about in competitive experiences.

In shooter games, for instance, this could mean encountering an opposing player who has perfect aim from across the map as they aimbot their way to victory. They might be able to shoot through walls or unfairly find you in a game like Flee the Facility.

They might be invincible in a game or glitch their way to out-of-bounds areas on the map to ensure that no one can stop them from winning. Hackers are an issue with this PC-centric game, especially in older experiences that have not been regulated as well as newer ones.

More Serious Offenders

It is worth noting that the above situations are usually the case for trolls but there are much more serious and disturbing problems in Roblox. While these offenders may not necessarily be considered trolls (though some are), they are worth noting.

Trolls are certainly an issue in Roblox that the developers need to figure out but there are more pressing concerns than just that. Some problems are more problematic on countless levels, including the criminal and illegal aspects of them.

This is especially important for any parents or guardians reading this as they should keep them in mind when letting their kids play Roblox. This is made worse by the fact that some of these problems are not that common in other online multiplayer games. We will try to keep the details to a minimum without avoiding bringing up the issue.


One of the most serious issues that is also quite common in just about any online game out there is harassment. Unfortunately, there are harassers everywhere in the world and they try to invade anything that they can. Harassment can exist in countless forms and so is the case in Roblox.

That said, some of the most common forms of harassment in Roblox include never letting up on bothering players. Someone will just follow a player around, calling them names or begging for money, and not stopping no matter what the player does.

Other areas of harassment include more specific situations. This can be seen in flirting and other acts in the game. A large part of the harassment comes from the fact that there is a chat in the game available for everyone to use but it is not limited to verbal harassment alone.


One huge element of Roblox is the roleplaying community. In and of itself, roleplaying is not necessarily a bad thing as it just involves pretending to be something else. In the case of games like Bloxburg, for instance, there is a lot of roleplaying where you pretend to be a parent to another player who is a kid or roommates and so on.

They will share their house, contribute to one another, and pretend to be family. However, as you can likely guess, there are a lot of people who, unfortunately, use roleplaying as a way to harass and mistreat others. This is an issue since Roblox promotes and has far too many experiences that are all about roleplaying.

Inappropriate Communication

Finally, there is inappropriate communication. Unfortunately, Roblox not only has a text chat in most games that you can use but there is private messaging as well. You can likely guess where I am going with this one but this feature is a very, very bad one that should have never existed in the game.

Allowing someone to privately message another player is asking for all kinds of trouble since it is not public for everyone in the server to see. This is a huge issue that allows for situations where a younger player could be contacted by an older one.

Sure, Roblox tries to censor stuff but these offenders will always find a way around them, which is why this private messaging system should not exist at all. Personal information, passwords, and countless other details could be inappropriately shared or taken through this private messaging system.

While Roblox shows no interest in removing private messaging at this time, it is worth noting since this is a problem that transcends the simple public trolling that players will do in many games.

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Does Roblox Do a Good Job of Fighting Against Trolls?

One of the most important parts of having an online multiplayer game like Roblox is ensuring that there are plenty of measures in place to keep the game safe for everyone. Roblox does indeed have some sort of measures of its own that are in the game for doing this but are they enough?

in my honest opinion, they are not enough at all. I would go so far as to say that Roblox does a pretty bad job of fighting back against trolls and other problems in the game. It does not even the bare minimum as just having the private messaging system alone is a huge issue.

There are plenty of other online multiplayer games that are similar enough to Roblox that do not allow for private messaging and they are doing just fine so it begs the question of why it is in there in the first place. Given that this is a game geared towards kids, there is no reason for it to exist and the meager censorship can easily be avoided.

I think that you can make an argument for the public chat in most games in Roblox but the private chat system is completely unnecessary. At least with the public chat, everyone can see it at all times so other players can see an issue, try to intervene if they can, or report the player.

Speaking of reporting, that is another area where I do not see enough from Roblox. It seems to be the bare minimum here as well for just allowing reports but not doing too much to stop trolls. And then there are the cheaters that are still able to get into the games and cause trouble. There should be standards across the board for all experiences to prevent stuff like this.

How to Best Avoid Roblox Trolls and Harassers

Since Roblox drops the ball when it comes to protecting its community, this is something that is, unfortunately, up to each player to figure out. In the case of kids, this is why it is highly recommended that all parents and guardians monitor what their kids are doing in the game.

Better yet, it is best to play with them or have an older sibling or other family member play in Roblox together with the kid. Having supervision for the kid or preventing them from using the chat, like playing on Xbox where it is harder to see and use, can help to avoid many trolls and harassers.

We also recommend not allowing players to use the private messaging system as this is where a lot of inappropriate conversations can take place. But it is not perfect as some trolls have no problem harassing in the public chat where everyone can see it.

That is also why it is important that you make sure to report any players that you see that are doing something bad and block them from contacting you again. Try to leave that game or lobby and join another one to get away from them. These methods are not perfect but they are the best you can do for now.

Also for scammers, keep in mind if the deal sounds too good to be true, it likely is.

Most Common Roblox Games With Trolls and Offenders

Another way to deal with the trolls in Roblox is to watch out for certain games that tend to have more offenders than others. Action-based games like Island Royale and Jailbreak will have their fair share of problems with cheaters, some harassers, and trolls but usually not much more than that.

Players are too busy trying to fight and so on to chat with someone. Those games can be good since they are great. The same goes for games that do not need chat at all like Disaster Island and others. But some games are extremely common for trolls to appear in.

If the game is too slow-paced and chill, the higher the chances of a troll being there. That is why games like Adopt Me, Bloxburg, Brookhaven, Royale High, and many others will have problems with this. Also, if the game is meant for roleplaying, expect some problematic players to be there.

Best Roblox Alternatives

If you find that you do not want your kid playing Roblox or you just want a different game to check out that is more free from trolls, we have a few alternatives for you. Roblox is pretty unique but there are some other games out there that fill a somewhat similar niche.

Minecraft has a text chat but you do not need to use it and it is not commonly an issue in that game. You do have to worry about griefers in that game but it is not too bad otherwise. It also has its servers and experiences that are a bit different from the typical survival mode.

Fortnite is another great one with a Creative mode experience that is quickly catching up to Roblox. It also benefits from the text chat being mostly useless but, in turn, it does have voice chat. This can be easily turned off, though, so that can be avoided.

Lastly, there is Garry’s Mod that sort of mirrors the Roblox idea and experience in a way. Built out of a mod of Half-Life 2, it is on PC and features plenty of game modes that have been created by users. The chat can be a little bit trolling at times but not nearly as toxic as Roblox.


Question: How do you deal with trolls on Roblox?

Answer: This is a great question. Whether you are a player or parent, there are several ways to deal with trolls on Roblox as we mentioned above. Every household works differently but we recommend that younger players be restricted from using any form of chat or communication by their parent or guardian unless someone trustworthy is playing and watching over them.

Furthermore, they should not engage in trades, emotes, or other modes of non-verbal communication to avoid trolls. If someone does run into a troll, the best thing to do is find the player in the leaderboard for the lobby and report them, giving the specific reason why you are reporting them.

If necessary, we also recommend leaving that particular Roblox experience and joining another one or a different lobby to try and get away from the trolls.

Question: Why is Roblox toxic?

Answer: As previously mentioned, the Roblox community is an immensely toxic one for several reasons. Popularity plays a huge role since trolls will choose this game as an easy target. The fact that it is free-to-play is an issue, too, since it is easily accessible by trolls and microtransactions are a major part.

And then there is the community makeup. There are a lot of younger players who frequent the game, making it easy for trolls to trick and scam them. There are also a lot of roleplayers in the game, which is not inherently a bad thing, but roleplaying can be commonly corrupted by trolls and other bad players.

Question: How many warnings do it to get a ban or termination in Roblox?

Answer: This is not a question that can be specifically answered. When someone is reported in the game for doing something bad, it is reviewed and there is a possible warning or harsher punishment given to them. Since the Roblox developers do not share this sort of data, it is hard to say how many warnings a player can get before being banned permanently.

That said, we recommend to everyone reading this to not do anything that would even remotely be considered trolling. Your first warning could be your last one and that could mean the instant loss of your account and everything associated with it. And for innocent players, please be careful, as this is a free game so there is nothing stopping trolls from creating a new account.


As you can see, the Roblox trolls problem is a massive and ever-growing one. From the simple annoying players to the ones who are looking to scam to the serious offenders who have evil intentions, there is a lot that players have to worry about when it comes to Roblox trolls.

We recommend that players, especially parents of players, also check out our Roblox slang and terminology guide to learn more about the various lingo that the community uses online. This will help to understand what some trolls and other horrible players are possibly saying when they are contacting in the chat.

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