Best Roblox RPGs

Best Roblox RPGs: Loomian Legacy, Blox Fruits, and More

The most daunting genre of games in Roblox has to be RPGs. Role-playing games are the lifeblood of the game industry for many players who enjoy games like Skyrim, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Persona, and so many more. But with levels, massive worlds, intricate stories, and more, RPGs don’t make much sense in the user-generated Roblox experiences. However, you might be surprised that some of the best Roblox RPGs even rival premium consoles and PC products.

I’ll be the first to admit that in my time playing Roblox since 2016, RPGs have been the most disappointing genre of games for me. Survival titles, battle royales, shooters, platformers, sims, and more are nailed so well in Roblox. But RPGs are the trickier parts. That is why I am willing to try any RPG game once and determine if it’s worth anyone’s time or not. Through my experiences, I have come up with the ten best Roblox RPGs you should know about.

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Bottom Line Up Front

The best Roblox RPGs are the ones that understand the limitations of this user-generated game and brush past them. They don’t have to be massive productions or have insane graphics, but they must embody what makes a role-playing game so beloved. They need to master or have a mix of an intriguing world, a fascinating storyline, an engrossing leveling system, fun gameplay mechanics, and a hook to keep coming back repeatedly.

The best Roblox RPG for me has to be Loomian Legacy, one of the best Pokemon-style MMO copycats out there, Roblox or not.

Selection Criteria

To be honest, coming up with the best Roblox RPGs was one of the easiest lists I’ve done for our site yet. This is a genre that I adore (my favorite outside of Roblox), so I already knew what games to include, which, sadly, aren’t that many. These are the selection criteria that I use to determine which Roblox RPGs are worth my time and yours:

  • Gameplay: There are so many RPGs in Roblox that have terrible gameplay. If it isn’t fun to play, I don’t want to touch it. It doesn’t matter if it’s action-based, melee, or even turn-based. As long as it’s fun, I’m here for it.
  • Hook: There must be a reason to keep returning to a Roblox RPG. If I don’t love the progression or leveling system, it doesn’t deserve the hundreds of hours I’m willing to put into other RPGs.
  • Smart Monetization: I get that Roblox developers need to make money. But there are a lot of scummy RPGs on the platform, and I’m not here for those pay-to-win scenarios without free alternatives.
  • Presentation: Graphics aren’t everything, especially with Roblox games, but the visuals need to at least be serviceable, and the world is intriguing. It also needs to run smoothly enough to be enjoyable to play.
  • Individuality: Inspiration is fine and dandy, but I want to see a Roblox RPG do more than copying an existing property. It has to be unique in its own way to catch my attention.

As a side note, everyone defines an RPG differently. There are a lot of games with RPG elements that I wouldn’t necessarily include on this list. One example is the brilliant Bloxburg and Adopt Me both have leveling and an emphasis on roleplaying with people but lack the sort of combat that define RPGs. Plus, their leveling systems aren’t the focus in them. Hence why you won’t see otherwise phenomenal games like those on this list.

loomian legacy game

Best Roblox RPGs List

These are the ten best Roblox RPGs you will ever find on the entire platform as of the time of writing this. Some of them are more single-player-focused, while others are essentially free MMOs that rival that of even World of Warcraft. No matter what the game is and how you play it, these are the RPGs that are most worth your time today in Roblox. Keep in mind that they are in no particular order other than saving the best for last.

Swordburst 2

roblox rpg swordburst 2

One of my favorite anime and light novel series is Sword Art Online, which Swordburst 2 takes clear inspiration from. It has the same general premise of a fantasy MMO with a tower that you are constantly going up floor by floor. The beauty of the SAO world has been tremendously recreated in this Roblox RPG.

It has the most fun action combat out of any RPG on this list, focusing mainly on sword skills. The gameplay is smooth and fun to engage with, especially when you have a party of friends alongside you. While it can be quite grind-focused, there are few RPGs I have spent as much time with as Swordburst 2. I couldn’t tell you the number of hours I have spent with this game, going from floor to floor with my family. It is the most fun I’ve had with a multiplayer-focused game out of these ten titles.


  • It nails the Sword Art Online world without copying it too much
  • The sword-based gameplay is the best action combat out of any RPG, with its numerous skills and weapons
  • The world is gorgeous and fun to explore as you go from floor to floor
  • It captures the MMO feel of SAO with an unbelievable amount of fun alongside friends and even strangers


  • It lacks some of the more magical or gun-based combat that later SAO seasons have
  • The grind is real in this game, which is why I can only play it for short bursts at a time
  • It is surprisingly challenging to play by yourself unless you over level in an area

RPG World

roblox rpg world

If you’ve ever played a particular Pet Simulator X or any of its spin-offs, you might know RPG World. It has a similar structure where you go from small zone to small zone, expanding your horizons and taking out enemies as you go. The idea is to collect coins, which unlock these new areas.

How you go about this is by upgrading your equipment and taking on the various enemies in each new zone you visit. This structure is by and large the same as Pet Simulator X, but the difference is that you are directly involved in the action combat, unlike that title.

Plus, you also have pets that you can collect and upgrade to help you out in combat situations. While the pet system might not be as deep as Pet Simulator X or Loomian Legacy (more on that one in a bit), it doesn’t have to be, as the blend of the two systems is nice. Not to mention, you can trade pets with others, which is always a nice touch.


  • An expansive and varied world that you can slowly unlock over time
  • The action combat paired with the pet’s system makes it better than some similar games
  • The challenge isn’t too tricky here, especially with friends
  • Trading and other features help to extend your playtime


  • The pets system isn’t as deep as other similar games, which may be disappointing
  • The world zones are relatively tiny
  • The exploration progression is sometimes too repetitive and grindy

Sundown Island

roblox rpg sundown island

Sundown Island is the perfect RPG for furries and wolf fans. There is something to be said about the originality of this game, where you customize and play as your own fantastical wolf creature. The customization for the wolves is fantastic, with different types of them and many detailed options.

You can pick between an Arctic wolf, a basic wolf, a fairy one, and more, with new races of wolves arriving regularly. The open world is massive, with different realms to explore and places to visit. Of course, you can play with others, forming packs and hunting down your foes at night.

The gameplay is rather simplistic, but there is a lot to be said about the deep progression and customization possibilities that help Sundown Island to soar above the rest. The world is gorgeous, too, with impressive lighting and focus. I do wish it performed a little bit better and had more detailed animations, though.


  • The customization options for creating your own wolf are fantastic
  • Running around the open world with your pack is a blast
  • The world itself is stunning with its hyper-realistic lighting effects


  • The gameplay leaves something to be desired at times
  • It can focus a little too much on paying to own more wolf types
  • The performance isn’t up to my standards yet but is constantly being improved, at least.

World Zero

roblox rpg world zero

World Zero is a game that has a special place in my heart for reawakening my love for mobile fantasy MMOs. I remember playing games like Pocket Legends and others that involved simplistic action gameplay of pressing a few skills available on your screen at any time.

That is precisely the sort of gameplay that World Zero has, even down to its colorful but basic world and graphics. While simple in its nature, there is a lot that I love about the classes and gameplay that this game uses. You pick your starting class, including melee and magical ones, and then head out into the world.

There are quests to do, enemies to fight, skills to learn, and upgrades to unlock as you level up your character. The performance still isn’t the best in the years following its release, but I adore just mindlessly hacking and blasting away at some quests to level up and unlock new abilities. I would dare call it one of my guilty pleasures on this list.


  • Fans of those classic old-school mobile fantasy MMOs will adore this game
  • The numerous classes available are nicely varied, and each is fun to play
  • The progression and leveling system is deep, with plenty of skills to learn and upgrade
  • The combat is straightforward and fast


  • The graphics are a bit basic, even for a Roblox game
  • The world isn’t particularly exciting or performing the best
  • The story and quests are about as shallow as they come

Spellbound Wizard RPG

roblox rpg spellbound wizard

If you’re looking for originality on this list, you’re in the right place. Spellbound is essentially what happens when you take Hearthstone or any recent resurgence of the trading card genre and turn it into a full-blown dungeon-exploring RPG on Roblox.

The idea is to go into various dungeons with a full deck of magical skill cards. As you explore, either solo or with others, you’ll engage in turn-based battles where you use your cards to summon down lightning, cast fireballs, and so on against your fantasy foes.

The customization in Spellbound is rich and engaging, with so many cards to collect and ways to master the game, depending on what type of card user you want to be. It becomes even better with friends as you can account for each other’s weaknesses and make the game a little bit easier and more fun in the process.


  • There is nothing like the strategic nature of this turn-based combat mixed with trading cards
  • There are many intriguing dungeons to explore and enemies to fight
  • The game is surprisingly fun both solo and with others (though it’s much better with friends)
  • There is plenty of variation in how you can build out your decks


  • The presentation of the dungeons and enemies isn’t the greatest or most varied
  • The deck-building system could use a little bit more structure
  • The challenge increases significantly later on, certainly emphasizing teaming up with other players and doing solo players dirty in the process

Blox Fruits

roblox rpg blox fruits

Anime-inspired RPGs are a dime a dozen in the world of Roblox, but one of the best is Blox Fruits. Inspired by One Piece and a bunch of other manga and anime series, Blox Fruits involves the titular fruits you consume to gain special powers to use in its exhilarating action-based combat.

The various Blox Fruits you can acquire are so varied in their utilities and powers that it makes it exciting to try out new powers. There is also one of the largest leveling systems in all of Roblox, with literally levels not in the hundreds but the thousands.

This is all before including the fact that the game revolves around the pirates versus the marines, which is its own mayhem. You can pick your faction, and your level remains the same across both, but the progression and missions vary considerably. This is one of the better games to explore the massive world solo, too, which I like as a lone wolf myself.


  • The Blox Fruits are so varied in their powers that it is fun to experiment and try all of them.
  • You won’t find a game with as deep or high of a leveling system as this one.
  • The two factions keep the gameplay engaging and unique
  • This is a game that I enjoy with friends and solo alike


  • The combat is a bit messy at times due to being too fast
  • Blox Fruits requires quite a bit of commitment from the player to see what it has to offer fully
  • As an older game, the graphics are starting to look outdated these days

Wild Horse Islands

roblox rpg wild horse islands

Did you ever watch movies like Spirit and Secretariat, wondering how you could get your own majestic horse? Well, while I can’t solve that wish for you in the real world, I certainly can in the digital realm. Wild Horse Islands is the premier horse-raising RPG that happens to give off some different vibes from other games on this list.

This is a mostly relaxing game that has nothing to do with combat or anything crazy like that. Instead, it takes similar mechanics to the horse capturing in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and turns it into its full-fledged game.

You can roam around the open island world, capturing and taming horses as you please. You can trade them with others, upgrade the horses, and create the best ranch for you to raise them in. This is the place to go if you want something more chill and simulation-like compared to other RPGs. It is one of the few stress-free RPGs on Roblox, and its current rise in popularity shows that it’s a decent hit.


  • The best horse game you will ever find on Roblox
  • One of the few relaxing RPGs on this list
  • The horse-taming and raising mechanics are amazing
  • The sim nature of building out your own ranch is an excellent bonus


  • It is a relatively newer game, so there is some content and fixes on the way that will improve the experience
  • This is a game that begs to be a multiplayer experience, but it isn’t the best at promoting that sort of gameplay that well

Gacha Online

roblox rpg gacha online

Speaking of relaxing RPGs, there is the pinnacle of roleplaying in Roblox with Gacha Online. There is no game in all of Roblox like this title, for better and for worse. It is the only 2D game (at least character-wise) I have ever played in Roblox that worked this well.

You customize your avatar and then can do whatever you want. Go hang out with people in various locations around the world, take pictures, create your own classic Gacha stories and music videos, and just roleplay however you like.

The customization options for your avatar are some of the best I have ever seen in a Roblox title. Though I should note that this community is one of the strangest in all of gaming, so beware if you are letting your kid play Gacha Online. There is some alarming content that appears sometimes, but adults can fully enjoy what it has to offer.


  • There is no customization for your avatar like there is in Gacha Online
  • The best and only 2D Roblox game that works this well
  • The epitome of a roleplaying game in Roblox
  • Better than its mobile counterparts
  • What they were able to do within the confines of Roblox’s engine is remarkable


  • The Gacha community is one of the most toxic and disturbing in all of gaming
  • This is a game, even on Roblox, that isn’t necessarily for kids unless supervised


roblox rpg vesteria

Vesteria is one of the few games on this list that I actually prefer to play solo. The world, gameplay, and story remind me considerably of classic Western single-player JRPGs. Some will draw comparisons between Vesteria and games like Skyrim, but the one I gravitate towards is Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

The music, world, and graphics are similar to the tragic one-and-done RPG. Vesteria is one of the best examples of what single-player experiences can be in Roblox (though you can play with others). The combat is action-based, starting basic and then expanding as you add more skills to your skill bar.

The controls aren’t the best on mobile, where I like to play Roblox, but it works well elsewhere. The storyline isn’t fantastic, but it offers a bit more than most Roblox RPGs. There are towns to explore, NPCs with a decent bit of dedicated dialogue, and quests that feel more substantial than some of the basic ones in other similar titles.


  • Vesteria is the most promising newer game on this list
  • It reminds me of some of my favorite singleplayer RPGs like Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  • The combat has a decent curve of starting out simple and gradually becoming deeper
  • The world is packed with more love and care than most games when it comes to NPCs and quests


  • While it shows a ton of promise, it hasn’t fully reached it yet.
  • The controls and performance are almost awful on mobile.

Loomian Legacy

roblox rpg loomian legacy

I truly saved the best for last for you when it comes to the best Roblox RPGs. Out of any game on this list, the one that impresses me the most is none other than Loomian Legacy. It is also one of the most unique on this list, as it is a Pokemon-like experience.

If you’ve played a Pokemon game before, you know the drill with Loomian Legacy. You start out in your small town, pick your starter (in this case, you have lots of options), and set off on an adventure. The presentation is some of the best in Roblox, with solid graphics, terrific monster designs, and the finest turn-based combat I’ve seen in Roblox while never once infringing on Nintendo’s IP rights like some similar experiences.

It’s crazy to say this about a free-to-play game, but Loomian Legacy is better than some of the Pokemon-inspired games I’ve paid for and played before, including all of the indie ones with the exception of maybe Coromon. It is so highly polished and more deserving than almost any other Roblox game of a standalone release at some point.


  • The best turn-based experience on Roblox
  • The best Pokemon-like game on Roblox, and better than most premium copycat games
  • It has unreal polish for a Roblox title
  • The original monster designs are phenomenal


  • Fans of faster, more action-based combat may get bored with this
  • The multiplayer aspects need some refinement


Question: What is the best Roblox turn-based RPG?

Answer: The best Roblox turn-based RPG is also the best overall roleplaying game on the platform: Loomian Legacy. Similar to the Pokemon games, you have cutesy little monsters that you collect and then battle against others in a strategic gameplay system. Sadly, there aren’t many turn-based games on Roblox other than this one.

Question: What is the best Roblox MMORPG?

Answer: Most of the RPGs on this list could be considered MMOs, but the best Roblox MMORPG has to be Swordburst 2. It is already based on the Sword Art Online anime world, which revolves around a fictional MMO. It recreates the sword-based action combat and exploration with many other players online.

Question: What is the best Roblox dungeon game 2022?

Answer: The best dungeon-based Roblox game at this time has to be World Zero. The entire game is based on selecting your starting class and venturing into around 20 different dungeons. Each one is hand-crafted so well, with a lot to explore and reasons to keep coming back with your friends to each dungeon location.

What Roblox Genre to Check Out Next

When it comes to Roblox RPGs, there are so many to choose from. Hopefully, this list of the ten that you must play helped you to find your new favorite Roblox experience. If you’re pressed for time, though, and only have one game to check out, I recommend Loomian Legacy.

It is the best Roblox RPG I’ve ever played in every category, from gameplay to the hooks it has baked into its systems. The Pokemon-inspired monster-battling adventure has such an impressive presentation and honestly plays better than most of the past Pokemon-inspired games I’ve played. You can’t go wrong with the dozens and even hundreds of hours of play that it offers for free.

But between catching and battling some adorable monsters, you might want to take a break from the depth of RPGs for a bit. If you’re looking for something much more straightforward in Roblox, there are plenty of other genres to check out. Might I suggest looking at the best first and third-person shooting games on Roblox? This will give you some multiplayer-focused and intense games that are pretty different from some of the RPGs on this list.

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