Best Pokemon Games on Roblox

Best Pokemon Games on Roblox

The most attractive aspect of Roblox is the seemingly infinite possibilities that the game engine allows users to work with. From first-person shooters to MMOs to story-driven games and more, there are countless games that you can play right now on the platform. However, one of the more intriguing aspects is Pokemon-like games. These let you collect cute and powerful monsters, trade them, and battle them with others. If you’ve ever wanted to know the best Pokemon games on Roblox, you’re in the right place.

When I first found out about Roblox in 2016 and checked it out, one of the first genres of games I looked for was Pokemon games. It was a much different space back then with what was allowed, but the results were nonetheless impressive. Today, there are several Pokemon-style games with turn-based battles, gyms, trading, and more. To help you sort through the countless options, here are the best Pokemon games on Roblox.

Best Pokemon Games on Roblox

Bottom Line Up Front

The best Pokemon games on Roblox are the ones that take aspects of the main series and translate them well into the Roblox engine. This means offering unique combat, gameplay, exploration, interactions, characters, stories, and monsters. It doesn’t necessarily have to copy Pokemon, either.

If I had to pick a single game on Roblox to be the best of the bunch, it would be Loomian Legacy. Everything is wholly original in this game, with an unbelievable level of 3D presentation and monsters that rival even the greatest Roblox and Pokemon knockoff games out there.

No True Pokemon Clones Exist on Roblox Currently

What I should note before we start this list is that you aren’t going to find many direct Pokemon copycat clone games on Roblox. Recently, at the time of writing this, Nintendo started cracking down on games on Roblox that infringe on their copyrights and franchises.

This is why there are almost no games labeled as Pokemon games on Roblox at this point in time. If you search “Pokemon” on Roblox, you won’t find a single game that is titled as such. This even means that some of the best games previously, such as Brick Bronze and other Pokemon MMOs, are now gone.

They are unlikely to return, at least in their previous forms, so don’t expect to see them anytime soon. However, that said, some literal Pokemon games take the creatures you know and love and bring them to Roblox. I included the best of those on this list, but they must be pretty secretive to avoid Nintendo’s cease and desist.

There is always a chance that some of those games will be removed at some point, so please keep that in mind.

Selection Criteria

Picking the ten best Pokemon-like games on Roblox wasn’t an easy task. Though many of the best games from the past, like Pokemon Brick Bronze, no longer exist due to copyright issues, there is still a healthy selection of Pokemon-inspired games.

In fact, you could even argue that Pokemon-like games are the standout genre for Roblox. After all, the most successful game on the entire platform for many years now was seemingly inspired by what Game Freak first did all those years ago.

As such, I came up with a few notable selection criteria that helped me to form the list of the best Pokemon games on Roblox:

  • Quality: Without a doubt, this is the most critical aspect. Let’s be real here that quality isn’t going to be exceptional in a Roblox experience. But it has to be high quality enough to be worthy of your time and possibly even money.
  • Visuals: The graphics aren’t everything in Roblox, which is a game that requires a bit more forgiveness when it comes to its visuals. But the games at least had to have something intriguing to look at.
  • Gameplay: Whether it opts for turn-based combat, action-based gameplay, or anything else, it must be exciting and fun. Otherwise, there are plenty of other Roblox experiences to play.
  • Monsters: At the heart of any Pokemon-like game is the creatures themselves. The designs don’t have to rival the greatest that Game Freak has come up with, but they at least have to be attractive enough to be worth collecting.
  • Hook: Lastly, there must be some sort of hook to the overall Pokemon-like Roblox experience. There are tons of RPG options on the platform, so these best games had to have done something to stand out, attract players, and, most importantly, keep them playing long-term.

Best Pokemon Games on Roblox List

With all of that out of the way, here are the ten best Pokemon games on Roblox that you need to know about. They are in no particular order, except for the fact that I saved the best for last.

1. Bloxymon

bloxymon roblox
  • Developer: The Gang Stockholm
  • Release Date: August 2020
  • Visits: 4.7 million visits

Kicking off this list is Bloxymon, one of the older experiences that have been around for some time and will continue to for a long time. It is a quite popular game, with roughly four and a half million total visits since its creation in 2020.

The general premise is players enter the Pandea region (yes, it coincidentally is close to the Paldea region) to collect and battle with the various Bloxymon worldwide. It is wholly original, so no worries on that front about Nintendo having a problem, except for maybe the region name.

The hook of Bloxymon is the beautiful and colorful world they’ve created. The monster designs are solid, but not the best on this list, but it gets the job done. Its uniqueness comes from the battle system that is more action-oriented, similar to Pokemon Go, and the familiar catching system. It tries a little too hard to offer a premium Pokemon Go experience, but it works decently well in the process.


  • A beautiful, massive world to explore, with colorful and varied areas
  • The Bloxymon are inspired by Pokemon but are still able to be original
  • Pokemon Go fans will love this game


  • The action-based combat is a bit dull
  • Evolutions require lots of candy-like items, similar to Pokemon Go, which is a disappointing system

2. Ultima Project Bronze

ultima project bronze roblox
  • Developer: Project Ultima Gaming Community
  • Release Date: December 2022 (It seems the team deletes and reuploads the game often to avoid removal)
  • Visits: 13,500 visits (because this is the latest build but your save remains)

The first of a couple of lawsuits waiting to happen on this list is Ultima Project Bronze. Unlike past Pokemon games on Roblox that foolishly used assets and titles that quickly caught the attention of The Pokemon Company, this one hides its inspiration well.

That is, until you play it, at least. By and large, Ultima Project Bronze is a Roblox remake of the original Generation 1 games. You can explore the entire Kanto region (plus more being added regularly!), see other trainers all around, collect many of your favorite Pokemon, and battle gyms.

This is not an original Pokemon-style game, as every single Mon here includes your favorites from across the generations. You can even pick a starter at the beginning from any game to date, including the recent Scarlet & Violet games. Following Pokemon is also a thing here, so everyone will know what you’re representing.


  • Three Pokemon regions and counting
  • A 3D Pokemon MMO
  • It contains Pokemon even from the latest Generation 9 games


  • The presentation needs some work, especially in the battles
  • The Kanto region feels uninspired and not much like the actual location

3. Adopt Me

adopt me roblox
  • Developer: Dreamcraft
  • Release Date: July 2017
  • Visits: 31.1 billion visits

Next up on this list is a Roblox game you’ve likely heard of and already played if you’ve been on Roblox for any period of time. Adopt Me is the number one game on Roblox in more ways than one. It is the most successful, most popular, and most played out there.

And for many players, it is also the best Roblox game around. Unlike some of the others on this list, the focus isn’t entirely on the pets you can adopt a la Pokemon style. Instead, it is more on the family experience of picking to play as a child or adult and going about your days, roleplaying, and growing.

There is an entire pet system, though, that feels like the more heartwarming Pokemon Amie features of the main series ballooned into an entire game. You can walk around with your pets, feed them, take them to school, play with them, and so on. Over time, they will grow and evolve into adult versions. There are dragons, cats, dogs, penguins, and so much more for you to collect here, including Adopt Me’s own version of shiny Pokemon.


  • Adopt Me is the number one Roblox game for a reason
  • There is no other Roblox game (or Pokemon game) with this level of roleplaying and pet managing
  • Trading is the best and safest on this list
  • A vast number of real-world animal pets to collect, including neon pets (aka shinies), flying pets, and more


  • Combat isn’t the focus here
  • It might be a little bit too relaxed and chill for some Pokemon fans

4. Pet Simulator X

pet simulator x roblox
  • Developer: Big Games Pets
  • Release Date: January 2021
  • Visits: 5.5 billion visits

Pet Simulator X is an intriguing mix of a sim game and a Pokemon-like pet title. Combat and collecting pets are the focuses here as you go from basic area to area. There is a massive world to explore, but it is manageable enough for you to get through in a short period of time.

The idea of Pet Simulator X is to collect better, more vital pets as you advance and mine for various materials like gold and gems. These materials will then let you unlock more powerful areas with more dangerous enemies to fight for materials, with the end goal of reaching the conclusion of the game.

The pets aren’t the most original here, either, primarily focusing on cute animals like Axolotls, cats, dragons, and more. But there is a lot you can do with the pets, like making rainbow versions, gold ones, and so on. Battles are mostly automatic, with you just targeting the enemy and the pets swarming them until they win, so there isn’t a lot of strategy or involvement for the player.


  • A primarily linear but varied world to explore
  • Lots of pets to collect and upgrade to even rainbow, shadow, and gold forms
  • Great for the players who like to feel like they’re always getting stronger


  • Battles are automatic and the sole focus here, which can feel limited
  • The player doesn’t do much, making this game feel almost like an auto-click game, which won’t appeal to everyone

5. Monsters of Etheria

monsters of etheria roblox
  • Developer: Uglypoe
  • Release Date: January 2012
  • Visits: 134 million visits

For my open world and action combat Pokemon fans out there, Monsters of Etheria might be for you. The general idea here is to play as the original Etherian monsters themselves. You explore a vast open world and engage in battles against the AI enemies there to train and level up.

You can collect more Etherians as you play, offering a unique approach where you aren’t a trainer per se but playing as the monsters themselves. This offers a roleplay experience at its core for those who want that aspect since you can form a team with your friends and conquer the world.

There is also a heavy emphasis on PvP with specific servers where it is every monster for themselves. This gives it a nice mix of a survival game a la Minecraft mixed with a Pokemon-like experience.


  • An open world to explore
  • Action combat that you control
  • The ability to play as the monsters themselves


  • The monster designs aren’t great (likely due to its age)
  • There isn’t much content beyond exploration and combat

6. Goofy Legends

goofy legends roblox
  • Developer: Advanced Carnival
  • Release Date: August 2022 (this is the latest build; there were previous ones)
  • Visits: 2.6 million visits

Goofy Legends is by and large similar to Monsters of Etheria but the difference this time around is that you take control of your favorite Pokemon. You can roam around as a Charizard, firing away at enemies you come across, taking out bosses, and enjoying quests.

Unlike the previous entry, there is also a bit more structure to be found in Goofy Legends with the loose content you can enjoy. While there is no central story to enjoy here or fascinating characters, there are special quests you can do to unlock other Pokemon to play as.

Since it is a Pokemon game, there is always the chance it could disappear in the future. In the meantime, there are even Paldean Pokemon you can check out from the recent Gen 9 games.


  • Action-based gameplay that is fast and fun
  • The ability to play as your favorite Pokemon
  • Loose content that keeps you coming back
  • Updated quite often


  • The graphics and Pokemon designs are very Minecraft-style, which is hit or miss
  • The action gameplay won’t appeal to everyone

7. Project Freeze Remastered

project freeze remastered roblox
  • Developer: Project Freeze Community
  • Release Date: June 2021
  • Visits: 139,000 visits

Project Freeze Remastered is very much like Ultima Project Bronze, offering a remake of the Pokemon regions in Roblox form. I prefer this one a little bit more than the other, even though it doesn’t have as many Pokemon, since it tries to be a bit more faithful to the Gen 1 games and beyond.

The region still doesn’t look the best, but it at least follows a similar structure and options. The gameplay is perfectly competent, offering the classic turn-based approach that looks and feels familiar to the older 2D games. This is a remaster and older Pokemon Roblox game that is now back, so keep in mind that it isn’t as smooth as more recent games.


  • A much more faithful Kanto region and Pokemon experience
  • The ability to pick starters from Gen 1-7
  • An older Pokemon Roblox game that is still going strong


  • The presentation is a bit dated
  • The region still isn’t as good as it could be
  • Lacks the newer Pokemon of other similar experiences

8. Dragon Adventures

dragon adventures roblox
  • Developer: Sonar Studios
  • Release Date: July 2019
  • Visits: 481 million visits

Dragon Adventures is for my friends out there, such as my sister, who obsesses over the Dragon type in Pokemon. All of you Dragonite, Garchomp, and Goodra fans out there have a game that is all for you. This experience is almost entirely about unique dragon creatures.

Everything from green dragons to black dragons and more is available here for you to collect. You can fly around on the backs of these dragons, use them in the action combat, level them up, and trade them with friends. The amount of content is a bit mediocre, which is the biggest downside to this game.

However, if you can find a group of friends to explore the different biomes with and collect new dragons, you’ll find a nearly limitless amount of fun. It’s just up to how you approach this game.


  • For all the Dragon Pokemon fans out there
  • Tons of dragons to collect and level up
  • You genuinely feel like a dragon master flying around the world on your companions


  • The repetitive content truly leaves something to be desired if you don’t have friends to play alongside

9. Doodle World

doodle world roblox
  • Developer: Doodle World Studios
  • Release Date: May 2020
  • Visits: 42.4 million visits

One of the most inventive Pokemon Roblox games out there is Doodle World. Relatively new and still in beta, Doodle World feels like someone knows exactly what they’re doing even this early on. The idea is to take a 2D-style Pokemon game and translate it directly into 3D space.

But that is with unique doodle monsters that are entirely unique with such charm and cuteness. Each of them looks like a 2D monster that someone drew on their desk at school and made into a monster. That might not sound appealing, but they are so impressive, including some of the best Fakemon designs you’ll find out there.

The turn-based combat is Pokemon-inspired, but it learns from the mistakes of the core franchise, introducing its own quirks, and types, and being so smooth and quick. Honestly, Doodle World would likely overtake the next entry as the best Pokemon-like game on Roblox if it weren’t for its beta format. It is far from finished, leaving it as an excellent but incomplete product.


  • The most robust original monster designs you’ll find on Roblox
  • It takes all the best parts of a 2D Pokemon and translates them well to 3D
  • It exudes charm and playground adventures, forging its own path


  • Currently in beta with likely a long time to go before it’s finished

10. Loomian Legacy

loomian legacy roblox
  • Developer: Llama Train Studio
  • Release Date: October 2015
  • Visits: 784 million visits

Until Doodle World finishes its story, Loomian Legacy will continue to reign supreme as the best Pokemon-like game on Roblox. From the moment it came out, and I checked it out for the first time, I knew that Loomian Legacy was going for something truly special.

The amount of time, effort, and talent poured into this game shows in the fact that it doesn’t need the Pokemon license at all to stand out. Its original monsters, known as Loomians, are fantastic, and the turn-based gameplay is peak 3D monster battling.

There is a large world to explore with a traditional Pokemon feel. But above all else is the immense presentation on display. It runs, plays, and looks great, all while letting you explore alongside your Roblox friends. Loomian Legacy is so impressive that I would consider it easily in the top 10 Pokemon-inspired games that aren’t Pokemon, alongside Digimon, Monster Hunter Stories, and others.


  • An unbelievable presentation that outpaces most Roblox games
  • Impressive original monster designs
  • The smoothest and best-looking Pokemon-like experience on Roblox
  • Tons of content to play, and more is always on the horizon


  • It’s stuck and limited to Roblox when it could easily be its own standalone game


Question: Is there a Pokemon Go game on Roblox?

Answer: Yes, there is a Pokemon Go-inspired game on Roblox. That game is Bloxymon, which was featured on this list. Bloxymon has similar action gameplay where you just tap away repeatedly. It also feels inspired by Pokemon Go’s catching and evolution mechanics.

Question: What is the number 1 best Pokemon game on Roblox?

Answer: The number 1 best Pokemon game on Roblox has to be Loomian Legacy. It rivals the best Pokemon-inspired games of all time, Roblox or not, due to its impressive presentation and content.

Question: Why is Pokemon deleted on Roblox?

Answer: The Pokemon Company and Nintendo didn’t take too kindly to games using their assets, names, and Pokemon. As such, all Pokemon games touting these stolen ideas and copyrighted assets were deleted from Roblox. There are still games that exist today that infringe on the Pokemon copyrights, though.

What Roblox Games to Check Out Next

doodle world game roblox

If you take away anything from this list, it is that the game you should check out right now on Roblox is Loomian Legacy. If you’re looking for a new Pokemon-inspired game to check out, this is one to play. There is nothing like the breadth of content and high-quality presentation that it has going on. At least until Doodle World finally finishes.

In the meantime, while you boot up these games, there is still so much more for you to check out in Roblox. Be sure not to miss out on the myriad of other high-quality experiences that exist on the massive platform. I recommend checking out the best forgotten Roblox games to find some hidden gems that you might not have ever played before or just haven’t in quite some time.

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