Best Forgotten Roblox Games

There is nothing like Roblox with the sheer number of games and experiences within it. This is the single greatest aspect of Roblox, but it is not without its problems. With countless games available, it is possible to miss out on games that are well worth your time and that you’d enjoy. Worse, there are even some of the best forgotten Roblox games that almost no one plays today.

The best forgotten Roblox games are the ones that were once up there among the more played experiences. But something happened over time, and they are no longer at the forefront of players’ minds or the front page of Roblox. Even still, the servers are up and running, and nothing is stopping you from playing them again. Except, for maybe, the algorithm preventing you from remembering them. Hopefully, this list of games will help to remind you of their greatness.

Bottom Line Up Front

The best forgotten Roblox games are titles that once experienced some type of greatness but fell off eventually. This is only natural, but in today’s terms, they don’t have the level of success they used to have. If I had to pick a single game you should check out, I would select Disaster Island. It was once the peak of fun and enjoyment I had in Roblox. Now I’m lucky to find a group of players to enjoy surviving alongside. The worst part about it is that it still remains the overall better experience than the immensely more popular and successful Natural Disaster Survival.

natural disaster survival

My Top Picks at a Glance

Here are all of the ten best forgotten Roblox games that I think you should know about, shortened up in case you don’t have a ton of time:

  1. The Roblox Plague 2: The Roblox Plague 2 is like the classic game of tag but with an intense twist. One player is infected, and the rest have to hide and run for their lives to survive the round. I adore the simplistic nature of this mode that is fun and missing from Roblox games today.
  2. D-Day: This underrated and underappreciated war simulator has the Allies versus the Axis in World War 2. The gunplay isn’t the best, admittedly, but there is no other game in Roblox that also captures trench warfare.
  3. Journey to the Sun: A stunning example of perhaps the best obby to ever exist in Roblox. This bright and cheery platforming game has a stunning graphical style that almost makes ray tracing look like a joke while also having a surprisingly intriguing world and story that you can enjoy at your own pace.
  4. Camping Series: The original Camping and its sequels, as well as any game by this developer, are the progenitors of the story horror games on Roblox. The first Camping still holds up today as one of the finest and most surprising horror multiplayer experiences you can find.
  5. Schoolhouse: I thought it would never die, but Schoolhouse is on its last legs. The iconic horror asymmetric multiplayer teacher versus the students experience is almost out the door, despite the meme-level worthiness of Baldi and his pals.
  6. Crown Academy: The better Royale High, Crown Academy is the pristine location for roleplaying like you are royalty at high school. The fantastic graphics and streamlined gameplay make it an absolute shame that few players are honestly playing it these days.
  7. Aquarium Story: A story-based adventure about a class field trip to the local aquarium that goes totally wrong. It is best experienced with friends as the twists and turns will make the puzzles an intense and heart-pounding journey to get one of the multiple endings.
  8. Heroes of Robloxia: If you’ve ever wanted a Marvel or DC Comics-style game in Roblox, this is the one. With five different superheroes to choose from and a comic book-style storyline that is hilarious and surprisingly well-written, this is the game for you. My Hero Academia fans, in particular, will enjoy it.
  9. Auto Rap Battles: The idea of rapping in a game like Roblox might seem weird, but Auto Rap Battles make it hilarious with players stringing together rap lines in one on one duels. Having the players vote for the winner is the icing on top of this forgotten experience.
  10. Disaster Island: The quintessential forgotten Roblox game is Disaster Island, a revolving selection of islands to overcome tornadoes, floods, fires, and more. I could spend hours playing round after round of this much better but sadly less popular successor to Natural Disaster Survival.

What Makes the Best Forgotten Roblox Games?

This is by far one of the most fun guides that I have ever written in my life. It is one thing to select the best Roblox games, in my opinion, and present them to you. But it is a whole other thing to remember, scour, and rediscover my love for games that I myself have forgotten about.

That’s right, the games on this list are compiled of several titles that I have literally forgotten myself and wish I hadn’t. Others are ones that I never stopped playing, even if everyone else forgot about them. Above all else, the criteria for this particular list are a little bit unique.

First and foremost, it had to be forgotten in some way. These are Roblox games that almost no one plays these days or only at peak hours of the night. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who currently enjoys them, despite the fact that they once experienced some level of popularity and success.

Furthermore, they have to be high-quality games. I am not picking titles here that are forgotten but suck. They have to be games that were fun to play at the time and are marginally still an enjoyable experience even now. These are the general aspects that make up a fantastic forgotten Roblox game.

Again, most of the games on this list are based on my personal preferences for Roblox titles. They are mostly games that I have some fond memories of that I wish were popular again. I included some games that I know others prefer, but the general idea is that I loved most of these games at some point.

Lastly, I should mention that these best-forgotten Roblox games are in no particular order. I didn’t rank them or anything like that, but I will at least note my favorites in the list. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The Roblox Plague 2

The Roblox Plague 2

  • Genre: PvP, survival, hide-and-seek
  • Creator/Developer: NewFissy, Tech-Plex Games
  • Release Date: July 31, 2016
  • Total Visits: 15.4 million visits
  • Best Alternative: Hide-and-Seek Extreme or Murder Mystery 2. Both are all about finding or slaying your hidden opponents with many more players.

You know Adopt Me, right? It is the perfect example of an unforgettable Roblox game in that it is single-handedly the largest game on the entire platform. However, before NewFissy would be known as the developer behind that juggernaut, they created The Roblox Plague 2.

This first game on this list is notable for being a decent hit for a few years in Roblox. I liken it to Murder Mystery 2 in terms of how early it was in the Roblox lifecycle and how popular it became. Unfortunately, unlike that game, The Roblox Plague dropped off, and it and its sequel are all but dead now.

Despite more than 10 million visits to date, The Roblox Plague 2 is hard to find more than a single active server with a dozen players at any time. The general idea of the game is pretty good, too, being that someone is picked to spread a plague.

Their job is to touch everyone and infect them while the survivors have to live through the time limit to win. It laid the foundation for games like Flee the Facility, Banana Eats, and others that had the idea of someone taking out the rest of the lobby on their own.

The Roblox Plague 2 may not have the deep progression of those more modern games, but it is a lot of fun. I will be honest that this is the only game on this list I didn’t even know about until recently. Still, I’ve been having a fantastic time playing it lately. Get on here and try to find me in my literally perfect hiding spots!



  • Genre: War, FPS, third-person shooter, PvP
  • Creator/Developer: Vision Works
  • Release Date: July 5, 2017
  • Total Visits: 71.1 million visits
  • Best Alternative: War Simulator. Has a similar vibe but is only PvE.

D-Day is one of the best war games you can find on Roblox, especially for representing World War II. There are only two maps in this title, but they are massive with multiple points. It reminds me of a more linear version of the Rush mode from the Battlefield series.

You have two teams, with each one trying to capture the next point and advance across the map until one of them captures the other team’s final stronghold. The gunplay isn’t the best, but there is nothing like this depiction of war on such a scale, unlike any other Roblox game.

I’ve played this one a lot with my nephew, and we had some of our favorite recent moments in Roblox with this trench warfare. It is prime for war roleplaying and all of the usual trappings like pretending like you are part of a squad, calling out your movements, strategizing, and all that.

Trench warfare is something that I am not used to in games, and D-Day captures it better than I think any other game could. It’s just too bad that the servers are minimal at best these days, with just enough players to keep the game alive for at least one lobby when I join up.

Journey to the Sun

journey to the sun

  • Genre: Obby, platforming, story
  • Creator/Developer: nextReality Games
  • Release Date: January 1, 2020
  • Total Visits: 5.4 million visits
  • Best Alternative: Tower of Hell for competitive platforming or Barry’s Prison Run for a more relaxed obby experience.

One of the most popular genres of games in Roblox is the obby. Short for an obstacle course, they are basically just third-person platforming games. Journey to the Sun is hands down the best obby you will ever find in Roblox. I will fight anyone online who says otherwise.

For starters, there is the gorgeous world that Journey to the Sun exists in, looking like a perpetual sunset with all of the brilliant lighting effects and visuals that you would expect. This game seriously looks so good compared to other Roblox titles, as if someone turned on the ray tracing.

But the visuals are not just what you come for. The platforming is excellent, too, with a strong path to upgrading your abilities and being able to jump higher and run faster. You always feel like you’re aiming for the next goal and reaching it in a manageable amount of time.

I think Journey to the Sun is likely a mix of the obby genre in Roblox and Journey, the beloved indie darling on PlayStation 3 and 4. In a similar vein, there is actually a storyline that is at the heart of the game that you can choose to engage with or not.

It’s nothing crazy but the lore surrounding the world, its sun, and the shadows are a nice touch that helps it stand apart. All of this is enough to make it unequivocally the best obby in Roblox. Still, perhaps my favorite part is that it saves your progress, unlike other games in this genre.

Camping Series


  • Genre: Horror, story, puzzle, cooperative multiplayer
  • Creator/Developer: Samson XVI
  • Release Date: September 2, 2018
  • Total Visits: 246 million visits
  • Best Alternative: Break In Story for a similar vibe or Hotel for the same developer but a more popular game.

The stories horror games are making a massive splash in Roblox, and the Camping games are basically the originals. I don’t want to say too much about this experience because the surprises are half the fun of it, but the general idea is that you and some friends go on a camping trip.

But this camping trip is far from your standard forest getaway vacation. A lot of crazy stuff happens from there, and few games give the twists and turn as well as the Camping game does. With massive replayability and multiple sequels, you can see where the stories games all started with Camping.

I recommend grabbing some friends for the trip, though, because these games are not doing as well as they used to. It seems that the Roblox community is centered on the more recent stories titles, even though this is still one of the best in the genre that is hard to beat.



  • Genre: Horror, PvP, survival, puzzle
  • Creator/Developer: Halfbyte
  • Release Date: May 5, 2018
  • Total Visits: 84.3 million visits
  • Best Alternative: Banana Eats or Flee the Facility for similar asymmetric multiplayer horror gameplay but more players.

If you’ve been around the Roblox neighborhood for a few years, chances are you know Schoolhouse. And even if you’ve never played Roblox, there is always the possibility you know this particular game due to its meme status.

I would say that Schoolhouse is one of the most famous Roblox games since it has transcended beyond Roblox into more mainstream video game culture. The memes that surround this game are insanely hilarious, and characters like Baldi are up there with the other iconic horror game characters like Freddy Fazbear and many more.

The idea of Schoolhouse is relatively simple: one player is the teacher while the others are the students. The teacher is the killer trying to take out the players and send them all to detention while the students must find the notebooks and escape in time.

The school is full of traps and other NPC characters that will cause trouble for the students while helping out the teacher player, Baldi, such as the school bully. The graphics are horrid, and the character designs are some of the worst I’ve ever seen in my life, but that is part of the appeal of this game.

There is so much love in the Roblox community for Baldi and the other characters to the point of making them into memes. They are in so many viral videos on YouTube and the like, including this highly NSFW for work (or school) song. Just jump to the 2-minute mark, and you’re golden.

Of course, this might have you wondering why Schoolhouse is on this list. Well, the characters like Baldi might not be forgotten by a long shot, but the game itself is. People love to meme and make fun of Baldi. Still, his original game has gone considerably downhill with few players these days. It’s honestly pretty ironic, all things considered.

Crown Academy

crown academy

  • Genre: Fashion, high school, royalty, adventure
  • Creator/Developer: Star Status
  • Release Date: October 20, 2018
  • Total Visits: 70.8 million visits
  • Best Alternative: Royale High for very similar gameplay but a whole lot more players.

Few games in Roblox have the love and adoration that Royale High has. We’ve covered that game a lot on our site, and for a good reason. It is one of the finest royalty and school-themed games that you will find. But what if I told you that there has been secretly a better Royale High all this time?

Crown Academy came after Royale High and clearly was trying to copy that game. I honestly don’t mind that at all, though, when the game itself is, by and large, the much better experience all around. Crown Academy literally said that everything Royale High can do, it can do better.

For instance, the world is better put together than the highly segmented Royale High. The graphics are so amazing, looking like one of the best visually appealing cutesy games on Roblox. The clothing items might not vary as much as Royale High (yet), but it still outshines that game by quite a bit, in my opinion.

Even the general gameplay is much better. For example, going to class, flying around, and generally controlling your highly customizable avatar is much more fun in Crown Academy. Crown Academy, compared to Royale High, is literally like the difference between buying some Ben & Jerry’s or sticking to the older but less flavorful ice cream brands at your local supermarket.

I don’t know why Crown Academy has fallen off so much since its hype launch. This is easily the most puzzling inclusion on this list, as I would consider it among the top two games here. I like Royale High, but I never play that game because Crown Academy is where you’ll find my family and me when we want a game like this. Hopefully, this game makes a comeback soon.

Aquarium Story

aquarium story

  • Genre: Horror, puzzle, adventure, story, school
  • Creator/Developer: Packstabber Studios
  • Release Date: July 23, 2019
  • Total Visits: 32.7 million visits
  • Best Alternative: Field Trip Z for a similar school field trip gone wrong but many more players.

As I mentioned, story games are perhaps my favorite in all Roblox, and Aquarium Story is one of the originals. I actually discovered this one relatively recently, though, and it was because of its forgotten nature. This is seen in how simplistic the writing might be compared to more recent and popular titles.

Even still, Aquarium Story is a fantastic story-based adventure game for the fans of the genre. The premise is rather straightforward: you and a group of students take a bus to the local aquarium for a field trip. Hilariously enough, there are some references to Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus animated TV show and more.

Of course, this beautiful aquarium is home to some secrets. In classic Roblox story fashion, some surprises await. I would even note that some horror elements happen at the aquarium and plenty of terrifying situations that could spell doom for you and the other students.

The gameplay is primarily simple, involving solving puzzles and other intense situations in a small window of time, or else you will face a game over screen for your character. The best part, though, is the surprises that happen and the multiple endings that you can unlock as you play.

I won’t spoil much more of what happens in Aquarium Story but just know that it is well worth your time. Of course, I highly recommend grabbing a couple of family members or friends for the journey. It is best experienced with a large group of people, which is, unfortunately, not easy to do these days.

You’d be lucky to have two, maybe three, random strangers with you if you join this game today. It’s too bad, too, because Aquarium Story is one of the best beginner’s Roblox story-based games around, especially since it isn’t nearly as scary as some of the other games like Camping and the like.

Heroes of Robloxia

heroes of robloxia

  • Genre: Action, PvE, cooperative multiplayer, superheroes
  • Creator/Developer: Team Super
  • Release Date: May 19, 2017
  • Total Visits: 153 million visits
  • Best Alternative: Age of Heroes or Boku no Roblox for superhero gameplay but typically more active players.

If you’re a My Hero Academia fan or love superheroes, Heroes of Robloxia is the game you need to play in Roblox. This title has such charm and quality to it that it is super surprising that it is a Roblox game. I remember playing DC Universe Online, and Heroes of Robloxia is similar to that.

You don’t get to customize your character, but the combat and storyline feel right out of DCUO. You have five different superheroes to choose from and a ton of missions to embark on to take down Darkmatter and the other supervillains disturbing the city of Robloxia.

The comic book presentation and writing are surprisingly good, with the panel-like dialogue boxes and the like adding so much fun. There are plenty of puzzles and the need for all five superheroes in missions that promote replayability and playing with others.

Unfortunately, the game has gone downhill in terms of its community. There are few players playing these days, which means that you are hard-pressed to find a squad to enjoy this game with.

I will note that it is possible to play Heroes of Robloxia solo. Still, you are missing out on what the game was made for: a full squad of players taking down the bad guys together. I do wish there was more of a progression or leveling system involved to keep bringing players back, which is possibly why the game died in the end. Even still, the gameplay is some of the finest in Roblox.

Auto Rap Battles

auto rap battles

  • Genre: Music
  • Creator/Developer: Auto Rap Battles Community
  • Release Date: December 19, 2016
  • Total Visits: 115 million visits
  • Best Alternative: Epic Rap Battles. Not as good but it has voice chat for those who want to actually rap rather than text rap.

I remember one boring night I didn’t have anything to do, and I started scrolling for new games on Roblox. It just so happened that I stumbled upon a game called Auto Rap Battles. I thought there was no way that it was what it sounded like, but, lo and behold, it was.

Auto Rap Battles is a one-on-one rap battle duel where everyone watches as two players take turns stringing together rhymes through the text chat to take down the other one. Add in a bunch of inexperienced rappers, kids, and teenagers, and you have a masterpiece waiting to happen.

Thankfully, that is exactly what Auto Rap Battles is. The rhymes and raps are so bad that it makes the game so good. I have never joined this game for less than 10 minutes and have not walked away with at least a smirk on my face from the hilarity that ensued.

Auto Rap Battles are by far the most ridiculous Roblox game I’ve ever seen. The best part is that you can switch to a spectator if you want and just watch the funny raps that everyone tries to come up with and vote for your favorites.

It’s too bad then that Auto Rap Battles has gone down in the last year or so. It is far from the success it once was, reduced to just a handful of players, sometimes upwards of a couple hundred at best sometimes. That said, it is a passionately small community, so there’s always fun to be had, even if most players have forgotten about it.

Disaster Island

disaster island

  • Genre: Survival
  • Creator/Developer: Disaster Island Development Team
  • Release Date: November 7, 2016
  • Total Visits: 33.8 million visits
  • Best Alternatives: Natural Disaster Survival or Tornado Alley. Both offer similar survival disaster gameplay while having a much larger audience of active players.

And finally, we come to the number one game on this list for me. Disaster Island is in my top 10 favorite Roblox games of all time and probably my top five or top three, honestly. The name gives it away: you have maps that you survive a disaster on for as long as possible.

It is a simple premise that is helped by the sheer number of diverse maps and disasters you come across. There are tsunamis, floods, fires, volcanoes, and so much more. The maps are great, too, being far more fun to play on than the smaller locales offered by something like Natural Disaster Survival.

Obviously, the elephant in the room is that Disaster Island copied Natural Disaster Survival’s idea and tweaked it some. But there is no doubt in my mind that Disaster Island does everything better in all areas of gameplay and progression.


Question: What is the oldest Roblox game that still exists?

Answer: Experience Gravity is the oldest Roblox game that I have found that is still playable even right now. It came out on November 20, 2006, and is a relatively simple experience. You step off a platform and are shot off into space and can float around and go to other planets. It might be super simple, but it has cool music at least!

Question: What is Roblox’s #1 game?

Answer: The number one game in Roblox will depend on several factors and preferences. In terms of success, Adopt Me is the number one game in Roblox. There is no contest there. However, when it comes to the best game, I would say that it would probably go to Bloxburg for me.

Question: What is the most underrated Roblox game?

Answer: The most underrated Roblox game is one that I would consider to never have the level of popularity that the other games on this list at least had at some point. In that case, the most underrated game has to be the WW2 Battle of Stalingrad game. It is the first and only game to feel like a true Battlefield experience on Roblox. Too bad it is new, and no one plays it.

What Are the Best Unforgettable Roblox Experiences?

At the end of the day, you only have so much time on your hands. In this way, I recommend you check out Disaster Island first if you need a quick Roblox fix. If surviving disasters like tsunamis and the like aren’t that much your style, then I recommend checking out Crown Academy. Those are the two Roblox titles that I find to be the very best games that no one talks about anymore.

But let’s be real, part of the fun is you check out a Roblox game with someone else. If you don’t have a lot of players in a game to play alongside, that can truly kill the vibes that you could otherwise be having. In that case, you need to check the unforgettable Roblox games out there.

Thankfully, we’ve got your back when it comes to that, too. Jessica previously broke down the best Roblox games that you should play right now. These are not only amazing experiences, but none of them are dead like the games on this list.

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