Dragon Fruit Blox Fruits Guide: Unleashing the Power of the Dragon in Blox Fruits

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There are many ways to be strong in Blox Fruits, but none are as cool as the Dragon Fruit. With powerful attacks and a boost to defense, it will be hard for any enemy to take you down. Did I mention that this devil fruit lets you turn into a dragon?

Key Info Up Front

  • Item Location: Blox Fruit Dealer, Blox Fruit Dealer Cousin, under various trees
  • Item Cost: 3,500,000 Beli or 2,600 Robux
  • Key Features: Transform into a dragon, reduced damage from attacks
  • Rarity: 1% stock change, 0.7% spawn chance

What is Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruits is a Roblox game loosely based on the popular manga/anime One Piece. Like the show, Blox Fruits is full of pirates, combat, seafaring, and of course, devil fruit.

The game has been around for three years and is frequently updated. The current update is number 17 which rolled out in March of this year. Players can climb as high as level 2300 over two unique worlds.

What Are Devil Fruits?

In addition to combat through swords and guns, Blox Fruits introduces devil fruits to enhance skills, provide immunities, and perform awesome abilities. Finding a particular devil fruit isn’t enough – you have to eat it to acquire its mystical properties.

While by no means a requirement to play through or enjoy the game, devil fruits help separate Blox Fruits from the other quest and PVP games out there. With over 40 million Roblox games to choose from, it’s important to have something to stand out.

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Types of Fruit

Blox Fruits currently has 33 unique devil fruits that fall into one of three categories.

Natural (Paramecia) Fruit

Natural fruits have a list of active abilities that you can use to fight off enemies. With few exceptions, these fruits don’t have any passive abilities like damage reduction.

Elemental (Logia) Fruit

Elemental fruits let you control the power of an element through several different attack moves. Some also allow you to fly from place to place across the world. All elemental fruits can negate damage from enemies who are more than 5% below your level.

Beast (Zoan) Fruit

Beast fruits let you unleash the abilities of powerful animals. Some even let you transform into the creature the fruit represents.

How Do You Obtain Blox Fruits?

There are several ways to obtain devil fruits in Blox Fruits. No matter which method you try, it does require some luck if you’re looking for a particular fruit.

Blox Fruit Dealer

The Blox Fruit Dealer runs a network of shops on a few different islands in all the worlds of the game. If you travel to one of his locations, he will have a random selection of devil fruit that you can buy for a set price. His stock changes every four hours, so check back again after that time has elapsed to see what’s new.

Since the game only allows you to have one fruit at a time, buying fruit from the Blox Fruit Dealer replaces whatever you currently have. If you buy fruit with Robux, you can return to the Blox Fruit Dealer at any time to reequip it for free.

Here are the locations the Blox Fruit Dealer always hangs out at:

  • Pirate Starter Island
  • Marine Starter Island
  • Middle Town
  • Dressrosa Docks (Second Sea)
  • Cafe (Second Sea)
  • Mansion (Third Sea)
  • Port town (Third Sea)

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Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin

The Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin works from a single location in each world and offers a random devil fruit for a price based on your level. Prices start at 25,000 Beli for a level one character and increase 150 Beli for each level after that.

There’s no way to know which fruit you’ll get from the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin, so you could get a rare fruit for a little money or a common fruit for way more than it’s worth. The chances of receiving a particular fruit are the same as its spawn chance out in the world.

You can find the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin at these locations:

  • Jungle
  • Cafe (Second Sea)
  • Floating Turtle (3rd Sea)

Find Them

Devil fruits appear in random locations on an island in the game but are most likely to be located underneath trees. New fruits will appear in physical box form around the map once every hour of real-time (40 minutes on weekends). Any unclaimed fruits will disappear after 20 minutes of being on the ground.

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Other Ways to Get Fruit

There are two additional methods for earning a piece of devil fruit. The first is by making the final attack in a Factory Raid, and the other is to defeat Tanky pirates in the Castle on the Sea Raid.

Ways to Power Up Devil Fruits

If you want to get the most out of devil fruits, there are two ways to power them up.

Character Stats

Your character has five different stats in the game – Melee, Defense, Sword, Gun, and Demon Fruit. Every time you level up, you’re awarded 3 new stat points. Any points you put into the Demon Fruit stat will increase the damage to your abilities.

Mastery Levels

By using a devil fruit in combat, you can increase its mastery level. These levels are mainly used to unlock new abilities but also serve to boost damage. Three mastery levels are the same as one stat point for the sake of damage.

The Dragon Fruit

The Dragon Fruit is the rarest devil fruit in the game and easily qualifies as one of the very best in the game. It just so happens to be the most expensive fruit to purchase as well. Let’s unpack this lucrative fruit and see just what makes it so special.


It should come as no surprise that Dragon fruits fall into the Beast category. By eating it, you obtain the powers of a dragon and even the ability to turn into one.


There’s no devil fruit in Blox Fruits that’s harder to find than the Dragon fruit. When fruits spawn around the map, there’s only a 0.7% chance that any one of them will be a Dragon fruit. Similarly, there’s only a 0.7% chance that a random fruit you buy from the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin will be a Dragon-type.

Pricing Info

Being so rare, even the Blox Fruit Dealer rarely has a Dragon fruit in stock. With only a 1% chance of being in supply, it may take several trips to the Dealer before he happens to have one. If there is one in stock, be prepared to pay 3,500,000 Beli or 2,600 Robux to obtain it.

Abilities List

The Dragon fruit has several passive and active abilities that make it incredibly powerful to use. This fruit attacks to immense amounts of damage and can be used quickly, making it very effective in many situations. It has damage reduction in dragon form, making it hard to kill while grinding or in PVP.

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Active Abilities (Human Form)

While in human form, you have access to five different abilities that you can use. You’ll start with one attack and unlock more as you level up your fruit.

Heatwave Beam

  • Mastery Level: 1
  • Key to Press: Z

A beam of energy forms in the player’s mouth before shooting out. Any enemy caught in the blast takes damage and is knocked back.

Dragon Flight

  • Mastery Level: 75
  • Key to Press: F

Dragon Flight allows the player to grow some cool dragon wings and fly around the map until you run out of energy.

Dragonic Claw

  • Mastery Level: 150
  • Key to Press: X

Dragonic Claw turns the player’s right hand into flames. The player then dashes forward to grab an enemy in the way and drag it along the ground. The attack deals extra damage to the enemy if you crash into a wall.

Fire Shower

  • Mastery Level: 250
  • Key to Press: C

Fire Shower causes the player to jump into the air and launch fireballs toward the earth. Fireballs explode when they hit a surface, causing damage, knockback, and stun to enemies caught in the blast. More fireballs shoot out the longer you hold the button.

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  • Mastery Level: 350
  • Key to Press: V

This ability lets the player transform into a powerful dragon.

Transforming into a dragon requires a full Fury Gauge that fills up over time while in human form. After you transform, this bar will slowly drain over time. Using attacks as a dragon will drain the Fury Gauge even faster. Once the gauge reaches zero, you will turn back into a human.

While in dragon form, you only take 37.5% of any damage dealt with you.

It’s possible to change the color of your dragon by flying through colored hoops scattered throughout the sky, as long as you have the right mastery level.

  • Red, blue, or green: 0 mastery
  • Orange: 100 mastery
  • Purple: 200 mastery
  • Brown: 300 mastery
  • Yellow: 400 mastery
  • White: 500 mastery
  • Black: 600 mastery

Active Abilities (Dragon Form)

While in dragon form, you have access to four different abilities that you can use. As a dragon, you can fly freely without the need for skill.

Heatwave Beam

  • Mastery Level: 1
  • Key to Press: Z

A beam of powerful fire blasts out of the dragon’s mouth, damaging any enemies in the way.

Dragonic Claw

  • Mastery Level: 150
  • Key to Press: X

Dragonic Claw throws three crescent-shaped projectiles from the dragon’s hand that travel in an arc away from the player. Any enemies hit by a projectile take damage and burn.

Fire Shower

  • Mastery Level: 250
  • Key to Press: C

With Fire Shower, the transformed dragon shoots fire orbs repeatedly from its mouth. Holding down the action button allows more orbs to shoot out.


  • Mastery Level: 350
  • Key to Press: V

Pushing the Transformation key as a dragon will revert the player to human form. A transformation will automatically happen if the player’s Fury Gauge reaches zero.


The Dragon Fruit works well with a few of the game’s fighting styles that can be purchased around the various maps. Think about buying some of the following fighting styles to string together some awesome combos:

  • Superman
  • Sharkman Karate
  • Soul Cane
  • Kabucha
  • Dark Step
  • Death Step


The Dragon Blox Fruit is easily one of the best and most sought-after items in the game. It is intentionally very hard to find, and once obtained, most players do not want to get rid of it. Check out our Blox Fruits Tier List to learn about all the different fruits you can find!

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