Blox Fruits Superhuman Guide

Blox Fruits Superhuman Guide: How to Unlock This Fighting Style

Blox Fruits is one of the best anime-inspired games on Roblox. Part of the love of this Roblox experience comes from the assortment of fighting styles players can use in battle. One of the most popular and highly-desired fighting styles is the Superhuman one. If you want to unlock and use this style yourself, find out exactly how to do so in our Blox Fruits Superhuman guide.

What I have appreciated about Blox Fruits for a couple of years now since its release on Roblox is how it accurately translates the vastly different fighting styles of the One Piece anime into a game form. Though it smartly does what it can to avoid copyright infringement, the inspiration it takes from the One Piece series is still evident. However, one particular fighting style that seems quite unique to Blox Fruits is the star of this Blox Fruits Superhuman guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Blox Fruits Superhuman fighting style is one of the most popular and influential styles that you’ll find in the Roblox game. Part of this is because this fighting style is so great for player-versus-player combat and game modes. Unfortunately, what sucks about the Superhuman type is that it is also one of the most challenging to unlock. To do so, players must first reach a mastery level of 300 in four other fighting styles in the game, reach the Second Sea location in the world, and have a whopping $3 million of in-game currency to spend on it.

Blox Fruits Superhuman Overview

The part I appreciate the most about Blox Fruits is all of the various fighting styles that players can use in it. If you love this game, there is seemingly endless content to enjoy as new fighting styles are arriving in the game constantly. This allows players to keep unlocking more and more combat options.

You could spend hundreds, if not thousands of hours in Blox Fruits alone, grinding all of the fighting styles in the game to their max mastery level. But one particular fighting style that will take you quite a long time to even unlock, let alone master, is the Superhuman one.

Superhuman is one of the most well-known in the Blox Fruits community due to its robust utility in PvP scenarios. Some players even call this fighting style other titles like Ultrahuman, which is one that you might see often in the text chat in the world.

Superhuman is one of the most vigorous fighting styles for PvP, and it even seems to be a particular version of the original Combat fighting style. This is especially impressive since that is the default style that every player has when they first try out Blox Fruits.

If you have nostalgia for this fighting style and want to know how to use it, plus unlock it, you’re in the right place. Let’s take a look.

Blox Fruits Superhuman Guide

How the Superhuman Fighting Style Works

Superhuman is one of the most popular fighting styles in the game. As an extremely powerful PvP fighting style, it has many players wanting it for endgame purposes alone. That said, obtaining and using Superhuman is easier said than done.

After all, it is one of the hardest in the Roblox game to obtain due to the stringent requirements it has and the depth it requires players to go to unlock it. But if you are able to get it, you’ll find that it has one of the best move sets in the game.

It is also one of the most nostalgic fighting styles in Blox Fruits, being modeled after one that likely every player is quite familiar with it. It is essentially the upgraded version of the default fighting style that every player starts with. Here’s what you need to do in order to unlock this fighting style right now.

How to Unlock Superhuman

The most challenging part about Superhuman is the unlock requirements. There are three in total that you need to deal with, including the staunch price that it costs to unlock it. But the benefit, at least, is that you don’t have to worry about RNG or randomly unlocking it here.

This is a tried-and-true guaranteed fighting style so long as you meet the three requirements. What you need to worry about is ensuring that you master four different fighting styles ahead of time, have unlocked a specific location on the map, and that you have a healthy bit of cash in your digital Blox Fruits bank.

roblox Superhuman fighting style

Skill Mastery

For starters, you don’t need one but a whopping four different skills to be mastered to a certain level in order to unlock the Superhuman fighting style. The four are as follows:

  • Dark Step
  • Dragon Breath
  • Electric
  • Water Kung Fu

Unfortunately, you need to reach at least level 300 in terms of mastery for all four of them. Not one of them, not some of them, but all four need to be mastery level 300 or higher. That alone is a crazy enough requirement that might take some time for some players to reach.

However, you need to unlock these four skills before you can do anything else. Some of them are really easy to get. For instance, Dark Step is only $150,000 in the game. If you have enough money to worry about Superhuman, picking this one up should be no problem.

The same goes for Electric at $500,000 and Water Kung Fu at a slightly higher cost of $750,000. Those three are going to cost you around $1.4 million to get them. Dragon Breath is the intriguing one that doesn’t cost that money but will require you to use the currency dropped from bosses.

Thankfully, it’s only 1500 raid boss currency, so it should only take a little bit of raiding to get. Obtaining them is the easy part, though, as you then need to level up all four of them individually until they reach 300. That is going to take a fair bit of time to accomplish, so be ready for the grind.

How to Get to the Second Sea

The second requirement is another one that might take you some time. That said, if you are gearing up for the Superhuman fighting style, you probably already have this one unlocked and ready to go. You need access to the Second Sea location as that is where the fighting style is found.

Now, to be fair, some of the fighting styles mentioned above are available in the First Sea, so you might not, technically, have access to the Second Sea even if you have reached level 300 in all four of the required skills. So, if that is you, here’s what you need to focus on doing next.

You want your base level in the game to be at least level 700. This level is shared across both factions so it doesn’t matter which side you are playing on in the Roblox game. Once you reach level 700, you can head to the prison location there and speak with an NPC to take on a new quest.

This quest will lead you to unlock the Second Sea as a location. It is worth noting that this area is meant for players who are deep into the game and reaching the endgame point. Level 700 is no easy task to complete, so you should only be aiming for Superhuman if you are this far into the game.


Lastly, there is money. The above requirements were only there to allow you the ability to buy the Superhuman fighting style. So, it is entirely possible that you can meet those requirements and still not be able to get it if you don’t have the required funds to make the purchase.

You’re going to need a healthy $3 million to unlock the Superhuman fighting style. What you’re going to want to do if you are a rich player with that amount of cash lying around is head to the Second Sea and then speak with the Martial Arts Master NPC there.

The Martial Arts Master is in the Second Sea in the Snow Mountain location on the map. You’ll be able to purchase this fighting style there from that character and immediately have access to it. With that done, you are now ready to start using this fighting style.

Moveset Explained

Blox Fruits Superhuman Guide
Image from Blox Fruits Fandom Wiki

Like the other fighting styles in Blox Fruits, Superhuman uses three core moves. They may look a little familiar to you. The first of the three moves is the Beast Owl Pounce. It is unlocked at level 10 mastery of the Superhuman fighting style, so you won’t have to wait long to use it.

Beast Owl Pounce has a minor cooldown of only 10 seconds. It allows the user to essentially leap in whatever direction they want and hit any enemy they meet along the way at least 20 times in a row. It is a decisive move that is excellent for maneuvering around the battlefield, too.

The second move that you can learn from the Superhuman fighting style is the Thunder Clap. It’s going to take a long time before you reach this second move, as it is only unlocked when the player has reached level 220 mastery with this fighting style.

This is a strange move with yet another 10-second cooldown. Certainly my least favorite of the three, it allows you to send out a tornado, but the odd thing about it is that the tornado itself doesn’t deal any damage. Instead, after doing that, the player then shoots out a circle of lightning around them which is what deals the actual damage.

Lastly, there is the final move you learn from this fighting style, and that is Conqueror Gun. This will take even further grinding to unlock at a whopping level 330 mastery for the Superhuman style. It has a 15-second cooldown, which is a little bit longer than the other two skills.

How Conqueror Gun works is that it lets the user swiftly move forward and attack an enemy who is in front of them. In this way, it is pretty similar to the original move of Beast Owl Pounce. However, the difference is that it deals far more significant damage overall, and it can knock back the opponent considerably.

It is for these reasons that Superhuman is so loved for the PvP aspect of it, but it isn’t as great when it comes to taking on PvE content like raids and the like. But if you like battling against other players, it is one of the fastest and strongest fighting styles you can use.

Godhuman Explained

What if I said that it did not end with Superhuman, though? Surprisingly, another fighting style exists that is an upgraded version of the already upgraded default fighting style. It is known as Godhuman and has upgraded moves.

It costs a whopping $5 million to unlock, plus 5000 raid currency. You have to reach 400-level mastery with Superhuman and a few other fighting styles, including the previously mentioned ones that were required for Superhuman.

You’ll also need specific materials and have access to the Third Sea, where the fighting style is found. This upgraded version is marginally better than the original, with better moves all around. It even fixes my issues with Thunder Clap and has a stronger move set worth checking out.

Like Superhuman, Godhuman is all about PvP combat. If you are able to go a step further and unlock this version after mastering Superhuman, it is absolutely worth it. You will have one of the best fighting styles in the entire game for PvP combat that is based around such excellent movement and power.

Better yet, there is some versatility with a couple of the moves in the move set of Godhuman. You can tap some of the actions or hold them down, and they will change in function, giving you some flexibility in any battle. These are among the reasons why it is so loved in the community.


Question: Can you get Superhuman V2 in Blox Fruits?

Answer: No, there is no such thing as Superhuman V2 in Blox Fruits. Don’t let the internet fool you, as there are some excellent concepts out there for the fighting style. That said, if you want an ultimate challenge, you can try to get the evolved version of Superhuman, Godhuman.

Question: How do you get Superhuman in Blox Fruits?

Answer: You can get Superhuman in Blox Fruits by completing a few steps. You’ll need to reach mastery level 300 in Dark Step, Dragon Breath, Electric, and Water Kung Fu. Then make sure to have unlocked the Second Sea, and you’ll be able to purchase Superhuman for $3 million currency.

Question: Is Superhuman Good in Blox Fruits? 

Answer: Yes, Superhuman is quite good in Blox Fruits when it comes to PvP. It isn’t the best PvP fighting style, but it is pretty darn close. However, oddly enough, it is rather useless when it comes to PvE content outside of taking on other players.

What to Acquire Next in Blox Fruits

The Blox Fruits Superhuman fighting style is one of the most popular in the entire Roblox game. This is due to the fact that it is extraordinarily hard to get and one of the best around in the game at the same time. Players who use the Superhuman powers are able to dominate in the current meta.

Oddly enough, Superhuman isn’t for everyone since it doesn’t do that well in terms of the typical PvE content. Instead, it is mainly there for the PvP combat against other players. Because of all this, it means that Superhuman isn’t likely a fighting style that every player should aim for.

That said, something that every player should be focusing on in Blox Fruits is obtaining more fruits. These fruits give you the most powerful abilities in the entire game. One of the highly recommended fruits is the Dragon Fruit in Blox Fruits. Find out how to get it here.

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