Adopt Me Buildings Guide

Building a realistic town is challenging in a video game like Roblox, where you need all sorts of buildings and stores for players to enter. And, yet, Adopt Me has a fun little town that is cutesy and colorful, being one of my favorite cities to visit in all of Roblox. Ever since I started playing Adopt Me more than five years ago, I have adored the little town that exists in that game. That’s why I’m excited to bring you this Adopt Me! Buildings guide.

I aim to offer you a glimpse of everything that the entire town in this Roblox experience has to offer in this Adopt Me! Buildings guide. From the various stores you can visit to the essential places like the school and nursery, these are the locations that matter to you. In addition, I will teach you all about the houses that exist in the game and how to get a new home of your own with relative ease. Let’s dive right into it!

Bottom Line Up Front

Adopt Me is, at its core, a game about finding a family, getting some pets, and creating the life you want. Along the way, you live a reasonably normal, fun life in this tiny town full of stores, activities, and homes. There are many buildings that players can access, from the Accessory Shop all the way down to the Vehicle Dealership, where you buy vehicles to roam around more easily in town. There is a lot to love about the buildings in Adopt Me and even the houses you can find in the Neighborhood. You can own your very own home in this game and customize it to your liking.

Adopt Me Buildings Guide Overview

There are a ton of buildings that you will find in the quaint little unnamed town in Adopt Me. What I have loved about this game since starting it about five years ago was how it gave you this adorable place that you could call your second home.

Unlike some other towns in Roblox games, the one in Adopt Me feels legit and like a nice change of pace. Players have so much to explore in such a restricted area with many shops and locations that meet your various needs as you roleplay, save up money, and so on.

In general, you should concern yourself with two types of buildings. The first is the stores/important locations where most of the events happen in Adopt Me. You have the shops like the pizza parlor where you can pick up some food for you and your family.

On the other hand, you have some critical locations like the school and the nursery where you can learn and even get some new pets. Besides these buildings, the second main category is the houses in the game. This is where the player lives and can hang out with their family.

All Stores and Shops Explained

I can tell you from personal experience that you should get to know all of the stores and shops that exist in Adopt Me. There are just so many that are in the Roblox game that it can be overwhelming. At first, when you roam around, you might not notice the sheer number of them that exist.

But let me tell you, there are a lot of shops, and these aren’t even including the occasional one-off store that will show up for a week or two and then leave. You can visit these permanent stores in the Adopt Me town listed below, excluding ones like the Clothing Shop that used to be in the game but was permanently removed.

In addition to listing them, I will break down what each of them exists for and what you can do there in the following sections, so you are ready for taking full advantage of what they each have to offer.

  • Accessory Shop
  • Baby Shop
  • Camping Shop
  • Coffee Shop
  • Farm Store
  • Hospital
  • Ice Cream Store
  • Nursery
  • Pet Shop
  • Pizza Restaurant
  • Pool Store
  • Safety Hub
  • School
  • Vehicle Dealership

Accessory Shop

adopt me! Accessory Shop
Image from adopt me fandom

First up in alphabetical order is the Accessory Shop. Now some of you old people like myself who are definitely outside of the intended age range for this game will find that you might remember the Accessory Shop as the Hat Shop back in the day.

Today, though, it has been expanded to be the Accessory Shop. Like the other stores and buildings on this list, it is pretty self-explanatory in its title. What you find here are accessories that you can equip but not on your character, specifically.

Instead, these accessories are actually for your pets. You can put cute little hats, ribbons, and the like on your pets to make them look different from everyone else’s otter or cat. How it works is that the Accessory Shop contains four chosen accessories twice a week that you can choose from.

If those aren’t to your liking or you already own them, there are chests you can buy that will randomly give you some pet accessories. You can find the Accessory Shop on the Adoption Island, the central part of town where the most important buildings are located.

Baby Shop

baby shop
Image from Adop Me Fandom

The Baby Shop is exactly what it sounds like: a Babies-R-Us for the Adopt Me world. Suppose you are a parent (or even a baby, honestly). In that case, you can find a wide assortment of essential items for parenthood here. These range from baby bottles for feeding the kid to strollers to roll them around in.

I just ask that if you buy a stroller, please don’t be that person that runs around picking up random babies and kidnapping them. I’m very much tired of people doing that to me while I’m trying to grind for some money. There are also some rattler toys that you can pick up here.

You can find the Baby Shop these days over on the right side of town near the Playground. Again, if you’re old like me, you’ll remember that it was once on Adoption Island, and I still forget sometimes its new location.

Camping Shop

adopt me Camping Shop
Image from Adopt Me fandom

The “Best Shop Ever,” as the sign outside this store tells you, is better known in the community as the Camping Shop. This tiny little building is found right outside the Campsite and near the Adoption Island. As you might expect, the store sells items that are useful for when you go camping.

In all honesty, the Camping Shop is, by and large, a roleplay store for players who wish to pick up some items to better get the most out of their camping adventures. You can get stuff like a guitar, flashlight, marshmallows, and so on.

Sure, some of these can be consumed, which is great for when you’re hungry, but the rest is mostly there to help you roleplay at the Campsite.

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop
Image from Adopt Me Fandom

Coffee Shop is one of the first buildings you can find when you enter the town in Adopt Me. It is right near the tunnel that takes you to the Neighborhood, and it is close to the Adoption Island area. Its signature red coffee mug shape is quite memorable.

In general, the Coffee Shop is not only a great roleplaying spot in the game that is less popular, but it is also a location where you can find some food and drinks. If you get hungry or thirsty while you’re out and about on the town, stop by for some cookies and tea to satiate your needs.

In addition, this is where you can find honey, which is necessary for taming the bees that roam around the map, which will add to your pet collection.

Farm Store

Farm Store
Image from Adopt Me Fandom

The Farm Store is one of the hardest-to-find stores in Adopt Me. I will be honest that I still don’t always remember its exact location; sometimes, other than it is way at the back of the map. You can find it behind Adoption Island near the Campsite and the Hot Springs.

The Farm Store looks like a cute red barn with many food items you can buy. In general, it is basically the grocery store for the town, so you’ll find items like water, chocolate milk, apples, cheese, and so on. Beyond those generally similar items, there is also Diamond Lavender. This is for those ladybugs that you can tame and make your pets.


Image from Adopt Me Fandom

Right on Adoption Island is the Hospital, one of the most significant locations that you can find in Adopt Me. It is also the first that we will cover that isn’t a store. Instead, the Hospital is a necessary building that has to do with when you or your pet or baby gets sick while playing the game.

There are status ailments like hunger and tiredness that happen in the game every day, but sickness is a rarer one. It only happens every so often, and you need to cure it when it happens. The Hospital is the place to do this where you can visit the doctor and feel much better. You can find it right next to the Pet Shop in one of the premier locations.

Ice Cream Store

The Ice Cream Parlor is one of the funniest designs in the game for a building, looking like a spilled ice cream cone courtesy of that one episode of SpongeBob where he’s learning about assertiveness.

The Ice Cream Store is also one of the strangest stores since they only sell two things: an ice cream cone and the Golden Goldfish. The former is there for roleplaying and helping with hunger, but the latter costs your Robux. It is for taming and making the various penguins in Adopt Me your pets.


The Nursery is by far the most important building out of every single one on this list. It is the reason for the name Adopt Me for this Roblox game and the place that you should visit first when you join the game for the very first time.

The Nursery is in the center spot on Adoption Island with everything happening around it. This Nursery kinda looks like a school with its red and blue buildings. When you enter, you will find that this is where you can get your first pet.

It is also where you will continuously come back when you want to get more eggs to hatch more pets. There is also a baby room here for any parents with babies and a VIP room for those who purchase the VIP game pass in Adopt Me. Needless to say, you’ll be spending a whole lot of time in this location.

Pet Shop

Pet Shop
Image from Adopt Me Fandom

The littlest Pet Shop is a cute store with a dog bone on top of it, and it is found among the most essential buildings on Adoption Island. There are a few different items that you can purchase here that are related to pets, such as toys like frisbees to play with.

In addition, there are food items and more that will help you keep your pet fed. And suppose you happen to have some Robux lying around. In that case, you can purchase some specific pets (no RNG here) and ensure you receive ultra-rare and legendary pets like the Griffin, Kitsune, and Axolotl.

Pizza Restaurant

Pizza Place
Image from Adopt Me Fandom

The Pizza Shop is right next to the Ice Cream Shop and is one of the top food places in town. There aren’t a lot of restaurants in the Adopt Me city for whatever reason, but this is one of the few. The pizza slice-shaped building is where you can buy some pizza dough.

What I like about the Pizza Restaurant is that it doesn’t just let you buy food for your hunger purposes; it makes an experience out of it. You buy the pizza dough, and then all of the toppings come with it. You make your own pizza and then cook it there.

This is the most fun way of feeding you and your family, as you can gather together your friends and make a pizza night out of it. You can all customize your pizzas however you like with pepperoni, peppers, and so on to be to your liking, then hang out with one another. Honestly, this is the kind of rare roleplay that I will gladly do in Roblox and Adopt Me.

Pool Store

Pool Store
Image from Adopt Me Fandom

The Pool Store is one of the stranger locations in Adopt Me as it is pretty hard to find, for one, being close to the Hot Springs in a less popular area of town. Here, you will find items that will make pool parties and hanging out at the Hot Springs a better time.

You can purchase floaties, a surfboard, an inner tube, and other items that are best used while swimming around in the water.

Safety Hub

Safety Hub
Image from Adopt Me Fandom

Right near the Farm Store is a place called Safety Hub. It looks quite strange, appearing to be something like a courthouse or the like. The purpose of this building is to be the place where players take the Trade License test.

The test is necessary for earning the license that lets you trade some of the rarest pets in the entire game, like the legendary and ultra-rare ones. These usually cost Robux to acquire, so you have to take the test here to trade them. The test ensures you know the best practices to not get scammed or cheated out of your hard-earned pets.


Image from Adopt Me Fandom

After the Nursery, I would say that the School is the second most important building you can find in the middle of Adoption Island. The big red school is the place that you go to learn.

Once a day, you and your family will be given the objective to learn, and you can go here to do so and earn some money in the process. This is a large school with several rooms, most of which are just there for show or roleplaying purposes.

Vehicle Dealership

Vehicle Dealership
Image from Adopt Me Fandom

Last but not least, we have the Vehicle Dealership. This building is found near the Pizza Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor. As you might expect, this is the prime location for purchasing some vehicles to ride around town in.

There is a wide range of vehicles here, from the cheap bike to the more expensive cars and even helicopters that are here. There is a vehicle for every budget here, so feel free to save up and get what you can. Most of these vehicles can also hold more than one player, so your whole family can ride around.

All Houses You Can Purchase

Party House
Image from Adopt Me Fandom

Whenever you first join Adopt Me or anytime that you jump back into the game, there is a place that you always start: your house. The game is even kind enough to give you a starting house of your very own that you can customize somewhat to your liking.

But the starting house is small and boring, which is why so many players want to upgrade whenever they can. Admittedly, I still have the starting house, as you can see in my screenshot, because my family disrespects me and my account, taking all of my money to better their characters. Of course, I’m only messing around since I don’t mind helping them out.

Whenever you are ready to upgrade from your tiny shack of a house to a better one, here are all of the currently available houses that you can find in Adopt Me that costs in-game cash (plus a few Robux homes), along with a short descriptor of them and even my thoughts on some of them.

  • Tiny Home: 240 dollars. The starting home that gets the job done but nothing else. You can rebuy it if you ever want it again for whatever reason.
  • Family Home: 489 dollars. Looks exactly like the Tiny Home but bigger with more rooms. Can also get it in the Starter Pack, but that costs 99 Robux. Honestly, one of the less interesting housing picks.
  • Pizza Place: 500 bucks. Some houses can be turned into stores for roleplaying and making your own restaurant. This one lets you own your very own pizza restaurant, which is nice.
  • Treehouse: 800 bucks. One of the most unique houses with its tree that you climb to get to the house. Honestly, it’s one of my favorites, and I’m saving up for it right now.
  • Estate: 972 bucks. Again, similar to the Tiny Home and Family Home but much larger. It’s a bit better than those two but not for this price. There are better options, in my opinion.
  • Castle: 1499 bucks. This baby is a small Disney-style castle with three floors and a grand total of nine rooms. One of the first luxury places you can own and roleplay at.
  • Shop House: 1750 bucks. Another home that doubles as a store that you can roleplay or even work in.
  • Mansion: 1944 bucks. The Mansion sounds better than it is. It’s honestly a slightly more luxurious version of the Estate while being double the price. Not worth the hefty cost, in my opinion.
  • Futuristic House: 2500 bucks. This massive luxury mansion is the home for the intellectuals out there who have style. It even has a pool, which only two houses have at this time.
  • Party House: 3575 bucks. A very pricey Futuristic House-style place with huge open spaces meant for parties. Not really worth it unless you have the money to waste and a huge party to throw for everyone.
  • Ruler’s Castle: 6899 bucks. A much larger castle for the true royalty in Adopt Me.
  • Luxury Apartments: 8000 bucks. The most expensive building you can buy with in-game cash. It is literally a luxury apartment building with 22 apartments and even a pool. My family and I are currently pooling together money for this one. Literally, an entire server could basically live here together as one massive family.
  • Modern Mansion: 350 Robux. A nice futuristic home but not worth it for the Robux when you can use bucks for similar houses.
  • Celebrity Mansion: 800 Robux. A mansion that comes in its game pass with some other sweet items.
  • A Very Very Important Person’s House: VIP game pass required. This is a beautifully elaborate modern house that requires you to be an owner of the VIP game pass in Adopt Me.

How to Buy a House

When you are ready to buy your own house in Adopt Me, don’t fret about finding a real estate agent or going house hunting. All you need to do is leave your current home and head on over to your mailbox. Interact with it, and you will have the option to change your house.

If you don’t own any other houses, you will have the option to buy one from the list of currently available homes.

Tips for Saving Up Money

Image from Adopt Me Fandom

At the end of the day, the only way that you will be able to buy a new home in Adopt Me is if you have enough money or Robux in Adopt Me. The latter takes care of itself since it requires real-world cash to get it, but when it comes to the in-game bucks, that is a little bit different.

If you don’t know how to save up money, here are the tips that I use myself to earn cash that I then turn over to my family members, who spend all of it without giving me a dime back. You earn money in Adopt Me by taking care of tasks related to your pets and baby.

If you are a parent, you maximize your potential when you have a baby and a pet all at once. However, there is an easier way of doing this, and this is by playing as a baby yourself. You can do that while having a pet all your own. If you take care of both yourself and your pet at the same time, you will earn cash without having to play with another player.

Go around taking care of your learning tasks, boredom, hunger, thirst, and all of the other status ailments that appear as you see them. Money flows rather slowly in Adopt Me, so be sure to take some time every day to log in, get the cash bonus, and complete a few tasks.


Question: What is the most worth it house in Adopt Me?

Answer: This is subjective, but I think the Luxury Apartments are most worth it since you can share them with tons of other players, perhaps even rent them out.

Question: How do you get a free house in Adopt Me?

Answer: Everyone gets a free Tiny House when they first log in. That is the only truly free house you receive.

Question: How do you sell your house in Adopt Me?

Answer: You can sell your house at your mailbox. Just keep in mind that when you do this, you will receive less money than you paid for the house initially, and it will include all furniture currently in it. Remove any furniture you don’t want to get rid of. Honestly, I don’t recommend anyone to sell their house ever in Adopt Me.

Where to Get a House Next in Roblox

Adopt Me is, without a doubt, one of the best places to get a house in Roblox and call it your own. With so many other buildings you can find in the game and the sheer number of possible homes, there are plenty of places to hang out and spend time with friends and family.

If Adopt Me is getting on your nerves with the grind for money to get a new home, though, perhaps there is somewhere else you should go to break up the monotony. I recommend Bloxburg, one of the very best Roblox games of all time. It is also the experience with the strongest housing system where you can build your own from scratch.

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