Adopt Me Getting Started Guide

When it comes to the most popular Roblox games out there, none can lay claim to the throne that Adopt Me has. It is by far the most successful and largest experience to ever grace the mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and Xbox’s of the world. It was one of the first Roblox games I ever played, being there from right around its launch. With this knowledge in mind, I’ve brought you this Adopt Me! getting started guide.

You see, Adopt Me is deceptively one of the simplest games in Roblox. The general premise makes a lot of sense, even to younger players. Still, there is a lot that is waiting underneath the surface for you to discover. Everything from trading to scams to how to most effectively make money can be elusive to newer players and even some existing fans. But I hope to shed some light on all of this in our Adopt Me getting started guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Adopt Me was one of the first Roblox games I played soon after discovering the game for the first time. The idea is that you select either the parent or baby role. The parents take care of the children and any pets, while the babies can take care of themselves and their pets.

The progression involves earning money for completing tasks to then purchase more pets, houses, decorations, clothing, and much more. It is currently known as the most successful and visited Roblox experience of all time, with no possibility of losing that status anytime soon.

Adopt Me Overview

Let’s take a trip down memory lane; why don’t we? If you’ve read any of my guides on here before, I always fondly remember the first time I booted up Roblox in late 2016. Due to my girlfriend’s younger siblings, that I was meeting for the first time, I was convinced to play Roblox with them.

Sure, I had heard of the game, but my preconceptions were set in stone about what it was. I was shocked when I realized there was so much more to this unbelievably massive title and the experiences you could have. I then became a regular player every single week from then on out.

For the most part, though, in this first year, I stuck to Murder Mystery 2 or whatever my family was playing. Then the summer of 2017 arrived, and a little game called Adopt Me came out. It was brand new, but this didn’t stop it from immediately catching the attention of much of the Roblox community.

This included, somehow, even my family members. It wasn’t long before we were running around roleplaying in a colorful world with babies in strollers and the like. Little did I know that this singular game would go on to become so popular and successful.

Adopt Me is the largest Roblox game of all time. With more than 29 billion visits in total at the time of writing, that has been accumulated in the last five years, which is far more impressive than what some of the older games have been able to do.

In fact, I am writing this guide when it is early in the morning in North America, and yet, there are around 200,000 players online right now in Adopt Me alone. Created by the legendary Roblox developer, Newfissy, along with the group, DreamCraft, and his development studio, Uplift Games.

There is nothing like Adopt Me, and there never will be, not at least on this level of success. Sure, some games allow for roleplaying and that parent and child relationship. Still, none do it quite as well or as detailed in terms of progression as Adopt Me. Here’s everything that you need to know about this game.

Gameplay Explained

The gameplay of Adopt Me is relatively simple. There aren’t a ton of functions that you use in the game but what you will notice is how busy the UI is. There are a lot of systems and different menus that you can scour through for a long time. It can be overwhelming for newcomers.

The general gameplay revolves around the classic Roblox interactions of just running around, jumping, and pressing buttons when you see the option to complete an action. Other than that, it is mostly just going through the menus and trying to find what you are looking for.

Outside of special events and minigames, there isn’t much to the gameplay of Adopt Me. But where it gets confusing is in figuring out what you are supposed to do. What role do you pick? What are the pets all about? How does trading work? These are understandable questions that make the gameplay seem more bloated than it really is.

Babies vs. Parents: Which Should You Play?

The first and ultimate choice that you make when you log in to Adopt Me is deciding if you are going to be a baby or a parent. Before we go any further, I would like to note that you can change this choice at any time, and the game will not penalize you or charge you to do so.

The decision between being a parent or the baby is part of what makes Adopt Me what it is. You aren’t locked into any choice regarding the two, so feel free to play around and have fun with both sides of the equation. But, at the end of the day, in my opinion, there is one side that wins out over the other.

Being a parent is exactly what it sounds like. You are an adult character in Adopt Me and, therefore, much larger than the children you encounter. The goal is to take care of your kids in your family and the pets that you can own.

As a parent, you can create a family and invite players to it, whether you know them or not. Of course, I always recommend only adding people to your family in the game that you know. As part of your family, it is your job to take care of them and their various needs.

On the other hand, there is the baby side. Here, your only job is to just be a kid. In practice, what this means is that you have to deal with your own needs (especially if you are a kid without any parents or family at all) and any pets that you happen to own.

Both will grant you money for completing tasks that you can then use to buy new pets and other items that will enhance your experiences in Adopt Me. But who is the clear winner here?

Positives of Being a Parent

When it comes to being a parent in Adopt Me, there are a few different benefits that are worth noting. For one, there is the fact that you can be the head of the family and not have to worry about being babied in the game.

One of the most annoying parts of Adopt Me as a baby is that anyone can just pick you up and mess with you at any time. This even includes people, not in your family. Thankfully, that isn’t a problem as an adult as you can take care of yourself, and no one can bother you.

There is the versatility that you have in being able to take care of babies and your pet at will, so you can make money while enjoying roleplaying and the like in the game. In fact, for those looking to be a parent or just wanting to try out this role, it is one of the most fun and easiest to roleplay as.


However, some notable negatives surround the parent side. For one, you need to have a baby that you have adopted in order to benefit the most from earning money. Otherwise, you are only going to benefit if you have a pet that you own.

This is a massive negative since there are players, like myself, who like to keep to themselves. When I’m not playing with my family, you won’t see me chatting it up in the lobby and hanging out with strangers I don’t know. I wasn’t even like that when I was a kid.

So, the parent side is not great if you don’t have friends or family to play with. Furthermore, being a parent is mostly an illusion of freedom but not true freedom in the real sense. Your entire existence is tied to having a family that you take care of, which means that your entire day revolves around them.

Now, in the real world, that makes a lot of sense and is how it should be for parents, in my opinion. But in a game, that might be a little too much for something that we are just playing to have fun.

Positives of Being a Baby

In my opinion, the clear winner between the two is the baby side. For one, this is how you can maximize the money that you earn in Adopt Me. Playing as a baby, you can focus on yourself and your pet at the same time, ensuring that you are gaining double the cash at once.

Yes, for whatever reason, babies can take care of their own needs in the game without a parent supervising them. I’m not sure why the system is made this way, but you can feed yourself, bathe yourself, and so on. At the same time, you can take care of your pet’s needs, too.

This means that you are effectively doubling your money at all times without the need for someone else. Unlike the parent role, a solo player can genuinely enjoy being on their own without having to worry about taking care of someone they don’t know.

In addition, the baby side is the most fun to play as, in my opinion. The entire game revolves around you, so you are able to do whatever you want, whenever you want. I think it is the best side to play, too, even if it has a few drawbacks.


Perhaps one of the most annoying parts of being a baby is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is welcome that everything is all about you as a baby. On the other hand, though, it is a problem since everyone will obsess over you all the time.

I have seen servers where there are few babies in Adopt Me, and everyone will chase me around even when I want them to leave me alone. They will harass and want to be your parent, which is immensely frustrating. This ties in with the other negative, though, which is a lack of free will.

Though you can choose to do whatever you want as a baby, parents can pick you up at any time. You can try to break free and run away, but that doesn’t stop them from doing it again. I have had to literally leave servers before because of someone who wouldn’t leave me alone.

Those situations are rare, at least in my experience. Still, they can make playing a baby far more annoying at times than a parent. Overall, though, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that playing as a baby is the best possible way of getting the most money in Adopt Me.

How Pets Work

Image from Adopt Me Fandom

Part of the crux of Adopt Me is the pets in the game. Much of the reason why you are doing what you are doing in the title is to collect new pets and enjoy raising them. If you’re a Pokemon fan like myself, this is the part that will probably be the most appealing to you.

You get new pets through purchasing or trading eggs. These eggs will hatch over time as you fulfill tasks and randomly give you a creature. The goal is to raise that creature from being a newborn all the way to becoming an adult.

The animals that you can get vary from dogs to cats to birds and so on. Adopt Me is always adding new pets into the game, especially when it comes to events and the like. Some pets are much rarer and more valuable than others, so it pays to keep checking out the game and adding new pets to your inventory.

Part of the fun of pets is eventually collecting that special shiny version that has a unique coloration that is quite different from the regular versions. This requires a lot of time and effort and sacrificing your older pets of the same type to gain the new and rarer one.

I love the pet aspect of Adopt Me, and that is mostly what I do when I play the game. Typically, my family and friends will want to play the game, and I will just focus on raising my pets from birth while they are all roleplaying and doing that stuff.

Statuses Explained: How to Take Care of Them

How you raise a pet and also how you take care of a baby is by tending to their needs. This is noted in Adopt Me by the various statuses that they have. The game will notify you when there is a problem with the pet or the baby, such as being hungry and needing some food.

Here are all of the main statuses that you will find in Adopt Me, outside of the exclusive ones that you find in limited-time events, and what you need to do to take care of them:

  • Bored: This is a limited-time status that will only show up for a certain period of time. What you should do is engage in one of the activities that take care of boredom, such as going to the playground.
  • Camping: The player wants to go camping. This is another limited-time status that you should take care of as soon as you can to earn money.
  • Dirty: This is where the player or the pet is dirty and needs to take a bath or shower. All you need to do is interact with a shower or bath inside of a house. If you don’t have one, perhaps you can find a friend who does who will let you use it.
  • Hot Spring: The player wants to go to the hot spring. This is another limited-time status.
  • Hungry: They are hungry and need food. Pets are simple enough to take care of, able to eat at school or at your house if you have the right items. But players will need either food from the school or purchased at one of the stores.
  • School: You need to go to school for the day. This is another limited-time status.
  • Sick: The player is sick and needs to be healed. This doesn’t show up that often but can be annoying when it does. What you should do is eat the healing apples at the hospital, talk to a doctor there, or lay on the hospital bed to be healed.
  • Sleepy: You’re tired, and it is now time for bed. To do this one, sleep in your own bed at home, at the campsite, or at school. Note that pets and babies both need special beds to complete this task.
  • Thirsty: You need something to drink. Like food, pets are simple enough at the school. But players will need to buy something to drink from one of the stores.

The reason that you want to complete these tasks is not just to raise your pet more quickly. They are also necessary for earning money. Each time that you complete one of these issues in the game, you will earn some bucks that you can then use for buying more pets or other items.


Image from Adopt Me Fandom

Part of the allure of earning money in the game is getting new pets. But at some point in Adopt Me, if you play long enough, you will have way too many pets in your collection. The worst part is that you will have duplicates that aren’t too helpful for you anymore.

At this point, it is time to start considering trading. Players can trade pets and items to other players in the game whenever they like. This is a welcome system that emphasizes the online nature of the game and connecting with the community out there.

Of course, there are a lot of problems that come from this. I would like to warn you that there are so many scammers and liars out there that would like to take advantage of kids and newer players. What you want to do is always ensure that you know what you’re trading for and double-check before going through with anything.

Make sure to look at what the other player is offering and know that it is exactly what you want with no regrets. And be sure to look out for common lies and tricks I have seen in Adopt Me. One of the worst has to do with saying that someone will pay you back or trade with you later.

They might say they have a pet that they would like to give you for yours. But their friend or sibling is borrowing the pet they are offering, and they will give it to you tomorrow or something. This is a common lie to get your pet from you for nothing, so only trade if you are getting what you are asking for right then.


Housing is another significant part of what you are earning money for. There are massive houses that you can buy and decorate to your liking. This includes everything from furniture to wallpaper to the accessories that you have around the house.

Housing is an entirely separate system to Adopt Me that many players dig really deep into. It is not my favorite housing system in a Roblox game since it doesn’t specialize in it. Still, it is fantastic for those looking to roleplay and has a family in the place of their dreams.

There will also likely come a point where you no longer need to find pets in the game like you used to. You might have all of the pets that you could ever want, and your money is going to waste at that point. Your Adopt Me bucks can then go towards making your house everything that you could ever want it to be.

Adopt Me Game Passes Explained

Image from Adopt Me Fandom

An inevitability of a popular Roblox game is that it will have tons of game passes you can purchase. The ones in Adopt Me give you access to special features that you wouldn’t otherwise have. In exchange, you give up some hard-earned Robux to support the developers.

I would honestly say Adopt Me probably has the most game passes out of any game in Roblox. This is likely due to the fact that it is also the biggest game around. The problem with this is that it is so overwhelming if you would like to buy some of these game passes.

Unfortunately, I know a little too much about the Adopt Me game passes, sadly. This isn’t a good thing to know about so well due to how much money I have spent over the last five years. Don’t worry; I spend my money well on my hobbies, but I have spent far too much on my wife and siblings’ obsessions with Adopt Me.

Allow me to enlighten you with the few Adopt Me game passes you should check out. First and foremost, DJ used to be my go-to, but they removed the ability to play your own custom songs, so that is out the window. VIP is the special status you should pick if you want a nice title and access to a new house and egg.

Other than that, the only other game passes that I like are the Fly-a-Pet and Ride-a-Pet Potions. These two will unlock the ability to ride a pet or even fly it around the map. This is amazing, but the sad part is that it only works for a single pet. So please choose wisely, so you don’t buy this probably 20 times as my family did to me (I wish I was joking).

Here is the complete list of the game passes in Adopt Me and their prices (I won’t include those that are currently removed from the game, and get your hopes up):

  • Axolotl: 600 Robux
  • Camping Kit: 200 Robux
  • Celebrity Mansion: 800 Robux
  • Cerberus: 500 Robux
  • Cobra: 500 Robux
  • Cozy Cabin and Snowmobile: 849 Robux
  • Diamond Lavender: 199 Robux
  • Eco Natural Earth House: 850 Robux
  • Fly-a-Pet Potion: 295 Robux
  • Golden Clam: 199 Robux
  • Golden Goldfish: 225 Robux
  • Guardian Lion: 500 Robux
  • Hero’s Costume: 250 Robux
  • Honey: 199 Robux
  • Hotdog Stand: 95 Robux
  • Instant Hatch: 45 Robux
  • Kitsune: 600 Robux
  • Lemonade Stand: 50 Robux
  • Magic Door: 150 Robux
  • Mermaid Mansion: 400 Robux
  • Millionaire Pack: 1250 Robux
  • Modern Mansion: 350
  • Mud Ball: 199 Robux
  • Panda: 249 Robux
  • Peacock: 550 Robux
  • Pirate’s Costume: 300 Robux
  • Premium Faces: 199 Robux
  • Premium Plot: 449 Robux
  • Red Squirrel: 200 Robux
  • Ride-a-Pet Potion: 150 Robux
  • Royal Carriages: 1499 Robux
  • Royal Butterfly Bundle: 80 Robux
  • Sloth: 199 Robux
  • Space Bundle: 1250 Robux
  • Starter Pack: 99 Robux
  • Taxi Driver Bundle: 350 Robux
  • Ultra Car Pack: 800 Robux
  • VIP: 750 Robux
  • Winged Horse: 800 Robux


Question: How do I get better at Adopt Me?

Answer: You can get better at Adopt Me by mainly focusing on the tasks that you should be completing. Become a baby and grab a pet. Whenever you see a status like hungry or thirsty, immediately jump on that. Keep it up as fast as possible, and you will earn money at the optimal rate.

Question: What are you supposed to do in Adopt Me?

Answer: Whatever you want to do! I know that’s the cheesy answer, but I recommend doing whatever you feel like. You can farm for money, roleplay with friends, decorate your house, collect all of the pets, and so on. The only thing you’re “supposed” to do is whatever you find the most fun!

Question: Is Adopt Me going to shut down?

Answer: No, Adopt Me is not going to shut down anytime soon. You most likely saw a viral video of some content creator throwing together random lies and circumstantial evidence to present this farce to get views and money. Adopt Me isn’t shutting down. There is absolutely no reason for it to at this time.


Adopt Me is a game that every Roblox player should check out at least a couple of times. I get that it may seem weird or too roleplay-focused, but there is a lot of fun to be had even if you play alone. I enjoy taking care of my pets and finding new ones that I didn’t have before through eggs. This joy of Adopt Me is found in so few games and certainly not as successfully.

Adopt Me is the largest game in Roblox for a reason, and you should definitely find out why. To this point, I recommend finding out more about trolls and scammers in Roblox. The problem with the success of Adopt Me is that it comes with the downside of having a lot of scammers, griefers, and harassers that you may have to deal with. I suggest learning more about how you can protect yourself when these unfortunate situations happen.

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