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The allure of Adopt Me is in many aspects. Still, for some players, the longevity of the Roblox game comes from its trading feature. As you will see in this Adopt Me! trading guide, connecting with other players online, and sharing what you’ve collected with them and vice versa are some of the most fun you will have in all of Roblox. In fact, I would say that it is one of the best parts of Adopt Me.

But before you should ever engage in trading in Adopt Me, there is so much that you need to know about how it works. That is the purpose of this Adopt Me! trading guide. You will learn from the mistakes of myself and others I have seen over the years since I first started playing the Roblox experience roughly a month or two after it launched in 2017. Find out how to trade smartly to avoid being scammed and what the best items are to trade right here.

Bottom Line Up Front

Trading in Adopt Me is one of the best features that you can find in the Roblox game. It has the very best trading system in all of Roblox. This is due to the fact that Adopt Me is all about collecting various pets and other items. Being able to trade these freely with other players helps everyone in the community to connect, engage, and grow their collections together. But it also opens the door for scammers and liars to take advantage of players, which are pretty standard and everyone should watch out for.

Adopt Me Trading Overview

Adopt me!
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When you think of Roblox, what do you think of first? For me, I would say that I think of the countless experiences that you have at your fingertips and, secondly, connecting with other players online. That second point is precisely the heart of both Roblox and Adopt Me.

Adopt Me is the number one game in Roblox for a reason, and it isn’t just because it’s some cute and fun experience for all ages. It takes the nearly addictive core gameplay loop of collecting creatures, like, say, the Pokemon franchise. It adapts it in a simplistic way that everyone can enjoy together.

The idea of adopting a pet and raising them on your own to adulthood is a welcome and fresh experience. This, coupled with the massive collection of pets, means that players have an endless amount of fun to be had. Of course, like Pokemon, Adopt Me has trading at its core.

It is nigh-impossible to get all of the pets from across all of the events and different eggs on your own in Adopt Me. You would have to not only have an insane amount of free time on your hands that even kids don’t have, but you would need nearly limitless funds that you could throw away at the game.

Let’s be real: almost no one in the world who plays Adopt Me has both of those things at the same time. That is where trading comes in. This feature allows you to connect with other players who have what you have and vice versa and mutually benefit from those dealings.

I have seen all of this happen over the last five years that I have been playing Adopt Me since it launched in 2017. Players come for the cutesy pets you can raise, the roleplaying elements, and the houses. But they end up staying as a regular long-term player because of the trading. It is crucial that you understand how this element works from top to bottom.

How Trading Works

For starters, trading is one of the core systems of Adopt Me. The basic idea is that you go up to a player, submit a trade request to them, and then they will either choose to accept or decline your request. It seems relatively simple, but there are a lot of elements involved that make trading a complicated matter.

For one, there is the fact that you can’t trade with anyone and everyone. Someone has to accept your request in the first place, which is annoying in some cases, but this alleviates some of the issues with the feature. There are some tips that I have for initiating trading in Adopt Me.

First off, I think you should always contact people via text chat in Adopt Me before starting to trade. There are many times that someone will try to send me a trade request, and then when we are in the trade window, start to chat it up with me about what they are offering.

That is a lame way of doing it, leaving the door open for some significant issues to occur. As such, I always think you should chat with someone before sending a trade request or accepting one. When you are ready to send a request, tap on the player you’re chatting with and then hit trade.

If they are ready to engage in a trade, they will click accept, and you will see the trade window appear. At this point, you will see nine boxes on your side of the screen (the left side) and nine boxes on the right side. Make sure to double-check that you see your name and all that.

What you want to do from here is click the green box on your side, and this will open up your inventory. This will show you all of the items and pets that you can currently trade in the game. Carefully select the items, so you don’t accidentally pick something you don’t want to trade.

If you do mistakenly select something, don’t freak out! All you need to do is click on that item in the box again, and you can remove it and start over. But whatever you do, keep in mind that the accept button is the point of no return.

Never press the accept button unless you know what you are getting and you are confident in what you are trading. If necessary, you can always hit decline to continue discussing with the person or hit the text bubble to negotiate some more with the other player.

Why You Want to Trade

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Some of you might be wondering what the entire purpose of trading is in Adopt Me. After all, this is a game that is focused mainly on the idea of roleplaying as a baby or parent. To me, at least, that is only half of the purpose of Adopt Me.

The other half is raising the pets that you can collect through eggs and the like. The roleplaying aspects of Adopt Me can only take you so far in the game before you get bored with it, even when it comes to kids who don’t mind that repetitive type of action.

That is where trading comes in. Pets are hard to come by at times since raising each one individually can take a whole lot of time. Worse still, you can end up with multiples of the same pet in your inventory that you don’t even like.

I have that situation right now in my inventory with far too many cats that I don’t need in the slightest. In this case, I can try one of my unnecessary cats for a pet that someone else doesn’t need, but I do. This is where trading is necessary.

Another reason why you would want to trade in Adopt Me is for pets that you can’t possibly get anymore. One of the most controversial parts of Adopt Me, in my opinion, is that it will offer exclusive pets in certain limited-time events.

These could celebrate a particular holiday or something, and those pets will only be there for that time and never again. This even happens with paid pets that you use Robux for. They are only out for a short period of time and then never return to the game ever again.

This is frustrating, but trading can alleviate some of these issues. Let’s say that you have a Valentine’s Day pet that is unique while another person has a holiday pet that you want. You can trade with one another and get the pets that you missed out on.

How to Unlock Trading

Fortunately, trading is a relatively easy feature to unlock in Adopt Me. You don’t even need to unlock it in the traditional sense. Once you complete the tutorial screens that teach you about the game and are free to explore the world, you can immediately begin trading.

Of course, you actually need some items to trade before you can engage in this feature. To do that, get your first free egg, collect some money, and then get enough eggs. Raise some pets to adulthood, and then you are ready to start trading with other players.

The other key part of this is sending your first trading request. When you do so, the game will notify you that this is your first trade and give you some warnings about engaging in this activity. Accept the terms of trading, and then you will be able to send the request to the person. Other than that, no special feats are necessary to unlock trading.

How to Trade Ultra Rare and Legendaries

Trade Ultra Rare and Legendaries
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What is kind of hilarious about the trading feature is that it limits what you can trade at first. Over time, it is likely that you will earn yourself some legendaries and ultra-rare items and pets. Play Adopt Me enough, and you are sure to get these elusive creatures. I know; I had a few until my family members took them from me (just kidding, I gave them to them).

The problem with these super rare items is that you can’t just trade them like everything else in Adopt Me. You need a special trading license in order to do so. Earning this isn’t hard to do, but it can be annoying when you go to trade a legendary and the game won’t let you pick it.

To get the trading license, what you need to do is head to the Safety Hub location. When you enter this building, you will find that there is a trading test that you can take here. Don’t let it being a test deter you, as it is a relatively simple procedure that has to do with answering some easy questions.

It will ask you stuff about trading and being careful when trading with other players. Answer the questions, and you will get the trading license. From this moment forward, you will be able to freely trade the legendary and ultra-rare pets that you have acquired throughout your adventures.

There is another special bonus that getting the trading license grants you. From this point forward, you will be able to see the complete history of all trades that you’ve done. I’m not sure why every player isn’t able to do that automatically from the start, but whatever.

Beware of Scammers

Scam Example From Roblox Fandom

I couldn’t possibly tell you all of this info about trading without issuing some warnings. Trading is so fun and a great way of ensuring you can play the Roblox game for a very long time. But it comes with some seriously horrible negatives that you need to know about.

You will not find another game in Roblox that has as many scammers, trolls, exploiters, and griefers as Adopt Me has. It is the number one game in Roblox, and that popularity comes with the worst parts of the community.

They show up in flocks to take advantage of the millions of younger players who don’t know enough about the game. These scammers are here to take full advantage of the trading system and corrupt what is otherwise a valuable experience.

Their entire goal is to lie to you, take advantage of you, and steal away the pets you have worked so hard on. Suppose you send any message in the chat saying you want to trade or hang around the central plaza too long. In that case, you will absolutely run into some scammers that are looking for prey to devour.

How to Avoid Being Tricked

Scammers are inevitable in Adopt Me. If you play the game long enough, especially if you trade enough, you are bound to run across them sooner rather than later. Here are the tips I have learned over the years that you can use to protect yourself when it comes to trading.

First, there is understanding the value of your Adopt Me collection. There is a site called Win Fair Lose that is absolutely amazing for this. If you don’t know how much your collection is worth, you will get cheated out of what you could earn from trades.

That site even lets you test out specific trades and see if they are worth it to you or not. This way, if you have a certain pet you are aiming for, you can see what it will take to get it and so on. I can attest that it is generally pretty good at determining the value of a trade, but it isn’t perfect.

That is why there are some other steps you need to take. One of the most common scams I see in Adopt Me is the “I’ll give it to you later” scam. This one involves a person saying that they want you to give them your pet, and they will give the one they are offering at another time.

They will say that they will give it tomorrow or that their friend has their pet and they need to get it from them later. This is a blatant lie, and they have no obligation to give you that pet if you give yours up first. If they genuinely want your pet, they will be satisfied with waiting until they can give you what you’re asking for.

Never trade without getting what you asked for, and double-check before accepting that you see that everything in the trade is correct. If you’re getting a dragon that can fly, make sure that it is a dragon that has flying enabled on it beforehand.

If necessary, turn your trade settings to friends only so that you get to know someone before you trade with them. This can be done through Discord communities and other outside resources. Even still, don’t trust someone and what they are telling you in the game, even if they are your friend.

Lastly, never feel obligated to go through with a trade. You can always decline a trade up until the moment that you hit the final accept button. If there is ever a point where you question if you really want to give up a pet or go through with a trade, go with your gut and turn back. Give it some more time to think about before going through with it.


Question: How to find Adopt Me trading values?

Answer: It is difficult to know what your pets and items are worth in the game. A fantastic resource for finding out your Adopt Me trading values is this website right here, Win Fair Lose. It will let you simulate trade scenarios and tell you if it is a fair trade or not.

Question: Where to trade in Adopt Me?

Answer: You can trade anywhere in Adopt Me, but most players hang around the central plaza. On a side note, I recommend looking for trading Discords and other groups if you want to take trading seriously, especially if you have specific pets you’re looking for.

Question: Is Adopt Me removing trading?

Answer: No, Adopt Me is not removing trading. There are lots of clickbait videos and rumors that spread around the community. Adopt Me isn’t removing trading, as the developer knows how crucial it is to the game’s success.


Trading in Adopt Me is the most important feature in the entire game. It may not be as flashy as raising your pet or decorating your house. However, it is the most significant reason why Adopt Me is still so popular. Players keep coming back to the game because they know that they can trade with others to acquire their favorite pets.

Or sadly, many players will show up because they know that there are plenty of kids out there that they can scam into taking their hard-earned pets. The reality is that there are way too many exploiters and griefers that exist in Roblox. If you want to become even more adequately prepared to take these scammers on, I recommend taking a look at our guide to Roblox trolls, scammers, and much more.

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