Conquerors 3 Game Mode Guide

The Conquerors 3 is the center of the RTS genre in Roblox. There are almost no other games out there in Roblox that fit this gaping hole of content, and Conquerors 3 is the most popular among them. Though I don’t think it has ever been the best since first starting out in Roblox in 2016, I can admit that it has a wonderful variety of game modes that it offers. Those are what I will dive deeper into in this Conquerors 3 game mode guide.

This Conquerors 3 game mode guide will reveal everything you need to know about the five core experiences you can find in this real-time strategy game. All five are pretty different, though the two main ones are the most popular among players. If you want to know about all of them and which is the best, you are in the right place with this guide I have for you today.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Conquerors 3 is a real-time strategy game in Roblox that contains several different game modes. There have been five game modes in total over its lifetime, including the following: Conquest, Free for All, King of the Hill, Survival, and Territory Conquest. Note that King of the Hill is no longer available. For the most part, the community plays only Conquest and Free for All. This is likely due to the vast number of sub-game modes that Conquest offers. However, you can create your own servers in the game to offer other game types that you prefer.

Conquerors 3 Game Mode Overview

The Conquerors 3 follows the tradition of the greatest real-time strategy games out there by offering more than just a single mode for you to choose from. Players are spoiled for choice in this Roblox title, which is one of the selling points of the otherwise underwhelming RTS experience.

There have been five game modes in total that have been released over the course of the beloved Roblox game’s lifetime. You can find all five of them below:

  • Conquest
  • Free for All
  • King of the Hill
  • Survival
  • Territory Conquest

Of those five, only four of them are currently available in the game at this time, but that could always change in the future. The number is a little more bloated than that, though, since Conquest alone has multiple variants that players can choose from.

However, what players won’t find within these game modes are CPU-controlled experiences. Unfortunately, the entirety of Conquerors 3 is meant to be played with other players. Roblox is, after all, an online multiplayer title.

However, I do know that some players prefer playing against the AI first to get warmed up before taking on others online in an RTS game. That is understandable, which is why it is unfortunate that you can only play these game modes online against others. Here’s what you need to know about each of these modes.

Conquest Detailed

Conquest is the premier experience that Conquerors 3 offers to RTS fans out there. It is also the most traditional of the bunch, being by and large what you would expect from a game like this one. You have a single goal in this game, and that is it.

Your mission in the Conquest game mode is to completely wipe your enemies off the face of the Earth. There is no peace here, nor is there room for real diplomacy. Conquest is pure war and the game mode after which Conquerors 3 is named.

It is the most popular game mode due to its straightforward nature. The first team in this game mode to take out all enemy soldiers, buildings, and bases will win the match. That is it. So it is a true test of which team can come up with the best strategy for building a base capable of exhibiting the strongest warfare.

That’s right, Conquest is a team-based mode, so you will have to play cooperatively alongside at least one other player in order to win in this mode. Everything that you do in this mode reflects on your entire team, which is why it is imperative that you communicate with one another.

I always recommend that players in Conquest play only with those people that they are already friends with and know. This way, you can easily communicate and make a plan for what to do against your opponent. Players should cooperate by complementing what the other one is doing.

Let’s say, for instance, that one player is focused on building a naval fleet to take control of the seas while the other focuses on the land forces. There are many different types of strategies that you can pick from to help you win in Conquest, and it will be up to your teamwork to make it happen.

There are several sub-variants of the Conquest game mode that you need to know about. There are four versions in total, including the traditional 3v3, where there are six players in full in the lobby. 2v2v2 is the most challenging one as you only have one partner, and you must worry about two different duos simultaneously.

I like the other two versions of Conquest the most, though, and those are 4v4 and 5v5. I rarely see these offered as servers, but they have the craziest level of fun and chaos since there are up to 10 players building and fighting all at the same time on a single map.

Conquest is the most popular game mode in The Conquerors 3, and this makes sense since it is literally the one that the Roblox experience is named for. When you boot up this game, you will find this as the most common server game type, followed by the next entry on this list.

Free for All

Free for All
Image from the conquerors fandom

After Conquest, the most popular mode in Conquerors 3 is easily the Free for All experience. This is the one that I see the most whenever I’m not playing the traditional Conquest game type. This is about as straightforward and simple as it gets.

You have a group of players who are all each other’s enemies. No one in the group is your teammate; it is your job to simply destroy everyone else in sight. There is only one winner in this mode, and every person is in it for themselves.

That said, there is a level of strategy and challenge here that you won’t find anywhere else. After all, you have no teammates, so your success falls solely on the decisions you make. Free for All is the actual test of how strong of a strategy player you are and how much better a decision-maker you are.

Even though you have no teammates in this game mode, it doesn’t mean you can’t ally with someone else. What I find is that Free for All is a game of truths and lies many times, depending on the number of players who are in the match.

It is possible to lie to someone (or tell the truth), channel your inner Katniss Everdeen, and make an alliance with them Hunger Games-style to help each other out. You can make a truce to not kill each other until you are the last two players standing.

Of course, I have even seen some players lie and end up betraying that person early on when they have their guard down. Or, I’ve seen players actually stick to their alliance, and it is an easy way to make it to the end of the match for a one-on-one duel to see who wins it all.

King of the Hill

King of the Hill
Image from the Conquerors fandom

I think that King of the Hill is one of the most unique modes that you can find in Conquerors 3. Think of the exact same mode from games like Halo, and you have an idea of how this works. Except swapping out the first-person perspective and guns for a slower, tactical approach to the mode.

King of the Hill involves a singular point that appears on the map. The goal is to assemble your troops and take control of that point from the other players trying to do the same. As you defend the point and control it, you will earn points that will eventually contribute to you winning the overall match.

King of the Hill is intriguing since you aren’t defending a base anymore but a point that you have to travel to. It requires different tactics and troops than you might use in a traditional match. These rounds are a little bit faster, too, offering something tonally different from the first two modes that I went over.

What sucks, though, is that King of the Hill isn’t available as a game mode anymore. If you like the sound of this mode, you’ll have to shout out to the developers and ask them to bring it back. There is honestly no excuse for its absence since there aren’t that many modes in the game to begin with.


Survival is a game mode that is still around, but I honestly never see when people are playing. This is a little bit like King of the Hill, which might be a possible reason why that one was removed, but different. Instead of fighting over a hill to gain points, this is all about surviving as long as you can.

The idea is that there is a point that is in the middle of the map, and you are in control of it. You gain points for how long you survive. Instead of being about fighting for control, Survival is a desperation mode where you are fighting to live for as long as you possibly can.

That aspect makes Survival one of the more unique modes since you have to use a different playing style. You aren’t going on the offensive at all when you are defending the point but are, rather, entirely on the defensive. This is contrary to the rest of Conquerors 3, which is offensively focused and truly shows who the most adaptable players are.

Territory Conquest

territorio conquest
Image from the Conquerors fandom

Last but not least, we have a twist on Conquest with Territory Conquest. This is another game mode that isn’t all that popular in Conquerors 3, but it has a decent enough twist. The idea is that you have a team, and your job is to capture and hold various territories at the same time.

You’ll get the idea if you’ve played game modes like Domination. The more territories you control for long periods of time, the faster your points will rack up. The first team to reach the required maximum number of points in the match will win the entire match.

Territory Conquest is fascinating because it is the most challenging when it comes to teamwork. I would never play this one with strangers since you need full communication here. The idea of having to figure out who is going to hold which point and who will attack is a delicate dance.

If you are playing with strangers who may or may not communicate, you are possibly going to be screwed. I honestly don’t see you winning in this game mode without true teamwork, unlike regular Conquest, where you might be able to get by sometimes with just text chatting.

Recommended Modes

Part of the trouble of recommending modes is that you rarely can find any outside of Conquest and Free for All. When it comes to those, it comes down to if you have a solid team or not. I’m not a fan of Free for All — it doesn’t work too well with the gameplay systems of Conquerors 3 — so Conquest all the way there.

When it comes to Conquest, 4v4 and 5v5 are the ones that I prefer to play in Conquerors 3. The larger the teams, the more fun, and chaotic the battles end up being. It also helps that if you have a larger team, the need for vocal communication is less necessary as the chat function can work well.

If you can play game types outside of those core two modes, I recommend hitting up Territory Conquest. There is something super special about this one if you have a solid team of players. Besides that, I’m still waiting for King of the Hill to come back as one of my favorite experiences.

How to Create Your Own Servers

Own Servers

At the end of the day, one of the solutions to the lobbies problem in Conquerors 3 is making your own. You can set up your own server with whatever game mode you like and have other players join it. This is the best way of circumventing the mostly played Conquest and Free for All modes.

However, to do this, you need to be at least level five in The Conquerors 3. That isn’t too high, and you just need to join other people’s servers and play with them for a while to reach that point. This can mean not having a lot of choices for a while, but it is worth it in the end.

When you make your own server, you can choose how many players are in it, make rules about what level the players have to be, and other neat details that can enhance your experience.


Question: What is Survival in The Conquerors 3?

Answer: Survival is the ultimate defensive game mode where you try to defend a point from the enemy invaders who wish to take it. The longer you hold the point and survive, the closer you will get to win the match.

Question: How do you do formations in The Conquerors 3?

Answer: Formations are the signature way of telling your troops how and where to strike on the battlefield. You can do these on PC by pressing the F key or on mobile by tapping in the menu to find the option to pick your formations.

Question: What do submarines do in Conquerors 3?

Answer: Submarines are unique water vessels that can go underwater and be invisible to enemy troops. In addition, they can only be destroyed by other submarines and destroyers in The Conquerors 3. Submarines are best for scouting, infiltration, and taking on naval bases.

Roblox Game Modes to Check Out Next

The Conquerors 3 game modes are few in number, but they are different from one another to make the game feel fresh depending on what you are playing. Each one, from Conquest to Survival, requires a different style of strategy that can help the game never feel too monotonous or boring. But that is just this Roblox game; there are others that don’t have as many game modes as Conquerors 3.

One particular game is Murder Mystery 2, which prides itself on a single mode. All you do in that game is survive if you’re a human, kill if you’re the killer, or stop the killer if you’re the sheriff. That is all there is to it since there is only one core mode that everyone plays. But the sheer variety in the three roles helps each one to feel vastly different, like extra game modes in a way, which allows Murder Mystery 2 to always feel fresh and exciting.

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