Best Roblox OBBYS

Best Roblox OBBYS

The purest form of Roblox is an obby. These platforming obstacle courses are part of perhaps the most extensive and simplest genre of Roblox experiences. There is a lot to love about obbys, which is why I’ve spent more than six years playing them and still enjoy them to this day. For my friends out there who love to run and jump, here are the best Roblox obbys you need to know about.

Coming up with the best Roblox obbys was surprisingly easy to do for me. I started playing Roblox in 2016, and my family and I have tried nearly every significant obby out there at this point. There are only a dozen or so that have stuck with us enough to make it worth being put on this list. While I could have easily included 20 of the best obbys around, I narrowed it down to just ten that you need to know about. Let’s take a look!

Bottom Line Up Front

An obby is the short name for an obstacle course, or, essentially, a platforming game in Roblox. It is one of the most popular genres in the entire game — perhaps the most successful genre — with thousands of quality games to enjoy right now for free. However, I would pick Death Run if I had to pick a single obby that you need to play out of the ten best Roblox obbys below. This is the closest list ever for deciding the number one obby, but I appreciate how Death Run has varied gameplay where you control the platforming sections that players encounter.

Selection Criteria

Coming up with the best Roblox obbys list was relatively easy to compile, given how much time I spend playing these every week, but exceptionally difficult to narrow down to only ten, given how many I regularly play at this time. To do this challenging task, I came up with some selection criteria that I find an obby has to meet in some fashion to be on this list:

  • Platforming focus: There are many games adjacent to platforming on Roblox that have obby moments. I think of games like all of the story games like Break In Story and so on. These are phenomenal games, but platforming is an afterthought here.
  • Quality: Quality is always a massive factor for me in any Roblox game, and it truly sets apart the weak obby games from the strong ones. If the quality is low for an obby, it shows in the poor performance, presentation, and uninteresting setting.
  • Platforming difficulty: Platformers have the impossible task of trying to please everyone. It has to be simple enough to understand but not too easy that you don’t have a challenge. This is tough for a game like Roblox, but the best obbys strike a balance perfectly with a little bit of love for both sides.
  • Design: The obstacle course challenges you embark on in obbys must be unique and well-designed. Anyone can make an obby (literally in minutes), but not everyone can come up with intelligent design choices that keep levels and stages fun and engaging.
  • Fun factor: Speaking of fun, the whole point of playing an obby is to have fun. This is the easiest and surest way of having excitement in Roblox from the moment you start playing, so if you aren’t having oodles of fun playing an obby, it certainly won’t make this list or show up again on my home page.
  • Variation: Lastly, variation is vital in obbys more than any other Roblox genre. Many of the games below have dozens, if not hundreds, of levels for you to explore and complete. It can get quite tiresome and repetitive quickly, which is why variation is essential. You should never be doing too much of the same old objective in an obby without significant changes.

Best Roblox Obbys List

Below, you’ll find the ten obbys I painstakingly came up with representing the best platforming you’ll find in Roblox. There is a nice mix of difficult ones, games for everyone, and some of the most beautiful experiences you’ll find on Roblox. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the ten platforming games you need to play next on Roblox.

1. Tower of Hell

Tower of Hell Roblox

  • Developer: YXCeptional Studios
  • Server size: 20
  • Visits: 19.8 billion visits
  • Release date: June 18, 2018

There are challenging games, and then there are hellish games like Tower of Hell. There is no obby in the world like Tower of Hell, which is the single most challenging game you’ll find on this list (that you can actually beat, that is). Unlike some of the other obbys here, you won’t find checkpoints usually, and failing an obstacle is an absolute pain.

The idea is that every few minutes, a new tower will spawn in the arena. Your job is simple enough: climb the randomly generated tower and make it to the top before the timer runs out. The problem is that you have no idea what obstacles you’ll face, and falling means that you have to start over from scratch.

You could be climbing a ladder one moment, jumping across rotating platforms the next, and avoiding death squares after that. There is no telling what you’ll encounter in the Tower of Hell, which is the beauty of it. Howeve, this game isn’t for everyone in the slightest. But if you love a true challenge and find the below obbys too easy, give the eternal nature of Tower of Hell’s repeating missions a try. Good luck!


  • The hardest obby you’ll ever find on Roblox
  • The ever-changing nature of the game keeps you coming back for more
  • The randomly generated levels mean that it always feels fresh and new


  • The hardest obby you’ll ever find on Roblox (not great for some players)
  • It feels like it is trying too hard to get you to spend Robux on some of the helpful items and game passes like checkpoints
  • The lack of checkpoints for everyone is unfortunate

2. Barry’s Prison Run

Barry’s Prison Run roblox

  • Developer: PlatinumFalls
  • Server size: 14
  • Visits: 851 million visits
  • Release date: February 2, 2022

Moving away from the insanity that is the Tower of Hell, we have a more relaxing time in Barry’s Prison Run. If you want a game on this list where you are likely to find me playing every week, check out Barry’s Prison Run. It is one of the most enjoyable experiences here, especially with friends and family.

The premise is straightforward: you’re a prisoner who breaks out of jail and has to scour various levels to escape. It gets pretty bonkers early on, though, as you’re in space navigating zero gravity and all that within a short time frame. This variation is part of why I keep coming back with my family.

We love how exhilarating the challenges are, even though we’ve beaten this game already a few times. It feels new each time, despite having the same levels, and it has yet to get old for me. I also appreciate the more puzzle-like aspects of it, like finding the right switch to open the door and all that, which makes it a little more than your standard platforming game.


  • One of my favorite Roblox obbys to play with friends
  • The epitome of a relaxing, fair, and fun platforming experience
  • The insane level of variation in stages is bonkers in all the right ways


  • It is perhaps a little too easy at times for some players
  • Some may not want to replay this after beating it

3. Moonlight Tower

Moonlight Tower roblox

  • Developer: Ano_MSG0321
  • Server size: 30
  • Visits: 52.1 million
  • Release date: December 25, 2020

Moonlight Tower is unforgiving, much in the same way as the Tower of Hell, where you won’t find the traditional checkpoints here. You either can reach the top of the tower on your own without any help or never be able to do it. However, what I appreciate about Moonlight Tower is that it’s a set platforming course.

This isn’t a changing one like the Tower of Hell, as you have a set tower that is quite tall and arduous but doable. I know from experience of helping a family member navigate this tower that anyone can do it with the right amount of patience and possibly some items along the way.

The items that Moonlight Tower offers for free, like the gravity spring and the speed one, help to shake up the gameplay optionally if you want to. It’s a risky and challenging platforming game, but one that isn’t as frustrating as some of the others that exist. All the while, it has a gorgeous purple nighttime aesthetic that makes me feel all cozy and comforted, exactly how I want to feel in Roblox.


  • The right mix of challenges where it is difficult but doable for everyone with practice and patience
  • The Moonlight Tower setting is one of the most stunning in all of Roblox
  • The free items give you a chance to engage in a risk-and-reward type of system


  • The challenge may initially be a turn-off for some players
  • The lack of checkpoints in this game is unfortunate

4. Escape Running Head

Escape Running Head roblox

  • Developer: manato48
  • Server size: 5
  • Visits: 997 million (should hit a billion before this is even published)
  • Release date: January 7, 2021

There are platforming games in Roblox where you are trying to escape something, and then there is the horrifying nature of trying to escape the running heads in this game. Escape Running Head involves a group of heads known as Felipes, who has faces, hair, and terrifying expression.

These instant horror icons are trying to eat you up and will do so in a single touch. The idea is to platform the expected levels of jumping and running but with the added twist of these heads always chasing you throughout the stages.

This makes Escape Running Head much more anxiety-inducing, horrifying, and exhilarating all at the same time. I’ll be the first to admit that it isn’t for everyone, but if you can stomach the thought of seeing that Felipe face chasing you for hours on end, feel free to check out this unique and somewhat challenging obby. Just make sure to bring a friend or two for safe measure.


  • You have multiple threats to deal with, as the platforming challenges aren’t your only problem.
  • The running heads add a level of excitement and horror that is unique.
  • There are pro-level tricks to avoiding the heads that you can learn


  • The Felipe heads might make this game too scary for some players
  • The added intensity of the killer heads might make this too challenging for some
  • Not for players looking for a relaxing obby game

5. The Floor Is Lava

The Floor Is Lava roblox

  • Developer: TheLegendofPyro
  • Server size: 16
  • Visits: 1.6 billion visits
  • Release date: May 15, 2017

There is something to be said about the endlessly repetitive nature of The Floor Is Lava. Unlike the other ones on this list, this is a game that you can do an entire playthrough of in a matter of moments, if not seconds. The idea is that you have an arena where a new platforming level appears every couple of minutes.

The players are spawned there, and they have to instantly find a way to climb all the way to the top of the level as the lava begins forming. The goal is to make it high enough in a few seconds to survive the lava and win the group, granting you points you can then turn in for sweet items to help out.

The Floor Is Lava is the best game on this list when it comes to checking it out in short bursts. While I don’t generally play it for long periods of time, this is a game that my family and I hop into for a few short rounds almost every week to enjoy on our weekly tour of Roblox. The progression system is smooth, and even if you lose a round, you only have to wait a short time to hop right back in. The developers here knew exactly what they were doing.


  • One of the best progression systems and currency for an obby game
  • The short-burst nature of the rounds means that you can hop in for a game or two and be out in a matter of moments
  • It doesn’t take long at all to be fun


  • A game that doesn’t lend itself well to long periods of play
  • Waiting around for the next round (though only for a short time) can kill the vibe occasionally

6. Rob Mr. Rich’s Mansion Obby

Rob Mr. Rich’s Mansion Obby roblox

  • Developer: PlatinumFalls
  • Server size: 15
  • Visits: 86.4 million
  • Release date: May 21, 2021

There aren’t too many obbys with an intriguing premise or storyline, but I give kudos to Rob Mr. Rich’s Mansion Obby for trying. Though its story is short and sweet, it is welcome with the idea that you are trying to break into a rich man’s massive home to steal everything he has.

In the process, you have one of the funnest obbys around. This is due to the variation in the levels that keeps the theme of stealing from this mansion intact. It also does the rare job of giving you some optional content to enjoy during your levels, like collecting the cash that is spread around the map.

The presentation is also impressive, with some of the better graphics for a traditional stage-based obby like this one. The colorful environments and detailed settings allow this obby to stand out. If you see the high amount of downvotes for this one, it is likely due to the lack of explanations for levels. This is why it is pretty fun to play with friends, as you can work together to come up with solutions to its puzzle-like nature.


  • Some of the best presentations for a standard obby
  • The mansion is rich with varied levels and stages
  • Plenty of optional content to enjoy along the way


  • Some of the mechanics aren’t explained super well, leading to frustration for newcomers.
  • It isn’t currently complete, but new levels being are being added often.

7. Escape School Obby

Escape School Obby roblox

  • Developer: Interactive Games!
  • Server size: 15
  • Visits: 172 million
  • Release date: June 30, 2021

If you haven’t caught the trend yet, it is a standard premise for these obbys to be you escaping someplace. In this case, math class is too boring, so it is time to break out of school and do whatever you want. Unfortunately, you happen to go to a school with tons of death traps around it. Honestly, I can kind of see why you would want to ditch class here.

With about 31 different levels at the time of writing this, Escape School Obby features a solid level of variety in the activities you’re doing that are themed around school. You might jump across some gymnastic areas one minute before scoring some points with a basketball.

The levels are true to their school nature and presented in such a high-quality way. This is all before considering that some of the levels have some aspects of other games like Escape Running Heads, minus the horror, with teachers trying to chase you down. It gives the best of both worlds in these situations, but too bad that it isn’t currently a finished product with a limited number of levels for now.


  • Escape School Obby has some of the best-themed levels I’ve ever seen
  • You are rarely ever doing the same activities more than once in a row
  • It has elements of other fantastic obbys on this list, like escaping teachers who are hunting you down


  • This is an unfinished, relatively new game, so you might have to wait a while for new levels to appear
  • If you don’t like school, this obby may be wrong (or possibly right?) for you

8. Death Run

Death Run roblox

  • Developer: Team Deathrun
  • Server size: 15
  • Visits: 349 million visits
  • Release date: January 21, 2015

It’s rare that you can take your platforming measures into your own hands, but that is the case with Death Run. In this classic obby game, it is all about the multiplayer experience and a competitive one at that. Each round, there is a map that you are on that you’ll need to cross to get to the finish line to win.

Along the way, there will be spikes, falling bridges, disappearing platforms, and so on that you’ll have to contend with alongside your fellow competitors. The twist here is that there is another player in the round who will be chosen to be the game master of sorts.

This player has the option to select when the various obstacles appear to try and kill off every player on the opposing side. It is a game of chess in a way, as you have to compete to outsmart the opposing player(s) and figure out when to go or when to activate the next trap to trick them. This cat-and-mouse element adds so much intrigue and depth to what would otherwise be a traditional map-based obby game.


  • It’s already a fast-paced and exciting obby
  • But the addition of the killer on one side controlling the obstacles adds so much excitement and depth
  • There is a cat-and-mouse element to it that is unique
  • Having two opposing sides means that there is always fun to be had across the numerous maps


  • Depending on the player controlling the objectives, this game could be too hard (or too easy) for some players.

9. Journey to the Sun

Journey to the Sun roblox

  • Developer: nextReality Games
  • Server size: 20
  • Visits: 6.4 million
  • Release date: January 20, 2020

Journey to the Sun is by far the best-looking obby you’ll find on this list, and up there for the most beautiful Roblox game of all time. It is rich with lore and stunning views of a sunset-stricken world. There is a deep premise about an ancient kingdom of the sun that you are resurrecting through your platforming efforts.

The actual platforming itself is so unique and fluid in this game as every action you do increases your ability to leap, run fast, and bounce around the map. The progression is smooth and easy, ensuring that you always feel like you’re upgrading your abilities in exploring the kingdom.

Journey to the Sun feels like an RPG, almost in a way in how you are constantly gaining new abilities as you explore massive areas of an open map that you can reach from start to finish alongside other players. While it can be played with others, this is the premier single-player obby experience. It truly feels like someone took the idea of the masterpiece Journey and turned it into a full-blown multiplayer obby game.


  • The most beautiful obby of all time and one of the most stunningly detailed games on all of Roblox
  • The vistas you’ll see and visit are breathtaking.
  • The progression is unbelievable, always feel like you’re getting more powerful in your abilities.
  • Perfect for the singleplayer fans out there


  • It is hard to keep up with friends due to the gameplay style, so not the best multiplayer experience around
  • It can be difficult to control on mobile and other platforms, but at least it is available now on all of them
  • The player base has dwindled considerably (likely due to its singleplayer focus)

10. Two Player Obby 2

Two Player Obby 2 roblox

  • Developer: Funny.Games
  • Server size: 14
  • Visits: 317 million
  • Release date: March 8, 2021

While not for everyone, anyone who has friends or family that they play Roblox with should absolutely consider checking out Two Player Obby 2. Obbys are some of the best games to enjoy with other players, and this is one game that requires you to enjoy it with another person.

Every obstacle that you come across is meant for someone else to help you out, like opening up a door for you to go through so that you can reveal the platforms that your partner needs, and so on. The levels are intricately designed in such a clever way that you genuinely need to work together with that person.

Therein lies the issue where it is nigh-impossible to play with a random stranger since communication is vital. But if you have someone you can call or talk to in person, Two Player Obby 2 is one of the most extraordinarily fun obbys I’ve ever experienced. The challenge is enough to lead to laughs, eureka moments, and more. It helps, too, that the levels are short enough that they continuously add more to give you new missions to take on with friends and family.


  • One of the best Roblox games I’ve ever played with friends and family (think on the level of something like It Takes Two but Roblox)
  • The levels are so intelligently designed for two players to work together on
  • Each obby here is short and sweet enough that you can complete it in one sitting
  • New levels are constantly being added to the game


  • If you don’t have a friend or someone you can play with, this game is dead on arrival
  • While you can try to play with strangers, it is nearly impossible to accomplish without adequate communication
  • Each obby might be too short for some players


Question: What is the Best Parkour in Roblox? 

Answer: If you are looking for parkour-themed gameplay, specifically in Roblox, I highly recommend checking out Easy Parkour Obby. It provides gameplay similar to that real-life activity with a game that isn’t too challenging, so you enjoy the fun.

Question: What is the Best Obby in Roblox? 

Answer: I have to give the best obby in Roblox to Death Run but only by a narrow margin. Unlike other genres, the obbys are incredibly close to one another in quality. Death Run wins for its ingenuity in turning the entire affair into a deep, player-driven competitive experience.

Question: What is the Hardest Obby in Roblox? 

Answer: The hardest obby in Roblox is undoubtedly Tower of Hell. It will push even the best obby players to their limits with its randomly generated tower levels, lack of proper, free checkpoints, and the short time to complete each round.

Let’s Dive Deeper Into These Obbys

Obbys are some of the finest experiences you’ll ever have with Roblox. They are simple to understand, the gameplay is generally a breeze to grasp, and the return on investment is chocked full of fun and excitement. A prime example of this is Death Run. It does so much with the obby genre, introducing a more competitive nature to it, mixing in a killer mastermind of sorts who is in control of how each platforming stage works.

If you want a game to check out that is the best overall example of an obby, Death Run is the one to go. But it is far from the only example of an amazing obby in Roblox. You can check out much more right now, including ones from this list, like Tower of Hell. I have previously broken down everything you need to know about this game, which is especially recommended for newcomers and veterans alike since this is one of the most challenging games I’ve ever seen on the entire platform.

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