Natural Disaster Survival Game Overview

Natural Disaster Survival Game Overview

There are countless Roblox games that exist these days, but I am, admittedly, one of those comfort zone kind of players. I willingly try out various games I’ve never seen before every week, and I love doing that, but I rarely stick around for longer than a few hours or days.

Instead, I go back to the tried and true experiences, like the star of this Natural Disaster Survival game overview.

Natural Disaster Survival is one of my favorite games of all time in Roblox. It was one of the first that I ever played soon after checking out Murder Mystery 2, and it was one of the few reasons I was hooked on Roblox early on.

There is just something about the beautiful simplicity of running for your lives, hiding, and trying to survive. It is like the natural adrenaline rush that we adore as humans scooped up into a game form that we can endlessly play and I love that, as you’ll see in this Natural Disaster Survival game overview.

Bottom Line Up Front

Natural Disaster Survival is a Roblox game in which players repeatedly go onto tiny maps and survive randomly chosen disasters. Anything from tornadoes to earthquakes to volcanoes and more can happen all while on that small island map.

Your job is to stay alive for a couple of minutes as everything around you shakes, stirs, and collapses. Admittedly, there isn’t much reason to keep coming back other than for the thrill of survival alongside your friends and random strangers.

Natural Disaster Survival Game Explained

natural disaster survival game

It’s hard to say what exactly makes a Roblox game so popular and successful, but if I had to come up with some common elements I’ve seen over the years, one of the prime features would be gameplay that can be thoroughly enjoyed in short bursts of time.

After all, many kids play Roblox and their attention span isn’t exactly the strongest in the world.

So, a game that lets you quickly jump in and have a ton of fun in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, is precisely what is going to be successful. Thus, it’s clear why Natural Disaster Survival is one of the biggest games around after all these years.

When I first booted up Roblox back in 2016 begrudgingly to impress my soon-to-be in-laws, my busy self was also enamored with games like Natural Disaster Survival. It helped that it capitalized on what I liked and it had thousands of people playing it.

Lo and behold, more than six years later, it still has tens of thousands of players online even in the middle of the morning in the United States.

With more than two billion total visits and counting, this is impressive for a game that has almost no progression or real reason to keep coming back except for the fun factor. Here is everything you need to know about Natural Disaster Survival.

Story Synopsis: Is There Even a Story?

No, there’s no real story of Natural Disaster Survival. At least not one that I’ve considered up until now.

Perhaps there is some sinister underlying backstory of why you are gathered in this tower to watch these islands reform every round, only for you to suffer? Hmm, could be some dark story about you being part of some Squid Game-esque endless battle for money and glory.

Or, it could just be that you’re playing a Roblox game that has no background story at all. I’ll let you be the judge of this one, so check it out.

Gameplay Breakdown

natural disaster survival gameplay

Created in 2008, Natural Disaster Survival is one of the earliest Roblox games that is still going strong somehow today. Because of its older age, you shouldn’t expect much from the gameplay department. It is extraordinarily simple, with only a few movements and mechanics thrown in there.

The craziest part? After all the years I’ve played the game, it looks like the developers have no real intention of ever-expanding the gameplay or even its progression system. That is why what you see below is likely what you are going to experience even years after I have written this post.


When it comes to movement, Natural Disaster Survival does nothing too heavily unique. You can run around at a basic speed, and that’s it. You won’t find any sprinting or anything like that here. That said, what you can do is jump, which is surprisingly one of the critical components of playing the game.

You are trying to survive, after all, so jumping is one of the best movement abilities for reaching higher areas and the like. In addition, there are typically ladders around the map that you can use to climb up to higher places, too. Other than that, there isn’t much else to the movement gameplay.


natural disaster survival

The core gameplay features of Natural Disaster Survival are your health bar and survival.

Don’t worry, this isn’t Minecraft or any of those games where you have to worry about your hunger (though those games do exist in Roblox). Instead, you need to stay alive and keep your health bar at least somewhat intact throughout the entire round.

To this point, it is possible to take damage and survive in this game. This is especially crucial in ongoing disasters like blizzards and acid rain where being outside will constantly damage your character. Thankfully, you can sometimes get away with being hit a little bit.

But the goal is to not lose any health at all, especially when some disasters like volcanoes can one-shot you from total health. Survival adds a lot of layers to this Roblox game, requiring the player to think twice and even thrice about what they’re going to do.

It’s almost like a puzzle with the map where you need to examine your surroundings, add in the modifier of the disaster you have, and come up with the optimal solution within seconds of where you should be and what you should be doing. This is where the gameplay becomes so engrossing and enrapturing.


Speaking of maps, this is the heart of Natural Disaster Survival. While you, the player, and the disasters are the most noticeable parts of this Roblox experience, it wouldn’t be at all possible without the work of the tiny but beautiful maps in the game.

Everything takes place on the same-sized island from round to round. But I have to give kudos to the developers for at least trying to make each map feel wildly different from one another.

There is a prison that you can explore, a massive skyscraper with glass windows everywhere, an army base, farmlands, a race car track, an amusement park, and more.

It feels like this is the one area where the creators of this Roblox game sometimes come back and add to throughout the years. Many of these maps are exciting in the fact that some are fairer than others, especially when it comes to specific disasters.

Good luck surviving the flood on the farm map where there are few places to get higher than the second story. Or have a good time on the skyscraper map when everything is made of glass, and a sandstorm is blowing all of those windows everywhere all at once.

This is the beauty and excitement of Natural Disaster Survival since you never know what combination of map and disaster you’ll get, forcing you to think on your feet at all times.


natural disaster survival disasters

Speaking of disasters, this is the star of the show right here. This Roblox game takes various natural disasters from the real world and bombards players with them round after round.

There is a huge list of the various disasters that you can encounter, and these are just some of the ones that I know of from the top of my head:

  • Volcanoes
  • Floods
  • Blizzard
  • Acid rain
  • Meteors
  • Tornadoes
  • Sandstorms
  • Tsunami
  • Fire
  • Earthquake

And so many more. These disasters are the ones that determine a huge portion of your gameplay in a way. Will you hide away from the big mean disaster waiting outside?

Or will you venture out into the wide open spaces to run around and, hopefully, avoid your own self-imposed disaster? This is where the gameplay mixes up so considerably since you never know what you’ll get.

There are rounds you’ll go from different gameplay techniques five matches in a row. Other times, you’ll get unlucky like me and have a flood three times in a row. The brilliance and beauty in the RNG nature of Natural Disaster Survival still surprise me even to this day. After all, have you heard of two disasters at once?


natural disaster survival weather machine

You see, while Natural Disaster Island might not be as extravagant as something like Disaster Island (a game I honestly prefer because of that), it does have some items available to it. There are three items in total, and they are as follows:

  • Red apple
  • Balloon
  • Weather machine

The red apple and the balloon both cost 80 Robux. There is no other way to get these items other than spending Robux, which will inevitably cost some real-world currency at the same time.

The red apple allows players to heal themselves in the middle of a round. This isn’t the most helpful item, at least to me, since there is a way to restore your health in between games.

And, let’s be honest, if you couldn’t survive on a single health bar in a round, there aren’t great chances you’d stay alive on a second one, either.

However, the other item you can buy, and it permanently is part of your inventory, is the balloon. This is my favorite of the two since it lets you fly around on every map. It isn’t always the most useful, like in the case of a volcano or blizzard, perhaps, but it can be superbly valuable in terms of a flood, earthquake, or fire.

Being able to fly up to a safe spot or keep above the waves below you makes the balloon so valuable and the one item I recommend you spend some money on.

Lastly, there is the weather station. This machine lets you spend 100 Robux to ensure that the next round has not one but two disasters. Yes, you can even add more than that if you’re willing to spend the Robux.

I’ve been in a few lobbies in my time where someone was celebrating the holidays or their birthday and brought in like four disasters at once.

It’s only happened a couple of times, but there is some hilarious fun in seeing how long you last until you’re decimated by the disasters.

The weather machine is only there for those with Robux to burn because these extra disasters are only for a single round. Otherwise, spend your precious currency on the balloon if you haven’t already.

How the Currency Works

What you’ll find in Natural Disaster Survival is that it doesn’t have an in-game currency in the way that a game like Disaster Island does. Unfortunately, you aren’t really earning any levels, money, or anything for your wins. Outside of affecting the leaderboard, that is.

However, there is still a currency that is at play in this game, and that is the traditional Robux. The premium currency that powers all of Roblox allow you to buy the three items mentioned above. There is no way to earn Robux in this game, so you’ll have to buy that outside of the game.

You can do that using someone’s credit card (with permission) or a Robux card. The latter is what I always recommend since it lets you safely receive these on birthdays or holidays and not have to worry about it being a problem when a parent, partner, or someone else finds out you used their card.

Leaderboards Explained

natural disaster survival leaderboard

There are leaderboards in Natural Disaster Survival, but they are mostly hidden from the player. When you are in the tower, there is a single leaderboard you can find by heading to the top and looking at the large screen there. Unfortunately, this isn’t a global leaderboard.

You can’t see how you rank in regard to everyone else in the world who has ever played this Roblox game. However, what you can do is see a lobby-wide leaderboard. This shows you everyone in the current Roblox lobby and shows you how you compare to each of them.

Good luck if you ended up in a lobby with me, though, as you would have to deal with one of my accounts that had about 1000 survivals. Sadly, I lost access to that account, so my current one is undoubtedly beatable at this point in time.

Natural Disaster Survival Reception

Unlike video games outside of Roblox, there are no general reviews, both written and video, that you can look at for Roblox games.

That said, there is still a way to know the public reception for a game like this. For one, it has massive popularity to this day, nearly 15 years after its release.

Yes, Natural Disaster Survival is older than many of the players who play it. Still, to this day, you can find tens of, even hundreds, of thousands of players online playing it at once. It is almost impossible not to find a decently sized server of players all hours of the day and night.

In addition, it has more than two billion total visits, which is absolutely bonkers and close to the top of the rankings for the most popular Roblox games of all time. However, just because something is popular doesn’t necessarily mean that it is super high quality.

That is where the other Roblox reception feature comes into play with the like system. You can choose to like or dislike a game, and there is an overall percentage that is shown for each Roblox experience of what percentage of players enjoyed the game.

It isn’t super easy to get a relatively high number here as, believe it or not, kids are a lot pickier and harsher than you might expect. That said, Natural Disaster Survival has an impressive 90% rating of upvotes, despite how many players have voted in it.

Considering that I like games that are in the 80% range and sometimes even games in the 70% range, 90% is pretty much as close as you can get to universal acclaim in Roblox.

I will admit, though, that I think that Disaster Island is the slightly better game with its larger maps, better-handled disasters, and welcome progression system. Still, the rest of the Roblox community has yet to catch up on that fact, sadly.

Beginner’s Tips

natural disaster survival gameplay

If you are reading this, chances are that you are somewhat new to Natural Disaster Survival. What’s great for you is that I have played this game for many years, so I have some tips I have learned over the years, including some secrets that some players don’t even know about.

Yes, I am giving away my trade secrets but that’s okay because it’s only better when we all win together.

  • Let’s start with a banger: believe it or not, there is a free way to restore your health between rounds. Oddly enough, the game will keep your health the same, no matter what it is, between rounds. However, you can restore it by jumping off the tower. Do this as soon as the previous match ends, and you will respawn before the next one begins with total health. No need for the red apple at all.
  • Look to the skies, and you might have a hint at the next disaster before it’s revealed. Water-based and a few other disasters like floods, tsunamis, blizzards, and even more will see clouds covering the entire sky. On the other hand, disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes, and wildfires won’t obscure the sky.
  • In general, if I see the sky covered in clouds, I automatically go to the highest nearby point. There is a strong chance that the disaster will encourage that.
  • When in doubt about what the next disaster is, start indoors but only on the first or second floor. Never go up too high, especially on the skyscraper map. If it’s a fire or volcano, you don’t want to be too high, so you can go outdoors if necessary. And if it’s a flood or tsunami, there is still some time to get up before it hits you.
  • Don’t go into the rocket ship on that particular map. Or, if you do, get out as soon as you go in. Or, heck, stay in if you want to and find out why I’m recommending you not to go in.
  • Speaking of vehicles, these items aren’t as helpful as you think. Sure, zoom around in the race cars at the start of a round but get out as soon as the disaster starts. They are death traps, trust me.
  • You are better off playing with others. It’s more fun, and you can strategize together. Just try to keep a little bit of distance in case of disasters like sandstorms and volcanoes. I’m convinced these disasters target players, so grouping together is asking for trouble.

Best Alternatives

Here are some of the best alternatives you can find in Roblox that will scratch that Natural Disaster Survival itch that I also often play:

Disaster Island

disaster island roblox

This is the superior game. It wins by learning from its predecessor’s mistakes by having more exciting maps, a wider variety of disasters, a leveling system, and currency.

There are items to buy, a global leaderboard, a better presentation, and more reasons to try and win. I like Natural Disaster Survival, but I will generally be playing Disaster Island these days.

Tornado Alley

tornado alley roblox

The other survival game I mainly play these days is Tornado Alley. This is almost entirely about tornadoes and makes the gameplay feel deeper and more frenetic. It also has excellent maps and thrilling gameplay with a solid progression system. Great for the tornado fans out there.

The Floor Is Lava

the floor is lava roblox

The classic real-life game of avoiding touching the floor exists in Roblox. These rounds are even shorter than Natural Disaster Survival, making for even quicker short-burst gameplay. The lava appears, and you have a second (literally like a second) to figure out the best course of action to live.

Roblox Titanic

roblox titanic

If the Titanic’s tragic storyline of sinking is your jam, you can try and survive through this experience. Believe it or not, there is even an alternative ending of stopping the ship from sinking and making its voyage to New York City, but I’ll leave that for you to figure out.

Flood Escape 2

flood escape 2

This is the most challenging game on this list. I am not a massive fan of it because of how fast and challenging it is since it kind of sucks out the fun, but some players love how frenetic this gameplay is.

You have a map and must run along a linear path, jumping and sliding your way to safety as a constantly rising flood comes up behind you.


Question: What is Roblox Natural Disaster Survival?

Answer: Roblox Natural Disaster Survival is one of the oldest and most prolific Roblox experiences out there. The idea is that numerous maps exist, and with each round, a new map appears with a new disaster to take on. Players must survive for several minutes against volcanoes, floods, tornadoes, and more.

Question: How many disasters are there in Natural Disaster Survival?

Answer: It is said in the community that around 12 or so disasters currently exist in Natural Disaster Survival. This is hard to pinpoint since the game itself doesn’t give you a clear list of every disaster. New ones are added occasionally, like the virus in recent years, so it could grow in time.

Question: Is Natural Disaster Survival Roblox good?

Answer: Yes, Natural Disaster Survival is the definition of a great game in Roblox. It’s so easy to learn and enjoy. It doesn’t take too much thought or effort from the player, and its pick-up and play nature is fantastic in short bursts.

Which Roblox Game to Check Out Next

Natural Disaster Survival is one of the first Roblox games I would ever show to a brand new player, primarily if they aren’t used to games; i.e., a young child or an adult who has never played games. The simple nature of just holding down on the button or stick to run around and jump is easy enough for anyone to grasp. Plus, it’s a ton of fun when played with others.

However, there are other games that you could enjoy as a newcomer, too. The first game I played right before jumping into Natural Disaster Survival was Murder Mystery 2. Like the former, Murder Mystery 2 is a concept anyone can get relatively easily with simplistic gameplay.

You are the killer, the sheriff trying to shoot the killer, or a survivor trying to outrun the murderer. If you want a deeper look at it and its legit progression system, be sure to check out my previous overview of Murder Mystery 2.

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