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The Gold Piggy is a skin that players can wear in the Roblox game Piggy. What does this skin do, and how can players find it? Read on to find out the answer!

Bottom Line Up Front

  • Item Location: House in Piggy Chapter 1
  • Item Cost: None
  • Key Features: Transforms the character into a golden Piggy

Skin Description

Gold Piggy Skin

The Gold Piggy Skin looks like a Bloxy award that the creators of the game won. In celebration, the developers added this gold skin players can obtain and wear while playing the game.

In addition to a cool golden shine, the skin comes with a sword and a pair of golden wings. It is a cosmetic item and serves no other purpose.

How to Get the Gold Piggy Skin

You can only get the Gold Piggy Skin while playing as a survivor. You must also be on the House map, otherwise known as Chapter 1. The skin is located in a clear locked safe on a sofa, but you’ll need more than a key to unlock it.

Before beginning the hunt for the skin, you’ll want to open up all passageways in the House. Make sure to have doors unlocked, barricades removed, and the board placed on the top floor of the house. Remember that item spawn locations are random.

Clock Hunting

Clock Hunting Roblox

After the intro scene completes and the game loads, you need to head down into the basement. Once there, collect the gold key on the bench. If you have the gold key in hand while walking into the wall to your left, a clock face (Clock III) should appear.

Next, sneak through the hole in the nearby wall and head to the end of the hallway. Just before the ramp, you’ll want to use the key on the wall to the left to make another clock face (Clock IV) appear.

The remaining clocks are upstairs. Take the ramp up and then enter the house through the nearby entrance. Immediately turn right and use the key on the wall near the bench to make another clock face (Clock II) appear.

Head upstairs yet again and turn left through the doorway at the top of the stairs. Travel left down the hallway and touch the wall on the right side just before the next door. Doing so will reveal the final clock face (Clock I).

Setting the Time

Setting the Time on the Clock

With all clock faces visible, you now need to activate them in the correct order. There’s no secret here; the clocks must be set in order from I to IV. You need to set each clock to the proper time, with clock I pointed up, clock II right, clock III down, and clock IV to the left. If you don’t press the clocks in this specific order, the puzzle will reset, and you’ll have to revisit clock I.

Getting the Gold

Getting the Gold

Once the clocks are set in the correct order, the safe with the Gold Piggy Skin will unlock. You’ll need to travel from the basement to the top floor and cross the board over the gap. Clicking on the safe sitting on the sofa unlocks the Gold Piggy Skin, making it yours to use as you see fit!

Customizable Features

There is no way to customize the Gold Piggy skin. Players only have the option to equip it or use a skin of a different type. In theory, there can be several Gold Piggies running around the map at any one time.


Question: Which Piggy Skin is the Scariest?

Answer: Most players feel that the devil skin is the scariest in the game. It looks like a traditional devil costume with horns and a pitchfork. The skin also has huge wings and a frightening jumpscare.

Question: Is Gold Piggy Attainable?

Answer: The Gold Piggy Skin isn’t always attainable and is part of a special event. Be sure to check before pursuing the quest, as you can’t obtain it all the time!

Question: Is Ghost a Girl Piggy?

Answer: Although it sounds like a man, the Ghost is a female character in Piggy. Developers have confirmed this to be the case.

Question: Did Georgie Get Infected in Piggy?

Answer: Georgie is one of the few characters to not get infected in the game. Although he does appear infected at one point, it is later revealed to be a dream.


The Gold Piggy Skin is one of the coolest skins you can find in the Roblox game Piggy. It is also one of the hardest, requiring players to complete the level and activate a series of clocks to uncover the prize. This item is not always available in the game, so be sure to check before taking the time to complete the quest!

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