Jinshiki Boss Fight Shindo Life Guide

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One of the modes that Shindo Life offers to players is the in-game events, which are usually challenging boss fights against powerful opponents that reward players with bloodlines, sub-abilities, and ninja tools.

My Short Summary

Of all boss fights in Shindo Life, the most challenging and rewarding is the Last Fight Event, or the Jinshiki Event.

How do I start the Jinshiki Boss Fight?

When playing Shindo Life, simply press L on your keyboard, or click “QUEST” from your phone or tablet. This will bring up the quests tab, which has a subtab named “Main Mission.” This is the only way to get to the boss fight servers.

Scrolling down, the “Event: Jinshiki” is at the bottom of the list. After pressing the Go button, you will be teleported to a Jinshiki server, where a cutscene will follow.

If you do not want to watch this cutscene, simply type in the chat, “!eventskip” and after the voice line, you will be spawned in.

Jinshiki Boss Fight Drops

In my opinion, the Jinshiki event gives the best loot when you compare it to the other events.

In total, the Jinshiki has over twenty drops available, ranging from sub-abilities, bloodlines, and tailed spirits.

Jinshiki God Awakening

Jinshiki God Awakening

The first drop, and probably the most wanted, is the Jinshiki God Awakening. This drop is a mode awakening that, when equipped, turns you into Jinshiki.

This is the best drop because the Q-Spec and E-Spec are both useful movies for PVP.

The drop rate of the Jinshiki God Awakening is a one in eight chance, which for a powerful awakening, is really easy to get.

When the Jinshiki event was first released, I only had to kill the boss around three times before the sub-ability dropped.

Jinshiki Bloodline

The second and rarest drop of the Jinshiki event is Jinshiki, a bloodline that has a moveset that are replicas of the abilities that the Jinshiki event boss uses.

While I have not experimented a lot with Jinshiki, the bloodline is reliant on stun and countering, making it a great complementary bloodline. Unlike most bloodlines, Jinshiki does not have a mode and has only three abilities.

The drop rate of Jinshiki is one in fifteen, which is not terrible but is definitely rarer than some of the other drops.

Raion-Gaiden Mode

Raion-Gaiden Mode

The third drop in the Jinshiki event is Raion-Gaiden’s mode. Keep in mind, that to use this drop, you have to have the Raion-Gaiden bloodline, it does not unlock the bloodline for you.

To get Raion-Gaiden, you will have to spend either 180,000 or 120,000 RELL Coins in the RELL Coin Shop, depending on if you are willing to wait for the bloodline to be featured or not.

When you get this drop, you will be able to equip the mode in the Bloodline tab. If you try to equip it without the drop, a message will pop up saying you need the boss drop.

Apart from looking like Sasuke Uchiha from the anime, Boruto, this mode does not have many good abilities. With a Q-Spec and E-Spec that are, at best, useful in some PVP scenarios, the mode lacks in PVP with better options being available.

The only gain is the mode’s C-Spec, which is a counter. Counters are always great for when you are in a pinch, and I will always recommend that you have at least one in PVP, and if Raion-Gaiden is that counter, so be it.

The drop rate of the mode is one in eight, which, like Jinshiki God Awakening, should not take you too long to get.

Tailed Spirits

Finally, the Jinshiki event is one of the only events that drop Tailed Spirits.

This includes every generation one tailed spirit and generation two tailed spirit. Unfortunately, you cannot get the generation three tailed spirits from the Jinshiki Event, but generation one and generation two are both great options.

The tailed spirit that drops depends on the spirits you encounter when fighting the Jinshiki event boss.

When the boss enters his stun phase, he will spawn a tailed spirit and a group of enemies to stop you from damaging him. That tailed spirit will then have a chance of dropping after you defeat the boss.

Unfortunately, the chances of getting a Tailed Spirit drop are unknown, but in all honesty, if you are going for Tailed Spirits, just wait for their timed spawn in their village.

The Best Ways to Fight the Jinshiki Event Boss

This applies to any boss, but I have found that there are only two ways to fight bosses effectively in Shindo Life.

Shado and Apollo-Sand

Shado and Apollo-Sand

The first method involves using Shado and Apollo-Sand.

To do this right, you need to have Shado’s mode C-Spec and Apollo-Sand’s third move, Iron Fist. These moves are wave abilities, which are great ways to drain a boss’s HP.

Before starting, you need to find the boss’s detection and attack range. Once you have both of these, you are ready to start fighting the boss.

Standing just outside the attack range of the boss, try and lead the boss over to your position, and as he is running towards you, use either Shado’s C-Spec or Iron Fist in the direction of the boss.

As the boss runs towards you, he will run through the wave attack, stacking up around 500,000 damage if done right.

Continue this until the boss dies, and then go and reap your rewards.


The less effective, but still viable method is by using Xeno-Dokei. This bloodline’s mode C-Spec deals an incredible amount of damage for one move, and if you pair it with the right moves, you can easily kill the boss.

The only downside to this method is it can take some time if you are not constantly using the move off cooldown.

I think the best way to do this is to pair the move with Shindai-Rengoku’s third move, Tailed Spirit Counter, which spawns samurai spirits that deal damage.

Using Xeno-Dokei and Shindai-Rengoku, run at the boss with Tailed Spirit Counter active, and after the boss hits you, use Xeno-Dokei’s C-Spec. The damage will start stacking, and after around ten minutes, the boss will die, and you can get your drops.

What is the Jinshiki Event Boss’s Moveset?


With the methods listed above, you can fight the boss without having to have the boss stunned. That said, if you cannot use either of those methods, there is another way that takes significantly longer, but will still get the job done.

Just a warning though, be prepared to die a lot, especially if you are doing this alone on a private server.

Every boss has a stun cycle, which means that after the boss uses a predefined number of moves, it will stop attacking you for ten seconds. While this doesn’t seem like a long time, a lot of damage can be done in a short amount of time if you use the right moves.

Jinshiki has two phases, and in his first, he uses four outstanding moves before entering stun:

  1. Shiki Style: Box Expansion
  2. Shiki Style: Vigor Rod
  3. Shiki Style: Counter Combo
  4. Jinshiki God Awakening Q-Spec

After using these four moves, you have ten seconds to use as many abilities as you can. However, this cycle will change when he reaches below half of his HP. This is his second cycle, but be careful, he drains your HP with melee attacks and all the abilities:

  1. Shiki Style: Box Expansion
  2. Shiki Style: Vigor rod
  3. Shiki Style: Counter Combo
  4. Jinshiki God Awakening Q-Spec
  5. Jinshiki God Awakening E-Spec
  6. Jinshiki God Awakening Z-Spec

After you finish him, as always, he will teleport back to his spawn and drop any number of the available drops.


Question: What are some other bloodlines to pair with Xeno-Dokei when fighting the Boss?

Answer: While Shindai-Rengoku might be the best, its basic counterpart, Shindai-Akuma, has a similar move to Tailed Spirit Counter, Samurai Sekiro. This move summons samurai spirits that deal a decent amount of damage. You could always just use every Xeno-Dokei ability off cooldown. I think using a companion is also a great way to get the boss off you while you use your abilities.

Question: Are there any other methods for farming the Jinshiki Event?

Answer: Absolutely, there are a lot of ways to kill a boss, I only listed the most effective methods. Hit Stacking, which currently involves Shindai Rengoku or Shindai Akuma with Kagoku Rabbit Mode, deals double the amount of damage with every melee attack and is a slower but still viable method to beating a boss. You can use companions to cycle the boss to his stun, which will then allow you to spam moves without being hit. These are a couple that I have used in the past, but you can pretty much use any bloodline or mode awakening to farm this boss.

Question: After I finish getting all the drops from this event, where should I go next?

Answer: I believe that because of the new update to the Deva-Rengoku bloodline, the Ember Destruction Event, or Deva Rengoku, gives you a great combo starting bloodline. That or the Kagoku Event. That boss, similar to the Jinshiki Event, gives you a lot of drops.


The Jinshiki Event is a great boss to farm because of the number of drops it has and the easy methods that can be used to defeat the boss effectively.

In my opinion, it is the best boss to farm in Shindo Life.

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