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Rengoku is one of the many bloodlines in Shindo Life, and in my opinion, it is one of the best. I have spent hours with this bloodline (it was one of the first rare bloodlines I spun!), and I love combing it with its more powerful counterpart, Deva-Rengoku; it’s a match made in heaven.

The bloodline uses moves that revolve around stunning and damaging your opponents. I think it is best when used in PVP and sometimes, War.

My Short Summary

Every bloodline offers a different play style, but I can say Rengoku Shindo Life is both incredibly strong and a great combo starter bloodline. That being said, it needs another complementary bloodline that has a faster and stronger mode with damage-dealing moves for it to be effective.

What is Rengoku and How do You Get It?

The bloodline Rengoku is based on the character, Pain, from the widely known anime, Naruto. Each of the moves is also a replica of the Jutsu that Pain uses.

You can obtain this bloodline in two different ways. The first way is through dungeons. To get to the dungeon mode, follow these steps:

  1. From the main menu, hit either arrow key twice until you reach the Game Modes tab.
  2. After clicking on Game Modes, locate Dungeon on the right side, and click on this.
  3. Voilà! You have arrived at the hardest mode of Shindo Life!

To reach the dungeon that offers Rengoku as a drop, SEN Exams, you must first complete each dungeon that precedes SEN Exams six times. There are three dungeons before SEN Exams, needing eighteen successful dungeon attempts to reach the Rengoku Dungeon.

Even if you were to get to the dungeon, you have to defeat every wave of enemies along with the boss in the SEN Exams, and then, with a 1 in 70 chance, get the Rengoku scroll drop.

This takes a well-coordinated team that is almost all max ranks, which is hard to come by. If you want my opinion, just stay away from this. I’ve already tried farming dungeons, it takes forever with almost no return.

The second method is through the RELL Coin Shop, found at the bottom of the in-game menu, accessed by pressing M. Every four hours, the shop will refresh with two bloodlines and/or elements. Rengoku costs 95,000 RELL Coins or 1,500 Robux.

RELL Coins are an in-game currency that is obtainable through codes, Shindo-Storm, Arena X (both competitive and not), Conquest, and Dungeons.

Be sure to check the official RELL Games Twitter, they release codes that give RELL Coins. Recently, they sent out a code that gave 200,000 RELL Coins!

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Rengoku’s C-Mode

When you reach bloodline level 50 and equip Rengoku, you now have access to the mode. When activated, your character will transform into what looks like a model of Pain, with six companions that stand behind your character, resembling the six paths of Pains from Naruto.

Rengoku’s C-Mode

While in this mode, your MD will drain at a rate of 30 MD per second.

First, here are the small perks that you get when using Rengoku’s mode:

  • Your melee attacks are now replaced with Chi rods that deal extra damage, and when attacking another player, your equipped spirit will also attack them.
  • Your Q ability acts as a counter, and if they attack you while it’s active, all the spirits will perform an attack on your opponent.

Next, the bad things about Rengoku’s mode:

  • Draining 30 MD per second makes it risky to use your Z mode.
  • You have to constantly switch your stage to each spirit for Rengoku to be effective, and in the heat of battle, this is challenging.

Personally, I have never used Rengoku for its mode, but for the moves. As I said, Rengoku is a great combo starting bloodline, not a good standalone bloodline, and its mode just sucks up MD.

Let’s talk about the three moves that Rengoku comes with. These moves revolve around stunning your opponents, pushing them away, and starting your combos.

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Rengoku Style: Gravity Push

Rengoku Style: Gravity Push

This ability requires level 200, Chi stat level 520, and costs 500,000 Ryo. You can do one of two things when using this move. First, you can quickly press the corresponding key to release an attack that deals damage and pushes your opponent away. Or you can charge the attack, creating a greater area of effect on release.

This move has a cooldown of 22 seconds and requires at least 22,000 Chi to be activated. This move has a cooldown of 22 seconds and requires at least 22,000 Chi to be activated.

I find the only time I use this ability is when my opponents are stuck in Dark Matter Tensei and unable to attack me. Gravity Push is the only ability I can confidently say is replaceable with another ability from another bloodline.

Rengoku Style: Gravity Pull

Rengoku Style: Gravity Pull

This ability is unlockable at level 400 and Chi stat level 1,600, costing 1,000,000 Ryo. This move is a little tricky, as it requires precision when using. When activated, your character will drag your opponent in when you click on their character. That being said, I have found that it is very easy to miss. If you do happen to miss, the ability will end and start its cooldown.

The cooldown is 25 seconds and requires 27,000 Chi to be used. I rely a lot on this move to start my combos, and I’ve gotten pretty good at landing the hit. It just takes practice.

Rengoku Style: Dark Matter Tensei

Rengoku Style: Dark Matter Tensei

I love the Dark Matter Tensei because of its visual effects and its combination capabilities. It is unlockable at level 700, Chi stat level 2,200, and costs 1,000,000 Ryo. When used, you will place your hand out and summon a black hole, dragging nearby opponents into the air and damaging them.

During its duration, a giant sphere will form, and when finished, your opponents will fall to the ground and the sphere will crumble. The cooldown is 25 seconds and requires 30,000 Chi to be used. When I use this move, I use ranged abilities, such as the Bankai Inferno Bomb Toss, to add in an extra bit of damage.

Now, let’s talk about the stages of Rengoku. There are a total of 5 stages, and each uses a different spirit. You can access these stages when you reach the required bloodline level. To activate them, you must have Rengoku’s starting mode activated, and follow that by holding down C and simultaneously pressing the corresponding number of each stage.

Each stage comes with a unique ability that can you can use by holding down the right mouse button and pressing C.

Stage 1 (C+1)

Stage 1 (C+1)

The first spirit, the Asura Spirit, accessible at bloodline level 150, shoots missiles in the direction of your cursor. This move has a 25-second cooldown and consumes 30,000 Chi.

Asura is a glass cannon; huge damage but does not offer any defense with its lack of stun. This means that you will have to activate another stage or press another key to use a Jutsu after using Asura, and by that point, your opponent will have already had the chance to start a combo on you.

I recommend that you stay away from using Asura for this reason. There are much better moves that Rengoku offers.

Stage 2 (C+2)

Stage 2 (C+2)

The second spirit, the Human Spirit, accessible at bloodline level 400, stuns nearby enemies. This move has a 30-second cooldown and consumes 30,000 Chi. I have only recently found out how useful this move is. It doesn’t require you to click on your opponent, which is useful in situations where you can’t see your attacker, or when they’re dashing or flying around you.

Stage 3 (C+3)

Stage 3 (C+3)

My personal favorite, the Animal Spirit, accessible at bloodline level 400, summons a giant bird that flies around, dropping explosives on nearby enemies. This move has a 30-second cooldown and consumes 30,000 Chi.

I love this ability because it’s annoying. Not only are your opponents blinded by the number of bombs being dropped on them, but you are too! Luckily, if you combine this with another AOE move or a pull move that does not require you to click on your opponents, you can continue a combo.

Stage 4 (C+4)

Stage 4 (C+4)

The fourth spirit, the Preta Spirit, accessible at bloodline level 400, will make your character invincible from any attacks for its duration. While the ability is active, you can cast other Jutsu or use melee attacks.

This move has a 35-second cooldown and consumes 30,000 Chi. I generally stay away from Preta, only because I’ve never been in a situation where it has been useful. Maybe it is a hidden gem, give it a go!

Stage 5 (C+5)

Stage 5 (C+5)

The fifth and final spirit, the Naraka Spirit, accessible at bloodline 400, summons the King of Hell. After using your cursor to click on an opponent, the King of Hell will consume that opponent, stunning and dealing damage. This move has a 25-second cooldown and consumes 30,000 Chi.

Perhaps I lack experience, but I think this ability is, eh… In my experience, it has almost always not worked, and even in the times where it did work, it hasn’t done much. It does good damage and stuns, but I think the efficiency of the Human Spirit outweighs it.

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The Best Bloodlines to Use with Rengoku

Tengoku + Borumaki

I’ve talked a lot about how Rengoku is best when used with another bloodline with a better mode, so here are my top five picks as to what you should consider pairing with Rengoku.


Borumaki is a great complementary bloodline because of its ability to output a massive amount of damage. Borumaki has three stages, and each of these only consumes 25 MD per second, so you’ll be able to fight for a long time with it.

That said, this bloodline has a 1 in 200 chance of being spun, so if you are lucky enough to spin it, you will have found an excellent pair. I have experimented with this combination, and this is the series of moves that I use:

  • Borumaki Style: Space Vanishing Spirit Bombs
  • Rengoku Style: Gravity Pull
  • Rengoku Style: Dark Matter Tensei

This is just the beginning of a combo; you can throw in any Jutsu after and rack up over 200,000 damage. I think you should pair these two together if you are looking for a low MD consuming mode and some very powerful abilities.


Doku-Tengoku is powerful because it puts a spin on the abilities of Jokei. It is fast, you can fly, and it even has a counter. While it consumes 30 MD per second, just like Rengoku, it only has one stage with a scary C ability.

And if that were not enough, Gravity Pull can be paired with any of the first two abilities Doku-Tengoku has. Seeing as Doku-Tengoku is almost overpowered, the rarity on it is 1 in 250 of spinning it. If you have it, then here is what I recommend you combine for maximum damage:

  • Rengoku Style: Gravity Pull
  • Tengoku Style: Concentrated Palm Blast
  • Tengoku Style: Twin Dragon Barrage
  • Doku-Tengoku C ability (RMB+C)
  • Doku-Tengoku Q ability (Press Q)

This combo, combined, will reach well over 200,000 damage if done right. I highly recommend this duo, I have used it a lot and have been successful in defeating my enemies.


Jokei is all-around a good bloodline. With five different versions of the Jokei, there are plenty of unique combinations you could come up with. I want to focus on the most common Jokei, which is, Jokei. This bloodline has a 1 in 80 spin chance, making it much more common than my other recommendations.

The key move I want to highlight is the 128 Palms. This move stuns and does a good amount of damage. Here is my recommended combo:

  • Rengoku Style: Gravity Pull
  • Jokei: 128 Palms
  • Jokei Q ability (Press Q)
  • Jokei Stage 2 C ability (C+2, RMB+C)

This is a good start, summing up to around 200,000 damage, but keep experimenting. There is a variation called Arahaki-Jokei, which is only obtainable through a dungeon, but it does the same moves, so if you were one of the lucky few who obtained Arahaki-Jokei when it was available through spins, then you can use that instead.


Tengoku is one of my favorite bloodlines to combine with Rengoku. It just so happens to be my very first bloodline in Shindo Life as well. I think it pairs well with Rengoku because of its ranged abilities. It is also useful for keeping enemies away from you, which if you are taking a ranged approach, is key for survival.

I speak very highly of Tengoku, but unfortunately, it is one of the harder bloodlines to acquire. To obtain Tengoku, you have to go through dungeons, which we all know, are difficult and take too much time to complete. That said, here is the combo that I have previously used:

  • Rengoku Style: Dark Matter Tensei
  • Tengoku Style: Kami Blitz
  • Tengoku C ability (RMB+C)
  • Tengoku Style: Kami Hammer

Keep in mind when using this combo, it may not always hit, but it is almost too effective when it does, totaling over 200,000 damage. When your opponent is in the Dark Matter Tensei, you can use other Jutsu besides Kami Blitz, it is entirely up to you.


This one is my personal favorite because it is the most annoying combo you could possibly come up with. Deva-Rengoku and Rengoku are very similar in their abilities. I’ll get straight to the point; this is the combo you should use:

  • Rengoku Style: Gravity Pull
  • Rengoku: Gravity Havoc
  • Deva-Rengoku Q ability (Press Q)
  • Rengoku Style: Dark Matter Tensei, Rengoku: Heavenly Throttle, or Deva-Rengoku C ability (RMB+C)

As I said before, extremely annoying. You will pull your opponents in a total of three times. In my experience, it is hilarious to watch my enemies struggle to run away.

The greatest part about this dynamic duo is that it does over 200,000 damage, at least if you’re at max level, and it is near impossible to escape. This is probably the easiest combination to get, with Deva-Rengoku being obtainable through a boss. I promise you’ll have a laugh if you use this combo.

I finish with this. Rengoku? It’s really strong. Just make sure you are using it the right way. Combine it with another bloodline, don’t rely on it too much, and you’ll be on your way to kicking your opponents in the butt.


Question: What other bloodlines should I use with Rengoku?

Answer: I believe that any Akuma is a great combination with Rengoku. They all use illusions and, with their True Samurai Spirits, stack a ton of damage on top of that.

Truthfully, you can use any bloodline with Rengoku. It is up to you, in any situation and whatever bloodlines you have, to create a combo of your own. This is one of the best parts of Shindo Life; every combination has the potential to be a devilish duo of destruction.

Question: What is a Good Replacement for Rengoku if I Can’t Get It?

Answer: I am a big fan of Deva-Rengoku, and the greatest part about this bloodline is that it is obtainable through a boss. You can access this boss through these steps:
1. While in-game, press L.
2. Click the main mission.
3. Scroll down to “Event: Deva.”
After beating the boss, he has a 1 in 13 chance of dropping the bloodline through a scroll. It took me around 10 attempts to get it.

Question: What is the Best way to Get Spins so I Can Get Rengoku?

Answer: There are tons of ways to get spins, so fear not! RELL Games releases a ton, and I mean a ton, of codes that you can find on their Twitter and YouTube. Each of these codes gives around 50-100 spins, even 200 sometimes, so always check their social media. The harder, but in my opinion, the more rewarding method of farming spins is through ranking.

Now, I know, leveling takes a ton of time, but if you rank enough times, you’ll get a ton of spins, plus have a higher rank than others. At my rank, I get 50 spins every time. It builds up!

Question: What is the Best Way to Farm Experience?

Answer: These enemies drop a ton of exp, and they have the bonus of dropping scrolls. As to how you should go about farming these bosses efficiently; I use my tailed spirits to fly around and use ranged attacks on the boss so he cannot hit me.

That said, if you want to use this method, you need to have a max level tailed spirit, which is level 1200. If you don’t have a tailed spirit, or you are at a low level, I would suggest you look to the green scroll quests—they give a decent amount of exp and Ryo.

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