Deva-Rengoku Guide: How to Unlock and Use This Bloodline

Shindo Life’s most impressive aspect is the Bloodlines at the heart of the various shinobi abilities you can use. Almost every single one of the Bloodlines is based around a popular manga or anime character’s own skills, letting players fulfill their roleplaying fantasies. One of the most notable Eye Bloodlines is the star of this Deva-Rengoku guide.

Deva-Rengoku is one of the most potent versions of the popular Rengoku Bloodline. It isn’t that easy to get this Bloodline due to the extreme level requirements and boss that you’ll need to take down to earn it. Thankfully, I’ve got your back with everything you need to know about this particular Bloodline from my time playing Shindo Life since its name change back in 2020. From finding the boss, you’ll need to defeat to the various abilities this Eye Bloodline has, here’s all of that and more in this Deva-Rengoku guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Deva-Rengoku is one of the Eye Bloodlines that takes the core Rengoku ability and turns it on its head. It is one of the best versions of that core ability with its core abilities of Gravity Havoc, Heavenly Throttle, and Meteor Burst. There is only one way to get this Eye Bloodline,, which is as a drop from the Deva boss enemy during the Destruction of Ember event. Even then, you only have a 1 in 13 chance of the Bloodline dropping from that brutal enemy so it can take a while to unlock this Bloodline.

Deva-Rengoku Overview

Deva Rengoku Gameplay

Deva-Rengoku is one of the several variations of the original Rengoku Bloodline. As you likely already know, Rengoku is a core Bloodline that is quite popular in the community for its dark powers that are pretty strong in fights. Players can find several variants of that Bloodline in Shindo Life.

One of the best and most popular versions of the Rengoku Bloodline is the Deva-Rengoku one. Part of this comes from the origins of this Bloodline, and part of it also comes from the special abilities that it allows you to do. Deva-Rengoku is, specifically, an Eye Bloodline based on a character from the Naruto series; no surprises there.

Unfortunately, unlocking the abilities that the Eye Bloodline offers you is easier said than done. You’ll need to take down a challenging boss and meet the right level requirements to use it simultaneously. All of this can be confusing and annoying, which is why I will break it all down for you below.

Origins Explained

Deva-Rengoku features a dark elemental Eye Bloodline with powers such as Gravity Havoc and Heavenly Throttle. If you know the origins of the base Rengoku Bloodline (based on the Rinnegan), then you already know precisely where the Deva-Rengoku Eye Bloodline comes from.

It is based on the abilities that Pain, one of the most popular villains from the Naruto Shippuden series, has. It is, specifically, a take on the Rinnegan with some slightly changed abilities from that of the base Rengoku. And for those asking, no, this particular Bloodline has nothing to do with Kyojuro Rengoku, the popular Hashira member from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

How to Unlock Deva-Rengoku

Deva Rengoku Gameplay

For anyone interested in grabbing the Deva-Rengoku yourself, there is a little bit to unpack here. For starters, you’ll need to take down a unique boss enemy in the game to unlock the Eye Bloodline. This boss is one of the hardest in the game, so doing so won’t be a cakewalk.

In addition to that, you’re not even guaranteed that defeating the boss will grant you the Deva-Rengoku Eye Bloodline you desire. It may take several tries for you to win it in the end since there is a lot of RNG involved in the drop of this particular skill set.

Lastly, there is the fact that there are some harsh requirements you’ll also need to meet to be able to use this Bloodline in battle. It isn’t as easy as equipping it and going to town once you acquire it. You’ll need to make sure that certain ability levels are up to snuff, or else this will be a pipe dream for you for now.

Where to Find Deva

First off, there is the boss you need to take down for the Deva-Rengoku Bloodline scroll. This boss is nothing other than Deva, the titular owner of this particular Eye Bloodline. This person is, of course, based on Pain, a member of the Akatsuki from the Naruto series.

Admittedly, the boss looks absolutely awful in blocky Roblox form. Hence, you definitely have to suspend your disbelief to come to terms with the fact that the developers were trying to make Pain in Shindo Life. As for where you find Deva, there is only one place to locate the boss enemy, and that is through the Destruction of Ember event.

Destruction of Ember Event Explained

The Destruction of Ember Event began in 2021 and has been going for well over a year at the point I am writing this Deva-Rengoku guide. However, it isn’t a limited-time event like some of the others that occur in Shindo Life, as players can still enjoy it even today.

How it works is that you need to first head to the Tempest Village, which requires the player to be at least level 300 to enter. Of course, if you aren’t level 300 and can’t enter the village, don’t even bother trying to get the Deva-Rengoku Eye Bloodline right now, as you need well over that level requirement to unlock this.

When you arrive in the town, head on over to accept the nearby quest that will start the Destruction of Ember storyline for you. This quest will unlock the Deva boss in the Tempest Village for you to defeat. You’ll then be able to take on this special version of Pain and try to earn yourself the Deva-Rengoku Bloodline.

How to Defeat Deva

Deva Rengoku Gameplay

Deva is one of the strongest boss enemies you can take on in Shindo Life. As mentioned previously, the level 300 requirement to enter Tempest Village and take on the Destroyed Ember Event will not be nearly enough to take down this foe.

This is because Deva is a whopping level 2000 in the game and will easily wipe the floor with anyone who is as low as 300 or even remotely close to that level. The boss has several abilities at his disposal, including some that you won’t even be able to access from his Bloodline drop.

These include some of the expected standard Rengoku abilities, such as Dark Matter Tensei and Gravity Push, but there are some others that he surprisingly uses, too. Given that this is the Destruction of Ember Event that he is involved in, there are some Ember-themed attacks he has at the same time.

These include Ember Rising, Ember Entry, and more. He is able to break combos and deal some serious damage, so you want to be able to withstand or dodge his numerous attacks. If that isn’t enough, he also has the rather unique Almighty Engage ability.

This unique skill to Deva allows him to use both Gravity Pull and Gravity Push at the same exact time using this skill so you’ll have to deal with both of those at once. And still, if that wasn’t enough, either, there is also the fact that Deva has two phases to his boss fight.

This is a rather long fight with a ton of health that the boss enemy has. As such, you will enter his second phase when you get his health down to half. At this point, his moveset will expand and include a few more skills that he will be able to use.

These include an AOE attack that involves meteors falling down from the sky that you’ll need to stop everything when it happens and actively dodge or face the intense consequences. In addition, you’ll deal with the Naraka Spirit: King of Hell ability that is a doozy to take on and, lastly, a vastly more powerful Gravity Push ability.

If you want to succeed in this fight, you’ll need to have been at the max level of 1000 for quite some time and prestige your stats over and over to gain enough stats to be roughly equal to a level 2000 enemy. Otherwise, it is unlikely that you will be able to take down Deva in this fight.

Deva-Rengoku Drop

Deva Rengoku Gameplay

Unfortunately, the story isn’t over when you are finally able to take down this boss successfully. That is actually quite literally only the beginning, as the whole point of fighting him is to earn his Deva-Rengoku Eye Bloodline. The sucky part about this is that you aren’t guaranteed this drop after defeating Deva.

Like many of the other Bloodlines in Shindo Life, you’ll need to rely on some luck to earn the Deva-Rengoku drop. Thankfully, the positive here is that this fight is so long and challenging that the developers at least give you somewhat of a break when it comes to unlocking this Bloodline.

There are only two possible drops that Deva has, the first being unlocking him as a companion. That is also worthy of pursuing on its own, but that’s a story for another time, as it has a 1 in 8 chance of dropping. The other drop you can get is the highly coveted Eye Bloodline, Deva-Rengoku, which has a slightly more challenging RNG rate of 1 in 13.

Though, 1 in 13 is not that bad considering the 1 in 200 and other rates you have to deal with for other Bloodlines out there. The annoying part about this, though, is that you’ll have to go through that boss battle as many times as necessary to unlock it.

There is even a chance that you might have to do it a total 13 times or perhaps, even more, depending on how strong your luck is. As such, you may want to buckle in and find some friends to help you out, as they may want to get this drop at the same time.

Deva-Rengoku Requirements

Sadly, the story isn’t over just yet when you’ve finally defeated Deva and unlocked the Deva-Rengoku Eye Bloodline scroll. There is still a chance that you will have access to this Bloodline but not be able actually to use it in battle yet. This is because it has its own set of requirements to wield its immense power.

Those requirements have to do with the Rengoku abilities from this variant that you must have essentially mastered before you can ever wield the special powers. The three primary abilities of the Deva-Rengoku Bloodline require the player to master them to a certain extent.

This will, of course, cost you a ton of Ryo currency, and you’ll need to level them up quite a bit. For Rengoku: Gravity Havoc, you’ll need to get this Deva ability all the way to level 75. That isn’t the worst, but it’ll cost you around 14,000 Ryo to make it happen.

The second ability, Rengoku: Heavenly Throttle, is a massive leap over the previous one and the worst of the bunch. You’ll need to reach a massive level of 650 to be able to wield this power, which will cost around 28,000 Ryo to make it happen.

Last but not least, Rengoku: Meteor Burst is the final ability, and it requires level 400 for you to wield in battle. It costs 22,000 Ryo to unlock. However, the benefit is that chances are, you will meet these requirements relatively easily if you are able to take down Deva at this point in Shindo Life. But it is worth keeping in mind in case there is a little bit of grinding that you’ll need to do.

Deva-Rengoku Abilities Explained

Deva Rengoku Gameplay

As mentioned already, the three abilities of the Deva-Rengoku Eye Bloodline are as follows:

  • Rengoku: Gravity Havoc
  • Rengoku: Heavenly Throttle
  • Rengoku: Meteor Burst

You probably already know about these abilities to an extent at this point in time, but the idea is that Gravity Havoc will let you charge up and send off a purple gravity orb to use against the enemy. When it lands, this orb will blow up and then slowly retract as this gravity explosion of sorts.

For the Heavenly Throttle ability, what this one does is have the player jump up and slam back down on the ground, bringing the power of darkness on their enemies down below with them. There is a dual purpose to this, though, as this grand slam on the ground will also bring down some small meteors to deal some extra damage.

Meteor Burst is a speedy attack that has the player rush toward the enemy and then does some intense melee attacks against them. Besides these three main abilities, if you can get your Bloodline level to 50, you’ll also be able to use the Deva-Rengoku special transformation mode.

During this time, the player will experience the ultimate power of the Deva-Rengoku Bloodline. It drains 30 MD per second, so know that you should use this transformation sparingly like others and only when you absolutely need it. During the time you are using this transformation, you’ll have a special basic melee attack and guard.

The guard is particularly amazing as it will use the power of gravity to punish anyone who attacks you in your defensive position. There is also a unique ultimate ability that you can use when transformed, which costs 32,000 Chi to use and has a basic cooldown of 25 seconds. It is worth it, though, for the immense damage that it deals with. Again, though, this is only once you reach level 50 with the Bloodline.

FAQs – Deva-Rengoku Guide

Question: How hard is it to get Deva Rengoku?

Answer: It is actually fairly hard to get Deva-Rengoku since you need to be able to take on the level 2000 Deva boss enemy. In addition, you might have to take him on several times since the drop rate of the Eye Bloodline is around 1 in 13.

Question: Do you need Bloodline Bag to get Deva Rengoku?

Answer: Yes, you do need your Bloodline Bag to not be full to get the Deva-Rengoku drop from the boss enemy. Make sure it isn’t full beforehand, so there are no issues with collecting the Eye Bloodline.

Question: How rare is Rengoku Shindo Life?

Answer: Rengoku is considered one of the rare Eye Bloodlines in Shindo Life. It has a significantly low chance of unlocking at only 1 in 200, so it may take you a while to acquire it.

What Shindo Life Bloodline You Need Next

At the end of the day, Deva-Rengoku is one of the best Eye Bloodlines you can get in Shindo Life. If you like Naruto’s Pain’s style of wielding dark gravity abilities in the Roblox game, you can’t go wrong with the Deva-Rengoku variant. It is my favorite of the different versions, and I would even consider it the best. However, there are several other variants of Rengoku that exist.

If you find that you don’t like the style of this particular Rengoku ability, might I recommend the Shindai-Rengoku Shindo Life Bloodline instead? This one has a much deeper focus on the Sun and its power since this Eye Bloodline isn’t actually based on Pain but Madara Uchiha, instead. It is a fascinating alternative to Deva if you prefer a lighter attack style.

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