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When I look back at my childhood and the animes I watched during those days; Naruto is the first thing that comes to mind. Like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto has become a staple for gateway animes, soaring the recommendation charts for anyone new to the entertainment medium.

With that said, even though the anime has received global praise with its movies and sequels, its video game franchise remains sparsely known through the Ninja Storm series. The Ninja Storm games were great, don’t get me wrong – but they all followed a similar formula (albeit excelling in it) that, for me at least, got a little stale.

However, when I turned to other Naruto-inspired games, barely any were able to captivate me, and those that did never left me wanting more. It was only last year that I was introduced to Shindo Life, a Naruto-inspired game developed on Roblox of all places that stole the heart of thousands.

Shindo Life’s main appeal that blew up back then and continues to garner more and more players regularly was its complexity.

Given most roblox mods, one would expect Shindo Life to be devoid of any actual mechanics and be some redundant experience – but that is far from the truth! Shindo Life does have three core mechanics, namely Bloodlines, Ninja Tools, and Sub-Abilities, that shape any character’s capabilities.

Bloodlines, in particular, go a long way in defining your character’s potential, which is why the mechanic’s foundation is based on the gacha system, where luck directly correlates with potential.

Tengoku Overview

New players assume that their characters can hold one bloodline at a time, but they start with two bloodline slots at the start of the game. A third slot can also be unlocked later down the line. But remember when I said that bloodlines go a long way in determining how strong your character is capable of becoming?

That naturally begs the question of what makes strong bloodlines strong and weak bloodlines weak. Although this is purely based on a strong correlation, many consider this determinant a bloodline’s rarity.

It’s pretty straightforward logic – rarer bloodlines that statistically require more spin attempts should reward you with more powerful techniques compared to lesser rare bloodlines. In other words, the higher the investment, the higher the return should be – this ironclad logic that the developers have founded their bloodline system.

What gives it even more credibility is the fact that the probability is always consistent; you may either be extremely lucky or unfortunate, and no ‘pity system’ that is often seen in gacha models will come to rescue you.

With that said, Tengoku Shindo Life is considered to be amongst one of the rarer bloodlines, partially because it is obtained through a quest. This is pleasant news for many players who dread putting their luck to the test, especially when it hasn’t been good for them.

Anime Reference

tengoku anime reference

The Tengoku bloodline’s design may not ring a bell in everyone’s ears – only those who have watched even a bit of Boruto can get it. Since I am included in that demographic, I can tell that the Tengoku is a direct reference to Toneri’s Tenseigan.

Although not strictly a particular eye technique, since it was featured in The Last: Naruto the Movie, the first canon film in the series, it’s safe to say that the Tenseigan is canon.

The Tenseigan is a variation of the Byakugan that is obtained when a Byakugan of a Hyuga Clan member is implanted into an Otsutsuki, Toneri, in this case. Since the Rinnegan is what Otsutsuki is known for, it would be fair to perceive the Tenseigan as a combination of the Rinnegan and Byagukan.

In other words, on top of Byakugan’s power, users can control the forces of attraction and repulsion, which is why Toneri was able to plan the collision of the Moon with the Earth.


For those who don’t know, any bloodline is Shindo Life can either be an Eye bloodline, a Clan bloodline, or an Elemental bloodline. Since bloodlines primarily differ in rarity, you may ask about what distinctions these three types introduce.

While there is no causation to suggest this, judging by bloodlines in each roster, Eye and Clan bloodlines have been seen to be quite powerful compared to Elemental bloodlines. Although that is somewhat unbalanced, I can see how one can make a case for Eye bloodlines since eye techniques, even from the anime, are generally powerful.

With that said, you would conjecture that the Tengoku must be an Eye bloodline, to which I say you are correct!


Although the Tengoku was a limited-time Eye bloodline dropped from the Samurai Bridge Dungeon in the Dungeon Game Mode last year, don’t lose hope yet. While the chances of getting it were as good as 1/18 back then, the bloodline can be obtained by spinning – however, it has a drop chance of 1/150 in that case.

Many Reddit users have committed to the cause and shared their fortunes and misfortunes in their pursuit of the Tengoku bloodline. Ultimately, it is up to you – if it’s something that matches your playstyle significantly, then I would highly recommend you go for it!


tengoku movesets

Now it’s time to tackle the most exciting part of Tengoku, the aspect of it that distinguishes it from the other eye bloodlines – its moveset. I did say that a bloodline’s potential is gauged through its rarity, but the actual evaluation, of course, is produced after fleshing out its movesets in battle.

With that said, of course, you shouldn’t forget that a bloodline’s movesets don’t just fall on your lap when you obtain or roll it. They, too, need to be unlocked by leveling up the bloodline and your character – the requirements are as follows:

Move Name Level Requirement Chi Cost (Unlocking) Ryo Cost Chi Cost (Use time) Cooldown
Tengoku Style: Kami Hammer 200 360 500,000 25,000 25 Seconds
Tengoku Style: Kami Blitz 400 1,300 1,000,000 23,000 23 Seconds
Tengoku Style: Kami Blade 700 2,400 1,000,000 40,000 25 Seconds

Tengoku Style: Kami Hammer

If you’ve fiddled around with enough eye bloodlines, then you must be familiar with the Kami Hammer move that is varied across multiple bloodlines, the most famous being Shindai-Rengoku. Regardless, while it is usually included as the second move, Tengoku features it as its first move, and what a great first move it is to have!

Upon activation, your player will generate a black sphere in the palm of their hand, granting them extra speed. Suppose they come in contact with an enemy with the sphere in hand. In that case, a thrusting animation will play, followed by the generation of multiple waves that will deal medium, consecutive damage.

While the description sounds deadly, it is important to preface that the move has been balanced by having a long startup time brought about by hand signs. As such, your best bet of successfully landing a Kami Hammer is by first stunning the enemy – it is what it is.

However, once you land a successful hit, your enemy will be knocked back and stunned for almost two and a half seconds, allowing you to follow up the Kami Hammer with moves that have a quick cast time.

With that said, I like to stun the enemy with something like the Bankai Stun or the Shindai Sunflower, execute a successful Kami Hammer, and then finish my enemy off with a Spirit Bomb-Shuriken Rush. This successful combo alone deals massive damage, but you’re free to slot in your stun and quick cast moves.

Tengoku Style: Kami Blitz

tengoku style kami blitz

Moving on from Kami Hammer, we have another decisive move, Kami Blitz, which is relatively more projectile-based. It’s not often you see a powerful projectile-based move on eye bloodlines. Regardless, your character spawns several orbs around them upon activation before directing them toward your cursor at high velocity.

Your enemy would be a fool to underestimate these orbs as not only do they zoom over long distances, but they cause medium-sized explosions that one can easily get caught in.

Of course, you can imagine that the damage dealt by this move depends on how many orbs hit, the maximum being when all the orbs hit. This maximum, in my testing, has been quite massive, almost reaching 90,000 damage points at one point – as such, you should always be aiming to achieve this level of damage.

With that said, you can probably tell by now that the easiest way of having all orbs hit your enemy is by stunning them beforehand!

So I like to stun my enemy with Bankai Stun (due to its range) and follow it up with a Kami Blitz – easy damage for days! Another neat way of making good use of Kami Blitz is using it on enemies who are charging their Chi far away. They’ll likely think it’s safe to recharge, but that is before your barrage of orbs rains hell upon them!

Tengoku Style: Kami Blade

Wrapping it up with what is perhaps the most majestic move I’ve seen on any bloodline in general, we have Tengoku Style: Kami Blade. At first glance, you may think the Kami Blade is overpowered, but hold your horses; there are a few other variables at play here.

Upon activation, your character raises their hand towards the sky, gathering golden energy (presumably from God Himself) and concentrating it into a giant beam of energy. This beam is fired in the direction of your cursor, dealing damage to anyone that dares to stand in its way.

While the Kami Blade sounds fantastic and does deal massive damage, there are caveats. First, even though it is powerful enough to leave your enemy stunned for a short time frame, the only moves compatible with it are the instant cast ones which are not easy to get your hands on.

Apart from that, it is difficult to land successfully because of the startup time and the amount of Chi it consumes – a single beam costs you 40,000 Chi!

I refrain from using the Kami Blade often as Chi is precious in combat, and having to recharge my Chi every couple of seconds is too much vulnerability to deal with.

Therefore, I keep it in my back pocket as a last resort, and I usually only really useful when the opportunity presents itself. The enemy is stunned, and they’re low enough to be taken down safely with a single Kami Blade.


tengoku style mode

Tengoku’s mode is unlocked at level 400 and is a completely different beast, making it something you should grind for if the description appeals to you. It has a solid set of passive bonuses, which, combined with its C Spec, Q Spec, and E Spec, make it a must-have for Tengoku users.

Before delving into the specifics, I can’t help but point out how your character gets into this mode dripped out. If anything, the thing I loved most about Toneri Otsutsuki was his character design, which is perfectly replicated in Tengoku’s mode.

Passive Bonuses

In Tengoku’s mode, your character’s M1s are spiced up with spikes that extend their range just enough for you to be able to execute a complete combo – sweet!

Aside from that, your speed is significantly increased, to the point that you can passively teleport instead of a dash, although that costs extra stamina (30 MD/second, to be exact). Let’s not forget that you can also fly, which comes at the cost of more stamina, so only use it in free roam and exploration.

Stat Boosts

  • +2,400 Chi
  • +2,800 Ninjutsu
  • +2,600 Taijutsu
  • +2,300 HP

C Spec

Starting off with a banger move, the C Spec is a massive AOE attack that comes with some interesting properties. Upon activation, your character will hurl a cyan orb toward your cursor, which, upon impact, will cause a vast cinematic explosion.

Obviously, anyone caught in this explosion, especially at the dead center, will lose copious amounts of HP! Apart from that, the move interestingly has a full 3-second hit-stun which can quickly be taken advantage of due to the absence of endlag – enjoy extending it with your favorite moves!

There is one thing you should be wary of, though: this is a blockable move. So, if you can, you should always try to stun your enemy before ending them with this attack. I emphasize using it as a finisher because it consumes 35,000 Chi with a 40-second cooldown.

Q Spec

The Q Spec, at first, seems to be similar to Kami Blade since your character does spawn a large golden sword and slams it toward the enemy. However, that’s not the end, as the shockwave generates spikes that deal even more damage to your enemy. Each spike deals damage of its own, totaling massive damage overall (assuming the maximum amount of hits).

On top of that, the Q Spec also delivers a 3-second stun, allowing you to follow it up with a wide array of other moves for extra damage.

My testing has revealed that you can safely use the Q Spec after three consecutive M1s. It takes a little getting used to, but now my go-to is a triple M1 combo followed by the Q Spec and finished with a favorite move. Of course, I can’t spam it as it costs 25,000 Chi and has a cooldown of 27 seconds.

E Spec

tengoku style e spec

The E Spec is similar to Kami Blitz, where your character generates four orbs before hurling them toward your enemy – just like Kami Blitz, these orbs explode upon impact and do decent damage.

However, they are nowhere as fast as Kami Blitz and travel especially slow at long distances – as such, even though it has good range, it gets pretty ineffective beyond the medium range.

Due to the E Spec’s limited utility, and the fact that it costs 25,000 Chi with a 27 cooldown, I mostly avoid using it. Apart from that, I have found it to be the most effective when disrupting your enemy when they’re charging their Chi from far away.

FAQs – Tengoku Shindo Life

Question: Can I Still Get Tengoku from Dungeons?

Answer: Tengoku was available only for a limited time through the Samurai Bridge Dungeon, with a chance of dropping as low as 1/18. Now, the only way to obtain it is to roll for it the old-fashioned way, as with most eye bloodlines. It’s not all that easy due to the 1/150 drop rate, so you should think hard before committing to the grind.

Question: What is Doku-Tengoku?

Answer: Doku-Tengoku is the more well-known variation of the Tengoku, whose name gets thrown around a lot in the community these days. It is known to be very strong due to its excellence in stun locking, combo-extending, and overall damage.
I would personally think twice before fighting someone with Doku-Tengoku due to how astonishingly optimized it is for one-on-one duels.

Question: How Do I Get Spins for Free?

Answer: Many new players tend to get discouraged from playing Shindo Life due to its gacha-like rolling system. But fret not; the developers are generous with giving out spin codes on celebratory, big, and small events.
These include live streams, youtube subscriber milestones, and even random tweets! So once you do get such a code on your hands, simply redeem it from the Main Menu, and you’re done!


All in all, the Tengoku bloodline is one of the few S-tier bloodlines in Shindo Life. The bloodline continues to deliver big damage numbers in its mode.

However, at the same time, it is balanced by having a decent startup on many moves, so pairing it up with a great stun move like the Bankai stun is crucial to excelling in experienced PvP. So is it worth rolling endlessly for? Yes! Is it worth grinding for? Definitely!

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