Best Story Games on Roblox

Best Story Games on Roblox: Break In Story, Hotel Story, and More

Roblox is full of many different genres and games for you to check out, making the entire experience daunting for newcomers. But my favorite genre of games in Roblox has to be the story ones, which are titles that you may not immediately notice among the most popular experiences. I am to show you the best story games on Roblox here.

Story games are narrative-driven adventures that generally have a scarier element to them. They might have some spooky twists or weird surprises that happen throughout. In general, they are mostly horror games, but there are some that aren’t as scary as some of the others. While the writing is generally minimal at best, the various endings and choices make playing with friends and family extremely fun. If you’ve always wanted to know the best story games on Roblox, you’re in the right place.

Bottom Line Up Front

Story games are narrative-focused adventures in Roblox. Many are horror-based, involving spirits and demons tormenting the players. Usually, story games start out as one thing and then quickly divulge into something else entirely. The best ones are replayable, too, with many endings and choices to come back and see how it would have turned out differently. If I had to pick the best story game overall, it would be Break In Story. There is no other game with such a tight experience that is fully replayable repeatedly while never losing its touch.

Selection Criteria

Coming up with the best story games on Roblox required me to replay some of my favorite games on the platform. I decided to rank them from least fantastic to the most recommended story-driven game on the platform. Here are the selection criteria that I used to come up with this list:

  • Story quality: These are story games and, while the narrative itself doesn’t have to win an Oscar, it needs to be compelling in some way. Even the games on this list with lighter narratives made sure to create an experience where you make your own story, which adds a level of freedom and quality to it.
  • Replayability: There are so many story games out there that are fantastic and worth checking out, but they didn’t make this list because they are super short and never worth playing again. In general, an excellent story game needs to have different endings or some other reason to keep coming back.
  • Optional content: Speaking of coming back, having optional and additional content helps a story game to soar. This could be in the form of minigames throughout the narrative, side quests that you can optionally complete, and various endings for you to see over the course of your playthroughs.
  • Accessibility: What I love about most story games is that they don’t have the demanding gameplay requirements of some other games, outside of maybe platforming, letting anyone jump in and enjoy them. The best story-driven games know this and welcome anyone to play them, regardless of age or experience with games.
  • Twists: Almost every single story game on this list has a twist of some kind that happens partway through the plot. In general, this usually means a seemingly ordinary event turns into something horrific and ugly. These twists are part of the story genre, and they need to do something intriguing and genuinely surprising to end up here.

Best Story Games on Roblox Ranked

Let’s dive deep into the best story games on Roblox right now without further ado. If you’ve read some of our other lists of the best games in a respective genre, you’ll see that I often put the games up in no particular order, but I wanted to change it up for this one.

I have so much experience with story games, both the entries on this list and ones that didn’t make the cut, so I decided to do a little challenge. I took the ten best story games out there and decided to rank them from the least recommended of the bunch to the most recommended story game you need to play right now. Don’t worry, either, I won’t dare spoil anything about what happens in these games, outside of some content warnings, so you can enjoy them all fresh.

Keep in mind that all of these games are worth experiencing. There are so many story-driven games in Roblox, but these are the best. You can’t go wrong with playing any of these games. Given how they are relatively short at one hour in length or less, I recommend giving all of them a try, regardless of their ranking, at some point. Let’s get started.

10. Slumber Party Story

Roblox Slumber Party Story
  • Release Date: December 31, 2020
  • Developer: Eric’s angels
  • Total Visits: 46.6 million total visits
  • Content Warning: Horror elements. One of the creepiest Roblox story games.

Slumber Party Story is the one exception on this list when it comes to short experiences. You can beat this game in 10-15 minutes (at best), which is by far the fastest on this entire list. Worse still, I only played it a few times and will likely never pick it back up again.

So, you may be wondering why it’s on this list. Well, that is just how much I enjoyed the gameplay and story in this short game about sleeping over with some friends that I still recommend everyone should check it out, especially story and horror fans. This is one of the creepiest games on this list and also one of the most well-made, too. The most intriguing part is that it is noted by the developer to be “based on a true story,” so take that for what you will.

The writing is somehow surprisingly funny and sound, while the presentation is better than almost any other game in the genre. It’s a shame actually how short it is because of the immense quality of everything that it offers. But that might also be why it’s so quick in the first place. Without a doubt, play this game at least once to completion and then keep an eye on this developer for any future games they release.


  • It doesn’t waste your time with filler content or the like
  • The presentation is unmatched in this Roblox genre
  • The writing is some of the finest you’ll see in the story games
  • If you like horror and creepy stuff, this is the game to play


  • It is unbelievably short
  • There is too little content to enjoy in terms of endings
  • I don’t feel motivated ever to come back and replay it

9. Aquarium Story

Roblox Aquarium Story
  • Release Date: July 23, 2019
  • Developer: Packstabber Studios
  • Total Visits: 33.1 million visits
  • Content Warning: Some creepy, slightly thriller elements but nothing too crazy. I’d recommend it to everyone unless you have a fear of the sea or water creatures.

Aquarium Story was one of the earlier story games ever made, and it shows in the presentation. While not awful, its graphics and performance aren’t the best on this list. However, it makes up for that in its uniqueness as a game that is based around a school trip to the local aquarium.

The aquarium itself is pretty impressive and clearly where the vast majority of the time was spent fleshing it out as one of the best settings for a story game. The water, creatures, and everything about the actual exhibits themselves are well done.

The story is engaging enough, with reasonably standard writing for a Roblox game of this caliber. It doesn’t offer anything too crazy, but it at least has some surprises and twists that are worth checking out without alienating players who don’t like some of the scarier games on this list. Honestly, the biggest disgrace about this game is how the community is nearly dead at this point, so grab some friends to play this one with.


  • The setting is one of the most well-designed for a story game
  • The actual aquarium exhibits are fantastic
  • It balances the line well between thrilling twists without being too scary


  • The community for this game is all but dead at this point, with only a few dozen players online at best, sometimes
  • The presentation is sub-par mainly
  • It shows its age in the mechanics and the way everything works

8. Field Trip Z

Roblox Field Trip Z
  • Release Date: April 27, 2020
  • Developer: Splitting Point Studios
  • Total Visits: 740 million visits
  • Content Warning: Very light horror elements. Despite being all about zombies and the like, this is one of the more lighthearted games on this list.

Field Trip Z is quickly becoming one of Roblox’s most famous story games. It has massive servers where the premise is that you are going to school for a typical day. However, this day is anything but ordinary because the zombie apocalypse is about to happen, and you’ll need to survive alongside your classmates.

It has a bit of everything, giving it some appeal to players. You have some light combat-like scenarios, survival mechanics against the zombies, light platforming elements, and plenty of twists and turns. Easily the best part of this game is the various choices that you can make throughout the adventure alongside your classmates.

These choices drastically change the outcome of your playthrough and the routes that you go on. It is one of the best games at giving you a reason to keep replaying it, and I still haven’t experienced everything it has to offer. While it is one of the best gameplay-wise, I think the writing is almost nonexistent and forced, and the zombie setting isn’t used as well as it could, which is why it is so low on this list.


  • Some of the best graphics and performance for a story game
  • The gameplay mechanics are so wonderfully varied and fun. You’re rarely doing the same thing twice
  • Choices matter in such a profound way
  • There is a ton of content to keep coming back for


  • The writing is almost nonexistent and not that great
  • I feel like the zombie setting could have been used better, as it is a bit too lighthearted
  • You can see the modern monetization and hook aspects that Field Trip Z has, which can be off-putting compared to the simplistic story games on this list.

7. Daycare Story 2

Roblox Daycare story 2
  • Release Date: March 19, 2020
  • Developer: Parwaz Studios
  • Total Visits: 326 million visits
  • Content Warning: Horror elements. Some spooky events happen that may surprise and bother some non-horror fans.

The original Daycare Story was one of the first Roblox story games I played, and it was fun. It didn’t stick out too much in my mind, though, so I was pleasantly surprised recently when I found out there was a sequel. I played through it, and it did exactly what a sequel needs to do.

It references the event of the first game, taking place soon after, but not making it fun for newcomers simultaneously. Everything about this game is bigger and better, from the larger daycare setting in the middle of the city to the intense amount of content to enjoy, including side quests in the middle of the main story.

The gameplay is also varied, offering some minigames, platforming, and plenty of other activities for players to enjoy. It is on the scarier side, as things go awry as an evil person is roaming around, hunting down poor daycare kids for no reason. But it is also not the scariest game, offering a horror story that isn’t too overwhelming. I’ve only played it a couple of times now, so I have full intention to replay it many more times in the near future.


  • It does what a sequel should do, improving and expanding upon everything in the first game.
  • It references the original Daycare without alienating newcomers
  • The gameplay is varied enough to offer fun activities throughout the story
  • There is plenty of content to enjoy, unlike its predecessor


  • There are some horror elements (not too bad), so it may not be for everyone
  • The story is a bit slow at first, which is arguably part of the fun

6. Mansion

Roblox Mansion Roblox
  • Release Date: August 1, 2019
  • Developer: SamsonXVI
  • Total Visits: 91 million visits
  • Content Warning: Horror content throughout from start to finish. Disturbing imagery, gore, and more.

Mansion was one of the first story games I played after enjoying the Camping series (more on that below). The premise is relatively simple: you and your friends live in the local neighborhood. One of your neighbors, Jack, invites you to his creepy mansion for dinner one night.

Of course, nothing is as it seems, and things go crazy pretty quickly. The Mansion is one of the more challenging games on this list, as it starts at 100 on the horror scale and never truly lets up once it gets going. You might want to look elsewhere if you aren’t a horror fan.

This is a surprisingly hard game, too, requiring you to nail the platforming and challenges that happen as you try to navigate this massive and horrifying mansion. You’ll replay this game because it is so hard to beat and unlock even one of the endings.


  • If you are a horror fan, this is one of the best story games to check out
  • The massive mansion is one of the most disturbing settings on this list
  • There is so much challenge and difficulty for you to navigate


  • Non-horror fans should look elsewhere
  • This might be too difficult for some players who want a relaxing story experience

5. Haunted Story

Haunted Story roblox
  • Release Date: December 20, 2020
  • Developer: Starstruck Games!
  • Total Visits: 7.8 million visits
  • Content Warning: Horror elements. Spooky scary skeletons, ghosts, creepy hotels, and imagery.

Haunted is another game that is here for the masochists who like gore and tons of scary games that will make you close your eyes. Similar to Hotel, which is a game that almost made this list, it involves you and a group of players heading on a nice vacation to a hotel.

Except for the fact that there is nothing right with this hotel. The lighting is iffy at best, the decor is creepy, and everything seems themed around spooky elements of the underworld. It quickly turns out that there is more to this haunted hotel and the town it’s in than meets the eye.

Before long, you’re dealing with time travel, some crazy backstories, and some of the best lore in the story genre. The writing in this story game is some of the best around, with such a deep backstory that matters for the game itself. This is all before considering the varied gameplay you do, from survival to even combat, without spoiling everything.


  • Some of the missions and moments in this game are riveting and surprising
  • This is one of the most unnervingly creepy games on this list
  • If you want some of the rich horror lore, this is the game to play


  • The community is on the lighter side these days, which is unfortunate, so you might want to play this with friends

4. Magic Show 2

Magic Show 2 Roblox
  • Release Date: July 24, 2021
  • Developer: BrokenToast
  • Total Visits: 23.4 million visits
  • Content Warning: Strong horror elements. Creepy magic and demon-based stuff that may not be suitable for everyone.

For better or worse, Magic Show 2 is the sequel to Magic Show, one of today’s deadest story games. Magic Show 2 takes the story from that game about a haunted magician and continues the story so newcomers can hop in and enjoy the experience.

The premise is relatively simple: you and your friends stay home after your mom and dad leave for a three-day trip. You have free rein in the small town, able to spend your days playing soccer, hanging out at the arcade, spending your parents’ money at the toy store, and so on.

This game’s open-world area is terrific and unique compared to the usually tighter experiences around. The freedom to do what you want at times is outstanding, and that is all before, including the titular magic show and the creepy events that soon follow. If you want freedom mixed with that tight-knit horror story we love from this genre, be sure to check this one out.


  • One of the spookier games on this list
  • The open-world small town is so fun to explore
  • There is so much content to enjoy in the city that it will take you many playthroughs to enjoy it all
  • The story is pretty decent at the same time, with some scripted moments that balance out the more freeform sections


  • This is primarily a horror experience, so be prepared for that if you play Magic Show 2
  • You do feel like you’ve missed out some on the story if you didn’t play the first game, which is pretty much dead community-wise at this time.

3. Arcade Night Story (Doors Story)

Arcade Night Story (Doors Story) roblox
  • Release Date: May 1, 2021
  • Developer: EcoCrashed Games
  • Total Visits: 9.5 million visits
  • Content Warning: Bright, colorful lights. Decently strong horror elements.

One of the newer games I recently discovered is Arcade Night Story, known by its more recent name Doors Story. This is an engrossing adventure that starts with you and your friend Charlie (who is an NPC) heading to the arcade to play some classic games together.

What is immediately noticeable about Arcade Night Story is that there is quite a bit of content to enjoy in the arcade that you won’t fully appreciate in a single playthrough. There are crane game machines to play, a couple of short side quests to do, and more in the span of a minute.

From there, the story diverges into spending the night with Charlie, and his mom, eating pizza, cookies, and all that. Before long, the crux of the game involves sneaking out of the house and back into the arcade. Horror and chaos ensue, offering some crazy twists and turns. While I wish it didn’t spoil some of its moments in the title these days, it’s still one of the best-written horror story games with some fun stealth mechanics and characters.


  • Some of the best gameplay mechanics in the story games
  • Tons of content to enjoy in the arcade to keep you coming back
  • The NPC characters, such as Charlie and his mom, are some of the better-written ones
  • The horror elements are intriguing and earned


  • Arcade Night Story moves at too fast of a pace for me. I think this is to encourage multiple playthroughs, but I wish it would slow down at times
  • The game spoils some of the twists with its new title and the like

2. Camping 2

Camping 2 roblox
Image from roblox camping fandom
  • Release Date: May 20, 2019
  • Developer: SamsonXVI
  • Total Visits: 165.2 million total visits
  • Content Warning: Spooky forests, intense horror elements, some of the scariest moments in a Roblox game, and plenty of blood and gore.

The entire Roblox story genre kicked off with the original Camping, which is notable. However, while that game is quite good and a nice honorable mention, it was far and above succeeded by its sequel, Camping 2. This is one of the scarier games on this list and easily my second-favorite story game in Roblox.

The premise is mainly similar to the first game and the third one in the series: you and a group of friends go camping. Of course, this camping trip is anything but s’mores around the fire and singing campfire songs together. Horrific events happen, and it doesn’t hold back in the slightest.

If you don’t like scary games, I recommend trying it for its craziness, but I understand if it’s too much for you. Camping 2 has it all without spoiling much, from the story-driven tasks you do that are fun to your camp guide, Daniel, one of the most fun NPCs you’ll meet in a story game, to the shocking twists that happen. This is one of the only games on this list that successfully has some jump scares, so take that for what you will.


  • One of the scariest Roblox story games you’ll ever play
  • The best in the Camping series that kickstarted this story genre
  • Some of the best writing and NPCs you’ll find
  • The twists in this game are shocking and can legitimately freak you out


  • If you don’t like horror, you may not like this one in the end
  • The story may be a little too long for some

1. Break In Story

Break In Story roblox
  • Release Date: September 9, 2019
  • Developer: Cracky4
  • Total Visits: 1.7 billion visits
  • Content Warning: Light jump scares, horror elements, creepy music, and home invasion moments.

Break In Story is the pinnacle of the story genre in Roblox. No game comes close to matching its quality across the board. It has it all: high-quality presentation with the occasional voice acting, cutscenes, a solid premise, decent music, engrossing gameplay mechanics, and tons to do.

All the while it doesn’t outstay its welcome, being a primarily bite-sized adventure you can complete in around 20 minutes or so. The idea is you move into a new neighborhood, but some crazy events begin the first night you move in.

One of my favorite parts about Break In Story is its replayability. It is so fun to play that I have every ending in the game and have for a long time, and still come back for more. Exploring the rich house and hanging out with friends is unmatched here. Plus, it is accessible enough to be slightly scary at times without ever being too much.


  • The best premise, writing, and setting you’ll find in a story game
  • There is no Roblox story game with this level of presentation
  • Even after completing everything, it is so fun that I keep coming back for more
  • The best gameplay mechanics in a story title
  • Accessible for players of all ages


  • It does have slightly creepy moments that might bother some players
  • For the most popular Roblox story game, it sure doesn’t receive enough new content, updates, or a sequel


Question: What is the most popular story game in Roblox?

Answer: The most popular story game in Roblox is Break In Story, without a doubt. And there seems to be no end in sight for its success, with thousands playing it all hours of the day. No other Roblox story game can come close to its popularity and success.

Question: What is the scariest story game in Roblox? 

Answer: The scariest story game in Roblox is a tough one. I think it’s between Haunted Story, Hotel, and Mansion for the scariest one I’ve played. If there are more horrifying story games out there than these, be sure to let me know so I can check them out, too!

Question: What is the first Roblox story game? 

Answer: It is hard to say exactly which is the first Roblox story game, but the one that I think made the genre what it is today is Camping from SamsonXVI. It came out in 2018, and its immediate success then ballooned the genre into the numerous copycat games we have today.

The Next Genre of Roblox Games to Check Out

The best story games are the ones that surprise you with intriguing twists and gameplay decisions. This all the while offering a somehow replayable experience. Break In Story is the perfect example of all of that wrapped into a tight experience that is surprisingly well-designed. It takes a simple premise of something like Home Alone and transforms it into a Purge-driven narrative that is a bit spooky without being too much for younger audiences.

At the end of the day, though, I understand that story games only last for so long. Once you’ve beaten one, it is possible to move on to other games unless you are interested in its different endings. If that’s you, I recommend checking out the best Roblox RPGs next. This is another genre that is growing but not nearly on the level of others, but it is full of some of the best experiences on Roblox. It’s also where you’ll likely see me when I’m not replaying Break In for the 1000th time.

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