Bloxburg Crafting Guide

Bloxburg Crafting Guide: Is There Crafting in Bloxburg?

Welcome to Bloxburg is one of the premium experiences you’ll find in Roblox. There are few games that are as deep, well-crafted, and full of gameplay elements for you to check out as Bloxburg. It has some wondering if there is crafting among all of the buildings, jobs, items, and houses in the game. That is what I’d like to focus on in this Bloxburg crafting guide.

Crafting is a mechanic that is quite important to some of the other Roblox games out there. With the deep systems in Bloxburg, it would make sense for there to be crafting since there are so many items to collect. In addition, the player has unlimited say in how they customize their house and what they do with all of the money they earn from their jobs. But how does crafting fit into all of this? Find out in this Bloxburg crafting guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Let me be clear right now: there is no crafting in Bloxburg at this time. Unfortunately, this is one of the few mechanics that hasn’t made the switch to the premium Roblox experience as of the time of writing. That said, the game is still in beta, technically, so there is always the chance that it could come out in the future. In addition, there is a lot of evidence to support this with a rumored crafting feature that is currently in development. It could be a job, a feature for players to make items or even a random minigame that doesn’t offer much.

Bloxburg Crafting Overview

Bloxburg Crafting Guide

It’s genuinely remarkable everything that you are able to do in Welcome to Bloxburg. Since my family and I first discovered it more than five years ago, we have spent countless hours digging into everything the game offers, from jobs to housing and more.

It is pretty impressive how you are able to work jobs, in which there are so many different gameplay options, and then you have almost limitless possibilities when it comes to housing. There are thousands of items to collect and use for your estate, and so many features to help it expand even further.

Without a doubt, Bloxburg is one of the deepest and best Roblox games out there. But even among the random features like the club, grocery store, Ferris wheel, paragliding, and the like, there is one element that players care more about at this time: crafting.

Crafting is the lifeblood of many online games out there, like Bloxburg. In fact, there are numerous Roblox experiences where you can craft in them to obtain better items and the like. It is also why I obsessively play a non-Roblox game like Final Fantasy XIV.

Crafting can and should be the anchor to bring back players in online games like Bloxburg. For this reason, you are here as you want to learn more about crafting in Bloxburg and if it even exists in the first place.

Is There Crafting in Bloxburg?

Without further ado, let’s make it clear right now from the start before we go any further: there is no such thing as crafting in Bloxburg. Unfortunately, crafting is a system that doesn’t exist in Welcome to Bloxburg at this time. This may be both disappointing and surprising for players.

For one, it is disappointing because this mechanic could add so much more depth and complexity to a game that is already praised for what it has. On the other hand, it is surprising because of the number of minor elements that are available in Bloxburg that aren’t nearly as important.

I mean, there is the ability to play music in the game and even level up your music capability, but there is almost no rhyme or reason to that system. The same goes for the workout stats in Bloxburg that you may not even be aware of unless you went to the gym in the game.

They serve no purpose other than wasting your time with arbitrary stats that do nothing. But crafting could be so much more than that. It could be a highly deep mechanic that would allow players to show their creativity and spend hours doing something that is building towards an ultimate goal. But, alas, it isn’t in Bloxburg at this time.

Will Crafting Come to Bloxburg?

bloxburg skills

With the negative of there being no crafting in Bloxburg out of the way, it is time to take a positive turn. Is there a possibility that crafting will come to Bloxburg in the future? Better yet, do we already know that it is going to happen someday? The answer to this is a bit complicated.

For one, there is the fact that nothing is confirmed until it is pretty much in Bloxburg. Roblox games work differently than premium standalone video games, so you have to take everything with a grain of salt. What may seem likely one day could change at a moment’s notice.

Worse still, there are elements like crafting that could be actively in development right now and could end up canceled before the public ever sees them. This is why it is best to take everything with a grain of salt, especially when it comes to features you want to see.

With that disclosure out of the way, it seems that crafting is intended to come to Bloxburg at some point. It has actually been confirmed by the developers that crafting is going to be a skill of some kind in Bloxburg later down the road. As for when this is, that is uncertain.

If I had to guess, I would think that crafting is going to be one of the major features in the game that will arrive when Bloxburg finally reaches its 1.0 non-beta release. The game has been in beta for so long and continuously inching closer to the 1.0 version.

It seems inevitable at this point as it has to reach that pinnacle eventually. Crafting feels like one of the main mechanics that could be added to the game when that happens. Or if it isn’t as deep as I am hoping, it could come out at any point in the game’s cycle.

This sort of leaves the window of time for when crafting will arrive in Bloxburg at a standstill. After all, we have no idea when the game is finally going to have its free-to-play 1.0 release. The game has been out for almost seven years, and 2023 feels like the year that it will finally release. At least, I would hope so.

That said, I could see it going to 2024. In my opinion, if the game doesn’t come out with its full release in either 2023 or 2024, the game should be made free-to-play regardless. Otherwise, we have a much larger problem on our hands, but that is a topic for another time.

As such, I could see a crafting release in Bloxburg sometime in 2023 or 2024. I doubt it will ever come out if it doesn’t show up in either of those years.

How Crafting Could Work

Bloxburg Crafting furniture roblox
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When it comes to how crafting could work within Bloxburg, that is another story entirely. We know that it is set to be a skill in the game. Unfortunately, Bloxburg’s track record for skills isn’t excellent. Remember that music skill and training that I mentioned earlier? Yeah, they have almost no purpose.

The music one at least lets you unlock new songs to play in your house, which I guess is nice, but there is no actual minigame that you directly control. It all happens automatically. The one skill that is impressive, at least, is cooking since you can make authentic recipes and food with it.

Again, cooking is not that deep, either, but at least it has somewhat of a purpose. In fact, I believe that cooking was the stepping stone and testing ground for a later crafting mechanic. I think the idea was to test out letting players make something simple and then add a more complicated version down the road.

That said, it remains to be seen precisely how crafting will work. It could be the deep version I hope for it to be or a simple minigame that is essentially useless. No matter what, though, there are only three real possibilities that I could see for how the crafting mechanic would work in Bloxburg. Let’s take a look.


First off, there is the most unlikely possibility for what will happen with crafting in Bloxburg. That is, it will end up as one of the new part-time jobs in the game. Now, I am a huge proponent of adding more jobs to Bloxburg, as the game has been stale with the same positions for years now.

But crafting is not exactly the job I would add to the game. Again, that’s a post for another time, but stuff like doctors, nurses, and guards are what I would add to the game. That said, crafting could become a job in Bloxburg, much like the weirder jobs like mining and fishing is.

Both of those jobs could have very well been side skills for gathering items and using them, much like crafting could be. And, yet, they were turned into jobs. Crafting could be a similar situation where you run your own little Etsy-style shop within the town of Bloxburg.

You spend time making items to sell then and get paid for how many items you complete in your shift. There could even be minigames where you must fulfill orders correctly based on the person’s request. Or you could even have the free will to make the items you want and unlock better, more expensive items as you level up the job.

That doesn’t sound too bad when I put it that way, but I hope this isn’t the route that they take with the crafting skill. In fact, I highly doubt it.

Crafting Furniture and Other Items

Bloxburg constructor

That said, the other two options for the crafting skill are the more likely scenarios. These are the two that will most likely pan out. Or, well, at least one of them will. I am hoping that the crafting skill turns out how I would like it to be, which is a full-on crafting skill that lets you make your own usable items.

For instance, players are able to buy furniture items right now automatically, so long as they have the correct amount of money. But what if you were able to craft that dresser or floorboard yourself? That would be much cheaper, and it would allow you to feel this sense of accomplishment.

In fact, games like Final Fantasy XIV have already done it. There are crafting classes that let you craft furniture items, while there are still some furniture items you can buy without crafting. The odd thing about Bloxburg, though, is that so many furniture items don’t require crafting now.

So, the game would either have to allow you to craft every housing item or only offer exclusive housing items through the crafting skill. I like the latter as it can keep what already exists intact and ensure that all future housing items have to be crafted by a crafter.

This would be great for someone like me who doesn’t love to build, as you could make it where players could trade or even sell their crafted items to other players. This could create an entire economy and way of making money that has nothing to do with grinding pizza deliveries all day.

Presumably, this method of crafting skill would involve a deep progression system where the more you craft, the more XP you get, and the more you level up. This would give you access to more items for you to craft.

Here is where the problem comes into play. You can’t just craft these items out of thin air. They will need items to make them. And it would be pointless for you to buy these materials as then you might as well buy the item itself already made.

As such, this type of crafting skill would require a gathering skill of some kind, too. This would be some sort of gatherer skill that would let you gather stone, wood, and metal that could then be turned into the crafting items in the game. Suddenly, this has become a much larger deal than it might seem. Which is where my concern comes from.

Useless Minigame

In the end, the crafting skill that I would like to see and that likely others would want is going to take a lot of time and development to make. It would almost feel like an entire expansion to the current Bloxburg game that we have.

For this reason, I am legitimately concerned that we will not see the crafting skill be what it could be. In the end, it could just be another useless minigame like training and playing music. This would be painful to have it happen, but I would not be surprised.

How it could work is that, yes, it has levels, but there is almost no purpose to it. You could go in your house, choose to craft, and maybe make an item or two that you can wear or put around your house. The more you do this automated minigame, the higher your level will be and the more useless decorations you can make.

It would be like the music minigame, where its function is so limited that it might as well not even be there in this format. I would not be surprised if this happens since, basically, every skill in Bloxburg has been like this up until this point. Even the cooking minigame is not that useful or fun when you can buy food to eat for your hunger levels at a restaurant.

Hopefully, this isn’t the case, but it seems more and more likely that it will turn out this way. For now, though, we will have to wait and see. The one positive note is that if it were as simple as this, I would expect the skill to have already been released by now since there isn’t that much to it.


Question: What is Crafting in Bloxburg? 

Answer: Crafting in Bloxburg is one of the skills that is confirmed to be coming to the game in the future. It is uncertain how the skill will work. It could be an automated, useless skill like training and music. Or it could be a profound experience about making furniture items to use in players’ houses.

Question: How do you get the Crafting Trophy in Bloxburg? 

Answer: There is no crafting trophy in Bloxburg yet because the skill doesn’t exist in the game at this time. However, when the crafting talent arrives, you will likely be able to get the crafting trophy by reaching level 10 with the skill.

Question: What is the Max Skill Level in Bloxburg? 

Answer: The max skill level in Bloxburg at this time is level 10. If players are able to reach this max skill level in the Roblox game, they will be able to earn a special trophy to place in their house to show off to everyone else.

What Mechanic of Bloxburg to Focus on Next

The crafting skill in Bloxburg doesn’t exist at this time. Unfortunately, this is a confirmed skill to be in the works, but there is no guarantee that it will ever release. And even if it does release at some point, there is no guarantee on when that will happen and what it will look like when it does.

If it were me deciding, I would make the crafting skill a deep experience that changes everything about making furniture and houses. There would be materials to gather, items to craft, and the ability to sell to other players. But there is no telling if that will ever be the case or not.

In the meantime, there is a lot of depth to explore in Bloxburg on its own. Players have the option to check out all of the various minigames and part-time jobs that are currently available. This will help fund your building efforts in making the best home of your dreams. If you want to know the best job in Bloxburg, you’re in the right place.

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