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Rarely do I dive into trippy and strange games, especially in a family-friendly experience like Roblox. Despite the sheer number of experiences available in Roblox, there are few that I have found since first checking out the game in 2016 that make me feel like I should be inebriated to play them. But, lo and behold, Cone is one such game. In this Cone getting started guide, I aim to show you why that is.

However, I should be clear from the start that I will not ruin the fun and excitement of playing Cone for the first time. There are some surprises and oddities about this Roblox title that you should go into without knowing anything to get the most out of your experience. So, for the sake of spoilers, I will refrain from giving away too much in this Cone getting started guide. But if you’ve ever wanted to know about the strangest Roblox game around, you’re in the right place.

Bottom Line Up Front

Cone is a game that has been around for a long time in Roblox, getting its start in 2016. The game’s premise is relatively simple: you play as a traffic cone on a typical day on the job. Of course, it gets a little whacky and weird from there as you explore the daily life of a cone. The gameplay is barebones, and the puzzles are lackluster. Still, there is something wild, especially for the adults who can enjoy it without having the soberest of minds.

Before You Even Begin

Here’s what you need to know about the Cone Roblox game before you even load up the game on your platform of choice.

Cone Roblox Overview

Cone Roblox
Image From Roblox Fandom

What I love about Roblox is the sheer variety of games that you can find in it for free. One minute, I’ll be mowing down zombies, and another moment, I’ll be running for my life from Peppa Pig, the killer. And, yet still, there are mysterious experiences that exist like Cone.

The game isn’t pretentious or hiding too much, making it abundantly clear what this game is. It is in the name, the images, and the moment that you open up the game for the first time: you are a cone. A standard orange with a single white stripe traffic cone, to be exact.

There is no special character or person you will play here other than your average traffic cone. The entirety of this Roblox game is based around the idea of playing as a cone and seeing what its daily life is like while experiencing some relatively straightforward gameplay.

Removing my filter for a moment, Cone is basically a game that adults should never play sober, or else you’ll miss out on the full trippy experience that you’re in for, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t drink. Admittedly, though, some players have found the game to be quite dull, which is why it is one of the deadest and least liked games I’ve seen in a while.

With only 65% likes at this point in time, likely due to the viral Roblox videos several years back, that isn’t even passable at best. There are games with 80% ratings and higher that I would never recommend to someone else.

In addition, Cone has lost its popularity, with not even a full two million visits to date and not a single player playing it when I checked it out again for a second time while writing this guide. In the few years since I checked out Cone following some of those viral YouTubers playing it, I found that time has not been kind to Cone.

Core Mechanics Guide

You play as a traffic cone, so the gameplay in Cone is rather barebones at best. You can run around, sprint even on certain platforms, and that’s about it. When you start the game, you’ll find that there is no jump button or anything like that to have fun with.

The only button that you eventually gain access to is the grab button. With this function, most of the puzzles happen in Cone. The general idea of this adventure game is to explore the environments you come across and figure out the numerous puzzles to advance to the next area.

In some ways, it is like a puzzle platforming game, but the most similar game that I would say it is like is something like Limbo or Inside. Of course, without any of the quality of those indie darlings. But there is a charm in figuring out the plot and lore of Cone through its basic gameplay.

How to Best Play as a Traffic Cone

How to Best Play as a Traffic Cone

When it comes to playing as the traffic cone in this game, it isn’t that hard to move around and enjoy yourself. You use the thumbstick or keys on whatever platform you are on to move the traffic cone around the level and the other available button to grab onto objects in the environment.

With these two functions alone, you can grab and maneuver items to solve puzzles like placing objects on buttons to open up a door and so on. There are some later mechanics that are thrown into the mix when you get deeper into the story, but revealing those would be spoilers for the main story of the game.

Puzzles Explained

At the heart of Cone are the puzzles that you have to complete on each level. Exploration is key here, understanding the room or area that you are in and what the game is asking you to do. There are no tutorials, no hints, or anything at all that Cone gives you while playing it.

You are totally left to your own devices to figure out what you are supposed to do. This can make some of the puzzles especially frustrating as you get further along in the story. In particular, the final area of the game is quite tough to figure out without a guide.

That said, the general idea of the puzzles is to unlock the next area. Usually, it is relatively clear where your goal is. Once you set that in your mind, you want to work backward to decide what in the room will help you get there.

For instance, one of the earlier levels in Cone involves a furnace you discover in a cave. The furnace can be lit up to explode and open up the next passage that you need to go through. Working backward, it seems that you need to find a way to make the furnace burn brighter.

Therefore, you need to feed it items that will create a blazing inferno to open up the way to the next area. Since you are near a forest, sticks, and branches will be the best options for making that happen. It is little environmental puzzles like that that players have to do in Cone.

Your First Few Sections In-Game

Your First Few Sections In-Game

Speaking of the earlier puzzles in Cone, I decided to give you a brief walkthrough of what you should do to complete the first few puzzles at the beginning of the game. This is going to be full spoilers for the opening segments of the game, so please turn away now if you want the freshest experience possible.

When you first begin Cone, you are a traffic cone on what looks to be a foggy main road. You’re lined up with all of the other traffic cones doing their typical job, blocking off part of the road for whatever construction project in the city that will begin but probably never finish; let’s be real.

With no direction or anything at all, you are left to figure out what to do. All you need to do is start running along the road, breaking free of your standard cone duties. You can do whatever you want, avoiding your fellow cones or knocking them over like the rebel you are.

After a while, a traffic cone vacuum car will come by and inevitably suck you up. At this point, you need to break out of the vehicle. To do that, grab and place all of your fellow cones on the six buttons in the corners of the room to open up the escape.

From there, navigate the forest area over the small wooden bridges, through the waterfall, and to the furnace in the cave. You’ll need to gather individual sticks and bring them through the cave to the furnace to light it up until it has enough to blow open the next area. From there, the game continues, getting weirder and twistier as your traffic cone escape ensues.

Tips We Wish We Knew

Here are some of the tips that I wish I knew prior to starting Cone. Some of these will really save you some time and frustration regarding this mysterious game:

  • Start moving as soon as you enter the game. I know this is a weird tip but I sat there for a good 60 seconds or so wondering when the game was going to start since there were so many cones onscreen. It doesn’t tell you and there is no menu or UI to let you know you’re in the game yet.
  • The grab button doesn’t always appear onscreen for mobile and console players but you can use the right trigger and (typically) invisible grab button on the right side of the screen to pick up items.
  • There is a sprint on PC but it is not as easily accessible on mobile or console.
  • Be sure to explore your entire surroundings thoroughly and even return to older areas you already passed through, if necessary. This is only relevant in a couple of puzzle areas but some can be confusing if you don’t realize that you can go back to certain places like the forest.


Lamentable Woe
Lamentable Woe

As part of the tips for Cone, one of the surprises about the game that it doesn’t tell you at the start that there are multiple endings for players to discover. Depending on the puzzle solutions you come up with in the game on subsequent playthroughs, you can get one of four possible endings.

Those four endings are known as the following:

  • Woe
  • Liberation
  • Solitude
  • Lamentable Woe

Woe is the first ending that most players get, and it is best to play through the game four times in total to unlock all of them. You get achievement-like badges for completing each of the four endings in the game and a nice little ending scene for all of them.

The lore of the game is quite bizarre, and it is best experienced without any prior knowledge to find out what is really going on in this game. The endings do differ from one another enough, but it really comes down to what you want to see happen to the poor little traffic cone.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some of the common issues I ran into and saw other players deal with when playing Cone:

  • If frustrated and confused about something, don’t be afraid to consult forums or videos on YouTube. Cone is a game that is meant to be rather confusing and is known for its underexplained puzzles. Seeking help is okay.
  • Don’t waste your time replaying the game for all four endings unless you truly love the gameplay. The game is almost exactly the same in every playthrough except for the final few moments. It isn’t worth going through the trouble for all of the endings so I prefer to watch them online.
  • This is a bit of a weird one but just keep in mind that Cone is strictly a solo game. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out how to play it with friends.

Long-Term Goals to Consider

Here are some of the long-term goals that you should keep in mind when it comes to Cone. There aren’t too many to note here since the game isn’t exactly that long.

  • There is a New Game Plus version that you unlock after beating the game for the first time. This is great for seeing the other endings of Cone, but, again, most players probably won’t need this.

Is Cone Really Worth Your Time?

At the end of the day, the biggest long-term idea to bring up is if Cone is even worth your time in the first place. Honestly, it is hard to recommend Cone to anyone at all in Roblox. I’ll be upfront: I don’t like this game one bit. The idea and the endings are neat, but the actual gameplay is a slog and boring snoozefest that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

The puzzles aren’t great, and that is only worsened by the lack of general direction that you have in the game. Cone tries to be a lot more clever and intriguing than it turns out to be, paling in comparison to the games that likely inspired it, like Inside and Limbo.

Quite frankly, Cone isn’t fun to play and not worth the time and effort to go through with it, which is why it was only good for being a spectacle on YouTube for a time, and that was it. That said, I like the lore of Cone and what the game is trying to say.

It isn’t worth playing through the admittedly short but frustrating experience to find out what that is. Instead, I would recommend you to just head on YouTube, look up some full playthroughs of the game, and watch them there.

If you like what you see enough, you can play the game for yourself then or check out all four of the primary endings to see how the adventure of the little traffic cone can end.

Best Alternatives

Lumber Tycoon 2
Lumber Tycoon 2 From Roblox Fandom

At the end of the day, Cone is a game that maybe you should try, maybe not. Either way, I think it is a waste of time and better watched online. That said, there are some Roblox games that you should play instead. Here are a couple of weird and wacky games that give off similar vibes to what Cone is going for:

  1. Slumber Party Story: Like the weirdness of Cone but want something a little more substantial gameplay-wise? Slumber Party Story lets you and some friends sleep over at each other’s houses until a monster attacks. It is short and sweet, with some truly weird and hilarious writing, much like Cone.
  2. Hotel: This horror multiplayer experience lets you spend the night at a creepy hotel with some evils that await you. There are some light puzzles here and there that give off some Cone vibes, while each playthrough lasts only a few minutes at best.
  3. Lumber Tycoon 2: The creator of Cone also made Lumber Tycoon 2. Though there is almost nothing in common here between the two, both of them use the grab button quite a lot. If you want to see Cone’s grab puzzle mechanic used in a better and deeper gameplay experience, check this one out.

FAQs – CONE Getting Started Guide

Question: When did Roblox Cone come out?

Answer: It came out in 2016 and has been around for more than six years at the time of writing this, with just under two million total visits.

Question: How do you play the cone on Roblox?

Answer: There are only a couple of button inputs for the traffic cone in Roblox. You can run around, sprint on PC, and grab items that you find around the world.

Question: How do you get the Roblox traffic cone?

Answer: There is a traffic cone hat that you can buy and wear in Roblox. Players can get the Roblox traffic cone accessory in a variety of colors and patterns ranging anywhere from 50 Robux to 100 for most of them in the avatar store.

What Trippy Roblox Game to Play Next

Cone is one of the strangest video games I’ve ever played, so I won’t soon forget it, even if I didn’t necessarily enjoy myself. That sort of trippy Roblox experience is something rather special that you don’t find too much across the copy-paste experiences that exist in the game.

That said, if you are looking for another wacky Roblox game to play after Cone, I have a prime replacement for you in Piggy. Whoever thought of making Peppa Pig and her family into infected serial killers is possibly a genius, creating one of the most bizarre Roblox horror games I’ve ever played.

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