No Free Robux Guide: Best Ways to Get Robux Free or Cheap

The old saying goes, “nothing in life is free,” and, to an extent, it’s probably right the vast majority of the time. Everything comes at a cost, and that is especially true in a video game like Roblox.

Since starting the game in late 2016, I have seldom seen an instance of free Robux happen. That is why I can confidently make this no free Robux guide and let you know it isn’t going to happen.

This might be one of the more devastating statements I’ll ever have to share with you, but the reality is that there is no such thing as free Robux.

Roblox is a free-to-play game already with so much endless content to enjoy throughout the countless high-quality experiences that users have created. As such, there is no need at all for free Robux since that almost entirely has to do with cosmetic and optional content, as you will see in this no free Robux guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Robux is the foremost premium currency that is shared across all experiences in Roblox. While the game is almost entirely free-to-play (with a few exceptions in terms of early access games), many of the cosmetics and expanded content in games are not.

Robux is the primary way in which you gain access to that, usually costing real-world money. I will be clear that there is no such thing as free Robux and anyone saying otherwise is scamming you or looking for clicks.

However, there is the occasional chance for discounted Robux or someone giving you Robux for a special event like a birthday.

No Free Robux Explained

No Free Robux Explained

Robux is the premium currency Roblox uses across all of its experiences and games. There is so much you can see and do in Roblox that you don’t have to spend a single cent on. It is honestly insanely wonderful how much you can do in this game without ever spending money.

I am going to be clear for a second: I have bought Robux for myself once in more than six years of playing the game nearly weekly. That is how unnecessary it is to pay for Robux, and that one time I bought it? It was just so I could have Robux to pay for early access to the beta version of Bloxburg.

That said, I won’t hesitate to admit that I have paid for Robux many times over for other people, though, including my wife, siblings, and other family members. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve spent on Robux over the years this way, but, for me, at least, I’ve proven that Robux isn’t always necessary.

But I get it, some players want a whole lot of cosmetics and items, and they want the Robux to make that happen. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that this is where the generous nature of Roblox goes away. When it comes to Robux, there is no such as getting it for free.

At least not in the way that you are likely hoping that you can read this article. Robux is a currency that requires you to spend real-world money to get it. This is in the form of going through the game itself to add some Robux to your account on your platform of choice or by picking up gift cards at various brick-and-mortar retailers.

Either way, you’ll have to shell out some cash if you want to get Robux. The worst part is that you can’t trade Robux at the time of writing this. There is no way for another player to come to you and give you Robux so that you can start using it, so there is absolutely no way of getting it for free.

Watch Out for Scams

With all of that said about no free Robux, I should make this abundantly clear: there are a ton of people who will tell you differently. All you have to do is search “how to get free Robux” on Google, and, bam, you will find countless videos and articles that will supposedly share ways to do so.

Heck, just go on YouTube and search “free Robux.” You will find videos that say something like “free Robux 2022 mobile hack” and have literally hundreds of thousands of views. And the sad thing is the only person getting free Robux is the person who the clickbait video, and that is by using the money made from wasting your time watching it.

But the free Robux scams don’t just extend to the clickbait nature of the internet and how algorithms work on platforms like YouTube. It extends to the game of Roblox itself. Unfortunately, there are lots of players who will try and trick newcomers into doing their dirty work.

I made it clear before that there is no way to trade Robux at this time in Roblox. While this is true, someone could theoretically give you access to their account with lots of Robux and let you use it all the time to buy whatever you want or offer up some gift cards for you to redeem.

These are some of the scams I have seen in Roblox many times over the years, and let me tell you that every single one of them is trying to do you wrong in one way or another.

The scammer might be trying to get you to trade a valuable item in a game like Adopt Me in exchange for the supposed Robux that they will give to you but not actually do.

Or, worse, they might be trying to get personal information like passwords and so on out of you by offering to “trade accounts” so that you can have one with Robux on it.

These scams are horrible and are predicated on taking advantage of younger players who might not know better. So, parents, please pay special attention to what your kids are doing anytime they are online because I’ve seen and heard far too many horror stories over the years.

How to Avoid Free Robux Scams

How to Avoid Free Robux Scams

I say all of this to say that not all hope is lost when it comes to scams. The inevitability is that you will be targeted by scams at some point or fall victim to a particular TikTok video that pops up on your for you page. The key here is to ensure you have your guard up to avoid these issues at all costs.

For starters, I recommend not searching for terms that you know will probably not turn up any actual results. If you think there’s no way to get free Robux (which there isn’t), then don’t even bother looking for it. The internet will find a way to grasp you and give you this hope and then tear it away from you when you realize the cold hard truth.

But, at the same time, you aren’t going to be the issue 99% of the time. In fact, you don’t have to go searching for these scams as they will find you nonetheless. This can be through the form of other players in Roblox or, sadly, sometimes even your real-life “friends” trying to trick you.

What you need to do in these situations is always exercise caution. The old adage is if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That still rings true today, so don’t fall for the lies other players will try to harm you with. If they offer free Robux, free premium, or their account, just politely decline and move on.

Most scammers won’t take no for an answer and harass you when you reject their offers. In that case, you may need to report that player and block them. The unfortunate situation is that they will possibly return someday or be replaced by yet another scammer who will bother you but as long as you have your guard up, you should be good.

If you are a kid reading this, always tell an adult like your parent or guardian or even an older sibling when someone tries to scam you. They can help you report that person and, hopefully, get a little justice.

And for the parents out there, I get it; you may not play video games yourself. But I always recommend at least trying to keep a very good eye on what your child is watching or playing and ensuring that you know every message that they send.

I am not trying to call anyone out here, but I have seen plenty of kids get scammed because of a lack of supervision. If you genuinely don’t play games, have an older sibling or other family member or friend watch over them when they are playing games online.

I, personally, do this for a lot of family members and friends who don’t play video games. And sadly, I couldn’t begin to tell you how many scams I’ve had to intervene in before.

How to Truly Get Robux for Free

How to Truly Get Robux for Free

I get that it would suck if I left you with a whole bunch of negativity in this post, so I have some positive news for you. In a way, there is technically some “free” Robux that you can get. Or perhaps could have gotten in the past.

The legitimate ways that you could get “free” Robux start with a simple one: getting someone else to buy you a gift card. I do this all the time, gifting my friends and family some Roblox gift cards so that they can spend them on whatever they like.

This can be for special occasions like a birthday, holidays, and so on. Now, I say this with the caveat that you shouldn’t be asking for someone to buy you Robux all the time. This should be only for special occasions so please don’t bother people asking for this.

The other way is something that I have only seen once in the history of Roblox, but I think it is possible it may have happened more than that, but I didn’t realize it. I have spoken about this before, but there is one time I can think of where Roblox Corp. gave away free Robux in the game itself to everyone.

I am honestly not sure what the occasion was. Still, I think it may have been as an apology for some of the backend issues that Roblox was having that were affecting players enjoying the game. I say that because there was a period of time around the holidays when I didn’t play Roblox for a good month or two.

I then got in the game to find that I had Robux in my account that I didn’t have before, about 100 or so if I remember correctly. My family members had this, too, and we believe that Roblox gave it out to anyone who logged in during a certain period of time.

But, again, I only know of one situation in which that has happened, so you can’t rely on that to happen all the time. There is a final “free” Robux tip that I have for you, but this comes with a lot of asterisks. There are some major content creators who will give away Robux to their fans.

If you go on Twitch or YouTube, you’ll find streams right now where a person is supposedly giving away free Robux. I think there are some legit big-time streamers who will actually do this for some of their fans but usually not everyone.

So, if you see a smaller streamer offering this or someone saying that they are giving Robux to every viewer, you can probably assume it is a scam. But I have seen some actual streamers who will message their viewers with codes for Roblox gift cards. It is rare, though, so your mileage will vary here, and you may waste a good bit of time watching someone who is just trying to get views.

How to Get Discounted Robux

How to Get Discounted Robux

While the free Robux is a messy situation that isn’t guaranteed, there is something that I can almost guarantee you, and that is discounted Roblox gift cards. While you might not be able to get completely free Robux, you could get more bang for your buck by getting some Roblox gift cards on sale.

Occasionally, retailers, both online and in-person, will offer Roblox gift cards for a discounted price. But a more tried and true method is to use a site like Raise. I will be upfront that I am not sponsored by Raise (though feel free to hit me up anytime, Raise) and am just an avid user of that platform.

They have some solid deals on gift cards that I have used many times, including 13.3% off of some Roblox gift cards at the time of writing this. It varies from day to day, so there is no telling what it will be when you check, but 13% is an impressive discount, in my opinion.

I have used Raise more than 100 times for various instant digital gift cards and only had one issue so far, which was subsequently resolved. However, I will say their customer service could use some work. There are other discounted gift card sites out there you could try, but this is the one that I use myself.


Question: Is there a Way to Get free Robux?

Answer: Nope, at least not in a reliable and easy manner that you are likely wanting to happen. There is no way to get free Robux just by clicking on a code generator, trading with someone, accessing someone else’s account, or so on. You can, however, receive free gift cards from people on your birthday that could be free for you.

Question: Why can’t You Get Free Robux?

Answer: This is probably my favorite question I found while searching. Well, you can’t get free Robux because Roblox is a free-to-play game. As such, it needs to make money somehow, and Robux is the primary way.
So, Robux is so difficult to come by. I do think the Roblox Corp. could be a little more generous sometimes, like once a year or something, though, and give some free Robux.

Question: Is Roblox Free Robux Real?

Answer: No, it is rarely real. There are occasionally streamers who give away Roblox gift cards to viewers, but these are few and far between.

Free Robux Isn’t the Only Scam in Roblox

The worst part about all of this no free Robux situation is that there is no way to get Roblox currency for free, at least quickly and reliably. Due to the sheer number of scammers out there, Roblox can be a frustrating experience.

There are just too many problematic scammers who will try to take advantage of you while you are playing online.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop with those free Robux scammers, either. There are other issues that you can deal with in Roblox, from hackers to griefers to even harassers.

They aren’t always looking to take items from you or get clicks on their videos, as sometimes it can be much worse. If you want to know about all sorts of trolls and other messed-up users you can encounter in Roblox, you can find out all about that in my Roblox troll guide.

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