Roblox Noob to Pro Guide: How to Become Better In Any Game

Being a noob in a new video game has a heavy negative connotation. The reality is, though, that all of us are new to a game at some point and know nothing about it. This is inevitable when starting a brand new Roblox game, but that is part of the journey. The excitement in a new experience is learning about it and becoming a pro over time. That is exactly what I’m going to teach you about in this Roblox noob to pro guide.

You see, I remember starting out with Roblox back in 2016. That was more than half a decade ago at this point, and I had a lot of struggles with a game had I thought to be so simple. Sure, I was able to stumble my way through some of the experiences, like Murder Mystery 2, but I struggled to get good. It took a lot of time and effort to get there, and the lessons I learned over the years are what I aim to give you in this Roblox noob to pro guide. This way, you can learn more quickly than I ever did.

Bottom Line Up Front

Whenever you start a Roblox game for the first time, you are a new player or a noob, as some players will try to insult you by. Being a noob is natural and guaranteed with any new game. Though there are countless experiences in Roblox with so many different systems at play, here are the tips that I have for going from a noob to a pro:

  1. Learn and master the mechanics of that game, no matter what it is. If you take the time to learn, you’ll get better naturally.
  2. Don’t cheat your way to the endgame. As exciting as it might sound, you won’t learn or get any better if someone hands you the money and items to blast your way to the conclusion.
  3. Play together with friends, especially as newcomers, and you can learn together. Or have a mentor friend who can show you the ropes.
  4. While playing games that have to do with leveling up or earning money to buy upgrades, be sure to take advantage of efficient money and XP farming, so you are always improving at a solid speed.
  5. That said, go at your own pace. Some players love to farm XP all day long, while others like to take it easy; find your right pace and stick to it.
  6. Above all else, have fun! If you don’t enjoy grinding in a particular game, it may not be for you. Worse, if you don’t really enjoy a game, you won’t have the motivation, passion, or even desire to go from noob to pro in it.

Roblox Noob to Pro Overview

Murder Mystery 2

Upon my arrival in Murder Mystery 2, the first Roblox experience I ever played in 2016, I still remember my surprise at how deep and fun the seemingly simplistic experience was. This shocked me and took away all of my misconceptions but brought along a new issue: I was now a total noob in what I had thought to be a kiddy game.

Meanwhile, my siblings, who showed me the game and were playing with me, were running circles around me as the killer or rightfully making fun of me when I was selected as the murderer. From that point forward, Roblox ironically became one of my go-to games weekly for the last several years.

Over time, like other games that I spent plenty of time in weekly, I grew from the sad little noob I was before to arguably a pro in most of the Roblox games that I regularly play. I will admit that there are still new games that I play these days where I am a noob and have to go through the grind to become a pro all over again but the shared mechanics across games help.

What I learned about becoming a pro in Roblox, I can now apply to any game that I check out. With those tips in mind, I am now going to share with you the secrets I have for going from a noob to pro in any Roblox game. Some of them are common knowledge, but others are overlooked tips that players miss out on. Let’s get started.

Tips for Every Roblox Experience: Learn and Master Mechanics

First and foremost, there is something that I always do first in every Roblox game that I play: learn the mechanics. That is a weird one to start with since most players will roll their eyes, but this is a huge mistake that I find with some Roblox players.

I am the type of person to poke around and even break a game as soon as I jump into it; this comes from my background as a game tester for Call of Duty around the same time I started playing Roblox in 2016. I always want to know what each button does, if I can jump, if there is a third-person and first-person mode, and so on.

To this point, I will even sometimes ask other players questions to learn more about what I can and can’t do in that particular Roblox game. If there is a progression system, I take my time with it and try to figure it out from top to bottom.

At its core, this particular tip is honestly about embracing the fact that you are a noob in a game. Having curiosity is the number one way that we learn as humans, and it applies to games, too. If you are curious about a game and want to learn more about it, you will absolutely learn about it.

The more you poke around in a game and check out its various mechanics, the better you will naturally get. This is the natural progression of improving your skill in a game and the cornerstone of becoming a pro.

There are so many different experiences in Roblox, making mastering the mechanics of each game the second most important tip I could give you on this list. For example, if you’re in a first-person shooter like Arsenal, take time to learn each gun you use and see how it compares to the next one.

If you’re a new student in Royale High, take a tour around campus, embrace the daily school life, and learn each class minigame as you go. Back to my original example, if you are new to Murder Mystery 2, mimic what the other players are doing and get a feel for each of the maps, so you know the best places to hide and all that.

Don’t Cheat Your Way to the Endgame

As mentioned, naturally, learning a game the way it is meant to will set you up for mastering it as time goes on. To this point, you shouldn’t use a cheat to skip that natural progression and go all the way to the end. This isn’t applicable to every Roblox game, but several of them allow you to do this.

There will be “cheats,” not actual hacks but ways other players can help you skip most of the game to the end. In some experiences like Adopt Me, for instance, someone could theoretically give you all the pets and money you could ever want, letting you instantly buy anything and everything.

In a game like Bloxburg, someone could also give you an insane load of money from the start of your journey and build you a house for you. These sorts of “cheats” help a player supposedly skip to looking like a “pro” but not actually being one.

Since you won’t know the ins and outs of the game itself, when it comes time to show your stuff or play on your own, you will be like a fish out of water. This is especially problematic in action-based games where fighting in the endgame bosses or raids could be troublesome since you know nothing about the actual mechanics.

Taking this a little bit deeper, I don’t think it’s bad to get help from someone else, especially with some of the intense grinds that certain Roblox games have. But it needs to be used in moderation and only when you genuinely know a game already.

For example, when I started out in Pet Simulator X, I found it has no real tutorial. I went around, playing with the mechanics as I always do and naturally figuring out the game without any outside help. Then a generous stranger offered me endgame pets for free.

From that point forward, I was able to progress pretty much to the endgame of Pet Simulator X in no time. Because I knew how the game worked already from my own foundation, I could apply that to the new areas I was unlocking. But if you skip straight to the end, you won’t know what to do in the endgame.

Start With a Familiar Genre of Games


When you first start out in Roblox, the sheer breadth of experiences can be overwhelming. Where do you even start? Well, other than my recommendations at the bottom of this list, start with a game that is similar to a genre you’re already familiar with.

For instance, if you are a Call of Duty or Battlefield fan, pick up an FPS experience like Arsenal. Your knowledge in those previous games will absolutely help you out here. It was my first FPS in Roblox and I immediately was at the top of the leaderboard due to my experience with other FPS games.

On the other hand, you might like something more chill like Super Mario Bros. In that case, try out one of the countless obbys and chances are, you’ll already be a natural at these platforming games. Basically, take the games that you already love and find a similar title in Roblox.

The expertise you have from those other games will almost certainly help you out when starting a similar game in Roblox. This can make the entire experience a whole lot easier than it otherwise would be. Plus, you’ll probably like the game, which only helps.

Play Together With Friends

Play Together With Friends

One of the biggest secrets that you could ever use is playing together with friends and family. I am a huge proponent of this since it is the reason why I played Roblox in the first place; I would never have if it weren’t for my family. When you play together with friends, you can learn together.

And learning together as a team can help you improve exponentially faster. For example, your friend might get the chance to be the killer in Banana Eats a lot more than you do while you are always playing as the survivor. You can take your experiences and help each other by giving tips you’ve learned about surviving, solving puzzles, and laying traps.

The alternative way of doing this is by having a friend be your in-game mentor. While I am partial to learning a game together with friends, there is an unbelievable amount of value in having your friend teach the ropes; just watch out for those know-it-alls who will dampen the fun.

Suppose your friend already completed Barry’s Prison Run Obby, for instance. In that case, they can show you the ropes of the various platforming puzzles and help you accelerate your learning at the max pace. You can learn much quicker this way and avoid some of the pitfalls that newcomers usually have in Roblox games.

Take Advantage of XP Farming and Money Grinds

Now, learning a game naturally is all well and good, but there comes the point in most lengthy Roblox games where the grind becomes too real. It can even be overwhelming since you might feel like you understand the game, but the speed at which you are leveling up or earning money is far too slow.

Of course, some games are intended to feel like this, sadly, but others aren’t. In that case, it is time to take advantage of experience and money farming in that game. Grinding is a necessary evil in most Roblox games, so it is best to learn to love it or at least tolerate it as soon as you can.

But you don’t just want to grind mindlessly as you want to make sure that it is the most efficient way of farming for whatever you need. You don’t want to waste your time, especially when there are better ways of doing it. This is where you consult sites like us, the Roblox community, YouTube videos, and your friends.

Figure out the best spot for boss farming in a game like Blox Fruits or which job is the most lucrative in Bloxburg, and then grind to your heart’s content. I always like to listen to music, turn on a podcast, or pull up a YouTube video that doesn’t require me to fully watch it and focus on the grind.

This helps to speed up the process considerably, and, trust me, I hate farming XP or money in games.

Go at Your Pace

This may seem a little contradictory to the last point, but I only recommend grinding in Roblox games in moderation. If you are like me, you probably have a cap for how much you can farm in a game before it gets too boring, frustrating, or yawn-inducing.

That is understandable, and whenever you don’t feel like grinding, the answer is simple: don’t do it. While experience and money farming are important to your progression, what is more important is your sanity and enjoyment of a game.

Whenever the grind gets too annoying or boring, it’s time to close out of Roblox or at least that game and do something else. The key here is to go at your own pace, not the one that someone else wants you to or how you think the game wants you to.

Players and even the games themselves will try to pressure you into continue playing when you might not be ready to. If you need to take a break, do it. If you need to go slower than even I am recommending when it comes to mastering mechanics or grinding XP, do it.

Your pace is unique to you, and trying to go faster (or slower) than your desired speed will rob the fun and entire experience from you. I have seen players, including my own family members, who killed their entire vibe and love for a game from grinding it too much.

I know someone who focused so much on the goal of getting enough money to build a housing complex/little city in Bloxburg that everyone was pressuring them to make that they ended up quitting the game they used to play daily for more than a year.

Find the pace you prefer in a game and stick to that. Because of how diverse Roblox is, you might even find that your pace differs from game to game.

Watch Content Creators

Watch Content Creators

It can be tough to figure out everything on your own and solo players who don’t have friends will particularly struggle with going from a newcomer to a pro in a game. As such, I recommend watching content creators online to get a better idea of the specific Roblox game you’re playing.

Just search the game you want to learn more about on YouTube and other social media platforms, and watch videos on how they play the game. This will directly show you how they play the game, what grinding methods they use for XP and currency, and even what weapons they prefer.

You can then take that knowledge and apply it to your own gameplay. These tips will help you accelerate your learning, especially if the content creator is a pro themselves that game. You will learn exponentially faster this way. One content creator that I recommend for the variety of Roblox games he covers is Bandites.

Redeeming Free Codes

Free codes are all over Roblox and are a major part of progression. Most Roblox games have a code entry section in the menu where you can insert promo codes and receive free items, currency, and even sometimes XP. Redeeming any free codes for the game you’re playing can really give you the boost you need to get better at a game.

In games like Blox Fruits, for instance, you could get a wild amount of currency at times with just inserting a promo code. This will save you an immense amount of time of grinding for that currency and let you focus on getting better as a player with the actual gameplay.

Free codes can also give you the currency needed to make the house you’ve always wanted, the build that would help you do better in the endgame or PvP of a Roblox title, and own that legendary pet you really want. Just keep in mind that free Roblox codes should be a supplementary method of improving your skill, not a replacement.

Game Passes Can Help

game passes
Game Passes From Roblox Fandom

I hesitate to suggest this but the reality is that game passes make the Roblox world go round. These are paid content passes that require Robux, which itself requires real world currency. While I’m not suggesting that Roblox games are pay-to-win, you definitely have an easier time in some games if you have a game pass unlocked.

Take games, for instance, that have a special currency that you only obtain slowly over time. With a game pass, you might get it twice as fast or more currency in general from doing activities. Royale High is a prime example of this with its diamonds being notoriously hard to acquire.

In games like that, the difficulty comes from the grind, not necessarily the gameplay mechanics, so a game pass can alleviate that problem and make you generally a better player. The same goes for game passes in a game like Adopt Me where proving your pro status involves having lots of legendary and ultra-rare pets, many of which require game passes.

I don’t think that owning game passes inherently make you a better player but it at least makes it easier to grind or acquire strong abilities. This will simplify the game so that you can focus on mastering everything else and becoming a pro much faster.

Have Fun!

Finally, the most important rule of thumb: have fun. If you aren’t having fun in Roblox, you are missing out on the entire point of the game. Never force yourself to play a Roblox experience because your friends recommended it or you think you’ll eventually like it if you get better.

If you aren’t having a good time in the game after trying for a while, don’t be afraid to walk away. I even say this if your friends do like the game and want you to keep playing it with them. If you aren’t having fun, you will lack all motivation to keep playing and getting better.

You can force yourself to play a game you don’t enjoy, and you will get better over time. Still, the ceiling for skill that you have will be much lower in that game than something that you are passionate about. I will be upfront and honest with you that I don’t really like Phantom Forces.

I am a huge fan of FPS games, and I think they are some of the ones I am the most skilled in, but I don’t enjoy that game one bit. Sure, because of my natural FPS prowess and knowledge, I am actually pretty decent at that game and can top the leaderboards in most matches I do. But I am much better off playing a game like Arsenal that I prefer and could become an even better expert at if I work hard enough.

The key takeaway here is if you love a Roblox game, you will want to learn more about it and how to get better at it. Your passion will eventually turn into actual results of you becoming less of a noob and more of a pro.

Noob to Pro Roblox Game Recommendations

Murder Mystery 2
Murder Mystery 2 From Roblox Fandom

I’ve played, enjoyed, hated, and quit a lot of Roblox games over the years. If a game has even remotely become trending in its time, I’ve probably played it at some point. As such, I have a rough idea of the games with the best learning curves that can appeal to newcomers.

To that point, I have a list of five games below that I have selected that I think you should check out for the first time. If you enjoy these games, they will reward you well and help you on a more natural incline to go from being a total noob in it to a pro.

  1. Greenville: The strange part about Greenville is that there isn’t a traditional leveling progression path forward. This car sim/racing game set in the small town of Greenville has currency, and that’s it. I think the barrier to entry is phenomenal with this game, allowing you to easily learn how to drive, earn some cash, and unlock the various cars at your own pace.
  2. Jailbreak: When it comes to roleplaying and breaking out of jail, there are few games that match Jailbreak. It is accessible enough to allow anyone to jump in and understand being a prisoner or guard while having a depth that you can engage in when it comes to completing heists and earning other items using the currency system.
  3. Murder Mystery 2: The cream of the crop when it comes to introducing brand new players to Roblox. It was my first game and the same for many others. The idea of the innocent, killer, and the sheriff is easy enough to grasp in a single match. Still, there is a clear depth and progression system that you gradually learn to master as time goes on.
  4. Disaster Island/Natural Disaster Survival: Both Disaster Island and its predecessor, Natural Disaster Survival, are similar enough with the idea of surviving disasters like floods, tornadoes, and more in quick lightning-burst rounds. Even beginners can win a round, but it takes true skill and experience to master all disaster types and maps.
  5. The Floor Is Lava: When it comes to platforming in quick bursts, The Floor Is Lava is one of the few obby-style games to require skill and precision. The short rounds are challenging enough, requiring newer players to have a bit of luck to win. But it is simple enough to learn how to play that you can rather quickly become a pro while earning some awesome rewards in the process.


Question: Is it OK to be a noob in Roblox?

Answer: I actually find it quite sad that this is a commonly asked question that I found on Google. But the honest answer is that, yes, it is totally OK to be a noob in Roblox. Everyone started out as a noob — I certainly did — and it is only natural. You can improve over time. In fact, being a noob is a positive thing because it shows that you wish to explore new things.

Question: How do you become a pro in Pet Simulator?

Answer: Pet Simulator X is a simple enough game, but you can become a pro by first learning the grind and how the game works. The experience is largely rinse and repeat of the same activities you learn in the first five or so areas. At that point, I recommend getting a helping hand in some endgame pets to skip some of the dull grinds.

Question: What games do noobs play on Roblox?

Answer: I see a lot of newer players playing games like Murder Mystery 2, Banana Eats, Royale High, Adopt Me, Natural Disaster Survival, Tornado Alley, The Floor Is Lava, and Tower of Hell. If you want to find games that are welcoming to noobs, those are the places to go.

Where to Become a Pro in Roblox

There are so many games all over Roblox where you can go from a noob to a pro. Admittedly, there are some games that are a lot easier than others when it comes to doing this. Still, there are a few titles that I will always recommend to brand-new Roblox players. One such game is none other than Murder Mystery 2.

Murder Mystery 2, as I mentioned earlier, was my first ever Roblox game. That is the case for a lot of players, too, as it is one of the simpler and more popular experiences out there. It works, too, since there are only three roles you need to worry about, and learning them is relatively straightforward. It is mastering those systems, though, that takes time and effort. Even still, Murder Mystery 2 is the best game to start out as a noob and eventually become a murdering (and/or surviving) pro.

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