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Project Lazarus is one of the most entertaining games around, and if survival shooters are your thing, you should definitely check it out. The particular Roblox experience draws its entire premise from the Zombie mode of “Call of Duty,” and it challenges participants to stay alive while fending off hordes of the undead.

Among the reasons I appreciate this game so much is that there are not only many weapons to pick from, but you also are required to use your brain to stay alive. Understandably, to get better in Project Lazarus and survive more waves, one of the most important things you must work on is developing a good strategy.

The following section is a comprehensive guide covering the essentials of Project Lazarus and building a solid strategy.

Bottom Line Up Front

Multiple aspects, including your chosen playing style, will influence the strategy’s creation. In my view, you must plan in accordance with the gameplay of your teammates, as coordination is essential for outlasting the zombies. 

You should begin by familiarizing yourself with the fundamentals of the game, such as the kinds of weapons, perks available, the point system, and so on. Once you’ve grasped the basics of Project Lazarus, you’ll be able to proceed with the process of devising a strategy to help you survive more waves.

The Basics of Project Lazarus Explained

Although knowing everything about the game will not make you a better player, you should have a general understanding. As per my perspective, the following are the most fundamental information that you need to be aware of:

Types of Weapons

Sniper Rifles
Sniper Rifles From Roblox Fandom

Akin to other first-person shooters, the use of weapons is crucial to your success in Project Lazarus. You start off with a Pistol and soon can get your hands on firearms of numerous unique categories. 

When choosing between the different kinds of weapons, I like to use ones that are well-balanced, and I’ve always been a big lover of assault rifles. Short descriptions of the various types of weaponry are provided below:

  • Handguns: Perfect for the early stages of Project Lazarus. They can be helpful for killing zombies in close-range encounters. 
  • Submachine Guns (SMGs): High fire rate with moderate damage. You can use them to quickly take down zombies in the near vicinity.
  • Assault Rifles (ARs): Balanced firearms best suited for mid-range combat. They are stable and deal good damage when used correctly.
  • Shotguns (SGs): These are the most effective guns when zombies are very close to you. Have great damage but are useless if fighting zombies in long range. 
  • Sniper Rifles (SRs): Great damage to quickly kill zombies. They are only impactful in mid to long-range fights and do not work well in close quarters.
  • Light Machine Guns (LMGs): Firearms with a high magazine capacity and good damage. Beneficial if you enjoy holding angles and spraying down zombies.
  • Launchers: This type consists of projectile weapons that you must use accurately. If shots are connected, significant damage is dealt to the undead.  
  • Wonder Weapons: These are the best weapons in Project Lazarus, and they can completely change the game in your favor. Have tremendous damage and are a force to be reckoned with.


Perks can be considered a type of unique ability that can be used to your advantage. I believe they play an important role in the overall gameplay of the game, and you must choose the right one to increase your chances of advancing with more waves.

As of this writing, there are five different Perks accessible in Project Lazarus, which you can obtain by using the Perk Machines scattered throughout the map. It is worth remembering that you must turn on the power switch to activate the Perk Machines and gain access to the different Perks available.

Specifics about all the Perks within the Roblox experience are provided below: 

Quick Revive

  • Cost: 1500 Points
  • Effect/Use: With Quick Revive in use, you will be able to revive downed teammates twice as fast. Also, the health regeneration delay will be halved. 

Double Tap Root Beer

Double Tap Root Beer
Double Tap Root Beer From Roblox Fandom
  • Cost: 2000 Points
  • Effect/Use: if you have Double Tap Root Beer, the fire rate for all firearms increases by 18%. Furthermore, each round fired fires two bullets, meaning that double damage is dealt if both connect.


  • Cost: 2500 Points
  • Effect/Use: Within Juggernog, your health will significantly rise from 100 to 200. As a result, instead of three hits, you would be knocked down in five, greatly assisting you in the survival.

Speed Cola

Speed Cola
Image From Speed Cola Fandom
  • Cost: 3000 Points
  • Effect/Use: Speed Cola will make the guns twice as fast. Moreover, the barriers will end up getting repaired 87.5% more quickly. 

Mule Kick

  • Cost: 4000 Points
  • Effect/Use: Mule Kick will give you access to a third weapon slot. With this particular perk, you can carry one more weapon. 

You should remain aware that you can have up to four Perks at once, which will all last until you are taken down. If you get knocked, they will be lost.


Points are practically the in-game currency that is obtainable in Project Lazarus. They have tremendous importance inside the Roblox experience, and you need to make strategic use of them to succeed.

You may essentially utilize the accumulated points to purchase weapons and perks, as well as make use of various utilities, such as clearing out debris and more. You can also spend these points to refill the ammo of your weapon.

Due to the fact that I have a lot of experience playing tactical shooters in the past, I am aware of how to appropriately conserve and maintain the economy of the points. You will also need to have a good understanding of them if you wish to devise a good strategy. 


Nuclear Bomb
Image From Roblox Fandom

Powerups are temporary boosts that have a slight possibility of being dropped by zombies after they have been slain. They emerge as orbs and can be collected by anyone who touches them, including players who have been knocked down on the ground.

Listed below are the different ones in Project Lazarus: 

  • Carpenter: Rebuilds all barriers on the map and awards 200 points to every user. Instant use after getting picked up.
  • Double points: For 30 seconds, double points are gained by everyone.
  • Insta-kill: You can your teammates can kill zombies with one shot. The powerup works for 30 seconds.
  • Max ammo: This restores the ammo for everyone and is used by instantly.
  • Nuclear Bomb: It kills all the zombies who spawn before the powerup appears. 400 points is distributed to all the participants. 

The Nuclear Bomb and Insta-kill are my favorite ones in Project Lazarus as they can help you in the procedure of easily killing zombies. 

Pack-a-Punch Machine

Within Project Lazarus, the guns are able to undergo additional upgrades, which improves their overall functionality. To accomplish the same task, you will need to use the Pack-a-Punch machine, which will set you back 5000 points.

The improved version of each weapon will be given a new name, and it will have a special neon glow. However, similar to the Perk Machines, you will have to enable the power to become eligible for using the Pack-a-Punch machine. 

Points for Project Lazarus Strategy

1) Playing safe and surviving 

After you are spawned in Project Lazarus, you basically start up with 500 points and have to work your way up. Accordingly, charging headfirst into the zombies in search of kills might not be the wisest course of action. This might end up getting you knocked down quickly as you might not have the required guns, perks, and more. 

Instead, I recommend holding back and playing it safe until you have gathered enough points to purchase better firearms. By doing so, you will not only increase your chances of surviving and contributing to the success of your team, but you will also ensure a healthy economy of points.

Even though playing in a non-aggressive manner is not enjoyable for many individuals, it is a beneficial play style. If you incorporate it into your gameplay, you will almost certainly become a better player in Project Lazarus. Despite getting used to the same could take some time, you’ll have no trouble picking up the particular style of play. 

2) Holdings angles and zombie spawn points

Holdings angles and zombie spawn points

Controlling/Holding angles of attack as your team watches your back could be the most effective strategy for moving forward in Project Lazarus. This is something I’ve been following because it fully organizes the gameplay by assigning each member of the squad a certain angular position to fight out the zombies. 

You also need to have a basic notion of the zombie spawn points and must immediately begin eliminating the zombies that are spawning out while simultaneously proceeding to rebuild the barriers.

The particular point additionally coincides with the previously mentioned aspect of playing it safe since holding angles is not exactly aggressive and is often seen to be a style of gameplay that is classified to be passive. 

3) Saving points for the Pack-a-Punch machine

As you progress through more waves, the Pack-a-Punch machine and the enhanced weapons will definitely end up becoming the critical factor for your survival. Basically, the difficulty level will continue to climb, and having upgraded weapons will make eradicating zombies easier.

Consequently, I will give you a piece of advice to set aside enough points. Later, you can buy a weapon that meets your needs and then upgrade it so that you have the most potent firearm possible for yourself.

4) Choosing the correct Perks

Mule Kick
Mule Kick From Roblox Fandom

Considering that you can equip a maximum of 4 perks at once, it is imperative that you do everything in your power to make sure that all of the available slots are filled. This is due to the fact that the perks are super useful, and having them can make a significant impact when you are fighting.

My recommended four perks are Mule Kick, Speed Cola, Juggernog, and Quick Revive. If you want, you can use Double Tap Root Beer instead of Quick Revive, but I go ahead with the latter as it enables me to quickly get back my teammates into the match. 

5) Having a good secondary weapon 

It’s certain that the primary weapon in your hand will assist you in eliminating zombies, but what will happen if you suddenly run out of ammunition? Hence, I believe that one of the most important things you must do in Project Lazarus is to have a solid backup weapon.

Because secondary weapons are used most of the time when zombies are closing in on you, it is obvious that you have to choose a gun that is useful for close-quarters combat. Shotguns and submachine guns are highly recommended by me as secondary weapons, as I find that both types of weaponry are very effective.

6) Repairing barriers

Playing safe and surviving 

Working to quickly repair different barriers is another viable strategy. As mentioned in the second point (Holding angles and zombie spawn points), you must get the barriers repaired as soon as possible. I generally have the Speed Cola Perk equipped, so it is easier for me to complete that task.

Suppose you get the Carpenter power-up dropped down. In that case, it will simplify things for you as the barriers will be repaired automatically. However, getting the power-up isn’t guaranteed, and there is a slight chance of receiving it.

Once barriers have been repaired, the danger posed to you will be reduced. It is for this reason that it is recommended to have them repaired.

7) Co-op gameplay is a must

Co-op, as you may already know, refers to the term cooperative. With Project Lazarus being PvE (Players versus Enemies), it requires you to go hand in hand with the other users/teammates to achieve the common goal of taking down the zombies. For the same, you will have to formulate a strategy with the other player to have the most optimal performance.

Generally speaking, the central chokepoints/key areas where guns and perks are received have to be held. The team must also have each other’s backs to ensure that if someone is knocked down, they get revived. I mainly prefer to hold the corridors and make zombie trains (having them lined up) as it is an effective way to keeping the zombies out of the tracks of your teammates.

8) Strategy based on the maps

Strategy based on the maps

You will have to also strategize depending on the map you are on. Here are the different things you can keep in mind regarding the two maps present in Project Lazarus: 


Research is among the two maps available in Project Lazarus. It is primarily divided into three sections, separated by long corridors. The main strategy you have to form around the map is to optimally use the special teleporters that the developers have made available. 

Moreover, you must clear up the debris swiftly while working on getting the power back up. Both tasks are necessary since they provide more room for you to work with. Apart from this, you should avoid getting cornered in a room as it would be tough to get out without the help of a teammate.


Graduation is the fan-favorite map within the Project Lazarus community. It is based on a school and is straightforward and fun at the same time. You will be able to find two different spawns separated by an electric door that can only be opened if the light switch is activated.

Hence, the first thing you should do on this map is to activate the light switch. This will allow you to open the door and connect to the other side easily.

You can then proceed to find the Mule Kick machine and take control of the strategic locations on the map, such as the Upper Library Area, Janitor’s Room and more. Once you have locked down your positions, you can continue to hold them through the different waves.

9) Strategy of Training


In this context, training doesn’t actually mean practicing but actually refers to the act of being followed by a train of zombies. It is beneficial in the early waves and crucial in the late game because it reduces your risk of getting knocked down. Training will prevent you from getting cornered by zombies and allow you to farm some kills.

Accordingly, you must learn the art of training the zombies to improve your gameplay in Project Lazarus. It wasn’t easy to understand and adapt for me when I had started playing. Regardless, I got the hang of it with experience.

Bonus Tips

1) Get better at headshots

When it comes to dealing more damage to zombies in Project Lazarus, headshots are unquestionably the most efficient strategy. It will take some time for you to become more accurate with your aim in the game, but once you improve, you will be able to kill the zombies that are approaching you in an effortless manner.

Therefore, you should begin refining your aim to become more adept at headshots. 

2) Use powerups correctly

Powerups, much like perks, are of significant relevance within the context of Project Lazarus. You will need to have a good sense of timing in order to make optimal use of the powerups, as these will mainly be useful during the waves of zombies.

Because the powerups disappear after a period of thirty seconds, you have to make sure that none of them are gone to waste. You need to make use of them before they go away to get the particular benefits. 

General FAQs about Project Lazarus

Question: How to play Project Lazarus properly?

Answer: The manner in which you play Project Lazarus is primarily determined by personal preference, and there is no perfect way to do it. However, as I have indicated above, playing safe rather than going on a kill hunt is strongly recommended. 
Playing aggressively has its own set of benefits, but it also increases the likelihood that you will be eliminated quickly, which will harm the overall performance of the team. It will also put more pressure on the other teammates and could get them wiped out. 

Question: What is the best weapon to use in Project Lazarus? 

Answer: Frostbite is, in my opinion, the most potent weapon in Project Lazarus, and it is possible to acquire it through the Mystery box (which costs 950 points). The gun boasts impressive statistics in terms of damage, and it also has an adequate magazine capacity of 6 rounds.
Aside from that, Ray Gun is arguably the second-best (many consider it the best) weapon. Both of these can further be upgraded using the Pack-a-Punch machine. 

Question: Which are other games like Project Lazarus?

Answer: There are numerous other Roblox shooter games such as Phantom Forces which you can try out. I feel MMC Zombies Project would be the most suitable alternative to Project Lazarus as it features numerous similar aspects. 


Creating strategies for Project Lazarus is not easy, but you will have to make them in order to get better at the game. Keeping the points mentioned above in mind, you can play safe, collect points and get better weapons to take down the zombies.

If you enjoyed reading this article, you could also check out our ‘Project Lazarus Weapons Guide‘ to become aware of all the firearms available within the game. You may also go ahead and check out the ‘Games’ section on the website to learn more about the other Roblox experiences. 

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