Conquerors 3 Vehicle Guide: All Vehicles Explained

Conquerors 3 is all about taking command of the entire battlefield. What I’ve noticed in the game since starting playing it more than three years ago is that a lot of players are understandably overwhelmed by the different types of vehicles that exist. There are so many different vehicles that you can use in the game that it can be confusing and even scary trying to figure out what to use. Hopefully, my Conquerors 3 vehicle guide can help with this matter.

You see, your vehicles are some of the most critical units you will use in Conquerors 3. They are usually much faster or more powerful, or both, than the simple soldiers that you use in battle. Many of the vehicles that you use in the real-time strategy Roblox game can turn the tides of battle with ease. That is why it is so crucial that you learn about each of the different vehicle types and how to best use them in combat. After all, you won’t have too much time to figure them out in a match. Thankfully, this Conquerors 3 vehicle guide can help with all of that.

Bottom Line Up Front

Several different types of vehicles exist in Conquerors 3. I would categorize them as follows: land vehicles, air vehicles, naval vehicles, space vehicles, and transport ones. There are more than 20 vehicular units that you can find in The Conquerors 3, divided up into these different groups as you can see all of them below:

  • Aircraft Carrier
  • Anti-Air Tank
  • Battleship
  • Destroyer
  • Explosive Tank
  • General
  • Gunboat
  • Heavy Tank
  • Heavy Plane
  • Helicopter
  • Humvee
  • Jeep
  • Light Plane
  • Light Tank
  • Meditruck
  • Mothership
  • Oil Ship
  • Space Fighter
  • Stealth Bomber
  • Submarine
  • Transport Plane
  • Transport Ship

All Conquerors 3 Vehicles Explained

There are many units that you can command in The Conquerors 3. Some of the most critical units, honestly the ones that I use the most in the RTS game, are the vehicles. Though many of them take a good while to unlock in a match and plenty of resources, they are more than worth it.

Just like in the real world, the vehicles in The Conquerors 3 are capable of so much more than what the regular troops can do on their own. While soldiers can get the job done sometimes, if you want to truly excel in battle, you’ll want some of these vehicles.

Vehicles are divided up into a few different categories, including land vehicles, naval ones, air, space, and transport. The land vehicles are your basic tanks and jeeps that roam around on land. There isn’t anything too special or extravagant to them. Still, they are valuable assets for your army in a match, nonetheless.

When it comes to naval vehicles, these are your ships and other units that will take you to the seas. Some of these have some really unique traits to them, such as in the case of the submarine, making these units some of the most important that you will find in the game.

The air vehicles are few in number, but they are essential to quickly dominating the battlefield from a perspective that some players may not think to tackle. The same goes for space vehicles, of which there are only two to date, but they are on an unrivaled power level.

Last but not least, there are transport vehicles. While many of the ones on this list are involved in combat directly, transport vehicles are typically for the primary purpose of moving your standard soldiers around more quickly.

Some transport vehicles can be used in combat to defend themselves, but this isn’t their primary purpose, so they undoubtedly pale compared to the offensively-focused units.

To help you out, I have come up with all of the vehicles that you will find in The Conquerors 3. There are more than 20 total vehicle unit types that you can find in the game, which can make the situation overwhelming for some newer players.

If you find yourself unsure what a vehicle does or which one to use in the right situation, you’re in the right place. Below, you’ll find detailed info about how every single vehicle works, what they are great for in combat, and how to acquire it for your army.

Aircraft Carrier

Aircraft Carrier Conqueror 3
Image from The Conquerors Fandom

When it comes to the juggernaut of your naval fleet and, honestly, your entire army, the Aircraft Carrier is one of your superstar units. As you might expect, this is a massive ship capable of carrying around vessels with huge groups onboard at once.

More important than that, though, is the fact that the Aircraft Carrier can even create some airplanes, too. It is an immensely valuable piece of your army that you want in the middle of the waters, near the enemy base, constantly supplying your team with firepower and new vehicles.

You can create an Aircraft Carrier for $400 through the Naval Shipyard building. The immense buff that it also gives to nearby units makes this one of the best vehicles to get early on in a match.

Anti-Air Tank

Players can build the Anti-Air Tank through the Tank Factory for $90. The relatively cheap price betrays that this is one of your best defensive vehicles against the forces in the sky. It can be pretty hard to take down planes and space vehicles, which is why you want the Anti-Air Tank on your side.

That said, there are some drawbacks to this vehicle, mainly its barely average speed and lower health than some of its tank pals. Still, this is a valuable source of protection against players who use a lot of aerial vehicles.


Battleship Conquerors 3
Image from The Conquerors Fandom

Within the Naval Shipyard, you can create the Battleship for $150, which is a moderate price for a ship. This is your middle-of-the-road naval ship, balanced firmly between the other vehicles in its class. While it may not be the insane master-of-all-trades that the Aircraft Carrier is, it can do a little bit of everything.

It is rather powerful and has a decent enough defensive stat to keep it in the fight for a proper enough period of time. Unfortunately, like the Aircraft Carrier, its main negative is its slower speed.


For the most part, as you can tell in the name, the Destroyer is your primary weapon when it comes to taking down other enemy ships. It is fast enough that it can outpace some of the other ships, and it has some solid damage.

What I appreciate about the Destroyer is that it is one of the only units that you can use to take down a Submarine in the game, which is so insanely valuable. Furthermore, it has an anti-air turret onboard, so that means you can use it against enemy planes, too. Grab it for only $90 in the Naval Shipyard.

Explosive Tank

Explosive Tank Conquerors
Image from The Conquerors Fandom

When using the Tank Factory, you can build yourself an Explosive Tank for $60. If you’re looking for one of the most volatile, riskiest, and worst units around in the game, this is the one. In the right hands, the Explosive Tank is a vehicle whose sole goal is to blow itself up.

After exploding, it is gone for good, and you’ll have to build another one if you want it. In a true master’s hands, this can be a powerful way of destroying enemy structures instantly. Still, the risk is too significant for most players. I don’t recommend spending your money on this one.


The General might sound like an officer solder unit, but oddly enough, that isn’t the case. It is an officer but in a vehicle of all things. There are a lot of negatives that follow the General, like the fact that he is easily destroyed in battles and he doesn’t do all that much damage on his own.

That said, the real benefit comes from keeping the General in the back as he buffs the nearby soldiers by 50%. That is a worthy buff, so long as he has enough protection. You can get the General for $170 in the Fort.


Gunboat Conquerors 3
Image from The Conquerors Fandom

The least expensive ship in the Naval Shipyard is the Gunboat for a measly $65 each. These Gunboats are relatively fast and strong at dealing quick attacks but can be destroyed relatively easily, too. In this way, they are like glass cannons that you have to use sparingly when possible.

The Gunboats are, by and large, your early-round naval ship unit. They are the most useful when you can quickly get them in and out of the battle before your opponent gets the more powerful units out. It can be helpful in later parts of the match, but only when paired with other valuable ships.

Heavy Tank

For $90 in the Tank Factory, you can nab yourself a Heavy Tank unit. While a little bit slow, I would say that the Heavy Tank is one of the most common and popular vehicles around. When it comes to land vehicles, this is the one I use the most when I’m in the middle of a match.

It is one of the strongest units around, capable of taking out most units in the game from land to sea to air. There are some exceptions, but most units will falter before the Heavy Tank. This is one unit that you should get very comfortable with.

Heavy Plane

Heavy Plane Conquerors 3
Image from The Conquerors Fandom

Within an Airport or Aircraft Carrier, you can make a Heavy Plane for only $90. These planes are like the Heavy Tank in that they are great at taking out almost every single unit in the game, including even the spacecraft, but not submarines.

They are vulnerable to anti-air systems, so beware of that, but these are some of the best around for quick attacks on the enemy base. I use them quite a lot when I can, especially when I’m playing with a team, since they can be your aerial vanguards in a way.


The Helicopter is one of the few transport units in The Conquerors 3 that can defend itself, making it one of the cheaper and more valuable transporters in the game. For only $70, you can make this in the Airport or Aircraft Carrier and start sending your troops in for close-up battles.

It is strong enough to fight on its own. Still, it has relatively low health for whatever reason, which can be bothering for some players since this is supposed to be a transport unit.


humvee conqueror 3
Image from The Conquerors Fandom

The Fort is where you are able to make the Humvee land vehicle for $85. This is supposed to be a transport vehicle for up to six soldiers at once. What it lacks in strength, it makes up for in terms of speed and utility as a transport vehicle.

The soldiers riding in it can still attack, and they even survive if the Humvee is destroyed, unlike vehicles like the Helicopter. Though the Humvee is a solid land transport vehicle, I typically only use it in the early parts of a match to maybe somewhere around the middle. I prefer some of the other transports later on.


The Humvee’s little sibling is the cheaper Jeep at only $55 in the Fort building creation. When you first start out in a round, the Jeep is decently practical at being able to carry around four soldiers relatively fast. Of course, like the Humvee, the soldiers can fight to defend the vehicle.

The Jeep should only be used at the beginning of a match if you can’t afford the Humvee. I always try to go for the Humvee if I can because it is a better unit overall for not much more money.

Light Plane

Light Plane conqueror 3
Image from The Conquerors Fandom

Created by the Aircraft Carrier or the Airport for $70, the Light Plane is the cruddy version of the Heavy Plane. I praised the Heavy Plane for being one of the best units in The Conquerors 3, while the Light Plane is one of the worst. Don’t even bother trying to use this one in battle.

The reason behind this is that the Light Plane is a barely cheaper and less powerful version of the Heavy Plane. If you can afford this vehicle, you can save a little more money and get the Heavy Plane. Sure, the Light Plane might be a little faster, but its utility and defense are meh.

Light Tank

Within the Tank Factory, you can get the most basic tank of them all in the Light Tank for $70. This baby is relatively slow, but it benefits from the fact that it can at least attack every single enemy unit except the submarine. Admittedly, the Light Tank is an alright unit that you can use.

But like in the Light Plane situation, you are better off saving a few more dollars up and getting yourself a Heavy Tank instead. Why settle for a just okay unit in a match when you could have the Heavy Tank, the very best that Conquerors 3 has to offer?


meditruck conqueror 3
Image from The Conquerors Fandom

The Meditruck is one of the most unique vehicles that you will find in The Conquerors 3. It can transport soldiers around, similar to the situation that you have with the Jeep and Humvee. The difference here, though, is that it heals the soldiers that are inside of it.

In practice, the Meditruck is best used in situations where someone needs to retreat and heal up but not trek all the way back to base. In this way, I think a Meditruck is a great fit for any army but don’t go beyond having only one or two of these on your team at once. It costs $90 at the Fort.


One of only two space vehicles in Conquerors 3 at this point, you will need the expensive and tough to acquire Space Link to produce this vehicle for a whopping $420. Though expensive, they are worth it for the fast speed and ability to create Space Fighters, the other spaceship.

In the later parts of a match, the Mothership should be the unit you should be saving up for. This unit can produce so many Space Fighters, which will be invaluable in taking out most of the enemy’s units. You can even heal up Space Fighters in this unit and carry them around the map with ease with the Mothership.

Oil Ship

Oil Ship conqueror 3
Image from The Conquerors Fandom

One of the cheapest vehicle units in the entire game is the Oil Ship at only $35 in the Naval Shipyard. The only goal for the Oil Ship is to move around the water and find an oil spot to create an Oil Rig. This will generate some passive income that will boost your chances of making more money.

What I recommend is to make yourself an Oil Ship right at the start of the match and start gaining some extra income to make the most of it. This should be the first thing that you do on water-based maps. Just make sure to keep an eye on your Oil Ships and Rigs, as enemies will smartly go after them.

Space Fighter

The other ship in the space fleet is the Space Fighter, otherwise known as the space vehicle that does all of the talking for you. You can make it in the Mothership or Space Link for $130 each. Sure, you could try to wait until the end of the match to have a ton of these on your team, but I recommend getting them as soon as possible.

The earlier that you have some Space Fighters on your side, the sooner that you will be able to decimate your foes’ armies. All of the stats of the Space Fighter are superior to most units in the game. It’s fast, deadly, and so versatile in battle. The Space Fighter is unequivocally the best air vehicle and the second-best overall unit in the entire game.

Stealth Bomber

Image from The Conquerors Fandom

The Stealth Bomber is a tale of two different stories here. Firstly, it is the fastest and most powerful unit in the entire game. However, this comes at a cost of having almost no health at all. You can destroy this unit almost instantly if you fight it.

But the benefit is that very few units can take down the Stealth Bomber, making it quite useful in the early to middle parts of a match when few players have a counter for it. It can get in there quietly and swiftly, taking out some buildings and units in the process. Unfortunately, it’ll cost you $150 to make one at the Airport or Aircraft Carrier.


The naval counterpart to the Stealth Bomber is the Submarine. Costing $110 in the Naval Shipyard, this is one of the more bizarre units in the game. I don’t dislike the Submarine, but I hardly use it or recommend it to players.

It sounds good at first, being fast, invisible most of the time, and only capable of being destroyed by fellow Submarines or a Destroyer ship. In theory, it is great for taking out Oil Rigs and other naval armies, but I find that most solid players account for Submarines these days. As such, it can be hard to recommend making one when you could just go for a more direct battle approach that typically works better for me.

Transport Plane

Transport Plane conqueror 3
Image from The Conquerors Fandom

For the Transport Plane, it is not at all about dealing damage. Though it has no firepower, it is one of the best transports around. Not only is it fast and large, but it can also carry both soldiers and tanks. Load it up with up to six Heavy Tanks, and you have some massive units ready to fight.

The benefit of the Transport Plane comes later in a match when you are ready to send out your Heavy Tanks to dominate the battlefield but need them to get there relatively fast. Doing so will cost you $125 in an Airport or Aircraft Carrier in order to make the Transport Plane.

Transport Ship

The Transport Ship is the same as the Transport Plane — with only a few minor differences — but for the sea. One key difference is that it costs only $60 to build this ship in the Naval Shipyard. It can also carry up to six soldiers and tanks at a decent speed on the water.

The Transport Ship’s cheap price makes it a more viable transportation option early in a match. Still, the sea-only nature makes it a little bit more vulnerable. In addition, maps that don’t have a lot of water will render this otherwise solid transport option obsolete.

FAQs about The Conquerors 3 Vehicle Guide

Question: What does the Submarine do in The Conquerors 3? 

Answer: The Submarine is your stealth bomber in the sea, able to avoid all unit types except two. It is best used for quickly going underwater, taking out enemy ships or Oil Rigs, and then dipping out.

Question: How do you make troops in Conquerors 3 Roblox?

Answer: You can make troops in The Conquerors 3 Roblox game by first creating buildings like the Fort, Barracks, and more. Once you buy these, you can spend more money to bring in troops to fight for you. Some troops and units require you to research as well before you can unlock them.

Question: What does a General do in Conquerors 3? 

Answer: The General is a vehicle that sees an officer commanding a car. The General is mainly there as a support unit that buffs everyone around with 50% more damage, best used in large-scale fights near the middle to end of a match.

What to Do Next in Conquerors 3

While you are playing The Conquerors 3 in Roblox, vehicles should be one of your primary focuses for your army. These are the units that will be your best friend when it comes to most combat scenarios. Since they are built for every type of situation, they excel when it comes to moving around the field swiftly and/or in a robust manner.

Vehicles will be your best friends if you want to take command of the battlefield. You need to know what type of battlefield you are on. There are many different game modes in Conquerors 3, and some vehicles are better suited for specific game modes than others. As such, you can find everything you need to know about the different modes in the game here.

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