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One of my personal favorite genres of games in Roblox is pet collectors games. Games that allow you to collect a whole bunch of monsters, creatures, and cute little animals are my go-to in Roblox since they feed into my love for Pokemon, Digimon, and Atlus games. I have played a lot of pet-themed games like Adopt Me since starting Roblox in 2016. Still, one has alluded me until recently: Pet Simulator X. That makes this Pet Simulator X guide especially exciting.

Admittedly, I usually leave my Roblox gaming to what my family and friends are currently playing. And no one has really touched this game, despite the overwhelming popularity that it has. Well, it turns out that Pet Simulator X is not only an amazing game, but I quickly became a master of it in only a couple of weeks. I’ll show you how to hack the system and become an insane hacker like me, plus everything else you need to know in this Pet Simulator X guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Pet Simulator X is one of the premier experiences that you can find in Roblox for those looking to collect all of the pets that you could possibly have. With more than 1000 pets to date and dozens of worlds to explore, there is a lot to love about the simplistic and relaxed gameplay of this title. It is all about upgrading, collecting more currency, and trading with other players. It is through trading that you can get better pets than you should have and quickly progress through the game with ease. Only a year and a half old with about five billion visits to date, this is one of the hottest new Roblox games around.

Pet Simulator X Overview

I’ll be upfront and clear with you guys because that’s how it should be. Usually, when I write about a Roblox game on our site, I’ve been playing it for months on end. Still, I’m surprisingly new to Pet Simulator X, which is understandable since it is barely over a year old at this point. However, I was able to take advantage of the relatively straightforward progression system and reach the endgame in only one day.

From there, I was able to amass a collection of most of the pets that exist in the Roblox experience over the last couple of weeks. In a short period of time, I would honestly consider myself a master of Pet Simulator X, regularly ranking in the top one or two spots in every server that I join now.

This is by far the quickest I have ever mastered a Roblox game, and it is pretty easy to do. You see, the general idea of Pet Simulator X is all about collecting pets to add to your collection. The developer is great at adding new areas and creatures to collect consistently.

To this point, there is an insane amount of content that you can find in the game currently. Well over 1000 pets in total exist in Pet Simulator X, plus the dozens upon dozens of areas you can visit along your journey to the end of the game.

Unlike other simulator games, though, Pet Simulator X is a bit more involved in terms of gameplay and your adventure. I like this about the game as it can appeal to a wide range of players, from those who just want a relaxing experience to those who wish to grind hardcore until they have everything and anything you can own.

I would even argue that Pet Simulator X is probably the best pure pet experience in all of Roblox since it focuses on it entirely, unlike something like Adopt Me, which divides its attention between multiple gameplay systems. It also helps that this is one of the most surprisingly accessible grindy games around. Here’s what you need to know to master it, too.

Gameplay Explained

Pet Simulator X Overview

For starters, there is the general gameplay that Pet Simulator X has going on. You have your running, jumping, and general interactions, and that is it. The main idea here is to have your pets do the talking for you. When you start the game, you pick one of three starters like in Pokemon.

You can name them, and then you are off to the races to do whatever you like with your pets. The problem that you face here is that the game doesn’t do anything to explain itself at this point. There is no tutorial, no quest-giving NPC, and no explanation whatsoever of what you do in this game.

All you know is that you have a single pet, a vast (mostly locked) world in front of you, and that is it. Thankfully, this is where I come in. When you first start Pet Simulator X and pick your pet, you will find yourself in the opening area.

This is a wide open range with tons of gold and diamonds scattered throughout the area. At the end of the area is a locked gate that clearly points to the following location that you can unlock. With your single pet, it is your job to collect as much gold and diamonds as you can to reach the next area.

How to Start Collecting Gold and Diamonds

Pet Simulator X How To Start Collecting Gold And Diamonds

At the start of Pet Simulator X, your goal should be to collect gold and diamond in large quantities. To do this, approach any pile of gold or diamond, and click on it. When you do so, your singular pet partner will go over there and start attacking it.

This is the gist of the Pet Simulator X gameplay. Click on piles of currency and have your pets mine away at it as you collect. What you will see is that it can take a minute or two for your pet to destroy the entire pile, depending on how big it is and how relatively new your pet is.

All you need to do while your pet does the hard work is run around collecting the items as they drop. You should remember that the items will not automatically come to you (at least at first in the game), so you must manually run over the items to pick them up.

This is the grind that you will immediately find in Pet Simulator X. You will go from pile to chest to vault and crates, all mashing away at them until you have a ton of gold and diamonds collected. Besides this, you should also keep an eye on the loot bags icon on the top of your screen.

You can receive free loot bags from the game every few minutes daily. These are your primary source of income in Pet Simulator X when you first start out. I remember starting the game, and after five minutes, I had about a thousand gold and maybe 40 diamonds.

But after five minutes, you can collect your first free loot bag, and my diamonds shot up to a couple of thousand while my gold reached nearly 40,000 in total. While it may seem monotonous and difficult at first, this initial boost is a welcome part that instantly makes the game a lot more fun and easier.

How to Get Your First Egg and Pet

Pet Simulator How to Get Your First Egg and Pet

Once you have your first loot bag and have collected some currency, you are ready for your first new pet. You see, you can equip up to four pets at once in the game, which I highly recommend reaching the max of as soon as possible.

I would even prioritize this over unlocking upgrades and new areas (more on these in a bit). Go back to the spawn point in the game, and you will find a row of eggs you can buy. You should have access to four eggs at the start of the game.

These range from only a couple of hundred gold to nearly 10,000 gold for a single egg. At this point, I recommend just focusing on getting three new pets so that you can maximize your output when mining for items. After earning my first loot bag, I bought the second-most expensive egg in this first area.

It cost almost 3,000 for each egg, so I was spending nearly 9,000 for three of them, but I still had plenty of money left over for other objectives. The eggs instantly hatch after buying them, and you can start using those pets immediately. Unfortunately, the game names them for you automatically for whatever reason. With a complete set of pets, it’s time to move on to the next system in Pet Simulator X.


Pet Simulator Upgrades

Upgrades are unlocked in a couple of areas into Pet Simulator X. This is a system that you may not even know about for the first time that you play the Roblox game, depending on how far your progress. Upgrades are passive changes that help you to do better in the game overall.

There are a few different passive upgrades, some for your character and others for your pets as a whole. These upgrades use up your precious diamonds and are the first place where you will need this initially elusive currency, so I recommend picking and choosing upgrades wisely.

Of the numerous upgrades that you can spend your diamonds on, there are a few that I recommend over the others. First up, there is orb reach. Orbs is the name for the drops that you get when you are mining for currency. That is the general term for the drops that include items like diamonds and gold.

Orb reach means the distance that you have to be from the drops to automatically pick them up. The higher your reach, the further you can be from an item that is on the ground to pick it up. This might not be the most immediately useful ability, but it is helpful when you are mining across the map.

You could have some pets tackling one chest while a couple of other pets are taking on another one. Meanwhile, you could stand in between the two places and collect items from both of them at the same time. Another major upgrade has to do with your player speed so that you go faster.

Of course, you want to maximize your diamonds potential. Hence, it is imperative that you upgrade the number of diamonds that you receive when your pets are destroying piles of currency. Lastly, any of the upgrades regarding your pets are welcome here.

Increasing the strength of your pets and the speed will ensure that you are swiftly and securely blasting away at these piles and receiving the most currency possible in the shortest amount of time. Outside of that, upgrades like storage and the like can wait until you have these main ones taken care of first.

Unlocking New Areas

Pet Simulator Unlocking New Areas

After hatching your first pet in the game by buying an egg, the next step that you should take is unlocking the second area of Pet Simulator X. This costs 10,000 gold to accomplish, which should be pretty easy to do once you receive your first free loot bag for playing for five minutes.

Once you get to this new area, you will find larger chests, crates, and piles of money laying around on the ground for you to then collect with your pets. This is the general idea of the progression system in Pet Simulator X. You grind for currency in the area that you are currently in until you have enough to unlock the following location.

From there, you grind once again until you unlock the next gate and so on. It always costs the main currency in that area, like gold, and each area will cost significantly more than the last one. The prices grow exponentially over time, though, and there come some inevitable walls that you will hit in the game.

It isn’t long before you go from areas costing tens of thousands of gold to hundreds of thousands of gold to millions and beyond. Before long, you will forget about the entire fact that you were once struggling to get a few hundred and gold and realize that you are now dealing with millions and millions of gold in every single stack that you destroy.

The progression of Pet Simulator X is straightforward, but it can also be brutal. I will admit that the game does a great job of at least guiding the player to the next step quite easily and helping you to have only a minimal amount of time grinding in each location before moving on.

But it can get a little bit grindy in some parts of the game, requiring you to spend an hour or two in some areas, which can get understandably tiresome and boring. If you don’t like grinding for hours of repetitive gameplay where you aren’t actively doing that much yourself, this may not be the game for you. Unless you, of course, use the shortcut that I have for you down below.


Pet Simulator Teleportation

Over time, you will unlock many new areas that you find in Pet Simulator X, and it will get frustrating having to walk from place to place. Even with the max player speed, it can take well nearly 10 minutes just to get back to the starting area from the end of the first world in the game.

And that is without including the other worlds that exist in Pet Simulator X (spoiler alert!). There are just that many areas in the game, and each one is a sizeable enough location that can take you a moment to cross. Thankfully, there is a teleportation system that exists in the Roblox game.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as intuitive or accessible as what you might expect from a game like this. I remember thinking that I should just be able to teleport to any area instantly once I’ve unlocked it. That would make the most sense, but Pet Simulator X even turned this section into a grind.

You see, you have to actually unlock teleportation for every individual area that you have visited in the game. So, not only do you have to unlock each new area with the primary currency for that world, but then you have to also unlock each individual teleportation point at the same time.

The worst part about this is that teleporting doesn’t use the main currency for that world, like tech coins or gold. Instead, it uses the universally expensive and elusive diamonds. It costs around 20,000 diamonds to unlock teleportation for each area in the game.

That is quite expensive because even when I reached the endgame of Pet Simulator X, I had only around 500,000 diamonds without grinding for it too much and frustrating myself. That means that I could only unlock around 20 areas, which sounds like a lot but really isn’t, and that would rob me of being able to do upgrades and other functions.

As such, I have a recommendation for you when it comes to unlocking teleportation areas on the map. The general idea is to not unlock teleporting for every single area you go to but every three, four, maybe even five areas. Because it only takes a minute or so to cross an area, you can be in the next one in no time.

So, it is best to focus on unlocking teleporting every few areas since you can always take a minute to get to the place you need to get to while still saving time. Some of the worlds that you go to in the game only have one to four areas in it, so there are some worlds where I only unlocked teleportation for a single location there.

Over time, of course, you can unlock more of the missing teleportation points that you don’t have the more play the game, and diamonds become less necessary for you.

All Worlds and Locations

Pet Simulator All Worlds And Locations Candy Island
Image from Fandom

For this next section, this is where things are going to get a whole lot spoilery, so please keep that in mind. I am going to list off every single world and individual area that exists in the Pet Simulator X game to date. If you are just starting out, you may not want to know every place, so skip this section if so.

Otherwise, keep reading for the full list of all locations and worlds that you will visit in Pet Simulator X to date. It is possible that new areas will come in the future (I certainly hope so), but this is everything for now:

  • Town: Part of the spawn world. Default area that you start out in. Contains the shop area, egg purchase location, and more.
  • Forest: Costs 10,000 gold to unlock. Where upgrades are found.
  • Beach: 75,000 gold
  • Mine: 400,000 gold
  • Winter: 1.25 million gold
  • Glacier: 5.5 million gold. Also contains the unlock area for Tech World, which costs 7.5 billion gold.
  • Desert: 16.5 million gold
  • Volcano: 50 million gold
  • Cave: 250 million gold. The final area in the starting world
  • Enchanted Forest: Starting area in the Fantasy World (second main world)
  • Portals: 37,500 ancient coins
  • Ancient Island: 85,000 ancient coins
  • Samurai Island: 525,000
  • Candy Island: 3.5 million
  • Haunted Island: 18.5 million
  • Hell Island: 66.6 million
  • Heaven Island Portal: 150 million
  • Heaven’s Gate: 777 million. An area within Heaven Island and the final area of this world
  • Tech City: Starting area for Tech World after unlocking via Glacier.
  • Dark Tech: 50,000 tech coins
  • Steampunk: 625,000 coins
  • Steampunk Chest: Mega chest area that is optional for 11.5 million
  • Alien Lab: 8.25 million
  • Alien Forest: 72.5 million
  • Giant Alien Chest: Optional mega chest area for 2.5 billion
  • Glitch: 550 million
  • Hacker Portal Area: 7.5 billion (last area in the Tech World)
  • The Void
  • Axolotl Ocean: Starting area for the Axolotl World. Unlocked after reaching The Void.
  • Axolotl Deep Ocean: 95,000 rainbow coins
  • Axolotl Cave: 525,000
  • Pixel Forest: Starting area in the final world, Pixel World. Unlocked after reaching all Axolotl areas.
  • Pixel Kyoto: 15 million rainbow coins
  • Pixel Alps: 75 million rainbow coins
  • Pixel Vault: 1 billion rainbow coins (final current area at this time)

Some areas like The Void require the player to do more than just spend some coins. They also have special quests that you must do, like destroying a certain number of hackers’ chests and so on. Thankfully, these quests are relatively easy to accomplish.

Trading: How to Not Get Scammed

Pet Simulator Trading How To Not Get Scammed

Part of the fun of Pet Simulator X is the trading system. Like similar games, the multiplayer title promotes playing with others, primarily through the means of trading. There are more than 1000 pets, so it would understandably take you a pretty long time to find all of them.

That is especially true since some of the rates for finding certain pets are abysmal, being a small fraction of a percent chance. Even after opening up 100 of the same egg type, you aren’t guaranteed to find some of these. Trading comes in and allows you to take your rare pets and trade them for other rare creatures.

Of course, this brings with it an entire issue when it comes to players ripping one another off. As with any game with trading, you have to watch out for scammers. Remember to never take any excuses and to always check what someone is offering before trading with them.

In addition, the trade confirmation window has several seconds where you can cancel at the last second; something I love about Pet Simulator X. Furthermore, you can change trades to friends only in the settings, which I recommend most of the time.

How to Easily and Quickly Reach Pixel World

Pet Simulator How to Easily and Quickly Reach Pixel World

Trading might be problematic, but I think Pet Simulator X has one of the best cultures when it comes to trading. Players are usually willing to help one another out. In fact, if you can procure an endgame creature early on, it can make the pain of grinding so much easier.

That is why I have an offer to you to help you quickly get through the game with minimal grinding. If you’d like to reach the Pixel World quickly and easily, I have a little “cheat” for you. All you need to do is find a player willing to give you an amazing creature, and then you can use that to power through most of the worlds.

Heck, I’m even willing to do it for you. All you need to do is hit me up on Twitter @SoulcapCody, and I would be happy to trade with you at some point. I’ll ensure you have the full hookup for getting started in the game.

The only reason I don’t give my actual Roblox account name is that I don’t read or respond to messages on there. I get far too many friend requests and messages, so I ignore all of them, honestly.

Best Alternatives

Pet Simulator X is surprisingly a game that you can beat and be done within a relatively short period of time if you have some outside assistance. In that case, here are some of the best alternatives that you should check out in Roblox:

  • Collect All Pets: This title is very similar to how Pet Simulator X works, right down to the gameplay of having your pets fight for you in battle. I prefer this game because the world is a bit more interesting. The battles are actually with monsters rather than chests and crates full of currency. This adds a little bit more personality.
  • Mining Simulator 2: While the name doesn’t give it away, Mining Simulator 2 is actually a massive pet-centric game. The idea is to go deep into the mines and find resources. You can then sell these to open up eggs with pets that will assist you in your mining efforts. There are a ton of excellent pets available in this game.
  • Tapping Simulator: A very new game that is bursting at the seams in popularity, Tapping Simulator has relatively straightforward and simplistic gameplay, but this makes it quite relaxing as you hatch and collect a wide assortment of surprisingly well-designed pets.


Question: What is the most powerful pet in Pet Simulator X?

Answer: The most powerful pets in Pet Simulator X are the pixel ones from the Pixel World. Get the best egg there and then take those pets, turn them into golden, then rainbow, and then dark matter versions to make them the most powerful they can be. You want their value to be in the trillions.

Question: What is the code for Pet Simulator X?

Answer: It is possible to input codes in Pet Simulator X for free items. However, there are no free codes at the time of writing this article.

Question: Is Pet Simulator X getting deleted?

Answer: No, Pet Simulator X is not getting deleted. There are a lot of clickbait videos and posts out there that will try to confuse you, but the game is fine.

Question: Who makes Pet Simulator X?

Answer: The creator of Pet Simulator X is Big Games Pets, who also created the previous version of the game.

Where to Collect Pets Next

Pet Simulator X is the premier pet collecting game in all of Roblox. The simplicity of the gameplay ensures that it is never too frustrating or boring. I really love how I was able to come in and only play the game for a little while and already master everything that it has to offer. That is far better than some of the grindy games that exist in Roblox.

Speaking of games that require a lot of grinding, a similar pet-collecting experience in Roblox is Adopt Me. I will admit that Adopt Me is overall the better game of the two, but that is because it offers so much more than just adopting little creatures. However, this also means that it is far more confusing for newcomers. Thankfully, I’ve got your back with a beginner’s guide to Adopt Me that will ensure you are ready to adopt and not get scammed.

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