Tower of Hell Guide: How to Master the Hardest Obby

Of the genres that exist in Roblox, there are few that are as immensely popular and widespread as obbys. I have noticed that the obstacle course games all about platforming have taken the game by storm for many years now since I first started playing in 2016. Of them, no obby is more complex than the Tower of Hell. This game is the epitome of challenge and frustration, but also fun. Here’s everything you need to know about it in this Tower of Hell guide.

Tower of Hell is by far the bane of my existence and the vast majority of players who check it out. The game is highly addictive, the perfect embodiment of that “one more run” mentality. But then, at the same time, it is a grueling master that punishes you repeatedly. I have some tips for you in this Tower of Hell guide to help you win in the most challenging obby of all time.

Bottom Line Up Front

Tower of Hell is one of Roblox’s most popular obby games, and that has been the case since its launch on June 18, 2018. This is due to it being the most challenging and addictive obby in all of Roblox. Every 10 minutes or so, a new level is randomly generated for everyone to play. The levels are entirely different from round to round, with the goal being to reach the top before time runs out. With the help of gear items and mutators, it is possible to win rounds in this otherwise hellish Roblox experience.

Tower of Hell Overview

For the most part, Roblox is designed for everyone of all ages, from adults all the way down to young children. But some games aren’t necessarily as family-friendly as some of the others. Tower of Hell is one such game that I would be hard-pressed to say it is for kids, and not because of the name at all.

Tower of Hell is off-putting due to how difficult it is. The name Tower of Hell was chosen for a reason, and the Roblox experience aptly lives up to that title. The game is one of the obbys in Roblox, being one of the most popular genres around.

Of them, Tower of Hell is perhaps the most successful and popular. I can’t blame the countless thousands of players online in this game all day and night, given how Tower of Hell understands what works best in a Roblox title.

It isn’t so in your face with microtransactions or game passes like most other games are. It is even possible to win without using gear and other items in the shop, even if it feels necessary at times. I think it is a fair game overall, or at least as fair as the most challenging obby game of all time can be.

It didn’t take long after Tower of Hell was released in the summer of 2018 for me to play it. At the time, I had just moved to be closer to my family for a little while, and my fiancĂ©’s siblings spent the night quite often. They were the first to introduce me to the Tower of Hell and all of its horrors.

I remember we were obsessed with it when it first came out for a couple of months. Then it turned into a weekly trek to try three or four rounds, and that was it. The game became so frustrating due to tragic mistakes and falls that we kept our time playing it to a minimum.

But others are true obby lovers who solely play Tower of Hell and nothing else in Roblox. That could be you, too, if you are a real glutton for punishment. Otherwise, I recommend only checking out this game for a couple of rounds in between less heart-pounding and intense experiences on Roblox.

Obbys Explained

To understand the Tower of Hell, you first need to know what an obby is. I have never had this confirmed to me, and no kid has ever known the origins of this word, but I presume that obbys is short for an obstacle course. No one knows who coined the phrase but that it first appeared in Roblox.

It has since expanded to other games outside of Roblox. Still, the general idea is that obby is the catch-all term for platforming games in that title. Most of the time, jumping puzzles, running puzzles, and other secrets make up an obby.

They are primarily fast-paced games, but you have some obbys where you can take your time and figure out the best path to success (my personal favorite ones). Obbys are some of the most popular Roblox games of all time and the most consistently successful genre.

I have seen some real duds of an obby come out and instantly become famous. In contrast, an FPS or cutesy home decorator game might be dead on arrival. It is by far the most bloated and repetitive genre you can find in all of Roblox.

For the most part, once you’ve played one obby, you’ve played them all. Sure, one might be more colorful than another. A different game might opt for a black-and-white art style. Or still, another title may grant you some free items every 10 minutes that you play.

But everything else, from the jumping puzzles to the escape sequences, is likely to be what you’ve already seen before. Except for Tower of Hell, that is. When it comes to obbys, it is the king of the genre as the most difficult, most frustrating, but sometimes also the most rewarding out of all of them.

How Tower of Hell Works

The Tower Of Hell
Image From Roblox Fandom

In many ways, Tower of Hell is the Souls game for Roblox obbys. I hate to make that comparison, but it is apt here. The immense difficulty is not for everyone, but it is at least fair. If you can master the game and its systems over time, you will feel far more rewarded when you win over just about any other game in Roblox.

That is by far the selling point of Tower of Hell and likely why there are countless players on it at all times. Most players are still chasing their very first victory, while others are chasing the high of their first victory.

How it works is that Tower of Hell changes levels every 10 minutes or so. There is no downtime or anything at all; the tower is your home and the only place you can go on the map. The level will instantly change when the time is up, and the timer will start counting down once more.

Your job is to make it all the way up the tower to the top to win some points before the timer is done counting down. The problem is that it is a rather tall tower with many different levels and layers to it. Each section of the tower is different, with the possibility that you will be better at some types of puzzles than others.

For instance, you could get some jumping puzzles in one area where there are dangerous squares that you must avoid. Another time, you might have a wall puzzle where you have to jump from tiny square to tiny square to slowly make your way up the wall.

Other times, there are even multiple paths up the tower, and you have to make a split-second decision of which one looks like the more accessible or faster path. All the while, dozens of other players around you are trying to climb the Tower of Hell at the same time as you.

The UI is relatively simple, too, not being in your face about spending money like most of the other obbys out there. What comes to mind when you look at the obby is the shop that is always in the bottom left corner and your own progress on the level you can see.

But my favorite part about Tower of Hell is the progress bar for everyone in the match on the right side of the screen. If you want, at any point, you can look over and see where every single player is currently in the game. It is a neat little touch that adds some quality of life to the game.

Randomly-Generated Levels

Speaking of progress, there is no predicting or being prepared for what Tower of Hell brings to you, which is perhaps the most crucial reason why it is so challenging to play. Tower of Hell doesn’t have the same old levels you have seen a million times as in other obby games.

Instead, Tower of Hell has randomly generated levels that are entirely different every single time you play the game. I have only played casually since the game came out in 2018. Still, I can tell you that I have never seen a level that is too close or familiar to another one that I’ve done.

Some sections and puzzles are familiar, but there will always be something else to each Tower of Hell level that will surprise or challenge me. I honestly think that these random levels are the heart of the game in every single way.

For starters, the randomly generated levels are the reason why the game is so challenging. Suppose the levels were always on the same cycle of 20 or however many. In that case, you could eventually memorize each level and master them. This would ensure your victory every single time.

The randomly generated nature means that even the most hardened veterans like my siblings will have exceptional levels where they dominate and are done in a couple of minutes and others where they can’t even get past the first area.

Furthermore, I think the randomly generated levels also make the game so successful. It is addictive and brings players back in hopes that the next level will be a little bit more akin to their playstyle or more straightforward for them to beat.

There is also a fresh perspective every 10 minutes, unlike other obby games where you likely have the entire game memorized after playing it twice. This means that Tower of Hell never gets boring. The only concern you have to have is whether or not you rage quit from how frustrating it can be.

Pro Tower of Hell Explained

Tower Of Hell
Image From Roblox Fandom

There are always the Pro Tower of Hell levels for players out there who are looking for a true challenge. If, for some reason, the standard levels aren’t enough for you, more challenges await you in the Pro section of Tower of Hell.

This has the same general premise as the main game with the randomly generated levels and timer that is constantly going. However, the critical difference here is that Pro Tower of Hell includes some jumping puzzles and other aspects that aren’t featured in the regular game.

For instance, you might have three platforms in a row that you need to jump up. They are relatively easy to reach, but the problem is that all three of them have a conveyor belt that will send you flying in one direction if you don’t jump fast enough.

If it were regular Tower of Hell, you would have just have the three platforms, but the added layer of challenge makes it only for the best players out there. If you think you can handle the insanity that is Pro Tower of Hell, I have some good news for you regarding it.

Most Roblox games that have a pro or all-star area will force you to have played the game for so long or reached a certain level or even buy access to it. But Tower of Hell, again, is straightforward and doesn’t stop you from doing what you want to do. If you want to enjoy this more challenging version, you can do it the moment you start playing.

Tips for Winning

Tower Of Hell
Image From Roblox Fandom

While I would love to give you some direct ideas on how to master the Tower of Hell, the reality is that it is impossible for me to do so. Given the randomly generated nature of the obby Roblox game, I can’t give you a direct solution to puzzles, unlike other games of the same ilk.

That said, there are some tips that I have learned over the years that I think can be pretty helpful when it comes to trying out Tower of Hell for yourself. The first tip is finding the right balance when it comes to your pacing. The game can be the most stressful in all of Roblox due to its difficulty and time limit.

This can make you want to go super fast to try and make it up the level in time. I will let you know that a perfect run without any mistakes at a decent pace can beat most levels of Tower of Hell in roughly half the time of the timer without any help.

But the chances of getting that perfect run are nigh-impossible at that speed and without any assistance. The benefit is that you have some time at least. Because of this, I recommend striking a balance between being too fast and too slow.

What I think you should do is take just a few seconds to observe the next puzzle you have. Go through all of the craziness of completing that area, and then take a few seconds to catch your breath. From there, move on to the next area, take a short break, and move on.

Another key point is to use items and mutators when you can. These are your best allies when it comes to quickly get through these insanely hard levels. Furthermore, there are no checkpoints whatsoever (without spending money), so you are screwed if you fall even once. You will have to start all over or from wherever you land, which is why you should take your time.

One way of making Tower of Hell slightly easier is to play with friends. You can look at each other’s screens and see what’s coming up next or even help each other with solutions. I have won many more times playing with my family than I have when I try Tower of Hell on my own due to this little boost of knowledge.

And lastly, the timer and sometimes other players are your enemies. You don’t have to worry about bumping into other players, but all of the avatars in your view can make it hard to figure out what’s going on. If I can’t pass everyone up and have a clear view, sometimes I will stay back and wait for others to get far ahead first.

There is a key point about playing with others that you need to know about in regards to the timer. The timer usually goes down as you play, but if someone reaches the end, the timer will then speed up, and you will have less time to complete the run.

I always recommend not being that jerk and waiting at the top before going across the finish line. This ensures that everyone has a fair amount of time to get up there and win, but still, keep this in mind since most players aren’t as kind-hearted.

Shop and Modifiers

gravity coils
Image From Roblox Fandom

The way to make Tower of Hell easier is through the shop. The more you play the game, and the more you win, the more currency you will earn in the game. That currency can then be used in the shop to purchase various items and mutators that can help modify the game’s difficulty.

For example, you can get gravity coils that will let you hop much higher than everyone else in the lobby. This can help you overtake some of the puzzles you might have trouble with. There is also the ability to modify the game itself with various mutators.

You can make the time limit longer so that you have more time to complete everything. You could even add some checkpoints for yourself that allow you to freely go up the level without worrying about mistakes since you have unlimited respawns nearby.

There are no game passes in Tower of Hell, but there is a membership that I don’t think is all that worth it. Instead, the shop is divided up between the gear items and mutators that cost in-game currency and the premium ones that cost Robux.

I honestly think the items are reasonably priced, so if you grind long enough, you can typically get some gravity coils or other items without spending real-world money. I also don’t think this is the worst game to spend Robux on, as it will make the game infinitely more manageable to experience.

Best Alternatives to Tower of Hell

Journey to the Sun
Journey to the Sun From Roblox Fandom

Look, I get it; Tower of Hell is not for everyone and definitely not for playing nonstop for many hours for most players. Suppose this game is too frustrating or daunting, or you just want something else similar to check out. In that case, I have the best obby alternatives that I have found over the years:

  • Journey to the Sun: I recently discovered this older Roblox game for the first time and completed it soon after. It is hands down the best obby in all of Roblox; sorry, Tower of Hell fans. The challenge is decent without being a nightmare. It has saves so you never lose your progress, and it is also one of the best-looking Roblox games of all time.
  • Barry’s Prison Run: I’ve played and memorized this game so many times, but I still love playing it over and over with family. There is something so charming about this prison break obby, including its unique take on certain puzzles. If you want a chill experience, this is the one.
  • Moonlight Tower: This is the perfect balance between something like Barry’s Prison Run and Tower of Hell. You have a single obby to complete that is a tower and decently challenging without the time limit stressing you out. The game is absolutely beautiful, too, taking place at night with the purple hues illuminating everything. There is also a related tower obby that the developer made that is great.


Question: Why is it called the Tower of Hell?

Answer: There are no hell or devil elements if that is what you are wondering about. The Tower of Hell has this name because it is a tower that you climb up that has a hellish level of difficulty. There are no creepy themes in this game whatsoever, but it can feel like hell trying to win a round, hence the name.

Question: What happens when the Tower of Hell ends?

Answer: When a round of Tower of Hell ends, everyone is teleported back to the bottom of the tower, and a new level is randomly generated instantly. There is no downtime between levels, so the timer will immediately start once more.

Question: Can you get banned from Tower of Hell?

Answer: I’m not sure why so many players are asking this question, but I presume you can be banned from this game. Or, well, it would be better to say that your account could be banned from every Roblox game. If you cheat or act toxic, you could be reported and have your account banned. This would prevent you from playing Tower of Hell again.

Which Obby to Check Out Next

Tower of Hell is one of the countless obby games in Roblox. There are so many more that you can enjoy, but they likely pale in comparison to the challenge and addictive nature of Tower of Hell. That said, some games aren’t obbys and include platforming elements and the like in their minigames or seasonal events.

One such game that occasionally has its own Tower of Hell-style minigames is Adopt Me. Created by legendary Roblox developer, NewFissy, several events in Adopt Me throughout the year add intriguing platforming sections for players to check out. If you want a more relaxed experience, Adopt Me is undoubtedly fantastic.

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