Roblox Scams Guide: How to Avoid Trading Scammers, Exploiters, Griefers

Do you know what grinds my gears when it comes to games like Roblox? Scammers. Anyone who jumps into a game looking to cheat their way through the experience by taking advantage of other players. Sadly, it’s a lot more common than I wish it was, which is why I’m making this Roblox scams guide to better prepare you for the unfortunate circumstances that are ahead.

Whether you like it or not, Roblox scams are going to happen. This is a foregone conclusion, and they will affect you at some point. The question is: what will you do when they happen to you? That is what I hope to help you answer by offering you tips that I have learned in the six years that I have played Roblox. I have seen countless scammers and exploiters over the years, and I aim to give you the best solutions to them in this Roblox scams guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Roblox is one of the largest games aimed at all ages, so it has a lot of scams involved in it. They vary from game to game, but the general idea of a scam is anytime that someone deceives or lies to another player in order to gain something from them. This can be scamming them in trades, exploiting other players for their personal gain, hacking, griefing what someone else has done, or even taking advantage of younger players who don’t know better. Players have to carefully watch out for scams in Roblox and report any possible scammers that they come across.

Roblox Scams Overview

Roblox Scam

The worst part about Roblox is undoubtedly the scammers. It isn’t the abundance of cruddy or copycat games not worth playing, the titles that try to swindle Robux out of you, or even the gatekeepers who try to keep specific Roblox communities all to themselves.

There is no one more egregious or problematic in the game than the scammers out there. These are the players who take advantage of others and the systems that are in place to deceive everyone around them. Scams are literally everywhere in Roblox.

Unless you are playing a game entirely by yourself, you are going to run into some scams in the game. This is inevitable with any online game and even more so with Roblox since it is catered to all ages. There are far too many scammers out there that know the core demographic of the game and target them directly.

Throughout the years since I started playing Roblox, I have seen and been targeted by scammers myself. I could give you countless stories of my time playing the game and the scams that tried to get me or those around me. And I have, unfortunately, seen far too many victims of scammers who quit games and never come back because of it.

The number of scams that exist in Roblox is astronomical, and the types are nearly endless. There is a scam for every game out there, and players will always try to find a way to take advantage of others. But you aren’t alone in this challenging environment.

No matter if you are a veteran Roblox player or someone who is just curious about the game, I’ve got your back. It’s time to shed some light on the darkest corners of Roblox and reveal not only the scams that exist out there but how to avoid them in the best ways possible.

Types of Scams Explained

There are far too many tricks up the sleeves of scammers out there. They will try to exploit the Roblox games that they are playing as well as the players they come across. Don’t think that they won’t be there just because you switched to a completely different genre of Roblox games. They’ll find a way to get you there, too.



Trading is the number one scam you will find in Roblox. The system involves certain Roblox games where you collect items, currency, pets, and more. In games like Adopt Me, players can trade with one another to expand their collections and earn items that they might otherwise miss out on.

From a gameplay perspective, this makes a lot of sense and promotes some interaction between the community members. For a solo player like myself, it also encourages and even forces me to engage with other players when I usually wouldn’t.

All in all, I like the idea of trading in Roblox titles. However, that is until scammers come about. The problem with trading in Roblox is that there will be countless scams that someone will attempt here, no matter the game.

The classic one I see all the time is someone claiming that the item they wish to trade is being borrowed by someone else. They’ll give it to the other player once they have it back so long as that other player trades with them now. Except for the fact that they never intend to give them what they owe them.

Others include deceiving the player and secretly offering up something similar but not what they initially offered and trying to trick a person into accidentally accepting a trade. Some will even lie about the value of the items they are offering so that they can gain something better in return.

I couldn’t even begin to count the number of times that I have seen this scam happen to other players in my time. It is almost like clockwork where I can usually tell where a conversation in the public Roblox text chat is going and know that someone is about to be screwed over by one of these scammers.

To this point, I’ve even had to intervene sometimes to help out inexperienced players who might be taken advantage of otherwise.


Exploiters is a bit of a weird one, but some scams are not as apparent as something like trading. The general idea with scams is someone deceives another player. In the case of exploitation, they may deceive another player by using the gameplay of the Roblox experience itself.

Take, for example, something like Disaster Island or Tornado Alley. Some scammers might convince a player to come over to a place where they are and hide next to them. But, in reality, what the player is doing is scamming that person into helping them out.

They might jump on top of that player to avoid the tsunami that is coming in or use them as a shield from the sandstorm that is brewing on the map.

Heck, I have even some players be tricked into helping another player find the key to the storm shelter in Tornado Alley just for that scammer to take it for themselves and only save their skin in the round. This can even happen in zombies and other survival games where players will trick other players into sacrificing themselves for them.



Hackers are a more direct scam and something that you can’t always avoid too much. These types of cheaters will usually use third-party software and hacks to break Roblox entirely. The good thing about Roblox is that it has a lot of anti-cheat software in place to help with this sort of thing.

But the truth of the matter is, there is only so much that you can do. The reality is that there will always be new hacks that can’t be stopped for a time. Those hackers will take advantage of it to deceive and even have a massive gameplay advantage over the other players.

In terms of scams, specifically, it is possible to hack into the game and trick someone into thinking that you have something you don’t, like to trade with them. Then, in reality, you are cheating the system to take items from the other player.

Another method is hacking the game to make it look like you are on the same team as one player and tricking them before you betray them and take them out. Hackers are a true menace, but the bright side is that they aren’t too common, and they are usually taken care of reasonably quickly when they show up.


Griefing is the act of disrupting what another player has done or simply preventing them from being able to progress in whatever Roblox game that they are playing. This plays into scams because someone will lie to a player and perhaps tell them in an obby, for instance, to come with them.

They might let the player know that they know the right way to go in an obstacle course and actually lead them directly to their deaths. This works outside of obby games, too, like someone tricking someone into teaming up with them only for them to betray and kill them in other games.

Griefers are very common in multiplayer games where someone can directly affect the player in terms of impeding their progress or killing them. I have even been the victim of these types of scams in the past, being targeted for not knowing which direction to go in a brand new game I’d never played before.

Some griefers will even scam you in less action-packed games like Bloxburg. They will ask for permission to help you build your house and then destroy or sell everything that you worked so hard to make.

This is why I now rarely accept help from other players in Roblox games, as they are likely to betray you or lie to you using scam tactics like this one. I recommend getting friends to help you in games when you need help, or else you will likely fall victim to griefers.

Older Players

Lastly, the final type of scams you will likely encounter in Roblox is the most alarming and disturbing. I won’t go into great detail here, but parents out there need to be careful of predators and older players who will scam kids into chatting with them.

These types of scammers will take advantage of younger players and attempt to privately message or harass them. They might even tempt or lie to kids with scams like offering them items, currency, or even Robux, but only to lure them into a private environment where they have complete control.

Please monitor your kids or any younger, impressionable players who might be playing Roblox with older players.

How to Avoid Scammers

Dont take the bait
Roblox Wiki – Fandom

Here are the tips I have learned over time on how to avoid scammers in the best ways possible. First and foremost, if you are a parent, grandparent, sibling, or anyone else who has authority over a younger person playing Roblox, please keep an eye on them at all times.

My utmost tip is to just play the game with them. If you’re playing these games with them, you are on the frontlines and able to protect them the most from anyone who might have nefarious ideas in mind. But I get it; some parents and people don’t play video games.

I get that. In that case, monitoring to ensure that they aren’t chatting with other players or having an older sibling or another family member play with them will make up the difference.

If you can actively monitor your kids, you will avoid the vast majority of possible scams and scammers. Of course, this isn’t a catch-all solution. The reality is that you will run into problems with this no matter what you do. It’s inevitable.

In those situations, the best thing to do is never take what someone says at face value. If someone offers you something that sounds too good, chances are there is a catch of some kind. Trades aren’t too bad since you can avoid issues by paying close attention in all of these situations.

Unfortunately, some of the scammers out there, like hackers and exploiters, are unavoidable. You can ignore them, not chat with them, or even hang out with them, and they will still affect you. These scams are impossible to avoid.

As such, there are only two things that you can do. The first is to leave the game and go into a new lobby or Roblox game. The other is to block and report that player, which is necessary regardless. This can get rid of those accounts, but the problem is that they will continue making new accounts. Hence why you need to be proactive.

Games With the Most Scammers

Murder Mystery 2

Another way of avoiding scammers is to pick your games carefully. The reality is, the more popular and visited a game, the more scammers you will encounter. Here are some of the Roblox games with the most scammers you have to watch out for.

Adopt Me is the gravest issue in all of Roblox. As the most prominent game, you will encounter scammers almost every day if you chat with people. If you don’t trade and keep to yourself, you’re good but interact with other players, and you will find the community is full of scammers.

Murder Mystery 2 is another problem. Though it may seem fine at first, there are tons of hackers, exploiters, and tricksters in there. Plus, the trading function for skins means that you are likely to get scammed as well.

Bloxburg is one of the worst scamming places. Griefers, in particular, are horrible here, and anyone offering services or help for money is just going to screw you over in the end.

Royale High is another scamming location where players will rip others off when it comes to trading and services. Other significant games like Shindo Life, Blox Fruits, Pet Simulator X, Banana Eats, Jailbreak, Mad City, and MeepCity are home to plenty of scammers out there. If you see a lot of players playing a game online, chances are it is scam central.

Unless you plan to play games by yourself, get ready to encounter some scammers. That said, there are some games where I experience scammers less often. Games like Flee the Facility, Break In Story, Piggy, and even sometimes Disaster Island can be fun experiences since you don’t have to interact with other players. There is no trading in the main games.


Question: Can Roblox return scammed items?

Answer: I’m going to go ahead and let you know that, no, Roblox is not going to return any scammed items that you give away. Do not ever assume that this is going to be the case. That is why it is imperative that you avoid as many scams as possible because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Question: What happens if you spam in Roblox?

Answer: Another key scam in Roblox is when someone will spam links or websites for you to visit in the text chat for the game. These are all scams, and you should avoid them at all costs. And definitely never ever be guilty of being the person who is spamming. You are likely to get your account banned swiftly.

Question: Are all free Robux scams?

Answer: While you can’t say never is never, I would say that, yeah, pretty much all of the Robux scams are scams, so don’t fall for this common method. If someone offers free Robux, it doesn’t matter if it’s a video or another player; treat it as a scam. There is no way that they are actually going to come through with giving you free Robux.


Roblox scams are the absolute worst part of the entire game. Sure, there are some games that are pay-to-win and others that will try to force money out of you. And even with the intensely toxic communities that exist in Roblox, there is still nothing that is as common or awful as the scams that exist out there.

That said, this is far from the only major issue that you need to worry about in Roblox. Beyond the scams that you will face, the next worst part of some of the Roblox games is the toxic communities that many of them have. This is quite common in popular titles, and why they may not take your items, the trolls and other toxic members of the community can certainly steal the joy of playing Roblox games with other players online.

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