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The Headless Horseman in Roblox is one of the many bundles/customization items having immense fan praise and approval. There are many times you may have seen this bundle within the experience. I have been a massive fan of Roblox bundles for a while, looking through them and seeing what ones are the most interesting to view. The Headless Horseman bundle is always one to remember! As someone who designs games, I understand the importance of creating interesting and unique character customization options for everyone to enjoy. The Headless Horseman bundle showcases this aspect greatly. Around Halloween time, you will be noticing this set of items roaming around the many experiences within Roblox. It is one of my personal favorite bundles that I’ve seen around the many Roblox experiences!

Key Details Upfront About the Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman is a customization bundle that has eight components. You can wear the entire costume or swap and change certain parts to your liking of what you want your outfit to be. I think it’s immensely rewarding to switch different parts of the outfits in and out.

Unfortunately, it is no longer on sale at the moment, so you will likely not be able to get it through the natural way. You cannot trade for the bundle either, as it is also not a limited item which is a shame for many players. I would find it brilliant to get a chance at buying this great bundle this very second but I will also have to wait until it goes back on sale along with everyone else! October will be here in no time!

The bundle is generally available every Halloween season for purchase.

Overview of Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman bundle has the following items included:

  • The ‘Headless Horseman’ Left Arm 
  • The ‘Headless Horseman’ Right Arm
  • A ‘Headless Horseman’ Left Leg
  • The ‘Headless Horseman’ Right Leg
  • Headless Horseman Torso
  • Headless Head
  • Headless Horseman’s Gear piece (Jack-o-lantern)
  • The Headless Horseman Costume

That is everything you will get with the bundle when you purchase it. The costume is simply everything combined together into one outfit for your character to wear. The Jack-o-lantern based gear piece is always something that players will definitely be chatting about amongst one another!

The bundle first went on the store in 2013, and the set has had other appearances in the store eight times on many years. The last time it was available in the store was in October and the first day of November last year for players.

The bundle has over 582,000 favorites as of the time of writing, showcasing its immense popularity amongst the player base for Roblox. 

Key Features of Headless Horseman

The main feature of the Headless Horseman bundle is that it has the ‘Headless Head’ that makes it look like your avatar has no head, which can be hilariously confusing for any other players in the world!

Interestingly the bundle’s description makes reference to the ‘Sleepy Horror’ film from 1999. There is plenty of lore surrounding the description of the set. It is always a joy to notice when looking for bundles in Roblox. I enjoy finding descriptions that are references to other things out with the Roblox universe so this is definitely one of them.

The gear piece that arrives with the bundle is the Jack-o-lantern. Which can be held by your avatar. If you want to add an extra spooky aesthetic to your Roblox Halloween costume, then this gear piece can absolutely do that for you!

The Backstory Behind the Headless Horseman

When speaking about the “Headless Horseman” many people will make connections in their mind with the name itself. That is due to the fact that the bundle is likely based on the actual real-world folklore behind the Headless Horseman.

Since the Middle Ages there have been an abundance of folklore talking about this figure. Known to have no head, they will be riding around on their horse. Whether this is just some made-up story is unclear though there are still some rumors floating around that this could perhaps be a real mythical creature. 

In Irish folklore; their version of the Headless Horseman is even known to use a whip crafted from a human spine. Terrifying stuff! 

Of course, many will know the Headless Horseman from the 1820 short story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. They were a fictional character within the story. Since then, the Headless Horseman has appeared in various forms of media such as films, comics, and, of course, games!

Assassins Creed III had actually included the Headless Horseman as an Easter Egg for players to discover. I find learning all about the folklore of the Headless Horseman extremely interesting and anytime that I have a look at the Headless Horseman bundle in Roblox it is always great to think about the wonderful lore attached to it!

How to obtain Headless Horseman

As noted before, the Headless Horseman used to be available in the Roblox store and purchasable for 31,000 Robux unless it was on sale. Currently, it’s not possible to get the Headless Horseman bundle unless you already have it. 

However, the bundle usually goes in the store every Halloween season, generally near the start of October until November. If you are wanting to get the bundle, you will have to be quick in acquiring it, so be sure to save up a lot of Robux for around that time.

There is also a Roblox Toy for the Headless Horseman. Able to be bought from various sellers to this day. Although, the sellers will likely not be official. Ebay is where you will likely find the most listings for this Roblox toy if you want to buy it.

Alternatives to the Headless Horseman Bundle

If you are looking for alternatives to the bundle while you wait for the October season to roll around, then these great alternatives will have you sorted!

One of the alternatives to the Headless Horseman bundle would be the ‘Halloween Bundle’ by Pixel-Bit Studio available for 50 Robux. This is a pass for Trick or Treat in Bloxy Hills. It contains a Pumpkin King costume, a Pumpkin Launcher, a Scary Pumpkin Bag, and even a Halloween Bike for you. That certainly is a lot on offer for 50 Robux! I will absolutely be having a think about purchasing this soon!

As for another alternative that is not for a specific game, there would be the Pumpkin Head by @md17_RBLX. It is available again for 50 Robux. This is an accessory and can be utilized as a hat so you can keep the spooky aesthetic gained from the Headless Horseman going without having it.

Names of the Alternative Bundle and Item

Halloween Bundle:

Purchased for 50 Robux and has striking similarities to the main Headless Horseman bundle. It is based on Halloween themes and the general color scheme is different, although there is plenty of connections with the Halloween season throughout the various items available. It can only be utilized in the Trick or Treat in Bloxy Hills as it is a Pass for that game.

Pumpkin Head:

This can be bought for 50 Robux and the main similarity with the Headless Horseman bundle is that you can get a Jack-o-lantern as a headpiece by buying this item! If you want to bring the Halloween season with you then this will definitely be the item for you!


Overall, the Headless Horseman bundle will be the perfect addition to your range of clothing items. It has a unique stylization, and there is something for everyone with this particular bundle! Time to get spooky this Halloween with the Headless Horseman bundle if it goes back on sale again!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) for Headless Horseman

Question: Can I get the Headless Horseman Bundle in the future?

Answer: Yes! If the Roblox developers decide to put it back in the store this Halloween season, you will be able to purchase it again later this year.

Question: Does my Avatar’s head actually disappear with the Headless Head item?

Answer: Yes, it does! Your character’s head is known to be scaled to 0,0,0 with this item on, meaning that your character has no head, at that time.

Question: Will there ever be a time when the Headless Horseman Bundle is always in the store?

Answer: It is unknown if the developers will ever make the bundle a permanent item in the store.

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