CONE Endings Guide: How to Get All Four Endings

Cone is one of the most bizarre games you will ever play in Roblox. Created in 2018, I can be honest in saying that it is the strangest Roblox title I’ve ever played. And I’ve been around Roblox longer than Cone has and played thousands of different games. But this one sticks out in my head for its weirdness and, of course, the various endings you will see in this Cone endings guide.

Part of the intrigue of Cone is the fact that you are supposed to finish this game, unlike most other experiences that are there to be endlessly replayable. The idea is to play through Cone once and experience the other endings you missed. With a total of four endings to find in the bizarre traffic cone puzzle platformer, there is room for some variations on how the story concludes. Find out about all four endings in this Cone endings guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Cone was created in 2018 and features you playing as a literal traffic cone. There are no surprises about the playable character here, as the entire game is just playing as a cone. Except your traffic cone is a highly intelligent one that wishes to break free of the everyday life sitting there on the streets, directing traffic and blocking off certain areas. At the end of your journey, you will find that there are four different endings that you can get, depending on how many times you’ve beaten the game and what you do in the final moments. Here are the four endings:

  • Woe
  • Lamentable Woe
  • Solitude
  • Liberation

Cone Endings Overview

Cone Ending

The benefit of playing a game like Cone is that you have a clear start and finish to this title. It isn’t like some of the other Roblox games out there that have no end in sight. You just keep playing on the same multiplayer maps or islands you are sent to.

In Cone, though, this is a unique single-player experience with a beginning, middle, and ending. Or should I say endings? The goal of this game is to go in without knowing anything about Cone, experience its first ending, and then check out the other ones if you want to.

Personally, I found that the game was fun the first time around but a little bit frustrating if you don’t know what to do at times, so replaying it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience. I recommend players just to play it once and then check out the other endings online. But if you insist, here’s what you need to know about the four ends of Cone.

How Many Endings Are There?

From here on out, we are going straight up into the spoiler territory for Cone. Now, the story isn’t fantastic in this game, but the twists are a little bit fun and intriguing at the very least. If you don’t want to be spoiled on this game, I recommend playing through it once and then coming back to see about the other endings.

There are four endings in total, and they are as follows:

  • Woe
  • Lamentable Woe
  • Solitude
  • Liberation

Those four different endings require the player to do various tasks to unlock them, including solving the puzzles in different ways or replaying the game after beating it the first time. Here’s what you should know about each of the four endings, including some story spoilers. You’ve been warned.

Woe Ending Explained

Woe Ending Explained

For starters, reaching any of the endings in Cone has to do with the final area of the game. After learning the twist that all of these traffic cones are somehow intelligent and able to think for themselves, you realize the horrors that the cones are shackled by the white stripes on them that keep them basically in check.

This dark but arguably foreseeable twist brings the player to the final area where the newly drugged cones are striped and then sent off to do their usual duties. You have this last factory area, and it is up to you, without any guidance, to figure out what to do here.

Depending on your actions in this final area, you will get one of the four endings, such as the Woe ending. This is one of the easier ones to get since you don’t have to do much at all to acquire it. This is considered one of the bad endings as it involves a sad ending for the poor traffic cone protagonist.

All you need to do here is accidentally or purposefully fall onto the conveyor belt with the other traffic cones for processing. In the end, you’ll be striped up again and lose all sense of freedom and self-awareness that you gathered over the journey of the game. The cone will be sent back to its duties, unaware of what’s really going on.

Lamentable Woe Ending

Lamentable Woe Ending

If you want an even slightly darker ending than the Woe one, there is another option in the Lamentable Woe ending. Honestly, there isn’t much difference from this ending to that one, but it is at least there for those who want to see the game’s four endings entirely.

You have to go out of your way to get this ending, as it is unlikely to happen naturally or by accident, unlike the previous ending. Here, you need to first find the jetpack, which is in the back building in the rainy area before you cross the fence.

Once you have the jetpack, the only thing you have to do here basically repeats what you did for the Woe ending. Head inside the cone factory and blast yourself up onto the conveyor belt using the jetpack. The ending is exactly the same, with you getting striped again and then sent back to the road as a traffic cone. The only difference is you are still wearing your jetpack, so there’s that at least.

Solitude Ending

Solitude Ending

The third ending is where things finally start to heat up in terms of having something interesting at least happening to the cone. For this ending, what the player has to do is grab a crate and then maneuver themselves up towards the conveyor belt without the jetpack.

Now, of course, you can hop onto the conveyor belt and get striped again, but the catch here is to not get the stripe on. You want to jump on top of the large silver machine where the traffic cones are heading and then slide off onto the belt without being striped, skipping that part.

As such, you will return to the road where you began, but the difference now is that you don’t have your stripe and remember everything. As such, the traffic cone will then run off into the distance, free forevermore to do whatever it wants.

The conclusion of this ending will see the player as the free but lonely cone at their birthday party in the woods. There is a cake, a party hat that the cone is wearing, and a small area to run around in. It is great that the cone is free and you find out that it’s the cone’s birthday but at what cost did it come?

Liberation Ending

Liberation Ending

Finally, there is the fourth and final ending, known as the Liberation ending. Up until this point, there has been a trend in the past three endings largely concluding the same way. The cone will inevitably end up back at the start of the game, albeit in different ways.

However, the Liberation ending is quite unique in that it has a lot going on with it. There are extra puzzles you must complete and a longer ending that is arguably considered the true ending of the game. As the name states, this is all about freeing not just yourself but all of the other traffic cones from their sad little fates.

To start with this ending, the player needs to grab the crate at the start of the final factory area, as always, after already acquiring the jetpack. Use this crate to get yourself onto the first belt and then jump onto the other cones that are packaged together. Use this to jump to the left where the pipe is that leads to the final conveyor belt, where you get the other three endings.

This is where this ending diverges, though, as you want to keep going left past the green radioactive-looking area to the wall and then to the right to the large pipe that you can climb. Go up this pipe, and it will take you near the green tank where you want to jump from the pipe you’re on to the smaller one in front of it.

This is easier said than done and took me a couple of tries to accomplish. Once you get on the smaller pipe, you want to shimmy your way and then jump on top of the large green tank where the other cones are heading. From here, climb up the pipe connected to the tank, and you’ll be over the lever area that controls everything.

Jetpack your way to the lever platform and pull it to free everyone and activate the Liberation ending. I have seen some other methods of doing this version here, like gathering a couple of crates and manipulating them to allow you to jump on one and then the other by the ladder to the lever to skip the other part of this puzzle.

Regardless of how you go about it, the Liberation ending features an ending very similar to the Solitude one. This time around, though, you aren’t alone at your birthday party since you now have other cones that are running around and having fun with you in this colorful little woodsy area. Except it’s only a few cones with you, so I guess you didn’t truly rescue everyone; just a few of your fellow cones.

FAQs – Cone Endings

Question: What are the controls for Roblox Cone?

Answer: The controls for Cone in Roblox are simple. You can run around, jump at a certain point, and then grab things. Other than that, the only other control you have is to sprint using the shift button on PC only, from what I can tell.

Question: How do you get a red traffic cone on Roblox?

Answer: This has nothing to do with the Cone Roblox game but rather the red traffic cone hat accessory. You could have unlocked this hat traffic cone for your avatar by buying one of the Westover Racer Roblox toys. This mystery box figure would grant you a code that you could redeem for this red traffic cone hat.

Question: How do you get blue traffic cones on Roblox?

Answer: The blue traffic cone in Roblox also has nothing to do with the Cone game but the blue traffic cone hat that you could wear. Unlike the red one, this was a limited-time purchase in the Roblox avatar shop for 1000 Robux back in 2018. It is no longer available, but it could come back someday for a limited time.

What Roblox Game to Finish Next

Without a doubt, Cone is one of the strangest Roblox games I have ever played. I won’t deny, though, that the creator at least went all in on the idea of having these cones that are trying to free themselves from the shackles of their dark and boring lives. It is also possible that this is an analogy for some darker real-world events, but I’ll leave that to you to decide for yourself.

In the end, though, Cone is a short game that, even with four full playthroughs, you can finish and see all four endings in just a couple of hours. Once you are done with the game, there really isn’t any reason to go back to it ever again, honestly unless you’re showing someone else. In that case, you’ll need a new game to finish. Another Roblox game that I like that you can actually “finish” (well, sort of) is Piggy. Plus, it has a much better storyline anyways for you to check out.

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